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Arcade 1Up Street Fighter 2 - Play as Akuma
For those who bought the Arcade1Up Street Fighter 2 cab, you can play as Akuma in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. On the character select screen, stay on Ryu for 3 seconds, move to T Hawk and hold for three seconds, move to Guile for another three, Cammy for another three, than back to Ryu for the final three. At the end of the three second countdown push all three punch buttons and the player one button at the same time to play as Akuma!
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NES Game Shipped Bare - The Results Video
EDIT: Since the recording of this video PlayTheNES.com is now a defunct site. The forums for the remaining members are at retroreviewrevolution.com NESJohnny from PlayTheNES questioned if a cart could be shipped bare across the United States. This video is the culmination of the great experiment! Check out playthenes.com for the best retro gaming crew on the web! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEvB0xWVXFc - NESJohnnys Shipping Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpDugJ9dmik - The Preview Video http://playthenes.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2427 - Pics of the cart at its destination. http://playthenes.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2414 - Discussion of the experiment. http://playthenes.com/forum/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=2360 - The experiment begins
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Irate Gamer Volume 1 DVD Review
Next up in the DVD review series is the Irate Gamers DVD. I'm ignoring all the YouTube controversy around this guy and just doing a review on what you get if you order the DVD, no more, no less. I have my own opinions on the entire situation, but honestly, I don't care too much either way. With that out of the way, here's what you get when you order the DVD.
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Armake21 Vs. Action 52 COMPLETE
I AM NOT ARMAKE21, BOXEDENTERTAINMENT21, OR NICOTINEALIEN I just wanted to reupload this since Armake closed his account, and it seems hes gonna be gone a while, if not permanently. I also wanted to take advantage of being able to poost legthy videos now and edited all the parts together for one massive movie. I'll also be posting a VLOG concerning my thoughts on Marcus leaving youtube.
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Atari Flashback 3 review
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Hyperpie PC Setup preview on external drive.
Been working on a decent emulation front end that is fairly easy to use, and can be hot swapped between my desktop and laptop as well as taken to a friends house for use in their PC. Using Hyperpie I think I have what I am looking for. I have a similar setup using a Raspberry Pi 3, but a PC allows for more powerful emulation like Wii, GameCube, 3D0, Saturn, and more that the Pi struggles on.
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How to set up an R4 3DS Gold Card
Per request, I made a quick tutorial showing how to set up an R4 Gold 3DS card. Hope this helps you guys out!
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Angry Video Game Nerd Volume 2 DVD Review
Finally getting to some of the older discs in my collection, this is a review of the AVGN Volume 2 DVD set, available at screwattackstore.com
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Open Pandora review part 2 - Operating Systems
We check out what GUIs, OSes, and frontends
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PlayStation Classic hack
Just got done with an early PlayStation Classic jack, adding another 36 titles to my system. I’ll experiment more using a bigger USB stick later!
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DVD Review - Angry Video Game Nerd Volume 1
This is a decent one for you guys that want to see the genesis of the Angry Reviewer fad. I'm not a huge fan oif the style but it can be funny from time to time. And this guy is the one that melded production values with decent comedy to make a series thats incredebly successful and still up today
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MechWarrior (SNES) review
No one remembers this game, but it's easily one of the best first person games on the SNES, and blows the pants off of Faceball and the SNES version of Doom.
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Roland V-Drums Lessons
Every V-Drums lesson posted on Rolands site through 2013, in one video.
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Arcade1Up upgraded spinner and bat tops!  Game room progress.
A short vid showing some important upgrades if you own an Arcade1Up machine that uses a spinner or if you got Street Fighter and want better control. Also a short look at game room remodel still in progress.
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DMs Guild Print on Demand quality, and Critical Role Tal Dorei book comparison
A quick look at the quality of print you get when purchasing a print on demand title from Drive Thru RPG or DMs Guild. I also compare them with a third party mass print book, the Tal Dorei Campaign Settings book.
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Samsung Q1 Review part 1 - Hardware
This is the first part of the mult-part Samsung Q1 review. This review is from a retro gaming standpoint, and will focus on this things ability to be a portable emulation platform. Hope you enjoy the next few videos in this review!
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Awesome Video Games Volume 1 DVD Review
Now up for review is Awesome Video Games first "season" DVD set. This is a very well made set with a lot of extras thrown in for good measure. Any info you could ever want about the first season of this show is all here! Check out a few episodes and if you like it, this set is a must buy.
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Ed Hunter (PC) review
One of the best soundtracks ever gets attached to one of the most mediocre games ever. Also good luck playing this if you have anything newer than Windows 98!
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PlayStation Classic on Bleemsync 1.1
A look at how the PS Classic has become a great system.....after hacking it.
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10 Dollar Atari 2600 lot pickup!
Great find on Facebook Market today, grabbed over 20 Atari games for under 50 cents each! Awesome find!
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Kindle 4 First-Party Lighted Case Review
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Professional End Labels for 32X, N64, and Jaguar Games!
Hey, there's a seller out there that is making professional end labels for the game carts that don't have end labels, such as the Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, and Nintendo 64. He can also do game covers and whatnot if you have a custom order situation. You can find him selling over in the Sega-16.com forums, so be sure to check for him there. His user name is MrBigRedDog. Either PM him or look at his thread in Sonics Bazaar subforum. You may also find his stuff for sale occassionally at GameGavel.com, the best auction site for gamers! This video shows you what you get for your money, and beleive me the quality is the best.
