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DC Young Fly on Jumping Off High School Roof After Getting Caught Gambling (Part 3)
Watch Part 4: https://goo.gl/V1KcjK Part 2: https://goo.gl/SZ9y3w Part 1: https://goo.gl/yQo9sE ----------------------- In this VladTV exclusive, DC Young Fly spoke about when he started taking his career in the entertainment business seriously. He told a story about a crazy situation that took place in the last two weeks of his senior year of high school. He noted that he was in the bathroom gambling when the principal came in and warned all the students that the police were coming. From there, he explained how he ended up jumping off the roof of his school to escape, only to end up getting caught anyways. Watch above.
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Katt Williams: Dave Chappelle Is Funnier Than Me
http://www.vladtv.com - Comedian Katt Williams sat down with VladTV and shared his views on the influence of Bernie Mac and fellow comedian Dave Chappelle's fall from the spotlight as well as his attempt to rise once again. Williams starts off by saying he's honest with himself to know that Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock are both funnier than him, and says he knows the truth behind Bernie Mac's story, revealing that several people who made money off of the deceased "King of Comedy" hated him. Katt also gets into how unfairly Dave Chappelle was treated and ostracized when he chose to end his show, saying he doesn't understand how people could believe the outlandish things the media said about the comedian, such as leaving his family and going to Africa to do drugs.
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Sir Mix-a-Lot Explains How Publishing Beats Out Royalties
http://www.vladtv.com - Legendary entertainer Sir Mix-a-Lot opened up to VladTV about the importance of publishing for artists, calling it "long money." He explained that a lot of artists get caught up in the joys of the royalty check at the beginning of their career, but Sir Mix-a-Lot broke down why owning your publishing is the best thing to do. The Seattle-born emcee said that he owns about 98% of his publishing, and has used it to recoup money on various projects over the years. He then shared a story about The Pussycat Dolls sampling "Swass" for their track "Don't Cha," which became a big hit. Mix-a-Lot said that he came out on top in the scenario, because he never thought "Swass" would do anything when he put it out.
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Michael Jai White: My Dad was a Gangster, His Guns Matched His Outfits (Part 1)
Part 2: https://goo.gl/DCrx72 ----------------- Michael Jai White spoke to VladTV about growing up Bridgeport, Connecticut, during the crack epidemic, revealing that there was also a high murder and teen pregnancy rate at the time. He also explained that it was his rough neighborhood and riots at his high school that led him to train in martial arts to keep himself safe. During the conversation, Michael also opened up about his father, who he described as a gangster player type, and revealed that he gave him a gun at 14, which you can hear more about above.
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AJ Johnson Growing Up in Compton, Joining the Crips at 16, Beef with Pirus (Part 1)
In this clip, AJ Johnson discussed growing up in Compton, CA during the height of the gang activity in LA. He detailed being a Crip and joining the gang around 16-years-old. AJ Johnson also recounted his worst experience growing up in Compton, and pointed to getting jumped by a pair of Pirus after school.
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Redman on MC Hammer Stepping to Him Over Diss: He Doesn't Mess Around
Social media has undeniably changed music in general, including how rappers send out disses, which Redman shared his thoughts on during a recent interview with VladTV. The veteran rapper explained that back in the day there were many steps involved in dropping a diss track, whereas today, rappers can upload their disses immediately. He also added that he likes that rappers don't have to meet in person to squash beef, possibly diminishing violent acts from happening. Speaking more about rap beef, Redman shared a story about the time MC Hammer confronted him at the taping of the last Yo! MTV Raps episode over his diss on his debut album. Redman pointed out that MC Hammer is very serious about beef, adding that he knew the "2 Legit 2 Quit" rapper wasn't messing around when he stepped to him at the show. Check out more of what he had to say about the situation in the above clip.
