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The Boss S3-Episode 11-Hit on you- Preview
Helloooo my lovelies!!!! I'm finally back from my vacation:))) It's been so long since I last uploaded something, and I miss you guys sooo much you have no idea, I want you to know that I won't cancel anything, I will try my best to work on all my series. The only problem is my job, i spend a lot of time there and when I come home I am extremly tired and lazy to film :( I hope you will enjoy this preview. I will do my best to get this whole episode out asap :))) Thank yoou for your patience and understanding, with love Bea :)))
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The Ballerina-The Sims 2
Please read If you like this video go to my channel and watch my new series The Boss it has the same theme and feel to it even more so dont hesitate go and watch it This is my entry I hope you like it.I know we had two months to make a video,but after thinking a lot about a storyline well this idea popped in my mind. The theme of my entry I believe is loss.A famous and admired ballerina lost everything. I usually don´t make music videos a lot but I had fun filming this.Please tell me what you think bad or good. Music used: Diva by Mark Mancina,Blood Plus anime Shinkichi Mitsumune- Memory of Music Box-Speed Grapher anime
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My Wedding :)
I don't like sharing too much info about my private life and such but you guys are like my family, I love you all sooo much you have no idea. My wedding was beautiful I LOVED every second of it and I was so happy that day. I wish everyone to find the perfect person for them just like I found mine :)))) Thank you for watching, with love BEA
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A Thousand Years of Sorrow- Episode 1 Preview
Hello, this is my new series I'm working on ( alongside The Boss). " A Thousand Years od Sorrow" was written by me back in 2010 before I started re-writing The Boss. I love this story even more than The Boss and Infected, the reason why I never made anything related to it is because it wasn't written to be a sims 2 series and now I find it quite challenging and hard to make with the sims 2, so I will probably change some aspects of the story to make it easire to film. Don't try to lecture me because I don't care. For the plot summary please go to my new blog (dedicated to this series) and check it out: http://thousandyearssorrow.blogspot.hu/. This episode might take a while to get out because I have so many lots to make and charactres it takes like forever , so yeah I hope you like it.
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Captivated Episode 1 IPart 2I-"Mr.Godwin"
Hey there I miss you guys but my life is just very busy :( Before you start complaining let me tell you one thing : nothin is cancelled I just want to take things slowly and want to make things the best so please just give this series a chance, it's going to bve awsome. Music by : Josh Woodward Lot's of love :BEA
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The Boss Episode 7 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
Here it is fast as always... What can I say I hope you like it it has Mature Content so you are warned to watch only if you dont feel offended by this. Once again Violet normal days are over but maybe this time for good, let me tell you that the real story starts from here. The first six episodes were only an introduction of Violets life and the story was developing just for the upcoming events. If you have questions about the plot like The Districts, The Areas, The Concubines post them and I will make a video explaining it in detail since I wont be doing it in the episodes.More than ten minutes and this is my longest episode so far. Tell me what you think and if you like the story development. Like and subscribe and of course comment
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In love with my best friend
"I love him but I can't tell him...He's in love with someone else...I have to be happy for him, but why does it hurt so much?" I haven't filmed a music video in so long. After hearing this song I felt inspired to hit the record button. Gah, the feels man. Ik everyone is waiting for The M.Boss and F.Souls and they will be out at some point, I just have some serious family issues and I can't seem to have any power to sit down and film. It sucks, but once my emotional state will be better I can continue working on everything. Thank you for your patience :) Song: https://soundcloud.com/lowercasenoises/famine-and-the-death-of-a-mother
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Tender Chaos -Season 2- Intro
Hey guys, I bring you the new intro of Tender Chaos Season 2. The characters listed will be the mains in Season 2 ( first part) but that doesn't means the rest won't have a part of the story, Tell me what you think. Episode 1 of Season 2 will be out tonight or tomorrow.
