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kirby story hero nickelback
the next kirby story video with the nickelback hero song, as kirby and c.o. face king dedede, the n.w.o. and more, have a look.
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Beast and Barbarians RPG plus GM,DM tips
In this video I talk about the Beast and Barbarians rpg for the savage worlds rpg system. I talk a little on a simple yet effective way to cut down on game night prep so you can focus on actual play more.
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The Lazy Dungeon Master and Basic Fantasy rpg review
This is my first in a series of videos dealing with or about tabletop roleplaying and gamer life and discussions . In this video I am reviewing the books the Lazy Dungeon Master and the Basic Fantasy rpg.
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battleship coo gets owned gba game
a round played against coo to the godsmack song I fucking hate you, watch as coo gets owned! (this video is a joke and not to be taken seriously, its just for laughs)
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Castlevania Sonja Belmont Tribute
this video has pictures from the cancelled castlevania game called castlevania resurrection for the sega dreamcast, why did i make this video? cause the game should have been made and on top of the sonja belmont is one of my favorites in the castlevania series.
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castlevania order of ecclesia Shanoa tribute
A small Tribute to Shanoa from Castlevania Order of Ecclesia.
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New characters of the Kirby story promo
New characters of The Kirby story promo. A short video showing some of the new characetrs to appear in The Kirby story. Such as Altair from Assassins Creed, Commander Shepard, Saren, and Co from Mass Effect. the Final Fantasy 1 team, and the Hunters from Metroid Prime Hunters. Alongside a few other main main characters in The Kirby story, like those from Kirby and Animal Crossing. Based on The Kirby story Fanfiction.
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kirby heartbeat of hope
a hopefull song for kirby and co. based on the kirby fan fiction.
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castlevania dawn of sorrow music video
castlevania dawn of sorrow fan trailer with opening CG.
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Kirby story breathe
if there has been any doubts about prior videos in the Kirby story series this one will clarify the concept struggle and many of the questions about the series, this new video features the nickelback song breathe the same as the one in a earlier video in this series entitled Bad guys of the Kirby story, the cast will include many various characters from very his game worlds, and even some clips of fire emblem ten and Halo three, as well as many other favorites you've come to know from the prior videos like Kirby, dead or alive, animal Crossing, Pokémon, naruto, Riviera the promised land, final fantasy seven and nine, xenosaga, metal gear solid, ghost in the shell stand alone complex, battalion wars, resident evil four, geist, megaman x ninja gaiden, Lunar Knights,Tales of Symphonia, army men, Far Cry Vengeance, and trace memory, this video features dozens of characters from all the games above, if you can imagine it it might be there, this video shows the scope of the Kirby story as it was meant to be in the song breathe by nickelback, please enjoy the show and if you have any questions about the video or the upcoming fan fiction feel free to comment on the video or channel page thanks for watching and I hope that my growing fans will look for word to the next videos.
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kirby story are you ready
A video based on the Kirby story, with parallels to the real New World order, featuring Kirby, Alex Jones, Max, helena, ayane, Megan man x, zero, axle, and others as they gear up to fight the New World order, are you ready!
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Kirby trilogy official promo
this is the first official kirby trilogy promo made by GSKinght and TL-97 where the idea comes to life like this! have a look for your self and injoy! kirby tos tos doa Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists nightwish Nightwish pokemon ff7 ff9 final fantasy cosmics xenosaga fire emblem nwo new world order alex jones re4 wwii lunar knights halo animal crossing davance wars days of ruin helena aeris zahem cloud metaknight tear riviera ein lucia kos-mos escargoon king dedede tifa megaman granet max leon, rover harvest moon gooey ranger zero Myuki dr shion kevin ayane kasumi tina raticate charizard tidus yuna rikku breener arbiter master chief mist kit tuff tiff rick aron farmer priest mudkip king herod heavy lobster wart gorilleas captain planet hitomi lei fang SVs ecchi hentai titania neji mia boyd geoffrey elincia jill soren grit fia blade sword kent oswin isadora harr falco gits lyn lin lloyd
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Kirby bring me to life AX - special
a special edition of bring me to life with a alternate version of both video and song, features some video that never made it into the last kirby bring me to life video. song by Evanescence Kirby story fan fiction by GSknight and TL-97
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Kirby knight of the old code
kirby music video based on kirby story.featuring kirby chararters ,animal crossing charaters,dead or alive charaters and fargos, in the song savin me by nickelback.
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kirby and helena song
its helena calling kirby to save her to the hubba bubba teeth..err i mean aerosmith song angel.
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Halo Guys
A slideshow of the various characters in the Halo universe. I know Drinol was never really offically in the Halo universe but I just had to add Drinol. The funny pronunciations of the names are by Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8.0. Enjoy
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Halo 2 tribute May It Be
A tribute to Master Chief and the Arbiter with music preformed by Lisa Kelly, enjoy!
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Horror rpgs part 2, Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, and Heavy Metal magazine
In this audio video I talk more about and wrap up this segment on horror rpgs. I discuss D&D next (5th edition) and I tell you a little why Heavy Metal magazine is something all GMs should be reading.