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Michael Jai White Recounts Being Shot Twice, Once with Sawed-Off Shotgun (Part 3)
Watch Part 2: https://goo.gl/hGmahB Part 1: https://goo.gl/ykREQn ------------------ In this clip, Michael Jai White recounted being shot twice in his life and told of one particular story where he was hit with a sawed-off shotgun. He later discussed the three major instances in his life that switched his trajectory, specifically one time he stumbled across a young Black couple moving into a new home without a care in the world. Michael said he knew at that moment he wanted a life like that and realized where his pent-up anger stemmed from.
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Snoop Dogg Explains How He Squashed His Beef with Suge Knight
Arian Foster of the Now What? Podcast sat down with Snoop Dogg for an in-studio interview.  In general, Foster's conversations range from current events to music and entertainment. During this one-on-one interview, Snoop explained how he made peace with Suge Knight. Take a look at the 3-minute clip above. Check out more from the Now What? Podcast here: https://goo.gl/zrHM8i
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Eddie Griffin: Master P Cut Me $1M Check For "Foolish" Script
http://www.vladtv.com - Eddie Griffin has experienced a lot of success during his career, but the famed comedian told us that his favorite film he's done is "Foolish," which was based on his life. Eddie also shared with VladTV how the film came together after he helped Master P during the start of his rap career by letting him be his opening act. The comedian revealed that his gesture led to Master P later offering to do a movie with Eddie and cutting him a $1 million check for the film's script. While Eddie spoke about some of the highs during his career, he also spoke about his rough start, which included being homeless and "sleeping standing up" when he first landed in Los Angeles. Griffin explained that he juggled three jobs while waiting to break through in comedy, which happened after he caught the attention of Andrew Dice Clay during his set at The Comedy Store. To hear more from Eddie, including the time he choked out Tiny Lister, hit the above clip.
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Tray Deee Details His Stand Off with Death Row Bloods at the Source Awards (Part 8)
Watch Part 9: https://goo.gl/mG7SBH Part 7: https://goo.gl/UaDjRK Part 1: https://goo.gl/3wvGG4 ------------ In this clip, Tray Deee spoke about being mentioned in Prodigy's memoir. Tray Deee was among Snoop's entourage at the 2nd annual Source Awards, just after Snoop's and Dre's split with Death Row. He said Suge's goons were at the awards with intentions of disrupting Snoop and Dre from accepting an award. However, a stand off commenced between both sides with Tray Deee on the frontline. He noted, however, the entire thing wasn't as dramatic as described by Prodigy in his memoir.
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Michael Jai White Got in 12 Shootouts, Took Guns from Guys He Beat Up (Part 2)
Watch Part 2: https://goo.gl/cY9PcE Part 1: https://goo.gl/ykREQn --------- In this clip, Michael Jai White detailed his tough upbringing and the time he spent in the streets. Michael said that he loved fighting growing up and was addicted to the street life. He revealed that he'd been in 12 shootouts over the course of his life and explained how he ended up taking guns from adversaries after beating them up.
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Snoop Dogg: 2Pac Confronted Nas in New York, Nas Had 100 Guys with Guns
Snoop Dogg took a trip down memory lane with Arian Foster of the Now What? Podcast. During the exclusive, Snoop mentioned that 2Pac once confronted Nas in NYC around the time of the MTV Awards. Snoop also revealed that Nas had an armed crew with him during the confrontation — maybe even close to 100 people. Take a look at the full clip above. Check out more from the Now What? Podcast here: https://goo.gl/zrHM8i
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Michael Jai White: I Knocked Out a Guy and Felt like a Pitbull When People Cheered (Part 4)
Watch Part 5: https://goo.gl/MdvfNJ Part 3: https://goo.gl/DkHdok Part 1: https://goo.gl/EGVfnm ------------- In this clip, Michael Jai White talks about his experience in martial arts, in which he's obtained 8 belts over his lifetime in the sport. Within the segment, he reflects on learning the value of humility through martial arts, while theorizing as to why fighters are cherished and put on a pedestal in a male-dominated society. At one point, the actor recalls once knocking someone out during a match, which left him with a feeling of instant regret once he heard the crowd cheer for the pain that he inflicted on another man.
