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Qatar National Day Fireworks Display
Qatar National Day has been celebrated yesterday, 18th of December 2011 and the most awaited display of fireworks in Doha Corniche that lasted for 10 minutes added glitter to the event. Spectators murmured in chorus as they expressed in great amazement when the barrage of fireworks started to shoot up the sky with different styles and colours plus a mix of a loud boom that synchronised the glittering starry-like sparks coming from the small boats that was used as the base of the pyrotechnics. Enjoy and witness it yourself through this video clip. Thank you for watching dear viewers!
Sean's First Lessons ~ Recognizing Objects of the Alphabet
As parents, we are all concerned about the learning activities of our toddler at home. For Sean we started letting him watch the TV after one year old, from there he learned a lot like hum singing, dancing and play acting from kid TV shows like "Going Bulilit" and face dancing from "Showtime", other talk/variety shows and even "teleseryes" that I love watching. While from the PC Tablet he loves watching Barney, Mickey Mouse, Teletubbies, and Elmo. At 18 months he just started having the craving for learning words on his own, consequently he started talking and say whatever words he can hear from us or from the TV. He would also constantly ask us to play different 'ABC song' and 'Wheel on the Bus' Youtube videos on computer for him every day since he still can't use the mouse. He would pick a video by pointing his finger at the screen and then we played that video for him. It made me tired of changing different videos every couple minutes that I decided to start teaching him the alphabet by showing the flash cards. There he become more interested of the object representing the letters. Surprisingly, he is able to easily recognize those objects and can say it aloud after asking him ones or twice to repeat the words after me. He is too active and running around the house all the time so I must keep an eye whatever chores I am into. Just recently his dad bought him a patented slide to lessen his climbing activities from all the furniture, it really did work for now he is more into sliding and I feel him safer in it. As playing and learning goes together I should say that activities for toddlers should be fun and stimulating and we the parents should always think of something different each time for early childhood education of our toddlers. Little kids learn throughout the day, and teachable moments can be found everywhere. To my Lola Molly, watch me here! i can now tell u ur name and say a lot more words ....Love u Lola ~Sean
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