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Billy Bud; Lane Farm BSJA Club 80cm
Our new horse! Billy Bud, a 16.1hh tb gelding. Please don't criticise too much, this was only my second time sitting on him and he's a touch different to Bams haha! My new bud :)
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Leigh and Everything Voodoo; bareback jumping class!
Leigh and Voodoo in the bareback jumping class at Blue Sky yesterday. Finished 4th! :) http://www.youtube.com/user/leighrobinson1994 http://www.youtube.com/user/leighrobinson1994
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Goodbye Pandora's Dream; 'It Was Only Just a Dream'
HD please! I haven't known how to do this, and I wanted to practise with Sony Vegas to make it right, but after two amazing years, I no longer have Dora on loan. It's a long story and I still love her so much, but it was time to give it up. We had some amazing times together and she's given me so much more fun and experience than I ever could of hoped for. It was just time to stop before it turned sour. I'm so thankful for everything I've had with Dora, she's given me so much confidence and experience and 'put my foot on the ladder', so to speak, so I still have more horses to ride. Goodbye Dora. I now have a new loan horse called Kiri, who I will get a video of soon, and my two schooling projects, a cob called Belle and Nero. Music was stolen from issykingshowjumper, go sub to her, she's amazing and on her way to the top!
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The Dark Emporer; We try some jumping!
OKAY, EVERYONE READ THIS BEFORE COMMENTING PLEASE, BLOODY HELL HOW MANY DAMN TIMES DO I NEED TO SAY IT! a) I do not ride this horse anymore. b) It was over 2 years ago, get over yourselves. c) I did not train this horse to jump, I simply exercised him for his owner. d) This was my first time jumping him, at a time where I found 50cm scary - believe it or not, we're not all born with bloody silver spoons in our mouths and absolutely perfect riders, SOME OF US ACTUALLY HAVE TO LEARN, we're not all born perfect, many apologies if I've ruined your perfect life that you view through your rose-tinted glasses, but we're not all perfect, hell, I'm most definitely not. Also, some of us aren't lucky enough to be able to get great ponies to learn on, some of us sadly are not rich, and just have to go with what we an get - yes he was too high strung for me to be jumping at the time, but you know what? We don't all have push buttons bought for us, sorry (No offence meant to people who are lucky enough to get that, just to the people being twats about it!) e) I'm not a great rider - I've never claimed to be, and I probably never will be so boo hoo f) There's maybe 3 people in the world I would take criticism on on how to ride this pony, and I haven't been criticised by any of them g) To those saying this pony is crap, he's spent the last year jumping 1.35 classes and doing well. Aw guys h) So basically, if you have not jumped this pony yourself and are here to criticise, shove off back where you came from, I'm not interested :) ANYWAYS Yeah, I found some guts and jumped Nero! He's absolutely incredible to ride into a fence and feel him grow a hand! He also feels the need to hover in the air for ages, he's amazing! Yes, I know I'm a bit of a mess, I'm still not confident jumping, but I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere! And if anyone has any problems about me, please say to my face - I've had a anon hater over Formspring. If anyone has any problems I'd much rather they said it to my face! Matilda and the boys xx
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Indecision: Stainsby Grange BSJA British Novice
First round british novice today at our first BSJA togther :) Few sticky little moments but he was fab and jumped fantastic for me! Ended with one down in the jump off (my fault!). Very pleased with him!
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Goodbye The Dark Emporer; 'Seems Like It's Been Forever, That You've Been Gone'
I'm sure you all now by now, but Nene's gone off to a great new home! :) So thrilled for him as he's doing so well with Natalie, but missing the little tank massively! It's so strange without him! :( but hey ho, life goes on! Not really edited like this before, anyone like, or should I go back to videos with music bunged on top ahaaa? http://www.formspring.me/Maatiildaaa Please ask me stuff on Formspring, all I get is spam haha, feel like a reject! THANK YOU ALL FOR OVER 400 SUBBERS! You're all awesome. :) So yeah, that's it really, bye guys.
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Bamalam a Ding Dong - Blue Sky EC, 1m (2013)
27.1.2013 yeah, this was at Blue Sky today, my first ever, and boy was it a big one for the first one! It had all been going so well, we'd just won the 90cm and I was feeling all confident haha! It was a very simple quite pathetic fall really! I just didn't push him on enough at the double and he chipped in a short stride, and he just didn't have a power to get over it really as it was quite a big spread! but bless him, he did try to do it, the honest pony he is! He just flung his legs out to try and swing them out the way and I just tipped over his shoulder. My air jacket didn't go off initially as I landed on my feet so close to him and with little or no force so it didn't go off - until Bams tried to run away and pulled me off my feet haha, then it went off! Anyway, please don't crit as I know what happened, just enjoy laughing at my expense. :)
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Lesley and Benji, BE90 show jumping at Richmond.
