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Bran B doing Gank Gaank Challenge Pain and Pressha
Zup World this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and Vine famous with over 130,000 followers I heard about the Gank Gaank challenge so i had to support Home Team.He from Pompano Beach Florida and doing his thing.On the rise.Uma let all my fans know about him and his hit single Pain and Pressure Everybody follow me on Vine: @BranB954 Instagram: @BranB954 Twitter: @BranB954 Follow Gank Gaank on Instagram: @GankGaank36 and download his Hit single Pain and Pressha and mixtape from www.datpiff.com/Gank-Gaank-Pain-Pressha-mixtape.626229.html
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Kissin On My Tattoos Parody by Bran B Twins
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and Vine Famous for creating HUUAAAHH my sound & this is me and my twin Parody to August Alsina HIT Song Kissin On My Tattoos This is "Cooking And Fixing My Food" The story behind the song is i went to McDonalds one day ordered a #1 and my burger was SO good i told the girl who made my burger that i aint want nobody but her cooking and fixing my food at McDonalds then i got the idea to write this song,I will be shooting the music video soon STAY TUNED fOLLOW ME on Vine/Instagram/Twitter: @BranB954
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When Your Friend Has Stank Breath
This YA boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & vine famous for my signature catchphrase HUUAAAHH I HATE when people with stank breath use words that start with H...This how I be when my friend have #StankBreath lol #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers SHARE this ASAP #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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Black Camaro by Bran B ( Wiz Khalifa Black And Yellow remix)
(Non profitable use Promotional use only I dont own the rights to this beat it belongs to Wiz Khalifa) Zup World this ya boy Bran B remix to Wiz Khalifa song "Black And Yellow" My version is "Black Camaro The Music Video will be out soon STAY TUNED follow me on Vine/Instagram/Twitter/Pheed: @BranB954
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Dem Pompano Boyz dancing 2 Body Right by Steven Da Guy
This Dem Pompano Boyz on Thanksgiving dancing to Steven Da Guy song Body Right hope YALL enjoy! I LOVE my Family
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Family First by Bran B
My Grand Dad just passed away and it hurt.Not only the fact that he was gone but the fact that i didn't spend more time with him.And i was thinking about how a lot of families only get together at FUNERALS & how people take family for granted and regret it when they are visiting them in the hospital on they're death bed when its too late so i wrote this song to WAKE PEOPLE UP and motivate people to spend more time with they're family members and always PUT FAMILY FIRST
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The Taco Bell Breakfast Rap / Review by Bran B
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and Vine Famous 4 my GAngster Cups vine and signature catch phrase HUUAAAHH i made a Blog about trying Taco Bell Breakfast for the 1st time and did a freestyle Rap about it while i was ordering in the drive thru "i had a dream about Taco Bell Breakfast last night, got a waffle taco but woke up before i took my 1st bite, now im craving it no more delaying it im in the Drive thru,let me get a waffle taco and coffee too" The Cashiers went crazy,Like and Subscribe and follow me Vine/Instagram/Twitter/Pheed: @BranB954
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"It's BETTER to GIVE than Receive" (Music Video) by Bran B
This ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine Famous for my Signature Catchphrase HUUAAAHH!! God Blessed me with EVERYTHING I NEED Family,Life,Health,and Strength so instead of me asking for gifts I gave gifts to everybody in my family this some of the clips of me putting smiles on my Mom,nieces,nephews,cousins,sisters,and the rest of my family faces, #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers it's BETTER to GIVE than receive
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Bran B freestyle to Drake 0-100 in Camaro
Zup world! This ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and #VineFamous for my signature catch phrase #HUUAAAHH I spit my freestyle to #Drake song 0-100 sliding in my #Camaro & almost got pulled over by the #Police at the end lol But yall let me know what yall think Folow me Vine: @BranB954 Instagram: @BranB954 Twitter: @BranB954
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Dem Pompano Boyz dancing & FLIPPING
This Dem Pompano Boyz on Thanksgiving morning dancing and flipping follow us on Instagram: @BossB954 @BranB954 @KBizKB @iam_dBugz
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Bran B singing Happy Birthday to You
Its your birthday so im singing ya happy birthday :)
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Bran B ALS Ice Bucket Challenge w/ Go Pro Hero 3
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and Vine Famous for Creating my signature HUUAAAHH sound,gangster cups,and my Bran B and Miley videos with my Chihuahua Miley I was challenged to do this by 1 of my fans on #TeamBranB Bri's Grandpa died from ALS a few months ago..rip.... I nominate my brothers Boss B KB Nate Terrance and everybody ele who aint do it et lol hope yall liked this FOLLOW ME ON VINE: @BranB954 Instagram: @BranB954 Twitter: @BranB954 lets find the cure to ALS EVERYBODY LETS GO!
