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DC Universe Online: How to get the Gadgeteer Chest Style
In this video I show a few of the spawn locations for the Gotham University & Metropolis University Collections. Once you complete both of these collections you get the Gadgeteer Chest. There are 8 collectibles in total that you need: Gotham University Collection: Gotham Wolves Jersey Gotham U Yearbook Wolf Den Student Union Pass Gotham U Varsity Jacket Metropolis University Collection: Metropolis Eagles Jersey Metropolis U Yearbook Eagle's Nest Student Union Pass Met U Varsity Jacket Thanks Liam for helping me find the spawn locations!!! :D
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DC Universe Online: How to get the Mist Container Backpack Style
Hey guys below is list of the Mist Connections Collection u need to look for :D 1: Captain Cold's Original Glasses. 2: Catwoman's Caltrops. 3: Gorilla Grodd's Discarded Battle Harness. 4: Penguin's Bo Tie. 5: Zatanna's Trick Hat. 6: Metallo's Drained Fuel Rod. 7: Lex Luthor's Power Suit Cell. 8: Harley Quinn's Sleeves. 9: Ursa's Goggles. 10: Cheetah's Claw.
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DCUO | How to get the Interstellar Tech Feet Style
Hey guys this video is for the Intergalactic Technology Collection!. Below are the collections you need to get the Interstellar Tech Feet: 1. Ranx Handheld Teleporter 2. Oan Handheld Teleporter 3. Damaged Ranx Construct Generator 4. Damaged Oan Construct Generator 5. Ranx Energy Collector 6. Oan Shield Projector 7. Oan Energy Locator 8. Ranx CPU node
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DCUO | How to Get the Hawaiian Shirt Style [Rarest of Materials Collection]
Hey guys, in this video it shows where the collection spawns for the Rarest Materials Collection. The reward is the Hawaiian Shirt style. The collection is in Oolong Island Alert and the 8 items you need are listed below! Hope u enjoy the video :D 1. Ununquadium 2. Neodymium 3. Copernicum 4. Promethium 5. Eisteinium 6. Darmstadtium 7. Hassium 8. Rutherfordium
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ESO | How to Become a Vampire & Confirmed Bloodfiend Spawn Locations [PS4]
Hey guys this video is a walk through of how to become a Vampire and also the spawn locations for the Bloodfiends in The Rift on Elder Scrolls Online. Hope this video helps guys! ~Sax xo
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DCUO | How to Get the Munk Ragged Shirt Style [Ascetic Chest]
Hey guys in this video it shows the Investigation locations to get the Munk Ragged Shirt style [Ascetic Chest]. You need to complete the solo mission called Oa Power Battery which is in Downtown Metropolis Battlezone. Thanks for watching x
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DCUO | Awesome Iconic Styles
Iconic Styles by Raven
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OVERWATCH | Toxic Rage in Competitive (Australian Server)
Some raging Overwatch Australian players in competitive
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DC Universe Online: How to get the Detective Chest Style
In this video I show a few of the spawn locations for the Gotham Central Collection. These are only the ones i know about, I'm sure there are more. My only advice would be to keep searching these spots and hopefully u can find the whole collection. To complete the collection you need the following: 1) GCPD File: Detective Josephine Macdonald 2) GCPD File: Commissioner Michael Atkins 3) GCPD File: Detective Romy Chandler 4) GCPD File: Lieutenant Ron Probson 5) GCPD File: Officer Jim Corrigan 6) GCDP File: Detective Harvey Bullock 7) GCPD File: Detective Crispus Allen 8) GCPD File: Former Detective Renee Montoya 9) GCPD File: Detective Marcus Driver I hope this helps Ally13334 :D
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DC Universe Online: Awesome Trinkets from the Vault
Some of the Trinkets you get from the Vault if you're lucky enough xD (Manhunter, Lion Tooth JuJu, OMAC, Clockwork Toyman Key & Clown Nose)
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DC Universe Online: Central City Bounty Locations - Gotham Edition.