As in the title. Benji is 7 years old, this is only his third BE event, :)
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Sam 80cm at Leamside
I DON'T KNOW WHY THE QUALITIY HAS GONE SO BAD WAHH Finally getting the hang of jumping a bigger horse around a course!
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The Dark Emporer; Our First Ride.
Hi, sorry for the lack of uploads, my life is complicated! This is The Dark Emporer, also known as Nero. He's Sophii Ball's (sball1995) showjumping pony. She's now off riding in America and asked me to school him while she's away. I'm so lucky! Anyway, please be nice, he's not the easiest pony ever! And hasn't been ridden since Sophii went away so is a little bit fizzy..he's a lovely boy though, and I really hope we can do well! :)
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Bamalam A Ding Dong - Lane Farm Arena Show X, 75cm (2012)
9.12.2012 bams at Lane Farm EC today. I wasn't sure how he'd react to this style of fence but he was fantastic! Really pleased with him! We won this! :)
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The Dark Emporer; 'What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger'.
Hi guys! Little update on Nero! :) He's being a good pony, not had as much time to ride him lately with exams and things coming up, so he's been a little excitable :P Mainly been working at his trot, and he's feeling really soft in my hands right now, he's genuinly such a lovely ride! Haven't doen too much work on the canter yet, but hopefully we'll get that sorted soon! :) Matilda and the ponies. xx
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Indecision - Richmond BSJA British Novice (2014)
9.11.2014 Double clear This is why you walk the course thoroughly, or you try to go through a gap that isn't that and run into a wing ;) Also ignore the messy riding, had a severe lack of breaks!
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Laddie - Leamside Prelim 14
First dressage outing :) Scored 58.54% Judged by Helen Sutherland
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Billy Bud - Lane Farm BSJA Club Show, 70cm (2013)
15.12.2013 Let's not judge too much, my second time sitting on the horse and my first time jumping a horse rather than a pony.
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There's something inside you that made you keep trying; one year with Bamalam a Ding Dong!
Sorry I've been away so long, laptop problems again! Had to unedit this just tog et it to render -_- Ah well... On the 12.05.2012 I met a little fat hairy pony and jumped a week later for the first time in 9 months. Exactly one year later, i won my first 1m class on him :) This is just a quick summary of of first year together, he's taken me from jumping 45cm classes to jumping 1ms, and given me the confidence to jump Voodoo and others that I never would have before, so just a little video for the best pony on the planet - and for any haters out there. Nope, I may not be perfect, but I hope you can appreciate how far i've came in the space of a year thanks to this little guy!
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Just Close Your Eyes. [1200]
YOUTUBE HAS RUINED THE BEGINNING, BAH. So please ignore the timing, it did work before -_- Well this was going to be my 1000 video, but I'm rather past there now... so thank you for 1200! Just a few more recent clips of Bamalam :)
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Bams being awesome
He's jumping so bloody well at the minute, he's so keen! I very much doubt I'll have a 2013 video up by tomorrow, so I hope everyone had a great christmas and has a nice new year :)
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'I'm Screaming My Name Like a Fool At The Top Of My Lungs'
Leigh got a new camera, so we went out to get some pretty clips! I'm not a pretty clips sort of person, but I quite liked making this actually! oh and by the way, him pawing the ground at the end? It's taught and he only does it off the aids, not at any other time, so please don't go bananas on me, he knew it before I started loaning him haha Bams got kicked at the weekend, but he's back to normal again now so we're all good :) Showjumping this weekend, cross country schooling the weekend after, and hopefully a ODE at the end of the month, but we'll see how things are going! hope everyone's good! Matilda & Bams x
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For me, it meant everything.
I HAVE RETURNED!!!! I've been having major Sony Vegas issues where I couldn't render anything and I haven't been able to sort it, but today I got angry and have sat here for 4 hours, AND FINALLY SORTED IT!! So, random video, but I just had to, some new clips in here for a change! Now I can actually render again I'll hopefully have some new videos soon. The horses are all good :) If you want to use the audio PLEASE ASK! I spent ages searching for it and putting it together myself so I'd appreciate it! Matilda and Bams xx
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Bamalam a Ding Dong; Last Show
I don't know why this won't upload in HD, so sorry about the pixels! Well Bams has been sold, but we decided to go and have one last show before he went - hadn't been out in a while but he came out to win this by 9 seconds, a very fitting way to end our 2 years together!