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Aunt Chrissy Christmas SURPRISE 4 Bran B Boss B & rest of the boys
WOW look how God work....man I was playing ‪#‎SantaClaus‬ getting gifts for EVERYBODY on my family I wasn't expecting anything because it's better 2 give than receive,then I went to my Aunt house dropping off my other nieces gifts & her gift & she surprised me & all my brothers & my cousins with ‪#‎MiamiHeat‬ TICKETS! She know I LOVE the HEAT! we going 2 the Heat vs Nets game on the 4th Thanks Aunt Chrissy ‪#‎YouTheRealMvp‬ I LOVE YA I love my ‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎Family1st‬ ‪#‎FamilyFirst‬ ‪#‎LaFamilia‬ ‪#‎MerryChristmas‬
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Devin vs Bran B friendly Dance Battle
This ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Ashley Mahoney son Devin dancing & having a friendly dance battle at the Margate festival,I'm nick naming him Dancing Devin! this dude FULL of energy & got stage presence & far from shy,I wasn't recording when he attempted 2 do the chair move I did,just that shows that he's a quick learner & willing to learn,he will be BETTER when he gets older,MARK MY WORDS he will be on TV in the future BALEEDAT S/O 2 Ariana Villamia for letting me know about this event I had EPIC FUN!
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Zup world!! This ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine famous for my signature catchphrase HUUAAAHH & the TALENTED Jarae Womack Professional singer signed to Sobe Entertainment We made a skit parody about how girls can use they boyfriend's thumb print to UNLOCK HIS PHONE and go through it while he sleep lol Thats 1 of her songs playing in the video its called "Corrupt" by her and Ce'Cile download it on iTunes today Also download her new single "Sound Of A Woman" on iTunes this girl can SANG! Its in her BLOOD! She is the niece of the late great Bobby Womack and Grand daughter of the late great SAM Cooke Follow her on Vine: @Jmack4u and Instagram: @JaraeWomack Follow me on Vine/Instagram: @BranB954
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Fight over Cheesecake Sweet potato pie on Thanksgiving
They gone KILL ME for posting this but I HAD 2 this my cousins fighting over a Cheesecake sweet potato pie yesterday I LOVE MY #Family we always have fun & get GOOD LAUGHS when we come together #FamilyFirst
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THE+REBOUND +A+Wheelchair+Basketball+Story+  +OFFICIAL+Film+Trailer+  +90+SEC+Cut HD
Everybody who wants to support a EPIC Documentary about Wheelchair Basketball & the players life on & off the court go to Www.ReboundTheFilm.us I PROMISE u won't regret it.1 of my close friends who I grew up in Pompano Beach with is in the documentary! Jeremie Phe Thomas & all the other people in the documentary got the cards they where dealt REFUSED to FOLD & continue 2 WIN with them. This Documentary will be INSPIRING MOTIVATIONAL & Life Changing. Make sure you all go to Www.ReboundTheFilm.us & show your support ASAP! CURRENTLY CROWDFUNDING ON INDIEGOGO: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-rebound-documentary-film OFFICIAL TRAILER #1 - The Rebound is an INSPIRING DOCUMENTARY in-the-making about the Miami Heat Wheels wheelchair basketball team on their quest for a championship. It features the stories of (dis)abled athletes as they overcome adversity in search of new opportunities through the power of the sport. Please donate to the film on Indiegogo: Learn more and donate here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-rebound-documentary-film THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! CONNECT WITH US: 'Like' The Rebound on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/reboundthefilm Follow @ReboundTheFilm on Twitter: https://twitter.com/reboundthefilm Subscribe to The Rebound Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/reboundthefilm Follow The Rebound Tumblr Blog: http://reboundthefilm.tumblr.com/ Follow The Rebound on Instagram: http://instagram.com/reboundthefilm
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Bran B taking A SHOWER  in the RAIN (THROWBACK 2007)
NAWWWWWWW literally CRYING LAUGHING i was goin through my hard drive and found a video from 2007 when my CRAZY AZZ went out and took a SHOWER IN THE RAIN! with a bar of IRISH SPRING my brother Boston Boss B Black was doing the comentary my brother Nate Serious Black was laughing his ass off and my MOM caught me washing my ass lmaooo then i got soap in my eyes and was blind as yall can see i was ALWAYS CRAZY! SMH follow me I got over 130,000 followers on VINE Vine: @BranB954 Instagram: @BranB954 twitter: @BranB954
