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Biffy Clyro  -  Breatheher - Gonzo - Zane Low.
MTV2 version of Breatheher. Best version ever. I've uploaded this again as i don't want it to ever get lost.
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Current Value - Dark Rain - HD
As stated. Don't own this. Literally just re-uploading so the song doesn't get lost to time.
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Sound Like Kylo Ren From - The Force Awakens
Sound like Kylo Ren using Audacity in less than 2 minutes!
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A Devil, an Angel and the Crone Demo - For Audra :)
Completed, Concept for Memphis.
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All electric guitars sound the same when plugged in (if you use the same pickup type)
Just an example, pulled a vid from someone showing the "Differences" between a 200 dollar guitar with EMG81, 60 and a 2k guitar with the same pickups. There's none. Not in any guitar. You could put an EMG 81/60 in a TV and providing you could string the thing up and keep it in tune, it'd sound the same as a 20k guitar.
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Sound like Kylo Ren updated
My attempt to sound like Kylo Ren. I hope you use this just as a guide and Make your own version so it can say what you like!
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Marmaduke Duke Kid Gloves Boys and Girls mixed
MD's Kid gloves Boys and girls versions played together, sounds great, bit choppy though from the recordings i took
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A Devil an Angel and the Crone demo for Audra :)
Demo for Memphis' new band Promotion
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How not to do it
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Star Wars  The Force Awakens   Making Of
As stated. The Force Awakens 3D effects the making of. Some beautiful models and Texturing.
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MGSV  Shining Lights, Even in Death We Are Diamond Dogs
TPP I won't scatter your sorrow to the heartless sea
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