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I'm Home.
Just quickly thrown this together. Trying to get Bamalam's schooling together since his flatwork is less than amazing haha. These are a few clips from today, he has been going better but hey ho, it's a start! M&B x
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Bamalam a Ding Dong - Todburn EC, 90cm (2012)
25.11.2012 The 90cm Pony Club Dengie qualifier today. We won, but I'm not pony club so don't qualify for anything, but yeah, this was a much better round! :)
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One of my first jumps on Bams!
Hahaha aw, searching through my clips and just had to upload this! One of my first ever jumps on little Bams and I hadn't jumped for 9 months before this because I was too frightened to and wanted to give up jumping forever! I was sitting there like, 'Jon put it down, it's too big!'. Haha seems like so long ago now! And it was actually less than a year ago..wow!
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Sophii's new horse, I'm kind of stealing... yeah. Third sit on her, don't kill me or something.
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2013    H I G H E R
Sorry for the late 2013 video, I've had exams and stuff so it's just been quickly thrown together hahaha. On that note, the colouring has gone really bright so I'm sorry if you get blinded, I wasn't planning on rendering it again! Anyway 2013 was pretty awesome, jumped and won my first 1m classes on Bams, won the 80cm and 1m Northern BSJA club leagues on Bams, jumped my first BSJA national classes on Voodoo and had some placings, schooled around my first BE xc courses on Bams and Voodoo, jumped my first 1.10m jump off on Voodoo. It's been a year with lots of ups and only a few downs. Lots of plans for 2014, and I'm positive this year will be even better! I haven't got any specific aims for next year, but I just want to keep improving and seeing how far we can go!
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Keswick of Ballyedmond
This is our new girl Keswick of Ballyedmond (Kes). Kes is a 3 year old, 16.3hh (and still bum high!!) Lipizzaner mare. She was backed a few months ago and hasn't done much since so she's a major project! I've spent the majority of our first week with her just doing some groundwork with her, so I've only sat on her a few times so far, but she's a really lovely ride, and very flashy! Sadly we only got photos of her when she was going nicely, the ridden bits are basically a bit of a warm up but I felt like uploading something so there we go haha. Obviously with her only being a baby she's very green and unbalanced, and in a new place so she's very inconsistent in her carriage but once she gets going she's fab! She hardly knows how to canter yet, can literally only hold it for 3 or 4 strides at a time but she has a lot of potential and I can't wait to keep working with her! :) Few things before I start getting 'youtube hate' - she doesn't have a noseband yet because we don't have one big enough haha, yes she's got a gag in just on the snaffle ring, I haven't had a chance to get a snaffle in her size yet haha, and also, yes I'm a midget. Enjoy! I'll hopefully be able to update with some videos of her progressing soon. Bamalam is fine, but he's lost a shoe so he's currently acting like he's broken his leg, drama queen!
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Bamalam a Ding Dong; Raw. PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION.
Bams jumping a 1.05m parallel spread today. :) We found a dry spot in the arena hahaha. Formspring: http://www.formspring.me/Maatiildaaa NEWS NEWS NEWS I'm now being sponsored by Bling My Browband. It's a relatively new business that makes completely unique browbands to fulfill any order! Please check them out: Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/BlingMyBrowband?fref=ts Website: http://blingmybrowband.moonfruit.com/
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Bamalam A Ding Dong; 90cm Cashjumping at Blue Sky
POny being an absolute tank until the last fence -_- Ah well, we hadn't thought we'd be able to go until the day before and he hadn't been ridden much in the week due to chucking a shoe, so I'm still fairly happy with him!