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Bran B giving a Bachelorette a Lap Dance at her Bachelorette Party
It went DOWN last night at #CaboFlats in West Palm Beach I slid thru after the movies just to vibe,ain't wanna go home & be bored,started dancing & a group of women came up to me & said its they friend #BacheloretteParty so I gave the #Bachelorette her a #LapDance 2 remember lol Then another girl told me her friend just got married & she wants a lap dance too so I did but as I was giving her the lap dance she said "My husband is going 2 kill you" I said "He HERE?" She said "Yea" & that's when I JUMPED OFF! Lol that was him sitting next to her at the end lol but I had fun last night, #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers #LiveALittle #EnjoyLife #YOLO #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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Dem Pompano Boyz dancing at the Miami Dolphins Game during Half time
Zup world this Dem Pompano Boyz Boss B Bran B & Chris dancing at the Miami Dolphins game during Halftime we was TURNT UP THO LOL hope yall like it LETS GO DOLPHINS!! follow Boss B on Instagram: @BossB954 Bran B on Instagram: @BranB954 & Chris on Instagram: @iam_dbugz
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" The Thot That Got Away THANKFULLY " by  @BranB954
A SPECIAL SONG FOR A #THOT uma call this 1 "The THOT that got away THANKFULLY" lol #BranBsinging & playing the #Piano this my remix to Kc And Jojo song All My Life #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers & all my friends share this on Ya pages if yall like it I appreciate it
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HOOD REMIX to 12 Days Of Christmas (5 golden rings)
#WhoReadyToLaugh ? Team Bran B & Bran Believers this is the HOOD REMIX to 12 Days Of Christmas better known as 5 Golden Rings I KILLED IT EVERYBODY SHARE this ASAP HUUAAAHH - Bran B voice Pompano
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Bran B with Iphone 6 Plus on Ch 6 news  interviewed
Zup World this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine Famous with over 129,000 followers Getting interviewed by Ch 6 News after I got my NEW 128 GB Iphone 6 Plus I just realized how COOL is it that Ch6 news interviewed me about the iPhone "6" plus lol YOU GET IT? OrNah ? lol yall ALREADY KNOW I had 2 do my FAMOUS HUUAAAHH and Represent my CITY PompanoBeach on LIVE TV DAMN I STAY ON TV lol Man I'm so HAPPY! And a executive from Apple came up 2 me & said she loved my interview & took my info so don't be surprised if yall see me in a Apple Commercial I feel Blessed #TeamBranB #BranBelievers
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Future Blood Sweat Tears remix by Bran B
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz remix to Future song Blood Sweat Tears,Its my favorite song and i remixed it because i came a long way,god blessed me with many things,i have fans around the world and some people might think it came easy but i Gave my Blood Sweat and Tears to get to where im at today....i came a long way...i love my life... Team Bran B and Bran Believers i love yall follow me on Instagram: @BranB954 Twitter: @BranB954 and Vine: @BranB954
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They Took Our Jobs REMAKE BY @BranB954
This YA boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine famous for my Signature catchphrase HUUAAAHH Who Ready To Laugh this my Remake of South Park famous They Took Our Jobs lol #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers SHARE THIS #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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Wiz Khalifa We Dem Boyz ( Bran B Choreography)
#TurntUp LITERALLY #dancing 2 #WizKhalifa song #WeDemBoyz doing the #NaeNae #YEET & ending it off with #Calisthenics like @Progressive_Calisthenics #NaeNaeDance #YeetDance #HoldUpWeDemBoyz #tyga #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers I need y'all! I have over 130,000 followers on #Vine ! If y'all LOVE my videos & think I should have more followers YOU CAN HELP! Just download the RepostWhiz App & REPOST ya favorite videos I did REPOST THIS 1 TOO!! Search 4 my MOST POPULAR 1's BranBgangsterCups BranBandMiley CrazyPeopleMeetingTransformers BranBpissed BranPiano & MORE!
