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Bts & Blackpink Ep 1
Sorry this is my first ff Please like and subscribe Let me know what you guys think ❤
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Bts & Blackpink Ep 2
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●Bts ●Jimin ● Senpai●
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To All My Viewers And Subscribers ^♡^
Read Description ♡ Thank you everyone for helping me reach more than 20 subs. It really has made me and my family happy. I love you all and I hope we can still continue as Army in the future Songs : Bts Save Me Snapchat : VsmolV Once again we love you all ♡♡♡
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"Hurtful Truth" (GachaVerse)
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ READ ME ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I just wanted to thank everyone for getting me to 30+ subscribers, it really mean a lot 😗😀❤ This is my first GachaVerse video and trust me it was harder to edit than actually record and producing the actual video 😅 But i got to it in the end! Please like and subscribe and thanks for watching ❤ Music 1 : https://youtu.be/k8u3lXZaw1E This is what you came for instrumental Music 2 : https://youtu.be/gnBgprWkXc8 Girls like you instrumental
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\\ She is cute // Bts ep 1
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