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Happy Video Game Nerd Volume 1 DVD Review
Got a few requests for this one, so here ya go! Another great reviewer is finally putting out a DVD of his early work, and this one is worth the bucks.
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Angry Video Game Nerd Volume 4 DVD Review
Finally, getting another DVD review done. I'll be posting a few more of these in the coming weeks, I got quite a few to catch up on. This DVD set made some steps up from the prior two in my opinion. The packaging was better, and I liked the bonus features quite a bit more this time around. Unfortunately, the price is a bit steep....
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19 in 1 Arcade Board
Showing the games and menus on a 19 in 1 horizontal arcade PCB.
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Arcade Repair Tips Volume 2 DVD Review
Arcade Repair Tips comes out with their second DVD, full of excellent troubleshooting and repair tips for owners of classic arcade machines. Available at arcaderepairtips.com
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Action 104 Bonus - History of Active Enterprises
So for any older viewers I may have, you may remember that in addition to the Action 104 Reviews I would also have a few bonus videos in the series. Here's the first one, a brief history of Active Enterprises, the company that made Action 52 for the NES and contracted the Genesis version to FarSight.
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Nasty people leave house in horrid condition
My wife and I recently purchased a house on a steal, the former tenants being evicted due to nonpayment. Before they left they seriously damaged the house. Here's a video of it and my reaction.
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Angry Video Game Nerd Volume 5 DVD review
Another great Cinemassacre release! I also tried a new filming technique, hope you like it!
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Leathco sucks at Star Trek:  The Next Generation Pinball!
Yea, been forever since I made a video. It's time I corrected that and started making some new stuff for 2015.
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Custom DnD Figure by M3DM
https://www.patreon.com/M3DM This video shows a roundup of a custom DnD mini I had commissioned from Mia Kay at M3DM Creations. This video shows the 3D Model, a plastic 3D print, and a resin 3D print along with a WizKids official DnD Mini for comparison. I highly recommend her work, she did an awesome job capturing my chaotic Bard!
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Lets look at The Binding of Isaac Four Souls - Gold Box Kickstarter edition!
Doing a quick unboxing of the new Binding of Isaac card game from Edmund McMillan, who created it via Kickstarter over the summer of 2018. Fantastic looking package, and I can't wait for the expansion pack to release for it!
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Top 5 SNES Boss Battles
Checking out what I think are some of the best boss battles on the SNES. These are my personal top 5. Be sure to reply here or at retroreviewrevolution.com to give us your feedback on your favorite boss fights
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GP2X Wiz Review part 2 - Emulators
Part 2 of the review of the Wiz focuses on the tons of emulators made for it. Most of these emulators are very reliable, with I'd say close to 98% game compatibility (I have ran into a few games here and there that won't load). If there's a specific game you want me to try, leave a comment on the video, or over at PlayTheNES.com or GameGavel.com forums and I'll post a video of the game and the emulator.
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Make your own DS power adapter / charger!
Ever lose a DS power adapter or buy a used DS that didnt come with one? You prolly have the stuff around your house to make one on your own! No cutting or splicing required, its just plug and play!
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3DO Softcore - Virtual Vivid (Part 2)
Here's the second half of the Virtual Vivid sampler. Yes, more chicks surfboarding in the air surface. I don't get how people would buy these products based from the free sampler disc.
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Game Room remodel in progress
Nowhere near done but was asked about how the game room is coming. It’s rough but getting there.
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Plumbers Don't Wear Ties Longplay with commentary
We're gonna end 2010 with a bang! This is my longest vid yet, close to an hour long, featuring a full playthrough of Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, with me throwing in some commentary to try and cover up for the games lameness. Thanks to all who watch my vids, and hope we all have fun in 2011. Stay tuned for a special announcement about the Action 52 movie at the end of this video
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Leathco and Friends do Cinnamon Challenge
Random 3 AM Cinnamon Challenge. Originally the loser of a game of Magic the Gathering was going to have to do the challenge, but 2 players died in one turn, leaving me the only survivor, but I decided to join in the festivities in good fun.
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Mega Man 3 Review
One of the greatest NES games of all time. I go into what makes Mega Man 3 the true classic that it is.
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System Shock 2 review
So makers of the Bioshock games are folding, but to me the real crime is that we never got a sequel to this game, the one that spawned the Bioshock series.
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How to access the new site on Tapatalk
RRR is being rebuilt and reborn! This video demonstrates just one of the new features the new site has to offer. Try it out at new.retroreviewrevolution.com.
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Turbo Views Volume 1 DVD Review
Our next DVD review is Turbo Views Volume 1, the 3 disc set of the Turbo Views YouTube show. This is an incredible value that I think any fan of the TG-16 should buy, or just anyone who is just remotely interested in the TG-16. Prolly the best DVD set I have reviewed yet, I can't recommend this one enough. Buy it at http://www.buccisarcade.com/turboviews/dvdorder.html.
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Action 104 Episode 16 - Megalonia vs. Minds Eye
Action 104 gets its first new episode since last months Multiplayer Mayhem special with Bauer and P13r4t with the December episode! The scoreboard has been updated with the M M special results as well, and clips from it will fill in the other Genesis multiplayer games as we get to them. But for now its back to the normal flow of things. Can the NES break its failing streak and rally against the Genesis versions plethora of playable games?
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