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O.T. Genasis: I Saw Over $1M in Bottles at Leo DiCaprio's B-Day
http://www.vladtv.com - O.T. Genasis described the unreal scene he witnessed at Leonardo DiCaprio's 40th birthday party during a recent sit-down with VladTV. "That sh*t was crazy -- I want some sh*t like that!" summed up the Long Beach emcee. "Never seen nothing like it. Never in my life -- not ever in my life." Revealing that he accompanied Busta Rhymes to the party, O.T. proceeded to recount the insane experience. The first thing he noticed was people handing Leo birthday checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars each. "One guy, he was from Texas, he got on stage and was like 'Tell the waiter to come here, I'm spending $300,000 on bottles,' so we got the big-ass Magnum bottles," O.T. recalls. After the big spender challenged someone to beat the amount, O.T. says a couple of dudes took the stage and announced they were going to spend $1 million on booze. As for the women at the party, O.T. says "it looked like a Victoria's Secret magazine." Check out the clip up top for more from O.T. about Leo's wild birthday party.
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AJ Johnson: I Saw Suge Set Up 2 Guys to Get Beat Up & Robbed by Bloods (Part 4)
Watch Part 3: https://goo.gl/KozwuM Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/xKssdv -------------------- In this VladTV exclusive, AJ Johnson spoke on acting in the movie ‘Friday’ and how he used his brother as inspiration for his role as Ezell the crackhead. Johnson noted he wanted his brother to stop doing crack, but the situation actually fueled how he acted on camera. Johnson also noted that Tommy Davidson was set to play the role of Ezell before him. Watch above.
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Judge Joe: James Earl Ray Didn't Assassinate Martin Luther King Jr.
This year will mark the 48th-year anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, and as the last judge presiding over alleged shooter, James Earl Ray's case, Judge Joe Brown still believes "he didn't kill him." In an interview with DJ Vlad, the honorable judge says he didn't believe Ray was the gunman despite pleading guilty. Brown said, Ray denied the murder but plead guilty because he felt it was in his best interest under the circumstances given. "He said, 'I never said I killed King, I didn't kill him. I'm pleading because of Alford.'" Watch the full interview above
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China Mac Details Getting Face Cut in Prison, Stabbed in the Neck Twice (Part 6)
Watch Full Interview: https://goo.gl/MsfWoc Part 1: https://goo.gl/hm7Wfi Part 2: https://goo.gl/VgJ5QV Part 3: https://goo.gl/zh6dLg Part 4: https://goo.gl/Fk2r85 Part 5: https://goo.gl/jTszu6 Part 7: https://goo.gl/AF8S3g ____________________________________ After being imprisoned for shooting Jin's affiliate, China Mac discussed his time at Rikers Island and the politics of the crooked system. During one incident, in particular, China Mac was slashed in the face with a "bubble razor" for using an inmate's phone. China Mac goes on to discuss how the altercation later escalated after a few of the correctional officers refused to write up the situation because they were "cool" with the other inmate. Hear how the squabble reached a showdown that almost cost China Mac his life. Listen to China Mac's project Mitm here: https://open.spotify.com/album/0ITk0ZEbp0Khix17ePZd8j?si=Y16T2Jj8 His First Day Home freestyle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3kZ28agj0U&feature=youtu.be
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Kevin Gates on Caring for His Kids & Dad Dying of AIDS
http://www.vladtv.com - Kevin Gates opens up about the multiple kids he takes care of as he reveals that he has a big heart and provides for children that aren't biologically his. The XXL Freshman says that he sends money to the mothers to buy the kids what they need, but adds that he'll never let a woman manipulate him with a child. He explains that the bond of having a child is a partnership where both people have to do their part to raise the kid. When asked about having two children just weeks apart by different women, Kevin reveals that both women knew the situation and are cordial with one another. Kevin says one of the women was his best friend for a long time, and they hooked up one night and she got pregnant. The Louisiana native says he was in love and got the girl's name tattooed on him, explaining that she believed in him more than he believed in himself. Kevin also details how low self esteem from growing up in the projects led him to do reckless things, like having sex without protection. He adds that he's thankful he never contracted an STD, especially since Louisiana ranks second in the U.S. for AIDS. When asked if he ever knew anyone who died from the disease, Gates reveals that his biological father passed away in February from the disease. While on the topic of his father, the "Satellites" rapper says he initially thought his stepfather was his real dad, but later discovered he had been believing a lie until eighth grade. He admits there was no love between him and his biological father when they met, but says he is thankful to have a street father who has taught him a lot about life.
