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Lego train crash
A lego car is trying to cross the tracks but a lego train is coming what will happen?
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The J. C. Booth 6th Grade Band Christmas Concert
The Christmas Concert was on 12-17-12 in the J.C. Booth Middle School gym. The order of the songs are: Gingerbread Men on Parade, Procession of the Kings, and Sailors' Holiday. I am in the Trumpet section in front of the percussionists. This was filmed on my iPad so it is not the best quality but it will do. Sorry I haven't uploaded anything in a while but that's because of Christmas and New Years. But anyway Happy Holidays and have a good 2013!
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LEGO Horizon Express 10233 set
look at the box and the finished train
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Rube Goldberg project
Science project
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