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1980's Golden Book Video Intro
This is an arguably nightmarish intro, complete with animated logo, to a Golden Book video called Songs from Mother Goose, which I watched religiously for three years from the time I was an infant. It may have been part of a Golden Music video series, and is probably on the extreme edges of obscurity. The intro, though, may have been tacked onto other Golden Book titles. Either way, I think it's appropriate to post this, that its viewers may come to appreciate what has changed for the better since then. Or have scary dreams. This is either from 1983 or 1987. I have no idea, but it's probably '87.
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 4 of 9
Rhymes: -Do You Know The Muffin Man -Pat-a-Cake -Cobbler, Cobbler -Pease Porridge -Simple Simon -Rub-a-Dub-Dub Mother Goose has brought the audience to the outskirts of a unknown town to spy on merchants and shoppers. There, she implores any people within earshot to "enjoy the market" with her. Shall they?
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A trip on MARTA from Kensington to Five Points
This is a video I took of the East-West line of MARTA, Atlanta's metro system. The first half-second, which I couldn't chop off with this computer, is of a campground south of Hot Springs, NC, with my dad's voice in it. The train I took was one of the older ones (1979-83) which have since been rehabilitated beyond recognition. Notice the absence of a door chime; it's supposed to sound as a loud "PONG!" but doesn't work. Also, the doors creak a bit when they close. At the time of this recording, the trains on this line were typically older than those on the North-South line. Right before King Memorial station I snagged a shaky shot of downtown Atlanta; the stretch of this line right before and after King Memorial gives a truly postcard-perfect view of the skyline, and on clear days, which this wasn't, you can see all the way to Buckhead and even Sandy Springs sometimes.
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Kid-A-Littles Theme Song
This was a strange kid's show, featuring puppets working for a newspaper, that aired on NBC in Los Angeles for one season in 1983. I was introduced to it when my aunt bought me a tape of the show many moons ago; in my older years I set out to find it again and did. Enjoy responsibly.
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 9 of 9
Rhymes: -The Man in the Moon -My Son John -Wee Willy Winky -Hey Diddle Diddle -Rock-a-Bye Baby -Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star At the end of a lengthy, tumultuous day, Mother Goose decides to lull herself to sleep with nighttime songs. She won't leave, however, until after one very scary wipe.
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Alpha Video Distributors logo
This poor, sad thing was taken from a VHS of 1940's stop-motion cartoons in the public domain. Circa 1991.
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The ABC Song on "Mother Goose Video Treasury Vol. 2" (1987)
This is an absurd and bewildering little clip from a series of kid's videos about Mother Goose. Despite, of course, that the alphabet song isn't really widely considered to be a Mother Goose property, it's on this tape, probably to push the time up to 30 minutes. The memories I have of this sequence are deep-rooted, and go back to age two or earlier. Even then I thought it was weird, and that's why I loved watching it. Kind of. The part where the man, who's really too old to be wearing a tablecloth and obsessing over the English alphabet, dances on the letters printed on a book page was a bit much for my poor toddler brain. But, I wanted to share it with YouTube. Fair warning: this is easily one of *the* gayest pre-Teletubbies clips from a children's program. Also, those puppets look nasty, like they're going to eat me alive. OSG stands for Overseas Shipholding, by the way
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Jack's Jump on "Mother Goose Video Treasury Vol. 1" (1987)
The Mother Goose Video Treasury is BACK on YouTube by popular demand, so deal. I'm not even sure where to start with this one, what with the purple polyester, the strange-faced puppet spectators, and Jack's leaping...not quite state-of-the-art, but you still love the 80's, don't you?
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Beginning of "Songs from Mother Goose" (1987, VHS)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH This really makes the animated theme sequence look easy on the eyes. Meet the cause of many a childhood nightmare for me, a gigantic puppet Mother Goose with bulging eyes and a bit of a twitch. It cuts off kind of early, because my video capture software is fickle and I just installed it. No more of that in the future. Anyway, enjoy her explanation of magic, complete with animated overlays produced on...an Amiga? This all couldn't have been much more expensive than Viacom's V of Doom logo. It's potentially even more frightening, though, so don't watch late at night unless you're brave. EDIT: There's no way this is 24 years old already.
