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Tyler, The Creator - OKRA
a throwaway song, lyrics below: check my bankroll ayo 400k for vehicle paintjob look like ashy ankles on django interior look mango shotgun grape he look like mayo golden voice on payroll neck all gold like kayo corp we aim at dorks get out the way keep them bucks in banks like yayo swampy niggas out the bayou pockets flooded yall be dilute watered down im big mac im quarter pound you chicken nugget fuck it travel bag balenciaga 30,000 just for luggage financial advisor buggin flower boy is buzzin grammy nominated tell yo cousin aint no body fucking with him uno the shoe red with the blue look like a flag what the fuck it do golf be the set no more OF like ron artest bitch we aim for your neck give a fuck about you or your respect yeah that way fuck your accolades but i made the cut like i pack a blade you could call me brush ive been making waves since ashley banks cousin had a fade but thats 92 im 91 watts riot in my blood nigga whats up and that pussy pink like the drink in my cup ha lemonade yeah its minute maid i been getting paid pockets gaining weight your bank statements on mary kate but thats up to you tell tim chalamet to come get at me skin glowing clear of acne diamonds see through so holographic red ones look like aidan mackey spent dinero like taxi driver hand made is that thing with tires but i rode my bike and vill tail behind me and he got the canon like he bagged mariah yeah we straight but if you wrinkle up the situation he will go grab the iron and he do what i says like simon no violence and my guy mixed like jambalaya man fuck with the fam we in japan bitch you’re a bum see you dont understand yeah i cut off some friends t where you been? bitch im in bel air been looking for land need a spot in the hills not the beach need a pool just to cool it i do need the grass not the sand got enough rocks, see check my hand and i got crack watch how i talk and its still wolf gang bitch watch how i bark wallace still tripping on shit that i bought but i really do not care the cost cause okra dir: wolf haley dp: luis panch perez ( additional shots by wyatt) prod: happy place
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Rocky and Tyler Rapping Over "KNOCK KNOCK" By Monica and Missy Elliott: Produced by Kanye West. Paris, France Filmed/Edited By AWGE
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whats the point of being rich when you wake up alone whats the point of going home when it aint nobody there fuck that i grab my bike and phone home in the air and i pedal through the city with the wide frame steer with that tall pale boy that i met last year grape, thats what i call em, love, thats what i fall in fell in i aint like sports growing up but now im balling i guess im a late bloomer high tide bottoms cause the neck on lunar them GOLF le FLEUR unos cause, we dont do puma thats 20k pairs, gone in 3 seconds you aint gotta like him and you aint gotta respect him for playing chess with these niggas that think that theyre bench pressing leg day is getting skipped, guess who really running shit? young teezy it aint easy lungs wheezy in this bitch new slaves got yall niggas feeling breezy on the ship pour a fanta in your poison so its easier to sip huh? my shit leaked two weeks before that release date first week, did dos, 1,000 off ,beat meek shout out meek! two niggas first week top 3! i cant even get a song to play on the radio but trippled in them ratings tv channels still pay me tho pharrell told me not to trip i am in my ziploc feel like i got the best album out i know i got the best album out preech PHOTO: petro koublis BEAT: 4:44 by Jay-Z
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Tyler, The Creator - 911 / Mr. Lonely (Audio)
FLOWER BOY OUT NOW: http://smarturl.it/FlowerBoy BOTH PRODUCED BY TYLER 911 Featuring Steve Lacy, Frank Ocean And Anna Of The North MR. LONELY with speaking from Schoolboy Q