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kirby I stand alone
kirby amv to the song I stand alone!
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Memories of Fire Emblem
a Fire Emblem vid with pictures from fire emblem, Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones, Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, to the song memories by within temptation
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Kirby story Move Along
A video of the good guys of the Kirby story, and how they ultimately will see their struggles through to the end. The worlds of the Kirby story. Many worlds. One battlefield. Based on the Kirby story fan fiction by GSknight and TL-97. Special thanks to DaChief404 from YouTube (AKA) BLACKNEND on Xbox live for one of the Halo clips Darkness7 from deviantART for the Snow knight picture at the end. And again, all of our fans you guys rule!
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kirby won't back down fuel
a new kirby rebound of the cosmics video with clips from kirby's upcoming wii game,ninja gaiden sigma, final fantasy X-2, lunar knights, and fire emblem radiant dawn, this time there out to stick it to the men!
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kirby bring me to life
many worlds must join forces to stop the evils they face in them, now kirby and the others must fight together and end the darkness once and for all, video based on the kirby story fan fiction.
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ash x claire & pikachu x roina
ash x claire & pikachu x roina tribute to the backstreet boys song i'll never break your heart, injoy XD
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kirby whisper origin version
kirby and co. in a rare music video with the origin version of whisper, the darkness comes, and no one can say who shall emerge victorious! also featuring characters from tales of symphonia, giest, dead or alive, and resident evil. based on the kirby story fan fiction coming soon!
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Yuna ten thousand fist
just a funny video I been wanting to see for some time now, its Yuna singing Ten Thousand Fist by Disturbed. enjoy XD program used Nero StartSmart
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Horror rpgs and what they are and are not
I talk a little on the subject of horror rpgs and horror in general. I give some tips and insight into the genre.
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kirby dark chest of wonders
Kirby montage from many of Kirby's games to the Nightwish song Dark chest of wonders from there once album, injoy!
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Kirby knight of the old code XD
its kirby knight of the old code only better, with video put together from all the games to make kirby knight of the old code AX! all video has been strung to make a new music video based on the kirby story!
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kirby far away
a love song for kirby and helena, metaknight and titania, ike and elincia, grape knight and lucia, and zahem and some lady knights.
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kirby story forgotten
a kirby story video about how some of the characters are FUBAR, in one aspect of their lives or another. In the darkness they have all lost something, will they find it again? Music by Linkin Park.
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kirby story and house 1 of 4
2007 character house and kirby story talk 1 of 4
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Pinky's knocked in teeth
The title has nothing to do with the video, other than the name Pinky. It's just some clips of Death Wish 3 and Pokemon colosseum put together, to the opening bars of the Nickleback song Next Contestant repeating. Not to be taken seriously it's just one big joke.
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kirby going down in flames
kirby and c.o. now must face the evil tyranny of king dedede as well as the various minions staring kirby (from the kirby games) lloyd (tales of symphonia) zero (mega man zero) and leon kennedy (RE4)music by 3 doors down.
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sky kid music video
a sky kid music video with the songs take me to the other side by Aerosmith and working for the weekend by Lover boy
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Why we play the game? A discussion into why we roleplay part 1
In this video I start the topic of why we as gamers play tabletop rpgs.
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AW ending ?
is this the ending to advance wars ? well who would have known, watch to the end to see what i mean
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fear is nothing
Why fear should not hold you back
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Kirby Trilogy Series someday
one of the best and darker videos in the kirby trilogy, you may have heard of it, and the first with a band in it, injoy!
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castlevania dracula x chronicles
castlevania dracula x chronicles fan made trailer, with opening monologue, take two, i hope this works for all the fans!
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kirby here with me
a song for metaknight and titania, kirby and helena, ike and elincia, grape knight and lucia, chocolate knight and ayane, and zahem and his lady knights
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kirby and helena the road i'm on
a kirby story video about the paths of both kirby and helena and just how close they are. music by 3 doors down. song road i'm on
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smash tape 1
this is my first ssbm AMV, hope you guys like it!
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kirby with arms wide open
a song for knights and heros alike, it's the creed song with arms wide open.
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kirby story and house 4 of 4
2007 character house and kirby story talk 4 of 4
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kirby do this any more
well now everyone heres the next video in the kirby story, and i know how much you all like these videos, so here you got it, kirby do this any more by nickelback.
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smash tape 3
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nemo kirby story cut
the nightwish nemo video as you have never seen it befor, special cut for the kirby story this video features kirby,sasuke (from naruto) Lana and Ema (from the first Phoenix Wright game) as they all wish to beat the darkness within and around. (FYI sasuke likes Ema in the kirby story) I AM NOT IN ANY WAY ASSOCIATED WITH THE CREATORS/OWNERS OF THE MEDIA IN THIS VIDEO. THIS VIDEO IS PURELY FAN-MADE AND ALL MEDIA BELONGS TO IT'S RIGHTFUL OWNERS.
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kirby story and house 3 of 4
2007 character house and kirby story talk 3 of 4
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Some real gems of the collection
Some real gems. and a birthday surprise.
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