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The Boss  Episode 1 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
WATCH THE REMAKE WITH VOICES : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIdsFdXESmo It's here my lovelies and I must say I filmed this for days and I think it turned out pretty well. Story: A 16 years old girl lives with her mother and two younger siblings ( who are twins) in a small house, they are poor and because of that she works at a Flower Shop, to help her mother as much as she can. But somehow she feels empty and alone. In the small town where she lives nothing really happens. She is pure and bright. Everything changes when she finds an injured man in an alley and this is where the story begins. Alright now about the characters: I did my best to make them as unique as possible, and as I read the comments I was happy to see that you guys like them. Tell what do you think about the first episode, the filming and everything else that comes into you' r mind, I enjoy reading comments a lot despite the fact that I might not respond to them. Info episode 2: Hmmm.......IDK ..... really. It is already filmed heck I already started filming some scenes form episode 3 too, but I still need to add the subs and render it and that is what takes so long for me. That's about it....oh and The Boss refers to The Mafia Boss if you did not know Bye bye and enjoy
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Infected Season 2- Preview 2
Hey Infected fans, I kept you waiting long I know but don't worry I'm going to get episode 12 out this month for sure. This is a preview of season 2 but season 1 still has a few episodes. The new girl will be voiced by me (IDK...I'm still not sure my voice sucks big time oh well...) I hope you are still interested in this. Love ya', Bea
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Infected-Season 2 -Preview
Helloo I'm on fire again :))) I really wanted to upload a preview of Infected because it's been a while. I'm still working on it and don't plan on stoping it because I love it too much. Please don't judge a book by it's cover, because a lot of things are going on in the series and Zett is a lovable guy, no cheating in here. Haha , it's going to be amazing I promise.
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A Thousand Years of Sorrow- Episode 2- "Gleaming silver eyes"
Here is the 2nd episode of my new series. I know it starts out slowly but it will get more and more interesting later on. The Boss will be back in JANUARY so stop asking me about it because I won't get it out faster. Thank you for watching . xoxo Bea Muisc: Uraboku OST, Jigoku Shoujo OST.
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The Boss episode 4 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
This is one is short I know... but I have my reasons for this In promise... This episode is mainly about the passing time and Violet and Jurians relationship. But Violet does not know about Jurians true nature a JOB she thinks everything is perfect.Enjoy Episode 5 INFO I already filmed most of it I have only a few scenes to film and will add subtitles and render it.Hopefully it will be out by Saturday. I really enjoy filming this and because of that I feel kind of sad when I see that my videos have only a few views but I will work hard now and in the future to gain more views and subscribers. Tell me what do you think will happen next?
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Tender Chaos ( The Boss)  - Episode 0 - My mother
This my 9000+ subbies gift for you all, I know it's short but it's like a teaser and I didn't want to give away too much info :) Who do you like better? Rihan or Khan? Btw Khan is a mama's boy :)
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The Boss Episode 13 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
WARNING!!!!! MATURE CONTENT!!!!!!!! Oh I absolutely love this episode I had so much fun filming it. It turned out better than I imagined.I had some trouble with Anzhelo's house so I had to change it, it was a heavy file and it really slowed down my computer so I am sorry about that. This episode is crazy I'm telling you but watch it to find out. It took me two days to film it and half a day to freakin' edit it but oh well it was all worth it. I feel so sorry for Anzhelo he is such a nice guy....Violet what will she do next? Jurian is cool as always working hard. Questions: 1.What would you like to happen in the upcoming episodes? Tell me you'r ideas and I might use them. One month has passed since I started making The Boss and I already have 13 episodes I think I broke the record lol just kidding heh I don't know what to say anymore....Comment on the plot or whatever you want cause I like to read them.Kisses and lost of love!!!!!!!
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The Boss Season 2 Episode 10 ( The Sims 2)
Hey guys here is episode 10 of season 2, I know I promised it for Friday but I managed to finish it faster :) The next episode is the season 2 final episode and then season 3 starts with a bang!!! It was an amazing experience for me I enjoyed every minute of making this series and it is all thanks to you my dear subscribers because you are the reason why I continue to come up with new ideas..... Please tell everyone about The Boss so we can make it more and more popular and subscribe :) I hope you enjoy this episode and please comment and like the video it means a lot to me, next episode will be out sometimes next week, I will post bulletin to tell you the exact date lots of love , Beatrice :)
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A Thousand Years of Sorrow- Episode 6- Preview
Hey guys! I already filmed to whole episode and I'm planning on uploading it on Friday. It's 23 minutes long and I'm not sure if I should upload the whole thing or make it in two parts. Please tell me what you think. Music: Blood Plus OST
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The Boss episode 2 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
I was so fast with this one...hope you like it.