This video shows the spawn locations for the Gotham Central City Bounties for The Pied Piper, Trickster, Captain Boomerang & Heat Wave. I will also be doing the Metropolis Central City Bounties over the next few days. Hope this helps ♥
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DC Universe Online: How to get the Guy Gardner Chest Style
If you want to add me on Twitter here is my link: www.twitter.com/Saxin_xo I have a "one-take only" policy so sorry for all the times i mess up in my commentaries! xD This video shows how to get the Guy Gardner Chest style. To get this chest you need to complete the Spectrum Analysis Briefing. There are 9 Briefings in total and they are located in the Coast City, S.T.A.R Labs and Oan Sciencells Alerts. Thanks to Crayons for the help! you're amazing! 💕
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DCUO | Awesome Themysciran Inspired Styles by the League Themyscira!
Hey guys I just joined this amazing league called themyscira, they are some of the nicest people you will meet on this game. The leader is Hippolyta so contact her for information about the league! I hope you LOVE their styles as much as I do. Thx for watching! x
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DCUO | April Fools! Tinfoil Hat xD
The Vault is dropping a TinFoil Hat at the moment.. maybe for April Fools Day :D
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DC Universe Online: How to get the Falcone Glasses (Fanning the Flames Collection)
This video shows the spawn locations for the Metropolis & Gotham Fans Collections. The reward for completing both of these collections is the Falcone Glasses Style. The collections you need are: Metropolis Fans: 1) Metropolis Monarchs Pennant 2) Metropolis Meteors Pennant 3) Metropolis Sharks Pennant 4) Metropolis Metros Pennant 5) Metropolis Generals Pennant 6) Metropolis Mammoths Pennant and Gotham Fans: 1) Gotham Knights Pennant 2) Gotham Gators Pennant 3) Gotham Guardsman Pennant 4) Gotham Blades Pennant 5) Gotham Razorback Pennant 6) Gotham Griffins Pennant 7) Gotham Guardians Pennant 8) Gotham Goliaths Pennant Thanks again to Liaam for helping me find this collection! :* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s82ALeqqeCw
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DCUO | Mortal Kombat Styles ❤
Hey guys below is a list of each style I used :) Mileena Chest - Necromancer Legs - Divine Feet - Thigh High Face - Gas Ventilator Sonya Blade Chest - Basic Suit Legs - Aeronaut Waist - Scion of Ion Hands - Aeronaut Feet - Urban Slick Head - Paramilitary Kitana Chest - Divine Legs - Ancient Amazon Noble Feet - League of Assassins Head - Straw Face - Split Personality Hands - Amazon Soldier Li Mei Chest - Insectoid Legs - Briefs Waist - Scion of Ion Feet - Wizardly Hands - Clasped Back - Celtic
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DCUO | Sexiest Iconic Girl Styles Part III
Here is a list of all the styles I am using for this video! Thx for watching guys Circe: Chest - Ancient Amazon Noble Hands - Wizardly Feet - Thigh High Back - Embelished Legs - Ancient Amazon Noble Waist - Ancient Amazon Noble Carol Ferris: Chest, Head, Legs & Hands - Heart of the Predator The Huntress: Chest, Legs, Feet & Back - Vengence Hands - Shaman Face - Metalhead Catwoman: Head - Daring Vigilante Chest - Jute Waist - Gotham Knight Legs - Jute Feet - Heeled WonderGirl New 52: Hands - Angelic Feet - Noble Warrior Waist - Tech Ninja Chest - Cosmic Egyptian Legs - Cosmic Egyptian * Also using the Slim Orange Aura
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DCUO | Poison Ivy Inspired Base
My Poison Ivy Base. If you want to go and have a look at it, leave me ur name or message me in game and i'll add u to the permissions list.
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DCUO | C3RTIFIED Styles ❤ VOTE for the Best Style!