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Suprise Mutha Fucka Bran B version Popeyes MF
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz remake of Darius Benson Vine from the show Dexter. It made it on Worldstar hip hop Vines of the week compilation.I have over 127,000 followers on Vine & originally vine famous from my Gangster Cups vine Team Bran B follow me on Vine/Instagram/Twitter/Pheed: @BranB954 and SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!
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Morning Star - Rudolph tribute At O.C. Phillips Jr. Wake
Boss B and Bran B grandad O.C. Phillips Jr. passed away on Dec 31st. O.C. was a Vietnam & World War 2 Veteran and after leaving the military became one of he Best Barbers in Pompano Beach, Florida with his father O.C. Phillips SR. and his brother Kenny at one of the most known Barbershops in Pompano called "Phillips and Sons Barber Shop" He was GOOD to a lot of people including Rudolph. This is Rudolph singing a tribute song for O.C. Phillips Jr. at the Wake( viewing of the body day before the funeral) The song is called Morning Star. Before he sings the song he tells a story about how O.C. and Kenny usd to keep him out of trouble and giving him a Piano to keep him busy.He says he finished writing this song at Phillips and Sons Barber Shop.The family really appreciated him coming to pay his respects with a BEAUTIFUL song and his kind words.
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Bran B dancing at The Gardens Mall
Zup World this YA boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & vine famous for my signature catchphrase HUUAAAHH I was #Bored earlier so I went to #TheGardensMall #GardensMall & started #Dancing in front of the cool wishing well then two little kids approached me & the little brother started dancing with me lol it was so cool, #SlowMotion shots random people reactions,watch the little girl first reactions POINTING & Running to show her dad lol I HATE being bored so when I am I do stuff to ENTERTAIN myself & ENTERTAIN OTHERS #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers I hope you all LOVE this video as much I loved making it #EnjoyLife #LiveAlittle #YOLO #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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Happy Veterans Day & Happy Birthday To my Grandfather
#HappyVeteransDay & #HappyBirthday to my Grandfather O.C. Phillips Jr YUP my Great Grandmother gave birth to him on #VeteransDay he was BORN TO SERVE this great country,My grandad was the #1 barber in #Pompano when I was growing up,he was the only one I let cut my hair,this him singing happy birthday for my mom & her twin my aunt Ava....When he passed he got a #military Funeral Honors,we miss you we appreciate your service & we love you #Rip SALUTE! #VietnamVeteran #Family #Family1st #FamilyFirst #laFamilia
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Bran B Vs Spider in Camaro @BranB954
BRUH!!!! This ya boi Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and Vine Famous for my catch phrase HUUAAAHH & my other videos.But i was sliding in my Camaro and noticed a DAMN SPIDER was riding with me,so i stopped at the stop sign and CONFRONTED IT! lmaooo i was SCARED AF! I HATE SPIDERS LMAO yea i was screaming like a lil bitch but i got my G card back when i 1st 48 killed it at the END lmaooo hope yall enjoy,SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE it might end up on worldstar and follow me Vine/Instagram/Twitter: @BranB954 #TeamBranB and #BranBelievers i LOVE YALL BALEEDAT
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Sun Fest 2014 with Vine Famous Bran B
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and vine famous for my signature HUUAAAHH sound and gangster cups,it was 1 of the most FUN & #EPIC days of MY LIFE! #SunFest #Sunfest2014 #Sunfest14 The people were amazing the food was amazing the CONCERT WAS EPIC! #EllieGoulding is my new favorite artist JUST KNOW THAT! U HAVE 2 see this woman perform LIVE! She INSPIRED ME SO MUCH 2 make it to the position she in performing 4 THOUSANDS! I LOVE HER! & my FANS were AMAZING! 1 girl started crying when she saw me so I walked out the VIP & gave her a hug & took a pic with her that almost brought tears 2 my eyes 2 see how much y'all love me,I appreciate EVER person who came up 2 me & asked 4 a picture with me a autograph & said they love my videos,y'all TRUELY don't understand how HUMBLE I am & how much I appreciate it YALL MEAN THE WORLD 2 me! #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers I LOVE YOU!
