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project ako 4 soundtrack japan vocal
anime project a ko soundtrack
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Eng  sub  The Sutra Story 4   Panthaka Brothers   A Lesson from a Broom
enlightentment - strive for perfect enlightenment
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Me jamming on my guitar and not being afraid of the dark , love yourself
the power of self love is in act
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agent evil SvetAngel ep1
Artwork done by me ^.^ ; a social experiemnt on experiencing of being a animator, sound editor, studio production........... Music is from Sofia Kallgreen ; Lufia theme song, and Fatal fury theme song
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Dent repair
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Poetry to my Goddess of Love
dedicated to svetlana Stolrova Music: All i ask of you cover artwork from me ^.6
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Prayers for the Orphans
A video project for my beloved Lana. Music : Robbie Williams - Angels, This video is to let you remember that there is always someone that needs your help. Every children deserves an equal opportunity, and they are the ones who need love the most, because they are not fortunate like others who have love from their parent
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любовь предательство агент светуйла  Столярова    Agent Demion's revival
So Agent Svetuyla made an ambush against the police force of Demion but Demion sense the ambush and does not know how to proceed, whether to play into her tricks or not. So he decided to not to play into her tricks this time and so when doing so, Agent Svetuyla was not ready and fire bullets behind the bushes and hitting Agent Demion.
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Marked 2
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Baby Agent Svetchovka
Art video....... of Baby Agent S and Agent W ..... Music : I love Jeannie theme
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Duck crossing
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Horseshoe crab
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W. Demion And Svet Angel  - trust and understanding
to my beloved Lana video. Music is - " You know better then I". illustrations done by me.
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dance dance Lanochka
ukraine dance .... tribute to Lanochka
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Agent svetangel finds mushroom for thanksgiving dinner for Demion
my second attempt of using Flash, and understanding the basic functions. I used Bitmap for pixel artwork, Photoshop, Flash, winMovie maker, and sound recorder.
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sveta butterfly3
experiment on flash
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Agent evil Sveta Angel ep2
DescriptionMusic : Hitomi Toyama - It's not easy ; Lena Park - Inori (You Raise me up) writings go here https://www.booksie.com/portfolio-view/Daniel+Wren+Chung+-176506
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K-pax Independence Day project
Adobe flash experiment funny;
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taojing dance fairy
music : guzheng instrument : song from Adele - Rolling in the Deep. source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMzY0NjI4MTky.html Inspired by Taojing Dance.
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marker poker
Uncle Sam 's son Alex birthday - the loser gets a marker on their face.
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Lananochka riding hood busnika
" we do not rejoice over wrong doing but with the truth" book of Corinthians
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agent svetangel X Agent Demion ep 3
3 days to finished. Music: Final fight, chrono trigger - magus, lufia boss, sinstrals and intro, ranma , programs: Adobe photoshop, illustrator, flash, Windows movie maker
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for grandma sveta A yorkie love
для бабушки Светлана Столрова; любовь йорки credit song : Somewhere, Somehow by Michael Smith & Amy Grant
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