Hey guys, in this video you will see some awesome styles from the members of C3RTIFIED an EU villain league. VOTE for the one you think is best! Also don't forget to subscribe to C3RTIFIED's youtube channel below! thanks so much for watching guys x https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTNlYCGwePtzApta-HsBUSA
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DC Universe Online: Sexiest Iconic Girl Styles!
This video shows the DCUO styles for Donna Troy, Poison Ivy, Zatanna, Wonder Woman & Harley Quinn. Donna Troy Style: - Boars Buckle Waist - Knee High Feet - Cosmic Egyptian Chest - Cosmic Egyptian Legs - Aeronaut Hands Zatanna Style: - Formal Head - Paramilitary Hands - Heeled Feet - Detective Chest - Sheer Net Legs Poison Ivy Style: - Plant Feet - Plant Chest - Plant Legs - Plant Skin Harley Quinn Style: - Archer Face - Harley Quinn Head - Jester Hands - Jester Chest - Jester Legs - Jester Waist - Trim Cuffed Feet Wonder Woman Style: - Noble Warrior Legs - Noble Warrior Chest - Noble Warrior Feet
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DC Universe Online: Cute Disney Princess Styles
In this video I do styles for Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Princess Jasmine & Little Red Riding Hood. If you have any style suggestions please put them in the comments below and if i get a few suggested styles I'll do my best to put them together and make a video :D Princess Jasmine Style: - Shoulders - Angelic - Waist - Egyptian - Feet - Business - Chest - Sports Bra - Legs - Kung-fu Gi Snow White Style: - Chest - Reverse Slimline - Shoulders - Jester - Legs - Opera - Feet - Wizardly Cinderella Style: - Shoulders - Viking - Chest - Formal - Legs - Opera - Feet - Heeled Little Red Riding Hood: - Head - Hood - Waist - Heart of Lion - Feet - Casual Schoolyard - Chest - Wizardly - Legs - Formal - Back - Rounded Sleeping Beauty Style: - Hands - Formal - Shoulders - Kabuki - Chest - Noble Warrior - Legs - Wizardly - Feet - Heeled
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GREENM4N & Saxin 2v2 Arenas
I just changed to mental and its been a long time since I've done pvp with it xD Mental will still always be my first ❤. GREENM4N is OP.. just saying :D ohhh and if people used DLC6 against us... we used ours back
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DC Universe Online: Super Mario Brothers & Friends PvP Arenas
Liaam, Infamous xD & Saxin doing some PvP Arenas on DCUO as Mario, Luigi & Princess Peach. Thanks to xRays & Boom Boom for also making an appearance in this vid ;P
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The Division | Midtown East - EASIEST Route for Virus Measurement Equipment - Medical Encounter
Hey guys, this encounter was such a pain to complete xD so in this video i show where all of the virus scanners are located. I hope this helps! :)
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DCUO | Cute Disney Princess Styles Part 2
Hey guys, I had a request from a sub King Duey to do the rest of the Disney Princess styles so here they are. They aren't exact but i tired to make them as close as I could. If you have better suggestions let me know in the comments! As always thx for watching and I hope u enjoy :) x
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DCUO | Girl Power! Hippolyta & Saxin :D
Hey guys here is the link to Hippolyta's youtube! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvU4_1OM61FW1NLjTAYhGEw
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DCUO | Team Awesome Styles ❤ Vote for the Best Style!
