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GFX Contest - $20 PRIZE!
Thanks for 100 subs and good luck! Feel free to make more then one entry! Portfolio: http://Bydiverge.carbonmade.com Prices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kRfnaUCqh6a6fkh-v7RIiA0Xx64FXSd_7-juoYdqzbA/edit
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Speedart | Steezy bg by Diverge
Yo guys, here is a bg I made for xBlitz Steezy. I think the final outcome was pretty sick! COmment ur suggestions and thoughts on the bg! Pls spend 2 secs to like and comment :D Portfolio: http://divergedesigns.weebly.com Steezy: www.youtube.com/user/SteezyTi
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First CoD Ghost quad feed!
Ghost episode will hopefully be out soon. Haven't sniped much - mainly been trying to level up with reg guns...
Views: 199 ByDiverge
Speedart: Angry Kirby By Diverge
Yo, I hope u guys enjoyed my second photoshop drawin ever! If u did, pls leave a like and comment!
Views: 81 ByDiverge
Syn Vizns 2D bg Speed art // ByDiverge
He asked me for one so yea! I did like the final outcome and I hope u did too! Pls leave a like and comment! One lucky comment will get a free banner!
Views: 83 ByDiverge
LB BG Speedart // Staying active
Haven't uploaded anything in a while so I made this quick banner for a Beat member. Please leave a comment and like! Portfolio: http://bydiverge.carbonmade.com/ Skype: Diverge.Designs
Views: 82 ByDiverge
Diverge: Complete Divergence - A Multicod Montage Trailer By Dol Sync
This is gonna be sick so stay tuned as it will be coming out this week! Please leave a like and comment! Thanks Dol Syc! Dol Sync: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiFG2q5z6Yn4BfqV5PAh8FA
Views: 129 ByDiverge
Speedart | Custom character by Diverge
This was my first time making a custom character! If u would want it, add me on skype (Diverge.designs) and i will send it to u!
Views: 85 ByDiverge
Another clip on containment with the maverick // Quad feed on S&R
I have hit quite a lot clips on the new maps. I am loving the Maverick Sniper rifle.
Views: 128 ByDiverge
Horizon RC - 2 in 1 // By Horizon Diverge?
(OPEN) I didn't really like them but meh :P I hope I get in! I dont usually do RC's but I was bored. FIRST BANNER FINAL: http://gyazo.com/43a5d2ddf599ca4e258ff5170ed8e9d0 SECOND: http://gyazo.com/3052e7aa79611ce120dfe4011c755abb Skype: diverge.designs Portfolio: Bydiverge.carbonmade.com Prices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kRfnaUCqh6a6fkh-v7RIiA0Xx64FXSd_7-juoYdqzbA/edit
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Pacman banner for Five Comma - Speedart
I was bored so I decided to try something new which i had nvr tried before and I guess it turned out pretty good! I might be making a "sequal" to this where I will add some things I forgot to put in like the actual pac man, the food, ect. Hope u guys enjoyed it! Please leave a like and comment as I spent 2 hours in total including editing and stuff! Website: http://divergedesigns.weebly.com
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CoD Ghosts YouTube background template!
Leave a like and comment for more templates! File: http://www.mediafire.com/download/hzs2b5y29qczmaf/Ghost%20YouTube%20background%20template.psd Portfolio: divergedesigns.weebly.com
Views: 320 ByDiverge
Acidex RC - Speed art #1
Hey this is my second try at the RC. Turned out better than the first one. leave a like and subscribe.
Views: 75 ByDiverge
Bored of Ghosts - Commentary
Leave a like and subscribe for more commentaries!
Views: 70 ByDiverge
Creaxte BG Speedart // Joined Beat (30K)
Yo guys I joined Beat @ 30K! Beat: http://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialBeatClan Creaxte: www.youtube.com/user/creaxte Portfolio: http://bydiverge.carbonmade.com/ Prices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kRfnaUCqh6a6fkh-v7RIiA0Xx64FXSd_7-juoYdqzbA/edit
Views: 134 ByDiverge
LWNY BG Speedart // By Diverge
Yo, another sick speedart! Pls leave a like and comment! LINKS: Portfolio: http://bydiverge.carbonmade.com/ Prices: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kRfnaUCqh6a6fkh-v7RIiA0Xx64FXSd_7-juoYdqzbA/edit
Views: 101 ByDiverge
BoLT Banner #2 - Speedart by Diverge // New style?
New style? :) Please leave a like and subscribe!
Views: 56 ByDiverge
Sexy girls | Vivid BG | Speedart | Bored
Hello people! This is a randy bg I made for Sivid! I was bored and desided to try something new!
Views: 1165 ByDiverge
How to make 3D text in Cinema 4D - Simple C4D tutorials: Ep 1
Leave a like and comment episode 1 of the new series! (Open Description for Info) Song: https://soundcloud.com/lasoundtrackbyd/ariane-ep Follow me on: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ByDiverge Website: divergedesigns.weebly.com
Views: 43 ByDiverge
Diverge Daytage #1 By Sync // Staying active
Only played for 2 or so hours but meh! Had not uploaded in a long time...If you enjoyed it and/or want more like these, like & comment!
Views: 106 ByDiverge
First edit in a long time!
Please leave a like it took me like 5 hours. This is my first edit in a long time so please comment what u think i should work on :D
Views: 115 ByDiverge
Enjoying CoD Ghost
Sniping is had though :(
Views: 64 ByDiverge
How to get under map on CoD Ghosts! (Freight) Glitch!
Yo guys, I hope u enjoyed this glitch, subscribe for more CoD ghost content!
Views: 147 ByDiverge
Insane BO2 quad collat wallbang!
Just re-uploading some stuff to the new channel :D
Views: 138 ByDiverge
BoLT Artistry Banner Speedart!
Hi, made this banner for BoLT Artistry! Leave a like and comment!
Views: 83 ByDiverge

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