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Will & Grace: Backstage Pass (4/4) pt.1
sorry for the delay... No Copyright
Views: 95406 seanhayesbaby
Will & Grace: Backstage Pass (1/4)
the most daring sitcom on televison moves to Lifetime No Copyright intended
Views: 141672 seanhayesbaby
Will & Grace: Backstage Pass (4/4) Pt. 2
this is the veey last part of the BSP hope you all enjoyed it
Views: 113602 seanhayesbaby
Will & Grace Backstage Pass (2/4)
No copy right inteneded
Views: 123099 seanhayesbaby
Will & Grace: Backstage Pass (3/4)
No copy right intended
Views: 212878 seanhayesbaby
Vanity - Will & Grace
A mixture of clips from interviews, backstage, and the ep. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the clips I used. they are property of NBC also the audio
Views: 1059 seanhayesbaby
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich - Karen Walker
A series of videos from "Will & Grace" Karen to be exact. I dont own any of this No copyright intended
Views: 79023 seanhayesbaby
Karen Walker- Wunderland Part 2
Part 2 of the first version i made
Views: 2415 seanhayesbaby
Clips if the amazing Megan Mullally for her 51st birthday i might make another video with the same song only you know better lol enjoy
Views: 433 seanhayesbaby

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