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BLACK SEED OIL is miraculous 1-800-544-1925
Your Health is the most important thing in your life this is the ultimate remedy, you can ingest it through the Mouth or rub it on the skin where ever you have a ailment,...infection, or insect sting's, slow down the aging process of wrinkling skin...rub in your hair. Even the Holy Books speak of its Miraculous results.( Disclaimer do your own research on issues presented on my Channel). Copyright -June15 (2018) The Doctor doesn't want you to know about this. Most never heard of Black Seed Oil.
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Get a 770-ACCOUNT/ 925-386-6639
Copyright (2018) Only Rich People Know This. Also Read Rich Dad Poor Dad. Napoleon Hill Think and grow Rich & Donald Trump Think like a Billionaire. (Disclaimer) Do your own Research for any content presented on my Channel.
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Success Is The Best Revenge
I have more now than I ever had....My Bible Scripture for you to-Reference (Zechariah) Chapter 9: verses 11 & 12. As for you, because of the blood of my Covenant with you , I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit .Return to your Fortress, O prisoners of Hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.
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(Shaka Senghor) Ask him about me on his Facebook
1#-Make sure you come see Shaka speak when he comes to your Town.2#- In Chess the Queen is the most Powerfull piece on the Chessboard but her survival is contingent on protecting the interest of the King .3#- A lot of Famous people have been Incarcerated like Chris Brown ,Justin Bieber ,Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton , Jay Z, DMX, Christina Aguilera, Michael Vick ,Martha Stewart, Muhammad Ali.4#- Some of the Realest people I ever meet are Deceased or are or have been Incarcerated.
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Pain & Suffering while doing Comedy
This Broke my heart I spoke with my brother Tyreece Clark on Facebook 11/30/2016, he was surprised he made it to 40 when I contacted him on his birthday 2017 to give him the Car Mercedes S Class I had promised him he was deceased. He was also my best friend I haven't seen him in over 20 years. Nobody told me anything he was already cremated when I found out. Our Family is struggling for closure. This happened 7/23/2017 in Lexington KY, I cry Everyday. He got Incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit around the age of 17 & this enraged him / send him on a suicide mission.
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Chevy-454 SS
Fully contained/ Shower,Frig, Freezer, oven, stove, Microwave, Foot Jacuzzi, CB, generator,TV, Sound System, Radar Detector, life jackets.
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The Original Indian's were Black
The Book to reference is( The Return of the Ancient one's.) Copyright (2018)
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Promoting Comedy ain't Easy
You never know how the Public will react people can be unpredictable at times.
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Ready for a Comedy Show
If you have any Suggestions or Comedy related ideas leave a comment below. Warmest wishes.
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Obama's not the 1st Black President Copyright (2018)
Stand Up Comedy from Comedian Dennis Clark Jr. From Savannah GA, raised in Detroit Mi, reveals real History not.... His.....Story...you.....Dig.!
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New Corvette Stingray
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Best Herbs  Haritaki / Neroli Oil/ Oregono Oil/ Shilajit
Copyright 2018 Better Health and Fitness. Disclaimer do your research on issues presented on my channel.
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The History of Hip Hop
Eminem, Bone Skanless- from Saginaw Mi, Lil Boosie -Old Stuff, Jadakiss ,Eric B & Rakim, Too Short,J Cole, Big Sean, Kenrick Lamar,The DOC, Twista, Eric B & Rakim,KRS 1,( Run DMC & Beastie Boys ) made Rap a Global Genre, Lil Wayne, UGK, 8 Ball & MJG, Kanye West, Baby Face Ray, Mobb Deep, Mos Def,Doughboy ROC, Blade Ice wood, DJ Quick,Common, Ice Cube,AZ,Public Enemy, Webbie,Ice Wear Vezzo,Benie Sigel, Master P, Mystikal,Wu-tang, Public Enemy, EPMD, Salt & Pepper, Bump J, Camouflage from Savannah Georgia, Dayton Family Flint Mi ,80's Baby, Big Pun , Fat Joe, Boss- female from Detroit,Rocky B, Mozzy not to glamorize the violence and the dysfunctional aspect of hip-hop but more so the poetic and artistic expression of The Craft
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Like this
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Boxer's Wanted Part-2
Boxing the Sweet Science. Floyd Money Mayweather is from Michigan , Grand Rapids . Muhammad Ali embodied all the qualities of a true Champion , I also like Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson from Detroit ,& Sugar Ray Leonard, Arron Pryor if he would have stayed off drugs, Roy Jones JR, Jack Johnson, Rocky Marciano , John Sullivan, Roberto Duran , Kid Gavilan, Archy Moore
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Food in a Crisis
87 Buick Grand Nationals are 1 of the Fastest American Cars ever!!!!!! ......//Phone # to Wise Company Survival foods is 888-543-7345 design to last 25 years for potential Crisis Situations or Camping.
