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Help With Letting Go Of Grief By Naparstek
This track is by Belleruth Naparstek and I claim no rights to it. It is very helpful in releasing grief and I just hope that it can help you as much as it has helped me. Get comfortable and close your eyes and let it guide you to a better place.
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Robot dog
This is biscuit my lovin pup IS FOR SALE, and is a furreal robotic animatronic interactive electronic toy that I am selling on ebay because he is just too big for my house and right now I am clearing house because I have collected far too many toys and I am suffocating... this dog obeys a lot of verbal spoken commands and is very cute, and has a personality Music: Kevin MacLeod "Scheming Weasel Faster" and "Dub Feral" incompetech.com
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Starting the Fat sick almost dead juice Reboot fast diet
I am the fattest I've ever been in my entire life and so after watching fat sick and almost dead on netflix i decided to give it a try because after my back surgery and following illness i could not walk very good for a while and so i got pretty fat and now i am ready to change so now i am going to fast on this juice reboot cleansing diet fast of kale celery ginger lemon and apples for a month if i can handle it so watch me and see what happens and or be inspired
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Mia's juice fast day 5
I watched the movie fat sick and nearly dead and it inspired me to start doing something about my weight because I am so damn fat and so I started the juice fast with the mean green juice and now I am on my day 5 i hope this helps anyone and please feel free to ask questions
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Auditory processing disorder in aspies?
Profound revealation # 349,682 Oh, and this video has shitty quality... sorry, I messed it up but the message still comes through, and added a little music just for fun and maybe a little relaxing, but comes across more like the Mr. Roger's show instead. LMAO!
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Fat sick nearly dead juice fast: Day 24 - still going
I saw the movie fat sick and nearly dead and was inspired so I started juicing and lost weight I think it is the most excellent weight loss plan and is great for cleansing and detoxing Watch the movie and then go to their website at fatsickandnearlydead.com and sign up for the reboot and they will guide you a lot of people ask what I drink and its the mean green juice which consists of kale celery granny smith apples ginger cucumber and ginger and sometimes I add a carrot so far I lost over 35 pounds and still going and you can do it too the live cells in the fruit and vegetables give your body a boost to heal and correct itself its amazing For more info on juicing check out this website: http://juicediettips.com MY MAIN CHANNEL FOR JUICE FASTING AND VEGAN RECIPES IS: GFVEGANLIFE - SUBSCRIBE NOW!
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Mia's Puppet Collection
I love collecting folkmanis puppets
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After the fat sick and nearly dead 30 day juice fast
After the fat sick and nearly dead juicefast I am impressed and inspired by the resulting weight loss mental clarity and emotional stability so I decided to stay gluten free and eat vegan and mostly raw while continuing the juice at least once daily CHECK OUT MY MAIN CHANNEL FOR JUICE FASTING AND ALL THINGS HEATHY: GFVEGANLIFE
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Mias juice fast public service announcement - day 9
I am doing the mean green fat sick and nearly dead juice fast for 30 days and all my friends are concerned so I made this service announcement for them to let them know that I feel energetic and better than I have felt in years after being sick for a long time from the bad food i eat among other things
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My corporate hell
This is how my boss treated me.
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How To Cheat On A Juice Fast
I cover a few different topics here regarding juice fasting, but also how to cheat (joking... well... sort of).
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Aspie Eyes: The beautiful eyes of Asperger's syndrome
Those of us with Asperger's syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism, often are accused of being "stoned", or flirtatious, or are told our eyes are beautiful, innocent, or child-like. This video represents the eyes of Asperger's syndrome, wonderful and beautiful. Such a depth to these eyes, and I believe these eyes are indicative of our inner selves. This is a project which I have taken somewhere around 6 months to complete. After endless hours of collecting the photos, editing them, and working them into this video, the end result has surprised even me. I feel so close to all of you who contributed. Thanks so much to all of you who participated in this project and made it possible. After viewing this video, I think it is evident that there is "something about those aspie eyes". You are all beautiful!
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Sleepwalking through downtown Portland Oregon
Take a dreamy sleep walk with us through downtown Portland Oregon in the summertime and see and experience the dreamy atmosphere, the people, the businesses - kind of an interesting view so you can see what downtown PDX is like in sleepwalk vision - enjoy!
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How to pull your own tooth - I pulled my tooth
I don't recommend pulling your own tooth but this is a video that shows me pulling my own tooth because sometimes bad teeth need to be pulled and if you don't have the money to go see a good dentist then you have to yank it out with pliers and it is very painful so you should not do this may i repeat do not try this at home.