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When ya Mom make you get the Great Value food at Walmart
This ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz and Vine Famous for my signature sound HUUAAAHH‪! Who Ready 2 Laugh‬ this how I used 2 be in ‪Walmart‬ when my ‪mom‬ used 2 make me get the ‪Great Value‬ food ‪Oreo‬ ‪Oreos‬ ‪The Struggle Is Real‬ ‪The Struggle‬ ‪Team BranB‬ ‪Bran Believers‬ ‪Donna Goudeau‬ ‪I'm Legally Blind‬ ‪Free Donna Goudeau‬ ‪pimp Squad‬ ‪
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Coolest Daughter Ever! Janiyah getting & GIVING gifts
My niece Janiyah is the Coolest daughter ever! She ain't just wait for her present she got her dad a present & card then she TURNED UP after opening her gifts I love my #‎family #‎Family1st#‎FamilyFirst #‎HUUAAAHH - #‎BranBvoice
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When Mom Say The Food Ready on Thanksgiving
This Boss B from Dem Pompano BOYZ dancing showing how he be when mom say the food ready on Thanksgiving
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When a Dolphins Fan Sees a Jets Fan
Zup world this Dem Pompano Boyz Boss B Bran B & Chris coming in the Sun Life Stadium when Chris saw a Jets fan wearing a Jets jersey so he SONNED HIM lol I'm posting the video of us dancing in the stands during half time next go watch it hope yall like it LETS GO DOLPHINS!! follow Boss B on Instagram: @BossB954 Bran B on Instagram: @BranB954 & Chris on Instagram: @iam_dbugz
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Bran B remix to STUDIO
World Premiere Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz remix to School Boy Q song #Studio "I'm just Cruising in my #Camaro trying to get to you baby" let me know what YALL think I'll APPRECIATE it #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers I LOVE YALL BALEEDAT #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice #TeamCamaro
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Big Sean IDFWU Choreography by @BranB954
Zup world this ya boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine Famous 4 my signature "HUUAAAHH" sound & more.Im dancing & stepping 2 this because it's my FAVORITE SONG OUT right now! I love the Beat & the Lyrics.Big Sean 1 of my favorite artist 2.But Team Bran B & Bran Believers check it out & let me know whatcha think! Follow me on Vine: @BranB954 Instagram: @BranB954 Twitter: @BranB954
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Bran B Joke Of The Day about "FUCKIN"
On I-95 driving to ‪Pompano‬ ‪Pompano Beach‬ to ‪‎Vote‬ was ‪Bored‬ so I told my ‪Joke Of The Day‬ featuring characters as me my big brother Boss B & lil brother KB lol hope YALL like this is HILARIOUS!!! ‪#‎HUUAAAHH‬ - ‪#‎BranBvoice‬
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KB & Bran B working out MUSCLE UPS & more
#WorkoutFlow this me & my lil brother (well younger BIG brother Lol) Kelvin KB Black & me #WorkingOut on #Thanksgiving morning at Mitchell Moore Park in my hometown #Pompano #PompanoBeach it's always fun working out with lil bru I love my #Family #FamilyFirst #Family1st #LaFamilia follow my brother KB aka Gods Soulja aka KB13 on Instagram: @KBizKB & follow me on Instagram: @BranB954
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OT GENASIS Coco remake by @BranB954 in PUBLIX
Zup world this YA boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine Famous for my Signature catchphrase "HUUAAAHH" I did a REMAKE of O.T. GENASIS song Coco in Publix I LITERALLY had Bacon Soda lol & I'm in love with the Coco PUFFS
Views: 198 BrandonDBlack
Dem Pompano Memorial Weekend 2010 TURNT UP TBT
Zup world for Throwback Thursday uma let yall see this EPIC VIDEO this ya boy Bran B Boss B Hundred Dollar Will Berry Choo Choo & the rest of Dem Pompano Boyz TURNING UP for memorial weekend in 2010,This a throwback video but it was THE MOST FUN I EVA HAD memorial weeken in miami Memorial Weekend aint been the same lately,this was memorial weekend in its prime! We was going ham yall gone love this damn video
Views: 193 BrandonDBlack
It's Better To Give Than Receive by Bran B
This YA boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine Famous for my catchphrase HUUAAAHH ! "It's Better to GIVE than receive" I shot this before I started delivering the gifts ‪I got for everybody in my family my Camaro Sleigh trunk & back seat was PACKED! #TeamBranB‬ ‪#‎BranBelievers‬ hope YALL had a Merry ‪#‎Christmas‬ ‪#‎HUUAAAHH‬ - ‪#‎BranBvoice‬