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What is this, a video with new clips?! NEVER! Basically the horses we've got at the moment :) Obviously Bams, ignore the sweatiness in the xc clips, his first time xc in a while and it was very very exciting for him! Bams is for sale for anyone interested. Also for sale, the coloured mare star. 16.2/3hh 5 year old mare. Jumped 1.10m tracks in Ireland. Lovely straightforward ride. Also for sale, Cody (the dark bay with the red numnah on). Cody is about 16.1hh, 4 year old gelding. He's a lovely character, lovely temperment, a lovely horse for someone! Laid back chap, only recently started jumping but very easy to a fence and showing plenty of scope. The other dark bay is General, who has already been sold :) For anyone interested in any of the horses, or keeping up with the horses we have and what they're doing, check out Holywell Grange Equestrian on Facebook :) https://www.facebook.com/Holywellgrangequestrian?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/BlingMyBrowband?fref=ts
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Jumping Bamalam - Hatcam
Test driving my hatcam today! What it's like to jump Bamalam from onboard - all you see is hair! Hahahahaaha
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Irish Jewel; FOR SALE
Irish Jewel (Gary) is a 16hh, 10 year old, chestnut ISH gelding. Gary is brilliant to handle both on the ground and being ridden. He's a pleasure to handle in the stable and settles well in the field. He works well in the school and over fences. Very soft mouth, always snaffle mouthed (as demonstrated by me letting go of his mouth entirely!) He also hacks well both alone and in company and on the roads. He is good to load/shoe/catch, not a nasty bone in his body! He's a lovely horse with a lot of presence but still a lovely straight forward ride and very keen to learn. Inbox Sophii Ball on Facebook for more info.
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Everything Voodoo; BSJA British Novice
Voodoo in the British Novice at Lane farm the other week. He jumped clear in the first round and just had one down in the jump off when I got him a touch close and flat! He has a new bit in, double gag with two reins, which is really working! He felt like he was taking me but not tanking off, so happy :) We finished 2nd After this we jumped the 1m national amateur just for experience at 1m, totally not expecting a clear, but he pulled it out of the bag and jumped incredibly! Best round I've ever had with him. Got out of the arena and realised I would be doing a 1.10m jump off!We had two stops at the second last fence, second part of the double as a huge spread so I wasn't too worried considering how big they were! Sadly it's not on video as Leigh was jumping in the same class, but yeah, jumped the majority of a 1.10m jump off! :) And like my new jacket? Leigh's turning me into a showjumper ;)
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Bamalam a Ding Dong; Todburn ODE!
Hi! Thanks a lot for 1000+, this time last year I barely had 100 I think, never thought I'd get this many subbers! :) I will have a 1000 video up soon, I just have exams and stuff coming up so youtube has taken a lesser priority! Anyway, took Bams up to Todburn for the 75cm ODE :) He broke a the tie up and ran away before we even loaded him hahaha, good start! He was fairly decent in the dressage, quite unsettled and scared of the arena boards haha! Then kept attempting to jump them, but he's not really done dressage before so was okay! We came out with a score of 41, which isn't amazing, but there were a lot of scores higher than ours so I was pretty pleased :) He showjumped clear, naturally for him, back in his element haha ;) XC proved a bit problematic, he started napping and bouncing around in the warm up, finally got him out and over the first two fences a bit stickily! The 3rd fence was a double of skinny logs, and he just about sat down he stopped that violently haha! Then started napping again and rearing, which was really frustrating! Finally got him over it and he flew around much worse obstacles than that! We had a 2nd stop at a table, where I nearly came off haha, but that was entirely my fault as I aimed at the wrong fence intially, then had no stride or impulsion or anything when I realised, oops ;) Anyway, considering he's not been xc for ages and hasn't been hacking on his own lately I was fairly pleased with the hairy guy! And c'mon, he looked damn sexy in his white numnah... :)
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Indecision - Stainsby Grange BSJA Discovery (2014)
12.10.2014 Mucking up the double again!
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Bamalam a Ding Dong - Lane Farm EC BSJA Club Show, 90cm (2012)
16.12.2012 We won this despite having one down in the jump off, as there were no double clears. :) he jumped really well :)
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Bamalam a Ding Dong - BBDRC Show at Lane Farm EC, 95cm (2012)
30.12.2012 1st Another one form the end of last year, 95cm. Casually doing a bit of the course with one stirrup, woo! And Sophii once again showing her complete and utter faith in me. ;) But yeah, also rode this a bit rubbish and made the same ridiculous turn into the last fence like a muppet, but we still won. :)
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Bamalam a Ding Dong; Lane Farm Club Show 70cm
Jumping Bams in the Fun and Club Show at Lane Farm in the 70cm with a 75cm jump off. :) He was so good, we won this. :)
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Bamalam A Ding Dong - Blue Sky EC, 80cm (2012)
21.10.2012 We had planned to do the 80cm and 90cm but it was running really late. -_- Came 2nd in this too, rode rubbishly again. Yeah, not much else to say really! Bams was good in any case. :)
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Bamalam a Ding Dong -  Todburn EC, 85cm (2012)
25.11.2012 At Todburn EC. We finished 4th in this, but I just didn't get him travelling forward enough in this so it was a bit awkward! Happy though! :)
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