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How to make a Portal 2 mirror
You may ask yourself how do I make a portal 2 mirror and this question was one i had until I decided to try it out and go ahead and try to make a portal 2 video game mirror so if you like gaming check this out because my BF is a gamer and he loves this and this makes a perfect gift for a gamer and makes a beautiful blue light glow for a wonderful atmosphere in the evening it is relaxing and cool
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Fat sick and nearly dead inspired 60 day juicefast starts tomorrow
I already completed the fat sick and nearly dead inspired 30 day juice fast in Sept 2011 and now I am ready to start the 60 day juice fast tomorrow and my cousin is going to try it out too for however long he can manage so watch me prepare for the fast by going shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables this will be fun losing the rest of my weight while further cleansing my system in my body Music "Chipperdoodle" by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com Also visit my friends channel: He's amazing! Double rainbow all the way!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/Hungrybear9562
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Aspies: How's life as an aspie affected you?
Hi and thanks for subscribing/watching. Let's see how far we've come, fellow aspies. What have your struggles been, and how have you come out of it? How have you fared through your personal relationships and jobs? Where are you now in your development. How have your struggles affected who you are today? For mature aspies, what strengths or weaknesses have come out of your experiences? Are there ways in which you have regressed now that you are maturing more? Holla back at me, and our aspie community here on youtube.
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Fat sick and nearly dead juice fast: day 16
I was inspired by the movie fat sick and nearly dead so I am doing the reboot juice fast feast diet program and I am not giving up or quitting until I get thin and detox and cleanse I feel better than I have felt in years this is a great thing and I highly recommend it to anyone who checks out ok to get the go ahead from their doctor
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Mia T Rex | Taking Care Of Me
I'm feeling amazing and enjoying my time off from my usual routines. I highly recommend making room in your life to relax and mix your routine up to prevent depleting your energy stores. Jump up and out of that rut. I wanna see you fly up out of it like superman!
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Visual Assaults - eye contact for aspies
Eye contact visual looking into eyes dont like prefer not see too deep feelings emotions shyness shy unassertive assertive easy going got wrong autism as aspie mild intense too much privacy thoughts
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Day 3 juice fast | what to do if you eat and cheat
Day 3 of our juice fast - come on, let's get healthier!
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Mucous During Juice Fast
Why all the mucous during a juice fast, and when will it stop? Sorry I'm talking 500 MPH, but I'm on day 15 of a juice fast!
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Dave Nourie from Team Haro: Albany classic bike show 2010
What a fun show it was! Thanks so much, Dave Nourie for performing at the show! You are still amazing! Thanks to all who participated and made this show possible! Some websites to check out: pnwbmx.com bmxmuseum.com enjoythetrick.com
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Day 14 juice fast digestion and mucous
Juice fasting day 14 I was so confused in this video... but who's counting... and mucous will flow.
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Mia's Fat sick nearly dead inspired juice fast: day 2
I watched the movie "Fat sick and nearly dead" and was inspired to do a 30 day juice fast and completed it in September, but felt the need for several reasons to start another juice fast and so this time I am going to complete a 60 day juicefast for my health in so many ways including mental clarity reboot cleansing detox weight loss pain reduction (because I have chronic pain) please watch me and follow my progress every day as I take this spiritual and physical journey to better health which has even helped my eating addictions and turned me vegan and gluten free oh I almost forgot to add: I use the mean green juice from the Joe Cross movie fat sick and nearly dead and it has kale, granny smith apples, Celery, Cucumbers, lemon, and ginger and it is so delicious and easy with a breville juicer
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FurReal chimpy
I named him chump. By far the coolest FurReal yet! I'm still in search of the Macaw though. As with all FurReals, Chump will be sold someday, but for now I'm keepin him.
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Mia T Rex | Puppet Collection 2017
Mia T Rex shares her puppet collection with you by popular demand. Also starring the voice and talent of Heather Rounds. Music by iLife/iMovie and is fair use.
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Wowwee interactive robotic lion cub LARGE
This is a wowwee interactive baby lion club robotic plush toy. He is already sold... sorry. This is my mini review of how this lion works and how it is like a cute little kitty cat purring and making adorable sounds what a cute little interactive robot plush toy wowwee makes with this little lion cub it is so funny and cute and lovable the way it purrs and meows it just makes you want to cuddle it and love it and it seems pretty real i love robotic toys
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Cutest Australian shepherd puppy EVER
This adorable cute little baby dog puppy is the softest and cutest most adorable little thing I have ever seen and look at how he plays with the Pomeranian grown up dog, seriously this puppy is the best
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Fat sick nearly dead juice fast: Mia at 29 days
I have been on the fat sick and nearly dead juice fast feast diet for 29 days and it is amazing how much energy it has made me have and how healthy it has made me not to mention I lose weight too but tomorrow I will be done at day 30 and so I got a start by eating one banana today and damn was it good
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Road rage toy
Funny road rage racer guy
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Juicing for health
I regularly juice fast and it keeps me healthier than if I did not. Update on my move and an upcoming giveaway... Stay tuned.