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Buttered Scoop Poop
Tired of Scoop McGooter, some anonymous gluttons conspire with television chef Emeril Lagasse to have him cooked. But are their eyes bigger than their stomachs?
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Poop From A Broken Heart
This is a song that I wrote just for you...I think.
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Why Running Gag Didn't Eat The Hen
This particular Running Gag strip was excised from an episode of the Kid-A-Littles for suggesting grotesque violence as a conflict resolution. I have recovered the tape from a Buena Park warehouse and uploaded it to YouTube, just because I love you guys so much.
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 6 of 9
-The Queen of Hearts -Pussycat, Pussycat -Four and Twenty Blackbirds This video picks up where my upload "Peter Piper" left off. Here, without prior warning, Mother Goose trespasses onto the grounds of the royal castle. Will she be tried and cooked?
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The Archies Tell Backwards Jokes
Man, this was fun to make.
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The Poop To End All
--special surprise inside--
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Plate of Poop
John Wheeler and friends would like to wish you a happy Thanksgiving.
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Doo Doo Wop
Academic burnout is real, folks.
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Poop Goes To School
But will he ever learn?
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 2 of 9
Rhymes: -Cock Crows in the Morn -Pipe, Cat, Dance, Mouse -Hickety, Pickety, My Fat Hen -Little Bird -Little Pussy Now Mother Goose has somehow ended up on a farm, and is hanging out with the animals. Little does she realize, however, that geese are in fact animals. There is no sexual content here, by the way, no matter anyone's wishes.
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Peter Piper on "Songs from Mother Goose" (1987, VHS)
Three uploads from the same stupid kid's video? I had to do this one. You all have to admit to how hard you laughed (giggled, perhaps) after you've watched it. "Do it faster--THAT'S the way!" EDIT: There's no way this is 24 years old already.
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Kultur logo
(early-mid 80's) Brace yourself for the cheesiest home video logo in recorded history (pun not intended).
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 8 of 9
Rhymes: -Jack and Jill -Mary Had A Little Lamb -Little Jack Horner -Little Miss Muffet -Little Tommy Tucker -Elsie Molly -Georgie Porgie -The Girl Who Had A Curl -Jack Be Nimble Mother Goose has taken a liking to the children in this neighborhood. They appear to have no parents present, and thus are left alone with her. Witness what ensues, if anything.
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Kid-A-Littles: "Hello, This Is The Daily Typo"
Scoop McGooter is being a good sport about suddenly becoming a telemarketer, which is actually less fun than he makes it look.
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Poop Wherever You Are
Yes, I know. It makes perfect sense.
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 5 of 9
Rhymes: -It's Raining, It's Pouring -Doctor Foster -Rain, Rain, Go Away -The Eency Weency Spider -See-Saw, Sacridaw A thunderstorm moves in on Mother Goose, prompting her to protect her down with a rather sheer parasol. By the time the rain stops, she hears London calling. This video leads into my upload "Peter Piper".
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 7 of 9
Rhymes: -Old King Cole -Hector Protector -Humpty Dumpty -Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe -Jack Sprat -Peter, Peter, Pumpkin Eater -Old Mother Hubbard At last, Mother Goose has publicly acknowledged that her universe within a book is fundamentally disturbed. Still, she promises to bring us to a serene suburban neighborhood to recover from picking peppers.
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Poop for Dessert
Tempting, no?
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 3 of 9
Rhymes: -This Is The Way They Ride -Banbury Cross -This Little Piggy -To Market, To Market Watch as Mother Goose steals a horse from the possibly abandoned farm, and subsequently produces a baby blue carriage for it to pull. Envy her ability to spontaneously generate objects.
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Beats from Mother Goose
I finally found this tape again in my parents' garage.