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Mob James: We Wanted to Kill Orlando After 2Pac Died, Compton Piru / Crip War Broke Out (Part 10)
Part 11: https://goo.gl/fP7hux Part 9: https://goo.gl/kLTNAV Part 1: https://goo.gl/KFFeMD ------------ In this clip, Mob James reflects on the climate of Death Row after 2Pac's death, in which they believed Orlando Anderson to be responsible, and felt as if retribution for his murder was mandatory off principle. With that said they were never able to catch up with Anderson, as the alleged shooter of the iconic emcee was ultimately killed himself only a few years later.
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Mob James on Death Row Infighting, His Brother Bountry Killed by Fellow Piru (Part 13)
Part 14: https://goo.gl/a6XKXa Part 12: https://goo.gl/XEKRVG Part 1: https://goo.gl/KFFeMD ----------------- In this clip, Mob James spoke on all of the infighting that took place at Death Row, which ultimately led to the murder of his brother, Bountry, who was also involved with the label. Mob James reflects on the events that led up to his brother getting shot nine times, revealing that he was killed by a Piru under Suge Knight's watch. From there, he speaks on all the Pirus that died while associated with the label, detailing what he described as a domino effect of murders that took place at the height of Death Row.
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Boosie Explains Why Birdman, Lil Wayne, & Master P Left Louisiana
There are times where rappers make it big and still return to their starting ground, and on the other hand, there are some rappers who decide to leave their hood to protect themselves from lingering problems. In this case, Bossie Badazz decided to leave Baton Rouge due to his legal issues with public officials, fear of getting set up by the police, and former friends who became envious of his success and—which he claims—are "hypnotized with hatred." In this interview, Boosie explains how Louisiana pushed out some of their biggest stars like, Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Master P and explains his final decision to relocate in Atlanta. Check out the full interview above.
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AJ Johnson on Ice Cube Doing Him Dirty by Excluding Him From 'Next Friday' (Part 6)
Watch Part 7: https://goo.gl/RSj3eT Part 1: https://goo.gl/xKssdv -------------------------------------- In this clip, AJ Johnson discussed seeing Chris Tucker's potential during the making of Friday and how he went on to command $20M as part of the Rush Hour franchise. AJ Johnson also explained in detail why he was left off of Next Friday. As AJ puts it, he was set to be in the film but after receiving a phone call alerting him that the movie is in the process of being shot, AJ learned Ice Cube had him barred from the set.
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Michael Jai White on Turning Down Role Wearing a Dress: I Won't Sell Out for Money (Part 16)
Watch Part 17: https://goo.gl/BoidmG Part 15: https://goo.gl/mnek5a Part 1: https://goo.gl/EGVfnm ------------ In this clip, Michael Jai White talked about the key roles he turned down so far in his career. He said he got approached to play Marvin Gaye, but that he ultimately turned it down. He didn’t want to be a “buff a** Marvin Gaye.” He noted that he doesn’t worship actors and certain roles you have to take to advance. Vlad spoke on Lord Jamar saying that black male actors only reach a certain level of success after they wear a dress in a major role. White noted that he didn’t have to do that.
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Fredo Bang on His Father Telling Him He's a Homosexual (Part 1)
Baton Rouge rapper Fredo Bang spoke to VladTV about growing up in the city and having 9 step or half siblings, but added that they never grew up under the same roof. He went on to explain that he also has a half-sister that he never met and explained it was a result of his father, who is bisexual, helping a lesbian couple have a child.  To hear more, including Fredo's relationship with his father, hit the above clip.