VOTE for who you think has the best style in the comments below!!! the winner will get a blue smoke aura :) Also I will do the best of DCUO community styles if people would like to be in that video message me or leave a comment :) My Twitter is the easiest way to contact me! so add me on there :P https://twitter.com/saxin_xo 🎶Music🎶 https://soundcloud.com/skgofficialpage/bob-marley-is-this-love-skg-remix-1
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Giving Away Legendary Grave Diggers/Jack-o-Launchers/Buzzcuts Reactions | Fortnite
I gave away a whole lot of Legendary Weapons! I craft these so it wasn't a big deal! but the reactions were funny ;P
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DCUO | Sexy Bombshell Inspired Styles ❤
Shouts out to Mass for putting me onto this song ❤ Hey guys, in this video I do 5 Bombshell inspired styles for Super Girl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy & Catwoman. All the styles used are listed below, I hope you like it! thanks guys xo Super Girl: Hair - Super Girl Hands - Formal Waist - Egyptian Feet - Daring Vigilante Chest - One Piece Legs - Metalhead Back - Split Harley Quinn: Hair - Harley Quinn Legs - Psycho Feet - Thigh High Chest - Lucky Leather Bomber Poison Ivy: Hair - Super Girl Chest - Ancient Amazon Noble Legs - Psycho Feet - Thigh High Skin - Plant Wonder Woman: Hair - Wonder Woman Chest - Themysciran Battlesuit Waist - Wondergirl Feet - Furious Legs - Noble Warrior
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DCUO Supremecy League: Power Ranger Battle
This is the league I'm in called Supremecy. We all dressed up like the Power Rangers and decided to have a PvP 4x4 scrimmage xD (shout out to zxPerfectionsxz, Sparky & Sins Goodness for the laughs.. seriously had tears from laughing so hard xDD)
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DCUO | PvP'ing in 2018 😝
I'm really bad… I got carried hard by HDC xD I have no idea what I'm doing anymore in pvp cos I haven't played this game in FOREVER. I heard sorc healing is really bad now and my load out is horrible… I'm using soul well! xD idk why.. so yea.. I might be on dcuo a bit more now cos Paragon is closing. Anyways hope u enjoy it.. thanks HDC for the carry 😘😂… gg to Charged Up!
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GTA V Online: How to Get a Garage & Free Elegy Sports Car
This video shows you how to purchase a garage and get a free Elegy Sports Car.
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DCUO | Marvel X-Men Female Styles
Hey guys, in this video are 5 Female X-Men styles. Each style piece I use is listed below. Hope you enjoy the video :P Storm: Face - Emissive Eyes Feet - Thigh High Chest - Noble Warrior Legs - One Piece Back - Amazon Hoplite Jean Grey: Head - Brave Wings Hands - Sinestro Waist - Master Mercenary Feet - Spats Chest - Panelled Bodysuit Legs - Themysciran Bodysuit Rouge: Chest - T-Slimline Waist - Checkmate Operative Legs - Panelled Bodysuit Feet - Knee High Hands - Biker Jubilee: Face - Beach Shades Chest - Classic Duster Legs - Schoolyard Feet - Biker Mystique: Chest - Valentine Feet - Thigh High Hands - Formal Legs - Plant Waist - Deaths Head Skin - Reptile
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DCUO | Suicide Squad Animated Trailer
Hey guys I took the soundtrack from the original Suicide Squad trailer and made an animated version. Hope u enjoy it! xx
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DC Universe Online: xRays & Saxin 2v2 Lair Battles
xRays and Saxin 2v2 Lair Battles I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC.
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DCUO | New Harley Quinn Style!
Hey guys, just a quick video cos i went to see Suicide Squad over the weekend and i LOVED it so i wanted to make a video with the new style you can get on DCUO for Harley Quinn. The first is my style I'm using at the moment with red & black and the second is the classic bombshell colours. Thx for watching! x
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DC Universe Online: Sexiest Iconic Girl Styles Part II
This is Part 2 of the DCUO Sexiest Iconic GIrls Styles. This video shows the styles for Power Girl, Black Canary, Vixen and Hawk Girl. Power Girl Style: - Formal Waist - Power Girl Hands - Spats Feet - Power Chest - Short Back - One Piece Legs Black Canary Style: - Biker Hands - Short Cuffed Feet - Net Legs - One Piece Chest Vixen Style: - Shaman Waist - Tech Sniper Hands - Reverse Slimline Chest - Barbarian Feet - Pyramid Slimline Legs Hawk Girl Style: - Greco-Roman Hands - Cybernetic Waist - Peaked Feet - Battle Harness Chest - Stalwart Defender Legs - Hawkwings Back I DO NOT OWN THIS MUSIC.
