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soonhoon plots against mingyu | kpop humor 🤣✨
soonyoung and jihoon going after mingyu corrupts the china line. ~heavenn💍💔
in love pt. 1 | yoongi ambw ✌🏽💔
when yoongi, who you thought you were dating, goes on a date with another girl, you leave him to figure where his heart lies, and he sets out to prove it always lied with you. ~heavenn💍💔
stressed pt. 2 | yoongi ambw 😊🔪
hoseok reminds yoongi to take a break and lfocus on the peopel that matter most to him. ~heavenn💍💔
why black people CANNOT star in horror movies | humor 😂🚮
when a horror movie starts, usually the black people die first because we almost never “explore” our houses for ghosts, or stick our noses in a murderers life, because minding your business seems a lot better than angering an already angry demon or battling with a serial killer. here’s exactly WHY black people CANNOT!!! star in horror movies. ~heavenn💍💔
stressed pt. 1 | yoongi ambw 🙄🖕🏽
hardworking, yoongi is usually stressed, what happens when he direbcts his stress at you...? ~heavenn💍💔
in love last part | yoongi ambw 🤔🖕🏽
after your date with mark, a fire is lit under yoongi’s ass as he realizes he’d loved you this entire time, he sets out to prove to you just how much he loved you and wanted you to be his again ~heavenn💍💔
who are you? pt. 1 | taekook thriller 😱💔
something i found in my dropbox today
the good child | horror story 🔪❌
they all called miami crazy when she said her older sister amelia, who’d died after being shot multiple times, was back, alive, and haunting her. distraught, her parents, thinking this was miami’s way of dealing with the trauma dealt after losing her older sister, send her to a therapist but therapist is a little suspicious herself, don’t you think?🤔 ~heavenn💍💔
my twin | horror story 👯‍♀️❌
unbeknownst to alexia simmers, she, in the womb, killed her twin sister. years later after something goes wrong at a party with friends, she seeks out the help of her big sister veronica. things quickly turn left, making her realize...her older sister was not at all the person she originally thought she was. ~heavenn💍💔
stressed finale | yoongi ambw 😊✨
you and yoongi make up, and yoongi has a surprise for you... ~heavenn💍💔
no good nigga | humor 😪🔪
you can’t trust no niggas, they always tryna get out!! but you CAN catch they ass up and dump em before they get TOO comfortable. ~heavenn💍💔

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