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The Boss Season 2 Episode 6 (The Sims 2 Mafia Story)
Warning!!!!!! Men x Men content!!!! If you don't like it then please don't watch. So yeah here I am back with a brand new episode of The Boss after a very long timer I know....but I really hated filming with my old laptop so much that you can't even imagine. BTW I bought my new PC and it works great :) Question Time!!!!!! 1.What would you do if you were Violet? 2.Who do you think will end up with who? 3.What do you think about Reizlel's past? 4.Did you like this episode? Please subscribe to my Channel to show some love and support :) Episode 7 will be out sooner
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Tender Chaos- Who ended up with who? + Q&A OPEN
If you want to know more about certain characters then post your questions in the comments. I will make a video answering every question (related to Tender Chaos) Thank you for listening :D
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The Boss S2 Episode 11 -Season Final-
UPDATE The End of season 2 :)
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The Boss S3 -Episode 3 IPart 1I-Jurian
This episode is titled "Jurian" because you get to know him a little better xD. Scarlet is having a dream from her past? Or just simly a dream which has nothing to do with the reality? Tell me which one do you think it's the truth? Jurian heads out shopping in the closest town ( yes I used a lot from Infected xD I was too lazy to build a new one and I hate building lots lol) and meets with an "old friend" who invites him to her place to have a few drinks like in the old days. Jurian explains a bit his past and talks about the girl he always dreamed of. And realises something at the end of this part. I really hope you like it because I love this part and please stop hating on my decision because I put a lot of effort in these episodes. I wanted to show a bit Jurian's past and his feelings and the fact that despite everything and the way he acts he is a very lonely person. The next part will be out Wednesday so please look out for that xD. Music used: Josh Woodwrad Incompetech.com Dantalion no Shoka anime OST. Check out the exclusive pics from part 2 : http://angelbeamfilms.blogspot.hu/2013/06/the-boss-s3-ep3-part-2-exclusive-shots.html Thank you so much for watching and don't forget to leave a comment xD
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The Boss S2 Episode 6 Teaser (The Sims 2 Mafia Series)
Surprise!!!!!! I had these clips on my computer for a few months now and I decided to put them together and upload it for you my lovely viewers because I LOVE YOU :) So episode 6 of Season 2 is about Reizel's past and his dirty little secret of course many other things happen in this episode but oh well. In this episode you are going to meet two new characters : Reizel's twin sister and Isaac, Jurian and Jardine's brother and The Shadows band members:) Question: Do you find this teaser exciting ? Check out my new website dedicated to The Boss series : http://thebossims2.webs.com/index.htm Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Angelbeam19 Subscribe if you already heaven't, I will send you a virtual kiss :) Idk when this actual episode will come out, only after I buy The Pc
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The Boss S4-  Jurian vs. Saika -TRAILER
Some of you will freak out when you see this haha, what's happening in the video and why? You will get an anwser in January because that's when The Boss will be back :) Love you all! Question: -Team Saika or -Team Jurian
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Golden Cage- Caius x Violet- Sims 2 Machinima
What can I say other than enjoy?
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The Boss Episode 6 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
This episode is all about...well watch to find out ...I am too lazy to write a summary. INFO Episode 7...That's when the fun begins...well for me at least. I'm done filming it I just need to render it. Anyway tell me what you think about this episode and what you think will happen next????
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The Boss Season 3 Full trailer
So I changed the music for the trailer for you who are on mobile and can't watch on Vimeo tell me what you think:)If you want to see it with the original music please go and watch it here : https://vimeo.com/57084838
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The Mafia Boss |The Sims 2 Voice Over Series| Episode 1 (Sub Esp/ Slovak/Russian/ Indo/Eng)
Subtitles : English, Slovak, Russian, Indonesian, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese) Episode 2 is out!!! : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7UcjBUuV1U The Mafia Boss is the remake of my original series The Boss!!! It's been 3 years since I've made a voice overs series and I must admit it was a lot of fun! But also a lot of work. I feel like I've been filming it forever haha. I'd like to thank the amazing and talented voice actors without whom this episode wouldn't have turned out the way it did! VA : Violet : ceesy5 Caius : Shai Noah: Tuong Klein Anzhelo : donattsu Marigold: TheOnlyException Felicien: TheMelvinMan Camillia/Aiden : StarstoShinex Story: Violet Monroe is an average highschool girl from District 3 (Low Class) who lives with her mother and two younger siblings. Her days are always the same. She takes care of her sibling, go to school, then to her part-time job at the Flower Shop then heads goes to bed. She finds her life very monotone and boring