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Dresta and BG Knocc Out on Confronting Suge for Saying He Wanted to Slap Them (Part 6)
Watch Part 5: https://goo.gl/KHsQ3z Part 1: https://goo.gl/cp1JZz ----------------------- BG Knocc Out and Dresta spoke to VladTV about how they viewed Eazy-E's reaction to Suge Knight coming at him. Both said it didn't seem like it really bothered Eazy, with Dresta adding that he worked on mediating the situation between the two groups.  During the interview, Dresta and BG Knocc Out spoke about confronting Suge Knight at MC Ren's show after hearing that the Death Row boss wanted to slap them. To hear the full story, hit the above clip.
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Too Short on People Testing MC Hammer, Hammer Not Backing Down (Part 10)
Watch Part 9: https://goo.gl/hYjxHS Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/KFyKK9 -------------------- Too Short spoke to VladTV about his rivalry with MC Hammer when they were both coming up in Oakland, and he explained that things never got serious between them. Too Short also addressed MC Serch's claims that Hammer put out a hit on 3rd Bass, and he believes that Hammer wouldn't have to pay anyone to do anything to someone he had beef with.  To hear more, hit the above clip.
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Bill Duke: I Questioned My Hatred Towards Whites After This Happened (Part 2)
Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/fyDQFG ---------- Bill Duke spoke to VladTV about being the first person in his family to go to college and questioning his views on racism after his school's president paid for his books, room, and food for his stay at Boston College. He also spoke about his parents wanting him to become a doctor and later an English teacher, but he couldn't walk away from acting after catching the bug.  Purchase Bill Duke's Autobiography here: https://www.amazon.com/Bill-Duke-40-Year-Career-Screen/dp/1538105551
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John Witherspoon: Everyone Got $5K for 'Friday', Chris Tucker Not Coming Back (Part 6)
Watch Part 7: https://goo.gl/jB52yk Part 5: https://goo.gl/gjVQqC Part 1: https://goo.gl/jZvqTU ------------------------------------------------ In this clip, John Witherspoon talked about some of the films he had the most fun working on. He named 'Vampire in Brooklyn' as a film that may surprise fans but he says he loved the script. Later on, Witherspoon discussed the Friday movies and the impact they've had. He also spoke about whether he thinks Chris Tucker will ever be a part of the last installment.
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Tray Deee on Seeing Mob James' Brother Bountry Take Care of Suge's Street Business (Part 7)
Watch Part 8: https://goo.gl/aKz8Dy Part 6: https://goo.gl/FNZQqL Part 1: https://goo.gl/3wvGG4 ------- Tray Deee spoke to VladTV about seeing Mob James' late brother Buntry taking care of business for Suge Knight. Tray Deee added that he saw Buntry's commitment to Suge, Death Row, and Piru, and not witnessing the fighting amongst the Pirus when he was at Death Row. To hear more, hit the above clip.
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Boosie is Mad that Meek Mill Took More Probation to Get Out of Jail
Recently Boosie had a Q&A session in the Bumbu Room, where he spoke on a variety of topics including Meek Mill's recent jail stint, revealing that he was ultimately disappointed that Meek decided to take more probation in order to get released.  "When I heard Meek took more probation to get out of jail I was pissed," Boosie said during the interview, "because that's another 10 years of hell bro, it's so easy to go back." Boosie goes on to describe how they can violate you for anything, suggesting that if you have the wrong probation officer they can "f*** with you for anything." To hear more of the segment with Boosie, head over to “The Bumbu Room” on YouTube and Instagram.
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Tamala Jones on Getting ‘Next Friday’ Role, Mike Epps Replacing Chris Tucker (Part 4)
Watch Part 3: https://goo.gl/iPG9N4 Part 1: https://goo.gl/EoBbeS -------------------------------------- In this VladTV exclusive, Tamala Jones talked about different roles she played in, including her role in ‘Next Friday.’ Jones spoke on how she got the role, and ended up getting $5,000 for the role. She also talked about Mike Epps replacing Chris Tucker, and Mike Epps being extremely funny. Watch above.