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Stand up Comedy Tips ( Part ) 1
Stand up Comedy dates back to the days of the Jester it became popular in the 70's & 80's in Boston then spreaded across America before the 70's it was some what under ground Entertainment with notable Star's like Moms Mabley, Johnny Carson, Lenny Bruce, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, Bill Cosby, Jack Benny, Rudy Ray Moore, Dick Gregory
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Ghost Part # 1 Stand Up Comedy
Talks about poverty & the Paranormal. Copyright 7/5/18
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Why is Hop Hop so messy, now ?
In the Bible Satan was the Top Musician. Music is the most powerful form of brain control and spiritual warfare. A kingdom divided can not stand. Faking Beef's to mislead the youth.
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I knew Boxer AL Blue Lewis who fought Muhammad Ali. I tried Boxing in the 90's for a few years in the same gym Boxer (James Ballard ) now train in. Picture of Sugar Ray Robinson from Detroit the best boxer ever pound for pound. Boxer's must have Heart / good listener, discipline , jog , train, eat properly, & not have sex 6 weeks before a fight because sex will weaken you & reduce your reflexes. Pugilism is a dangerous- but very lucrative, Sport.
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My first Boxer
20 years old from Senegal AFRICA he never smoked a cigarette or any drug he's never indulged in any alcoholic beverages , he's already in shape .
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Pit bulls are good Dogs
They are just misunderstand & the media vilifies them. It depends on how they are raised .They have to be Socialized.
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My Mom Singing in Church 7/5/1990 RIP
3090 Cadillac St, Detroit Michigan , I grew up Pentecostalist started preaching at 16 was ordained at 19 when the Church was on 2401 Holcomb , Detroit. I became disenchanted with the Church and Churches in general. I'm spiritual now not religious but Respectfull to the beliefs of other's .3090 Cadillac was the former home of Second Ebenezer Baptist Church , Reverend Van. Now the Church has been sold to a New Organization .
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Ghosts  # Part 2 Stand up Comedy
Comedian Dennis Clark Jr copyright (8-12- 2018) Copyright :Disclaimer under section 107 Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for (Fair use) for purpose such as criticism, comment,,Jokes, news reporting , teaching, scholarship and research .Fair use is a use permit by copyright statute that might other wise be infringing. Non- profit , educational or personal use tips the balance in favor or fair use. No copyright infringement intended All Rights Belong to their Respective owner's.
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International Driver's Permit / 305-421-7272
Copyright 2018 ( Disclaimer ):Get more information from your legal adviser. Start taking your rights back before you have none.
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Comic Jeff Ford 1 of the Best
15 years in Comedy & a school teacher Jeff shares his advice on the hardest job in Showbiz.
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Police Again on BS
I understand you need order and law to maintain order but some Cops are just Extra, Bullies who were soft as a kids & now they let their power go to there head did you also know a lot of Cops are alcoholics and physically abusive to their Wives & kids at Home.
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The Dollar will Fall
1-800-404-9739 or 1-800-316-2776/ Call for free investor kit, every Empire has had around 250 years before they implode which means we are overdue. Hyper- inflation is the cause.
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What Religion  is right
What ever it takes to improve some found Salvation in Religions some have done it through Soul searching, without any Religion.
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Boxer's Wanted # 2
Calling out all Bullies / Bad Asses & want to be fighters come get in the Ring you've been fighting for Free all your life now you should sacrifice your time to Monetize your pugilism . If it don't make $ dollars it don't make sense. Word's of DJ Quick.