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From "SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY" 2017* -------- DIR: Wolf Haley DP: Luis Panch Perez PRO:Happy Place
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original song: RIP by Playboi Carti --- i tip toe in this bitch everybody got opinions every got tips tell them twitter finger niggas they can cancel my dick hmm i tip toe in this hoe somebody tell the devil that im knocking at the door in my mansion salsa dancing smile on my face im so handsome i was edgy now its fetti i get my backyard? oh thats the Getty i was in the garden couldnt fathom it was snakes in the grass but i couldnt grab em focus on the eve nah i was focused the green, in the trees with binoculars looking for an adam lemme tell ya i got dreams to sell ya cause yall reek of backwoods and some future failures we was working deals out finalizing hurdles yall was out in paris dick riding Virgil hope them insta photos kept you cool in coach clout yeah, oh you out here? oh you network, where’s your self worth? you niggas dick ride till your neck hurt but nigga we ok boy better know BBK you want war then im GI JOE you get cooked nigga BBQ i diplo and go MIA and skate off like a T.I role niggas pretend to be boss you signed a 360 you lost that 400 for the exhaust ——— mean with walk tell them black boys, to just be, tell them never stop! yeah we all moving, but you aint gotta put us in box we can paint we can, make, whatever we can Lady Bird, we can Baby Boy whatever movie setta you chose just try to do better and dont let em stretch you too thin new leather 666 when we bag em hmmm yall aint even know about the madam, hmmm you can get the packet with the atoms, boom summer just got a lil heater, yeah flower boy gold no gimmicks, i joke and i aint have to fuck akadimiks to post no radio play like once, or so no single video went viral, i know swear yall got the keys i play piano stop nigga im the ammo in the glock church pants sandles with the socks u niggas done you better get the mop no violence curly hair bound to incredible with commas, i make it stretch violets mama, and i go dash in handmade ones the, neck frozone like papas partner
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Tyler, The Creator - Ain't Got Time (Audio)
SFFB FRIDAY: http://smarturl.it/FlowerBoy PRODUCED BY TYLER AIN’T GOT TIME With Vocals From Shane Powers.
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Remix over NO VALIDATION by JACQUEES whats the deal aint gone lie im feeling you you got me on tippy toe so whos oliver? who ellio? its dont matter, negative niggas gon’ say this dont add up but fuck they math up shit, we subtract em tell me whats the problem i just pop models boy or gal these days shit it dont matter we can fuck sunday cause i dont read bibles but im faithful to this money and these celine goggles i dont pop bottles i just cop auto mobiles full throttle new engine cant follow get a jet to Lake Como we can try some new gelato shawty im for real like my role model shawty i listen unlike like my father i can give you attention you wont feel empty like pocket that lint in pack a few bags i got space in my mansions plural hurry with decision cause im looking for a parrot and you looking like pigeon better thats so raven and get another vision if you wanna be my newest edition like bivens
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tyler syd austin
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a random song laying around from the flower boy tour in feb filmed by luis panch perez
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Tyler, The Creator - Who Dat Boy
FLOWER BOY OUT NOW: http://smarturl.it/FlowerBoy Dir: Wolf Haley
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Tyler, The Creator - Boredom (Audio)
PRE-ORDER SFFB: http://smarturl.it/FlowerBoy BOREDOM With Vocals From Rex Orange County, Anna Of The North and Corinne Bailey Rae. Guitar by Austin Feinstein.