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DL Hughley: Steve Harvey & Bernie Mac Beef Prevented Kings of Comedy 2 (Part 9)
Watch Part 8: https://goo.gl/dofdJv Part 1: https://goo.gl/MQE5XK ------------------------------ In this VladTV interview, DL Hughley talked about being a part of the Kings of Comedy. From there, he dived into the issues that Bernie Mac and Steve Harvey had with each other. DL Hughley noted that Bernie Mac did not think he would get the opportunity he got as a successful comedian, which is what made him decide to not go another tour with his fellow comedians.
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TK Kirkland on Tekashi: In My Day Gangsters Wouldn't Even Take Photos (Part 8)
Watch Part 9: https://goo.gl/d4bbZv Part 7: https://goo.gl/RGCVyW Part 1: https://goo.gl/QntKgc -------------- In this VladTV clip, TK Kirkland speaks on Tekashi getting picked up by the feds. He asked why rappers who never were about the gangster lifestyle want to become gangsters. He advised young artists to stop putting their life on social media if they’re going to be participating in gangster situations. TK also spoke on growing and thinking first before reacting to situations.
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Mob James on How Suge Turned on The D.O.C. Like Everyone Else at Death Row (Part 17)
Part 18: https://goo.gl/KAzF2n Part 16: https://goo.gl/q72Tua Part 1: https://goo.gl/KFFeMD ----- In this clip, Mob James speaks on Suge Knight’s vehicular manslaughter case, which found him infamously running over Terry Carter with his car. Although he wonders what was going through Suge’s mind when it happened, he notes that Suge showed no remorse at any time for Carter’s death. Later on, he speaks on his dislike for the D.O.C., recalling how one time he had to check him for acting reckless.
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DL Hughley on Kevin Hart Quitting The Oscars: the Gay Community are Bullies (Part 2)
Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/MQE5XK --------------------- In this clip, D.L. Hughley gave his take on the Kevin Hart x Oscars situation. Hughley said he would've never apologized like Hart eventually did. D.L. also gave his take on the LGBTQ community stating that they are becoming bullies. He said that no one should be immune to jokes being made about them. Hughley went on to break down how humor is central to humanity.
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DC Young Fly on Getting Face Tattoo: I Know Now That I Messed Up (Part 2)
Watch Part 1: https://goo.gl/yQo9sE ---------------------- In this VladTV exclusive, DC Young Fly immediately called Vlad the police after he was asked about how he used to rob. From there, he talked how he transitioned out of robbing and just went to hustling. From there, DC Young Fly spoke about the meaning behind DC—Da Crew. He says his DC face tattoo came after the founder of the Da Crew’s life was taken after they got out of high school. Watch above.
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Cardi B: I Became a Stripper to Escape Domestic Violence
Cardi B spoke exclusively to VladTV about what made her become a stripper, revealing that she turned to dancing in order to make her own money and escape an abusive boyfriend. The Love & Hip Hop star explained that while she wouldn't advise other young women to follow her path, she did tell us that stripping saved her life. During the conversation Cardi also spoke about the dangers of getting illegal butt shots, as she doesn't know what she had injected into her butt during her early 20s. You can check out more of what Cardi had to say about butt shots, stripping, and more in the above clip.
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Michael Jai White on Playing Mike Tyson in Biopic, Having Worse Temper Than Mike (Part 5)
Part 4: https://goo.gl/j3x8ud Part 1: https://goo.gl/EGVfnm --------- In this clip, Michael Jai White cleared up his educational background stating that although he was accepted to Yale University, he actually attended UConn where he received his degree. Michael talked about being a teacher for a few years before getting serious about an acting career. He recounted his path into acting from theatre spots in NYC to landing his first major role portraying Mike Tyson back in 1994.
