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Storytime/Grwm: My dad sexually assaulted me when he was drunk & high 😢 *TRIGGER WARNING
I created this video to educate ppl of all ages of ignorance on what sexual assault is & how to recognize it. There is healing from trauma & being sexually victimized but when youre labeled black by america it will likely only be healed from within sometimes counselling is not even a healthy option. AWAKE!
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60 yr old couple asked me for a ménage 😲😂 BRUH! Wealthy black KINGS ONLY! Fuck boys & more!
Comment if you agree! Brothers we need quality providers & protectors only!
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Wig unboxing!!! Diva by Zury pre tweezed!
I'm a brunette!!! New unit alert!! In the video I explain how I feel about this wig. I did go in & remove some hair (weight) from the frontal. As well as play with the colors on the part. I also made baby hairs & it turned out way better. I will describe this as something like a lace front! Still not completely satisfied but Ima rock this shit till it fall off lol!! Hair color : 4/30
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Are people draining your energy? Don't let energy vampires/insecure ppl suck your joy!
I recognize energy vampires on a daily basis as sad as that may seem which it is sad to have them everyday rather its a random person at a store or someone I know. The problem is ppl are walking around like thirsty zombies ready for a kill bc theyre miserable & put forth no efforts to be great in their lives. That is too bad... Let them starve!
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Milani Matte Lipstick Haul "Show & Tell"
Milani Matte Colours: Loved ~ Pure Mattness (metallic) ~ Covet ~ Sugar Trust me if you love matte you will fall in love with these! No sticky build up~ Dry's in seconds~ Conveniently local in U.S~ Perfect~
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Melanin mermaid fantasy makeup tutorial
I did this melanin mermaid tutorial back in October, 2016. And it's late nevertheless it's finally here! I spent a WHOLE lotta time recording, uploading & editing this & I love the results. It's my 1st tutorial so it took a lot of editing & I see why YouTube is so hard & it took me forever to get it here ^_^ I'm so happy I finally did so if ya'll like it like my video & leave a comment also subscribe. Much more of me & my turn up shinanigans to come lol!! :::: IG/Snap: @BelleAmourphine:::: ::::Video vixen in training ^_^ ^_^ :::: ::::La/Oc Mua:::: Freelance Artist If you have any questions about the products I used in this video please ask. If you'd like to send me something which I'd love P.O. Box 4873 Cerritos, Ca 90703 Email ::: [email protected]
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