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remix--original song by PROPHET- I WANNA BE YOUR MAN::::: you said keep it short this is peach fuzz contact, couple months, then we out its nothing serious yeah mama yeah mama im daddy no im not youre a lot of fucking problems you gon’ prolly show true colors by the time we tie the knot up tyler tyler he got caught up now they taking my ricotta bunch of lawyers and ‘your honors’ i mean, its no mama more father but my fanbase thats from goblin dont believe me i been saying since 13 but they blinded but whatever, im reminded that i slightly got off topic of this song, shit shout out prophet ok could you tell me how far in the future do you see us? you can make decision while my lips graze on your peach fuzz pull out the guitar and learn some new chords from anita baker baker got some acres out the window when u wake up im a fish sign my bday march and put its knee up bunch of yes sergeants till we barge in on them tea cups but guarantee that i will get my stripes just like adidas nah we dont wear those its UNOs when we put feet up yeah
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verse over BRING IT BACK by TROUBLE/MIKEWILL/DRAKE LYRICS: converse selling out they got their thumbs tied re up on my deal lets make it 15 and i aint talking point that gorilla if i point he gon get you thats the point no lie hit the gas and we outta there _______ like its mountain wear lately ive been dolo in this bitch shout out solo thats big sis shout out frankie thats big bro ya lil homie running shit no question casio the muthafucking watch 800 in a day my boy thats just fone drop invest in stocks thats the other plan got a two story bed i hit the running man baby boy no photos long sleeve my polo casio no rolex pamesean my bolognese vvs my necky necky heavy flooded we den broke the levees anything for fetti BUT DONT LET IT GET TO YOU these niggas tripping their shoe in the gutter theyre gonna ruin their future with shit that theyre doing like flexing on the gram about a bank deposit yeah that shit addicting shit is hypnotising claiming that you rich like bitch we know you lying what yo backyard look like? what yo mama driving? maaaaaannee, call me flaaaaaamee im lighting niggas im an animal fuck is tame? young wild nigga its the wang, them golf boys geez boy, he that boy, boy, you a decoy fuck boy, heard you want beef, bitch you eat soy us and them, we aint got time, bitch im pink flloyd saphirres gelatin nigga repetitive amex cause my pockets is what i cant fit my cheddar in sleeping on me sedative who deez niggas better than? is the answer me? hmm uh nah, negative bring it back
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messing around during jimmy fallon
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ROSE TINTED CHEEKS *2016 rough draft*
a 2016 rough draft of this idea that would have made the album FLOWER BOY. lyrics below. i never had the courage to tell you i adore you i did it in a song i was too afraid to call you im sorry i know im annoying i just want your attention ever since i saw you knew nothing was important your gravity is too strong its fucking up my orbit contact avoided by the time i record this i just want you to listen everytime i see you, you brighten up my day you’re cashmere to my cotton and i wished you felt the same more options in the alphabet i know ill be OK no i wont its them rose tinted cheeks they black flag we AF we BF as AF but they wont get that thats that 20 century women reference you so hard to get like intricate metaphors companies? i own four but all i want is yours hit the plex and catch a band or sushi spot i recommend float around hitting wheelies leg or engine based it all depends either one is cool to me and you’re way too cool for me ima freeze to death tryna keep up thirsty i am i may need three cups eye contact speeding down the 5 in my newest ride you was kinda high speakers mild high track 10 track 10, dirtbike afternoons as long as pale skin is near i didnt have to leave the room switch gears roamed around around fell in love broke my leg and got stuck what the fuck hit my head, wait, i wish you would fall in too i said i wish you would fall in and snap them legs cause ima be stuck here until im dead and gone i remember when we first met my eyes, like jeans too tight, i couldnt take em off you you’re precious metal i was a magnet just looking ive been searching for something but didnt know what i was looking for then you popped and it became so clear like that water up north, so clear im intimidated by your existence flustered because of your presence your absence leaves me in a state of confusion i cant function, i cant explain it im aware enough to know this is just a temporary pool of emotion but since im here, i might as well drown please dont save me
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911 Messing Around
Steve Lacy and Anna of the North messing around with Tyler on keys for 911
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original song: yes indeed by lil baby and drake i sit in my garden and play stevie wonder and get foot massages while clancy talk numbers he threw me some game and i swear i wont fumble might cop me a bronco to ride for the summer marni the trousers tell Risso to holla the carnival sell out the stadium dodger i cut off some homies but taco my brodie until he score millions i wont leave the goalie might pass em the mittens he never betrayed me the e30 sitting the 675LT my daily the engine is stupid i drive like a tutor when i move, it moves the transmission like Luda now ketchup like packets my new nigga pretty your new bitch is tacky like Busta Rhymes jackets want smoke i can match it the second hand action we exhale u inhale and asthma attack t'ing off niggas nauseous as fuck, fuck u thought? bitch its GOLF shit going crazy i swear i go crazy i never met him but shout out lil baby *gibberish* i ran out of words
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FLOWER BOY: a conversation
Jerrod Carmichael / Tyler Okonma Directed By: Wolf Haley DP: Luis "Panch" Perez Production: Happy Place Set Design: GOLF* home Backdrop: Brendon Burton
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