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My Nerf gun setup.              FIRST EVER YOUTUBE VIDEO
These are my opinion! Don't think they are the best just because I picked them.
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Forza horizon 3 random drivatar crash
bonus points for anyone that noticed my license plate said "GORILA"
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Gave my little Mip a flashlight!
Watch and enjoy my little Mip, don't forget to like and subscribe
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New channel name, New Intro!
This is my new intro for my channel because i have recently changed my channel name.
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New PERMANENT intro!
I finally made an intro I like and will start posting videos again fairly shortly
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My new Intro
Here Is my new Intro, hope you like it
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September 21, 2015
I'm just showing you my knives today and explaining why I can't YouTube much and that moved not much really.
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Nerf flip fury unboxing and shooting test
First unboxing video hope you enjoy... Please like and subscribe for more videos! 😀 thanks for watching.
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I had to write it one hundred times...
I cut a glue bottle in half...
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New Channel Announcement!
Thank you guys for watching! (Btw the reason I'm acting tired is because it's 11:00 pm) DON'T FORGET: HAVE AN AWESOME FREAKING DAY!!!!!!!!
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Cutting open a jawbreaker
I like to cut stuff open and show you guys (:
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New Nerf gun tactical setup
I will be trying to get those gaming videos up very soon, thanks for watching
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Shooting my new BB gun!
I know most of this is just me playing with a bb gun, but please watch the whole thing! (I did Say some important stuff...)
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Middle school
I can't YouTube much now that I'm in middle school but I'll try to upload gaming videos
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Gun snapped in half!!!
i was just recording me about to do some shooting and my gun snapped in half!
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