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I Can Feel It Pooping
Celebrate Chanticleer's favorite new holiday with all your YTP friends. There's the cat, VI, Roman, and more in store for you today -and- tonight
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Eve of Eleven Languages: Birdie
The dialogue from this clip was translated via Google Translate from English, then between eleven consecutive languages of unique language families, then back to English. The subtitles represent an English back-translation of the dialogue fed into Google Translate; no English dialogue was used for the actual experiment excluding the initial input.
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UAV (United American Video) Logo (1991?)
A rather unremarkable opening logo from a video distribution company called UAV Corporation, out of Fort Mill, SC. Notice how the animation is a palindrome, and the gigantic sustained WHOOSH which almost prompted me to listen for the Worldvision jingle. I found this at the start of an Andy Griffith video.
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Songs from Mother Goose: Part 1 of 9
Rhymes: -Little Boy Blue -Little Bo Peep -Baa Baa Black Sheep This video picks up where my upload "Beginning of" left off. No, apparently Mother Goose is not schizophrenic, but is hearing actual noises from the large book she holds. What sort of sinister powers does she possess?
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Kou Uraki Is Fly
According to my research, 1991 was the year of the flyboy. Song: Jodeci - - Let's Fly
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Dexter Is High In Reverse
Don't worry. I made this sober, so there are no typos.
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Backwards ABC scene on "Mother Goose Video Treasury"
This was made before I figured out subtitles. See nextG for the subbed version. I hadn't yet figured out reversing video, either, and so had to reverse it during the capture by holding my VCR's reverse shuttle at about 1x speed; I then separately captured the audio during forwards playback and synced it to the video. I personally thought it was hilarious. You make the call.
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Poop The Racist Schoolmarm
Don't let the teacher find Nana's vodka!
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Hi Ho Mother Goose (Part 1) (VCR Game, 1987)
Originally uploaded by VCR Board Games. I fixed a delay in the audio due to a rendering error, which remains in the picture. Sorry for potato quality. If VCR Board Games reuploads Hi Ho Mother Goose without the error, I will delete this video. Songs From Mother Goose (or, more specifically, the Mother Goose puppet used therein) was the star of my nightmares roughly from birth through high school. Two days ago, I discovered that the same puppet and voice actress had appeared in something else. This tape was packaged with cards and a spinner as part of a "VCR Board Game."
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Pew Pew Space Torpedoes
The subtitles were created by translating the existing English dialogue to Korean and back. Video source is Space Thunder Kids (1991) Soundtrack source is an arcade game called Hyper Duel (1993)
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Jughead's Poop Is Unladylike
Here you go, wretched infidels. The composer of that beat: www.last.fm/music/Shyft
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Slow-Roasted Poop
EPILEPSY WARNING Does it simmer or does it smell?
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Seagull Swallows Sea Cucumber Whole
Just a few feet away from rush hour in Seattle, this bird took time out to savor its dinner.
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Poop From A Bird
Would any person of sound mind even want to know how to get there?
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Eve of Eleven Languages: Trix
The dialogue from this clip was translated via Google Translate from English, then between eleven consecutive languages of unique language families, then back to English. The subtitles represent an English back-translation of the dialogue fed into Google Translate; no English dialogue was used for the actual experiment excluding the initial input.
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Too Much Poop
Several television people have recently busted. The cause? Mostly just me.
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Princess Toadstool Is Ready
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Death Shield
Something in the sky is turning humankind into mindless corporate shills. How will Earth reclaim its shattered soul?
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Smethells Poops on Timmy The Tooth's Porch
This is dedicated to all my inbox spammers out there, who I'm sure are actually watching my uploads.
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The Abkhaz Language: An Isolated Wonder
Matthew Wamboldt and Teak Perrin AL 2012 Acheson-Clair 24 February 2012 Bibliography: http://www.thegeorgiahiker.com/support-files/revisedbibliomw.pdf
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The Cavity Goon Stalks in Reverse
I really should have thought to do this one earlier.
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