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DCUO | Eww PC Hacker
I was queing 4s with Bright & Show and we came across this level 23 PC guy speed hacking in arenas. There is not much u can do against a PC speed hacker except lose the match horribly xD Made us laugh anyway!
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DCUO | Bad Boys: FuLlMeTaLCoPs
Fun in Little Bohemia!
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PARAGON | Morigesh OP Voodoo Babe - Build & Montage
omg i love her she's so op
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DCUO | Bantos & Sax PvP Montage
Hey guys, Bantos and I have been doing alot of pvp together lately whenever I get a chance to sign onto the game ...so I thought I'd upload a bit of a montage. Hope u enjoy it! As always thx for watching x
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Holiday Vibes | China - Hong Kong - Vietnam Montage
Hey guys, here are some scenic pics/videos of my time travelling around Asia for 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy! As always thanks for watching :) x
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DC Universe Online: Liaam & Saxin 2v2 PvP Arenas (Batcave & Lair Battles) - Mental Controller
PvP'ing with Liaam :D Beast Hardlight DPS :3
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Adorable Bulldog
My British Bulldog Ramesses. Cutest most adorable dog ever!!! love this little guy :D
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DCUO | 2v2 Inner Sanctum PvP FAIL!
xD fuuuuuu
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The Division | Falcon Lost Incursion Reward - Battalion Jacket
Hey guys the Battalion Jacket is one of the new rewards that drops when you complete the Falcon Lost Incursion in the Division. Hope you enjoy the video and as always thanks for watching!! x
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PUG is the new villain league I joined recently with Nightmare, Titchie & Dismal. We were queing 4s to gear up and came across a few good leagues. This is a match against C3RTIFIED.
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Destiny Beta PS4 | Hunter Gameplay Montage
I just recorded some Hunter Gameplay on the Beta in the new Destiny Game ... this role is so much fun!
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DCUO | EU 5v5 PvP Tournament Announcement!!!
General Info: Date Tournament Begins - 8th March **Team Registration closes on 1st March** Games are played 7pm each night and the competition will go over a few weeks. Prizes for 1st & 2nd place include Money, Auras and exos supplied by Gods, GMYT, XMB and Pars General Rules: - Group set up is - 2 dps, 2 healers and troll (No Tank) - Only 1 Hardlight DPS allowed in each group - Shield Weapon is not allowed - Once you lose a match you are knocked out of the competition - Drawed teams are rematched… if you draw again with the same team a person from each team will 1v1 in dps role. Whoever loses that 1v1 their team will be knocked out of the competition. - One person from each team will have to record the win for proof. - Only 1 DC (Disconnect) allowed for each team. - 2 subs are allowed for each team as long as they are not already in a team. Subs don't not have to be registered - If a team does not show up or contact an organiser to reschedule the team will be knocked out. - You can only enter the competition on one character and in one group. You also can not change your character during the competition. Contact these hosts: XMB, Pars, Zeckroth & GMYT ingame for more information and to register your teams! I used Pale's, Appo's and Evoh's 5v5 vids.. I've linked them down below if you want to check out the whole matches :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-NACOAzNvU - Pale's 5v5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJrfg3JqSCk - Appo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW4cKxa2xpA - Evoh
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FuLlMeTaLHeRoEs vs Mass Terror
This is my first ever match at DPS'ing a 4v4 pvp match. The Super Bandito team was Air, Ms Lick & Tarielle. We were queing 4s and we came across Mass Terror twice and won both games. In this video its a mixture of both of those matches. Thanks for watching!
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