and often wishes for something interesting, new and exciting would happen her life. If she knew how bad things could turn out just by meeting Caius Lucius Neigé the most influential person in Avalon, the Governor of District 1 and the Crown Prince she probably would have never wished for anything. Her life gets even more complicated when she saves a mysterious man who seems to be a homeless person at first glance. This is a love triangle and it's modified from The Boss. It will have scenes that aren't present in the original series. Thank you so much for watching, do tell us what you think the voice actors and me would appreciate your feedback. If you like Caius and of course his voice then go check his FB page out : https://www.facebook.com/shaiyaekim/?fref=ts Give a thumbs up if you want to see the next episode :) Comment and don't forget to subscribe for more. Thank you all for watching! xoxo, Bea *the house Caius lives in was made by Maryata. All credits go to her/him. English subs coming soon. If you know and are willing to make subs in other languages PM me and I§'ll gladly upload it if you want to support my work and of course the amazing voice actors. If you want to see more of this show then become my patron and donate as much as you can if you can of course :) Rewards are waiting for those who donate :D https://www.patreon.com/Angelbeam19
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The Boss/ Tender Chaos/ Forsaken Souls- Intro Compilation
Idk why but I felt really nostalgic. The Boss "trilogy" will be 4 years old in February and I thought it would be cool to put all the intro's that I've made these past years together. Btw, I'm working on F.Souls episode 9. I'm actually very proud of myself for working on these for so long and no one can take that away from me :) Which one of the intros, or the 3 series to you like the best? And why? Thanks for watching, bye bye My askfm : http://ask.fm/Angelbeam My blog: http://angelbeamfilms.blogspot.hu/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Angelbeam19?fref=ts Tumblr: http://angelbeam19.tumblr.com/
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Violet and Jurian on free will (づ◔ ͜ʖ◔)づ
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The Boss Episode 11(Sims 2 Mafia Story)
Ok guys this one is full of mistakes...I know don't hate me lol. Sony Vegas was acting weird today...spelling argh!!!!!!!! I know!!!!!!!!!! But I hope you enjoy despite the mistakes. I was in a rush to make this one since tomorrow I start work again(I was on a mini vacation lol) and that means that I won't be getting these out every two days but next one will be out hopefully on Sunday or sooner but not later. Question: Would you like this to be with voice over? Like, comment and subscribe if you already hadn't Love you alllllllll
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The Boss Episode 10  (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
Rampampam, this one came out early as well didn't it? I decided to post it today because some people were starting to ask me if I will make more well here is my answer. I know a lot of you are somewhat scared because a lot of directors start something and then never finish it I myself had projects I never finished but I will finish this one. Tell me what you think like comment and subscribe lots of love to all of you who like The Boss, for me this is a great experience. I so love two of my guys that I can't choose one lol which guy is the hottest in you'r opinion?
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Tender Chaos (The Boss)- Intro
Hello everyone, today I bring you my Intro for my new series Tender Chaos. This series is NOT a spin off of The Boss it's the sequel whih means it's the continuation after a very long time skip. The main characters are shown but there are a lopt more so I will prb. upload a video introducing them all. Intro made by me song Feel Good Inc. dubstep remix. The first episode it's on it's way so it should be out the upcoming days. This is the first version of the Intro I might make a new one , idk. Very excited for this one and can't wait. Tender Chaos Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/244963695677056/ Khan Callus has a facebook : https://www.facebook.com/khan.callus Adrielle has a facebook : https://www.facebook.com/adrielle.rowan?fref=ts Ask Khan a question : http://ask.fm/KhanCallus Ask Adrielle a question : http://ask.fm/Adrielle_Elle Thank you for watching, lot's of love Bea xoxo
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Tender Chaos S2- Episode 19- Preview
Hello... How long has it been since I last worked on this series? TWO YEARS...OMG! I thought I would NEVER pick this back up but... here it is! OMG, seriously I wanted to cancel it for good but now I suddenly got inspired to continue working on this series. There's still so much story to tell. Who's excited that it's back? Coming soon-ish . Song: Leonell Cassio - 2000 of 8 (ft. Charlotte Leone)
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The Mafia Boss- Crazy In Love (TEASER)
A lil' teaser for all my absence haha. I'm trying to work on all of my projects now that my inspiration is finally back. I hope you enjoy this video. xoxo
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The Mafia Boss SEASON 2 ~ NEW Characters~