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The crazy toy Jibber Jabber
This is a crazy new toy that we got called the jibber jabber and it has some interesting history behind it apparently when it came out some people thought it simulated shaken baby syndrome abuse and in response the makers of this toy included an insert that gave tips on what to do instead of shaking a baby in the event that one becomes frustrated with it also shortly before the toy went out of production there were parents who complained because they were worried that their kids would see this toy and try to strangle each other omg what hogwash i swear parents will blame everyone but themselves when their child does something bad
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Secret Camera Birds
I tried to set up a secret camera fto capture these cute little chickadee birds but it looks like they busted me! Music: Kevin MacLeod "Hidden Agends" Download Kevin's music and use for free at: incompetech.com
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crushing stomping video
LOL I did it! wow did we get some strange looks while filming this on a busy sidewalk!
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My Pet Dinosaur
This is a review of my prehistoric pet named cruncher he is my new pet dinosaur monster - he is electronic robotic interactive and has a really cute personality - coolest toy ever. Music by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com
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Do you suffer from being an aspie?
Someone asked me a question about AS autism aspergers feelings - do you suffer from being an aspie so I answer this question in long form while describing apd or auditory processing disorder along with mean people and abuse issues and the problem is not autism the problem is misunderstanding and lack of cooperation or civil treatment
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Trash Talkers Dirty Dolls Review
I got these crazy dirty mouthed totally offensive and inappropriate talking limited edition dolls today at goodwill and I wanted to do a review before I sell them to see what you all think - the group includes a pimp, an asian guy, and a gay man. Here's the link to the petition that someone made to try and ban these dolls: http://www.petitiononline.com/dolls/petition.html
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Epic Squirrel Fight (official)
I was walking around my neighborhood and heard some squealing and looked up and there was a tree full of squirrels fighting over a female squirrel it was an amazing battle and as you can see the female tried to hide in the hole in the tree but flees across the street in the end with her suitors in hot pursuit.
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How to make anything fun!
Always have an iPod with a huge variety of music on hand, and a pen and paper. You can write or draw! I waited in the dental office waiting room for hours and it was pretty nice. Oh... and it helps to be an aspie too. Most of us can make just about anything fun. LOL
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Mia T Rex cover of This Masquerade by the Carpenters
Same as the title says, I cover the Carpenter's song,This Masquerade.
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Cougar in heat roaring
It's Spring time and the female Cougar is in heat so she is acting weird and roaring
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Honey Dog | Snow Fun
Honey dog has some fun in the snow and gets some peanut and apple treats too!
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PTSD - panic attacks, anxiety, and how I cope
I have chronic anxiety, due to having experienced a lot of severe traumas in my past. Let's talk about that. When anxiety comes calling I use art to cope. Watching pleasant youtube videos. and rocking is also helpful. Here's my bit on that subject. How do you conquer your stress and/or anxiety?
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Aspie and NT adult club interaction
Meant to be a comedy parody. So don't get your feathers all ruffled.
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GoPro Crow Biscuit Test
This time I used biscuits to lure the crows and got a surprise guest appearance. Music by Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com
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Cockatiel Training - Caution: some profanity included
I demonstrate how to train a cockatiel and talk about the behavior and habits of the cockatiel while my amazing bird talks and whistles. My cockatiel is always talking and whistling and does the wolf call because he is beautiful and amazing and i have given him really good and easy cockatiel talking and whistling training and lessons and he is an amazing bird even though he curses or is that cusses
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Beautiful forest and river with bird sounds Oregon
This is a forest area in Oregon where there is a river nearby and lots of singing birds in the forest, also I go near the river to let you hear the soothing sounds of water waves... relaxing
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He man action figure collection
this is my entire he man masters of the universe collection. I do not have all of the he man toys but this is a pretty big collection. do you collect action figures i have a collection that may not be complete but i have battlecat and that counts right but i dont have orko from the cartoon and ram man beastman skeletor vs a lot of the good guys and its awesome long live he man and the masters of the universe
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Mia T Rex Drawing A Tyrannosaurus Rex
What else would Mia T Rex draw? To see more of Mia's art, just go to Facebook and search for the page, "Bzo" https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bzo/214809268645265?fref=ts Music by Kevin MacLeod Download Kevin's music for free to use on your YouTube videos at: incompetech.com Song: Danse of questionable tuning Here's my art page: https://www.facebook.com/Bzo-214809268645265/
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