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ZIAS! Reaction on Cardi B Altercation, Cardi Breaking & Jumping On Zias' Phone (Part 3)
Watch Part 2: https://goo.gl/3vsRnB Part 1: https://goo.gl/ZxaC6Z -------------------------- In this VladTV interview, Zias Reaction spoke on what happened with them and Cardi B. They noted they saw Cardi B and her assistant at the airport, which led them to walk up to her and ask if he could take a picture. Zias said he looked at her and she looked away. From there, Zias said that he attempted to film her with his phone, which led to Cardi tossing his phone then stomping his phone. Watch above.
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Boosie on Getting Maced by Security Guard: "Get Out My Mall, Boy" (Part 11)
Part 1: https://goo.gl/41zWLD Part 2: https://goo.gl/cBHWLq Part 3: https://goo.gl/wdVwJ9 Part 4: https://goo.gl/RjftFL Part 5: https://goo.gl/ECsxou Part 6: https://goo.gl/5rZkSS Part 7: https://goo.gl/VJdjov Part 8: https://goo.gl/2Bykhv Part 9: https://goo.gl/DFMtWS Part 10: https://goo.gl/yCfAe7 Part 12: https://goo.gl/rKgQW6 Part 13: https://goo.gl/xBxENH ______________________________ Boosie opened up to VladTV about an incident in Biloxi, MS earlier this year, where he was followed around Edgewater Mall by a security guard, who maced his friends, his eight months pregnant niece, and him. Boosie said that 300 to 400 people were waiting on him outside of the mall, and when they witnessed the security guard harassing him, the security guard was "stomped out." Boosie also touched on suing the mall, security guard, police, and Dillard's over the incident. Moving along, Boosie spoke on Edgewater Police taking his jewelry after he was arrested following the incident, and the rapper said he didn't get the jewelry back until he hired a lawyer that had previously sued Dillard's. To hear more, including how Boosie heard that the police were planning to throw $500,000 of his jewelry in the ocean as revenge, hit the above clip.
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Charlamagne: N.W.A. Biopic Made Dr. Dre Look like a Superhero
http://www.vladtv.com - "Straight Outta Compton" broke the box office when it debuted over the Summer, but many feel important details were left out that were pivotal to the lives of N.W.A.'s members. DJ Vlad asked Charlamagne how he felt about the biopic, and even he admitted it didn't look as if they told the whole story. "The survivor lives to tell the tale," Charlamagne states. "[Dr.] Dre and [Ice] Cube have survived, and who can dispute anything that they say? 'Cause you wasn't there." "I do feel like the movie was...It made Dre look like a superhero," the morning show host continued. "Dre ain't have no flaws [sic]. Dre would've did great by showing s*** like the domestic violence. It would've showed the growth of him as a man, it would've showed the evolution of him as a man, and you can never appear too perfect. You gotta have some dirt on you, man. I don't trust people that appear too perfect." As far as Ice Cube goes, Charlamagne said "Straight Outta Compton" made him look as if "he was getting robbed by Eazy [E]" and Jerry Heller the entire time. He also questioned if Eazy-E was actually as broke as they depicted him to be in the film. Catch it all above.
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Public Announcement on 3rd Member Leaving Group After Seeing R Kelly with Aaliyah (Part 3)
Part 2: https://goo.gl/XKt7ep Part 1: https://goo.gl/ve6HL1 --------- In this clip, Public Announcement speaks on the time period of when R. Kelly first started producing for Aaliyah, saying that they only saw the production of her first album in limited stages. While they don’t recall seeing any evidence of their alleged relationship, they do acknowledge another member of the group’s testimony, whose eye-witness accounts align with some of the details portrayed in Surviving R. Kelly.
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Tray Deee Agrees with Mob James: Orlando Didn't Respect 2Pac's Gangster (Part 9)
Watch Part 10: https://goo.gl/HjbrKc Part 8: https://goo.gl/PNuv86 Part 1: https://goo.gl/3wvGG4 --------------- In this clip, Tray Deee says he agrees with Mob James theory on why Orlando Anderson felt he needed to retaliate for the brawl inside the MGM Grand, believing that Orlando's reputation would be hurt if the streets thought an entertainer got the best of him. With that said, he also reveals that he knew Orlando personally, describing him as a solid individual. Additionally, he notes that at one point it appeared that Orlando was pursuing music, recalling a moment when they were together in the studio.