Hey guys! *I have deliberately NOT put in the video their names + I forgot two characters smh *These are the new characters, the old ones will be in it too. They're also the children of the old characters I have officially sent out the script for episode 6 to the cast. Great progress, right?Considering it's been 5 months LOL... Anyway, I've been thinking a lot about making a season 2 in the future and I decided to make it happen. But season 2 will be more like Tender Chaos. Those who watched Tender Chaos will see quite a few if not all familiar faces in this video. It will be a voiced series as well, so I'll post a casting call sometime in January or February. Until then , I'm hoping to get out as many episodes as possible. Now let the guessing games begin! P.S. Even if you watched Tender Chaos, keep it in mind that I changed quite a lot regarding the plot and characters. If in Tender Chaos for example Ivy was Violet's daughter, that might not be the case in the remake. You never know what I twisted. Thanks for watching xoxo, Bea
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The Boss S2 Episode 5 (The Sims 2 Mafia Series)
I don't know what to say I am angry right now
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The Boss Episode 12 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
Hi I'm back with episode 12 faster than I promised. In this episode Jurian decides to start working out to regain his strength but he encounters difficulties due to his weakened body, and thanks to an annoying person. Luciel calls The Governors and tells them to look for Violet in every district. Violet finally feels happy and free. Rosabell heart is broken and runs off the who knows where and more so watch it find out more. I am satisfied with this episode, I like how it turned out more than the last one. Regarding my last question I decided to continue it with subs because I am impatient to wait for the voice actors to send in the lines so with subs I can work on my own pace. I have some new questions for you so please answer them if you want to of course. Questions: 1.Favorite scene in this episode? 2.What do you think about Anzhelo and Violets relationship? 3. Favorite episode form all 12? 4. Most annoying character? Only two or three episodes left until season final but don't fret because The Boss continues with Season Two with action, drama, love, hate and everything else you are already used to. I would like to thank all of you who support me and The Boss and for always leaving nice comments.I always say to myself "I'm not filming today, I'm not in the mood but I check out my youtube channel and read the comments and the I'm like "Ok ...I'm so happy now that I want to film the next scene and I end up filming a whole episode.Thank you. I am doing the Boss because I never felt so obsessed with a story and because of you who watch it and like it . Alright that's enough because I am starting to get corny lol. Enjoy, Like, Favorite and Subscribe if you already haven't and don't forget to leave comments
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21 Times Caius Eye F*cked Violet+ BONUS SHOT
Reupload, cause some of you had issues viewing the video bcs of the song being blocked in some countries XDD Proper English sentence XD
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The Boss Season 5 - Ultimate Trailer
Hi everyone I bring you the new trailer of Season 5 , of course I left out a lot of improtnant things from it because I want it to be a surprise for you all. Yes Saika has a new hair style which he will use from time to time:) The next episode will be out tomorrow . Love you all xoxo Bea
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The Boss Season 2 Episode 9 (The Sims 2)
I'm back with a new episode, I did this fast because next week maybe I wont have time to upload anything so this is in advance for that. BTW, I fuckin love Athos( silver haired guy) he's the most sexy male sim I ever made, he was the one who inspired me to write season 3 hehehe...Tell me what you think. I love this episode too. Please share this episode and tell everyone about the series and lets make it even more popular together. Lots of love Beatrice :)
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The Boss S2 Episode 4 (The Sims 2 Mafia Story)
ok so I am very angry right now!!!!! I rendered this episode two times today. First time was great, the music was great and everything was perfect until the moment I uploaded it here and it got blocked and muted because of the music I used ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! After that I had to change all the music and render it again and waited 3 and a half hours to find out that I didn't rendered it in widescreen (idk how that happened) and that I used the same music in two different scenes and that makes me so angry that I want to throw out my laptop!!!!! Anyway sorry about this crappy video with stupid music and stupid quality but I was in a rush....anyway ....I hope you will still enjoy it despite these stupid mistakes.Lots of love Beatrice :)
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The Boss Season 2 Episode 8 (The Sims 2 )
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!! I know I promised one epiosde per week but I was away for the holidays :) so I will try to do my best from now on :) This is one of the best episodes (in my opinion -plot vise) and I enjoyed filming it quite a lot. Excuse the spelling errors I was in a rush
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Infected Ep 10-Last Preview
I wanted to upload this because some of you got scared that I forgot about this series, as you can see I didn't I'm going to continue filming this in a few minutes. I said this many times before but it's going to be a very long episode so that's why it's taking me forever to make haaha. Hope you enjoy this short preview. Cast: Gemini- voiceychic Rainer-EkolarasMagnum Niyol-Dubawesome Lillian-Rocioswim4613 Lots of love Beatrice XD