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Bran B giving back & MOTIVATING homeless man
Keep the #Blessings in Rotation #KeepTheBlessingsInRotation ...when God #Bless you it's only right you #PassTheBlessings & bless somebody else...this man approached me trying to sell me incense & I was happy to help him out,a lot of people on the streets strictly BEGGING This dude use ing the little he got to earn money,I made his day,& motivated him before I started recording he said he gone be like me one day driving a #Camaro I love stuff like this #Motivation #HardWorkDedication #GivingBack #Humble #GoodDeed #GoodDeeds.... #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers I CHALLENGE you all to do something to make a strangers day,even if it's just giving them a compliment "you look nice today" I do it all the time lol There's so much #HATE in this world let's make it a lil better by spreading #Love .... #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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1 of Bran B gifts for mom
My mom opening up another 1 of her Christmas gifts,I took her shopping earlier this week 2,she work HARD she even had to work on Christmas,was still in her uniform,but this is the lady who is the reason I'm successful & have everything I have today,without her I would be NOTHING! I LOVE YOU MOM AKA TWIN!! ‪#‎YouTheRealMvp‬ & without my mom in my life ‪#‎AintNoChristmasBih‬ ‪#‎Plies‬ voice I LOVE my ‪#‎family‬‪#‎FamilyFirst‬ ‪#‎Family1st‬ ‪#‎LaFamilia‬
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" BraNicki " Nicki Minaj and Bran B
Zup world this ya boy Bran B and i know I KNOW that the chances are SLIM AF that Nicki Minaj would even REPLY to this song but i wrote this song for Onika asking her out because she single now,i know y'all about to make fun of me I'm ready lol but hope y'all enjoy the song & hear where I'm coming from,Why can't a regular dude get the woman everyone wants....at least a date lol (fingers crossed) Team BranB and Bran Believers i LOVE YALL HUUAAAHH - Bran B voice
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Almost Drowned Myself Trying To Be Sexy Remake
This YA boy Bran B from Dem Pompano Boyz & Vine famous for my signature Catchphrase HUUAAAHH I Almost Drowned myself Trying To Be Sexy Remake of the HILARIOUS @comedianchris video lol i was jammin 2 Usher Nice And Slow in Slow Motion then Failed #TeamBranB #BranBelievers #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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Bran B and Jarae Freestyling in the car
Zup world this ya boi Bran B and my home girl JaRae Nicole Womack in the car cruzing and #freestyling on our way to go #Canoeing and #Kayaking #TeamBranB and #BranBelievers make sure yall also hop on #TeamJarae This woman is TALENTED AF! She just signed to Sobe Entertainment and got a couple of songs on Itunes Her single "Corrupt" feat Ce'Cile is getting a lot of radio play and rising,her song with Urban Mystic "No Matter How High" is rising also and MAKE SURE you all check out her new single "Sound Of A Woman" is my FAVORITE! Its DEEP and 1 of the most real songs i ever heard.Hear all these songs at Soundcloud.com/SobeEntertainment Follow her on Instagram: @JaraeWomack And vine: @Jmack4U and I got over 130,000 followers on Vine follow me if you aint already Vine: @BranB954 follow me on Instagram: @BranB954
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Sunrise with Bran B using Time Lapse & slow motion Dancing
Me at the #Beach EARLY this morning watching the #Sunrise SOLO lol #SunriseFlow ☀️Dancing while the #Sun came up This was the MOST #Beautiful sight EVER! ....I been living in #Florida #FLA ALL MY LIFE & this my 1st time watching the sunrise at the #beach ...I feel disappointed at myself for taking this beautiful state I live in 4 granted but glad I finally did it,if you are a #Floridian & never did it GO ASAP! & fellas take YA girl she wud love it,Uma take someone special to watch it with me 1 day when I find her lol ( #TeamSingle #Single ) I was TURNT UP THO! #Dancing my ASS OFF! This gotta be my favorite video I ever made. recorded this with my COOL AZZ #128GB #Iphone6plus #Iphone6 + #Slowmotion at the top & #TimeLapse at the bottom I LOVE my phone I LOVE MY #LIFE #TeamBranB & #BranBelievers I love yall I LOVE MY #FAMILY #HUUAAAHH - #BranBvoice
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When You use "HO HO HO" wrapping paper
When you use "HO HO HO" wrapping paper
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