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Dresta on Getting Hit in the Head with a Golf Club by Nate Dogg During Brawl (Part7)
Watch Part 6: https://goo.gl/JQb7E3 Part 1: https://goo.gl/cp1JZz ------------------------ In this VladTV exclusive, Dresta and BG Knocc Out detail getting into an altercation with Nate Dogg and Death Row. Both of them also spoke on the footage of the fight between both parties. From there, Dresta and BG commented on Eazy-E and when he passed away in 1995. Watch above.
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Michael Jai White: Black Actors' Careers Never Elevate After Winning an Oscar (Part 15)
Part 16: https://goo.gl/CzCuqk Part 14: https://goo.gl/wcKqeL Part 1: https://goo.gl/EGVfnm ------- In this VladTV clip, Michael Jai White spoke on black actors getting Oscars, saying it doesn’t affect their careers in the way it would for white actors.He pointed out that Mahershala Ali is the first time we’ve seen a black actor’s trajectory go up after winning an Oscar. From there, him and Vlad named black Oscar winners and nominees and pointed out the caliber of roles they’ve gotten after winning.
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Rico Recklezz on Mom's House Getting Shot Up, Men Who Did It are Dead
Rico Recklezz on Mom's House Getting Shot Up, Men Who Did It are Dead
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Freeway Rick on El Chapo's Hidden Fortune: The Government is Lying
Arguably one of the biggest hustlers during the 1980's, Freeway Rick sat day with DJ Vlad for an exclusive interview where the two discuss the drug epidemic. In this clip, Ricky Ross explains El Chapo's capture and the government's tendency to embellish the truth. Ricky is confused as to why El Chapo would consent to an interview after having escaped from jail, deeming it nonsensical considering the complete isolation he will endure at U.S. prisons. Watch above.
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Spice 1 on Crying & Firing Shots When 2Pac Died, Always Knowing Orlando Did It (Part 11)
Watch Part 10: https://goo.gl/j4PSzu Part 1: https://goo.gl/xKzfhD --------------------- Spice 1 spoke to Vlad about a variety of topics, including Funk Flex commenting on Tupac. Spice went on to call Flex an “a**hole” because he spoke on someone who went from being born in jail to becoming a superstar. The rapper noted that he cried when Tupac died and said if he was there with ‘Pac that he would have tried to stop him from going over to fight Orlando Anderson.
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MC Serch on Signing Nas, Getting Illmatic Deal, Not Owning Nas' Publishing (Part 6)
Watch Part 5: https://goo.gl/zXPkn4 Part 1: https://goo.gl/Rv2Uzp -------------------- MC Serch spoke to VladTV about 3rd Base breaking up after dropping one of their biggest songs, "Pop Goes the Weasel," and how he linked up with Nas on his debut solo project, Return of the Product. Serch then explained how he helped Nas get his first record contract, which he says was one of the fairest he's seen in his career. He also detailed how he was able to get a fair publishing deal with Nas and how the Queens legend became a millionaire the first week Illmatic was released.  To hear more, hit the above video.
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T-Pain Explains Why He Never Signed to Young Money
http://www.vladtv.com - T-Pain explained to VladTV why he never signed with Young Money even though there was a fair amount of hype behind the possible union in the past. According to T-Pain, he was told by his management that Lil Wayne and Birdman didn't think he would be a good fit because he drank too much at the time and he was "too honest" about certain things. However, when he managed to speak with Birdman and Slim later on, they revealed to him that they never signed him simply because they weren't fond of his management. T-Pain continued to explain why his joint album with Lil Wayne was never released and how he went through a dark phase where he was getting black-out drunk about 6 to 7 nights a week. T-Pain stated that he would still be open to signing with Young Money if the deal is ever offered to him in the future.
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