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The Boss Episode 15-SEASON FINAL (The Sims 2 Mafia Story)
WARNING!!!!!!!! WARNING!!!!!!!!! MATURE CONTENT!!!!!!! So the last episode of Season One is here my dear subscribers, it was a great experience all the way and it was the first time in my "career" as a Sims 2 movie Director that I was so dedicated and addicted in making videos. I changed the plot so many times that I can't even count it just for you guys to be entertained. A lot of you told me that it's unique and that was exactly what I was aiming for to be different from any other series on here and I appreciate your love and support for The Boss, thank you very much everyone I will do my best from now o too trying to bring you new and exiting stuff. NEWS PLEASE READ: Season Two starts sometime in the middle of April because I neglected Boulevard of Broken Dreams quite a bit and I am continuing that, please try to understand me that in the past two months I filmed The Boss almost on a daily basis and I feel that if I continued sometime soon I would ruin everything and I don't want that. BUT....I will continue The Boss and finish it just like it should be finished. Please support Boulevard of Broken Dreams too because it will be very exciting full of twists and turns, triangles action and all that jazz you already are used to with The Boss. I am very diverse when it comes to story telling and can many other stories to. BBD is a lot different from The Boss but if you enjoyed this one you will enjoy BBD too. Questions: 1.What do you think about Jurian and Aimeé being together? 2. Will Jurian really try to kill Violet? 3.Will Luciel really let her be free or is he plotting something? 4.Are you looking forward to BBD? Thank you tell me what you think and please answer these questions
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The Boss Episode 3 (Sims 2 Mafia Story)
WARNING mild nudity and mature content!!!! You might be thinking that all I do is film but actually I am quite busy with my job but whenever I have a little time I start the game and press C hehe. I am so addicted to this that I can't help it I must film it. I know that I have bin getting these out quiet fast but it won't always be like this. Tell me what you think about the plot and well whatever you want . Next is episode 4 I will post some time this week a sneak peek for you guys. Enjoy
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Forsaken Souls- Season 2- Teaser
Still my fave video of all time. I'm hoping to continue it someday :D
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The Boss S3- Episode 2- IPart1I "Scarlet"
Hello I was fast wasn't I? Warning MATURE content watch at your own risk! Any questions post it down below :) Don't forget to leave a commnet I really enjoy reading them xD. I really don't know what else to say other than enjoy :) Part 2 will be out next week thank you for watching! Muisc by Kevin MacLeod on incompetech.com The black haired female sim at the end talking to Ivory was made by Lilith sims the rest of the sims were made by me :)
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The Mafia Boss |The Sims 2 Voice Over Series|- Episode 2 (Sub Esp/ Slovak/ Russian/English)
I had to cut out the intro because of YT being a b*tch! Title : "Homeless Guy" Hello everyone! Finally after a smaller delay I bring you episode 2 of The Mafia Boss. I apologize for getting this out later but I had some issues with Jurian's previous VA and he had to be replaced. Luckily I found someone much better and extremely talented to fill Juju's role. I do realize the quality isn't the best but that's because I switched screen capture softwares and I'm still in the process of learning how to use it. Even tho this episode is very similar from episode 1 of The Boss the story won't 100% follow it. I changed quite a few things and I'm actually very happy with it. I would like to thank the amazing VA who did such an amazing job! They make my work so much easier! Everyone sends their lines in very fast and they are dedicated, it's a joy to work with them. Jurian Leigh: Tori Kamal - http://www.torikamal.com/ Violet Monroe: ceesy5 - https://www.youtube.com/user/ceesy5 Caius- Lucius Neige : Shai - https://www.facebook.com/shaiyaekim/?... Noah - Tuong Klein :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyQqgE88Z-3WBKo0zR03qFw Nicole - The BooBooStar : https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBooBo... Camilla/Aiden Monroe: StarstoShinex -https://www.youtube.com/user/StarstoS... Ride : Marcus Carne If you have any questions don't forget to leave a comment :) Hit the thumbs up button if you want to see the next episode of The Mafia Boss and don't forget to subscribe. Social Links: Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/17164... My askfm: https://ask.fm/Angelbeam ----------------------------------------­------------------------------------ Team Jurian? Team Caius? Team someone else? Let me know in the comments. Thank you all so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I enjoyed filming it. Happy Holidays!!! Love you all! xoxo, Bea *English and Spanish subs coming soon!
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A Thousand Years of Sorrow-Opening-
I never done something like this before and I must say I love the way it came out :) The song is from the second opening from my fav anime Uraboku The episode will be out tomorrow
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