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Boxer's Wanted #3
Stop Selling Wolf Tickets, Sneak Dissing / being a Studio Gangster. Who knows you could be the next Floyd Mayweather .
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Senator Jeff Irwin State Senate( Go Jeff) Even though I don't Vote of believe in Politics it's refreshing to see someone you know become Successful.
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Tupac Mom and my son
Most of your Nemesis's are your former friends & associates some of the biggest Crooks are in the Church hiding behind titles & Religion , my baby Moms a perfect example She's a Minister, Musician, & leader to thousands I've known her since I was around 8 years old she was a straight A student, with a spotless criminal Record. What I learned from her was if something appears to be to Good it's probably bogus- Fake Gold is very Shinny but Real Gold is not as Shinny as Fake Gold.
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Im Out the Taxi Business
I'm no longer in the transportation business I had to downsize , redirect my resources , attention and energy on Comedy & Boxing.
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Police Hating
The Police went out of there Jurisdiction to pull me over.
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Martin Luther King Jr.
Once I Learned how to read I began to see through the Matrix , my understanding of life began to unfold.
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LIBRA ( Partying like a Rock Star )
I wish my brothers could be here with me. Peace to ( Rip )Tyreece Clark.******Copyright *********9/29/2018. My Birthday party .
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Illegal Traffic Stop
You can hear in her voice Aggression, cynicalism . Police are not supposed to use their red flashes unless there is an emergency if a police uses their red flashes and it's not an emergency then they are breaking the law because they are declaring a state of emergency when there is no emergency
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Mercedes Benz (Classic)
V8 Motor- Mercedes Benz spent $1 Billion to develop the 1990 to 1999 -S Class- W140- was over engineered & the most expensive production vehicle ever made / best car ever made -1990 to 95 -model's before mass production in 1996, there reputation still holds the standard of luxury and craftsmanship by collectors , & automotive critic's all over the World. Drives better than a Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Lincoln, Jaguar , or Volvo's. Mercedes Benz are preferred by Kings ,Queens and Dignitaries and holds the records for the Most innovations like (Anti- Lock) brakes ,etc. , which is now standard on all Cars Mercedes Benz was the 1st !!!!!
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My Birthday Party
Peace to all the other Zodiac signs - you only live.......Once.!!!!!!!!!!!! XXxtra special. Video Adult's only !!!!!!
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My Grandparents (Rip) 1 Of The Founders Of The Apostolic Church
Faith Temple Apostolic Church
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Multiple Streams of Income
It's 3:00 in the morning just did a Private Show in Detroit.Go to my Corvette Sting Ray Video for my Contact information { For Booking a Motivational Speaker ,Corporate or Personal , Comedy Events for any occasion Bachelor / Bachelorette party, Graduations ,Weddings , Bar Mitzvah, Private Parties, MC for any kind of Event.I Require half the unrefundable money before the Show & in case there is a Cancelation by the Customer. I work Clean or Dirty Comedy so specify want you want. I will Travel to you New York , Europe ,Canada , Dubai,any where USA, South America, Any Where ;Cost Is Included In Your Quote.
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Black COMICS have it Hard Too !!!!!!!
Bill Cosby is a prime example he's in Hot water for trying to buy NBC..a few years ago,..Black Comics are under payed & not marketed properly. Im the Shit in my own Toilet. As long as my true Fans support my efforts and love me I'm not Star struck with the ( Hollyweird ) life style I'm in my own lane , Chilling finding my Voice, Success is not measured by the heights you reach but the depths you've risen from.[ Frederick Douglass ]Quote.
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Hate mail jokes
Jokes if you can't take a joke you don't need to be in comedy you have to have tough skin in this Business. A lot of people like to send a Joke but can't take 1.
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Stand Up Comedy Tips (Part ) 2
Laughter keeps you young and motivated it also keeps you healthy, Laughter is the best .....Medicine. Stress is the leading cause of most sickness....misery.....ETC.
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Roxy and Queeny
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Hooking up with Champion James Toneys Camp
No Nuts No Glory .!¡!!!
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