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FUNNY Baby Shower Video
Baby Thing
Views: 2861 Donnell Gray
Funny Monkey Shower
Who says monkeys are dirty? When this one steals my orange, he ends up squeaky clean. Footage Talent, LLC is the exclusive licensor of this video. Please contact [email protected] for licensing inquiries. All rights reserved.
Views: 24595 NatureBreak
Funny Bengal Cats in the tub - Kuma and Elton take a bath and shower
Kitties jumping into the tub with their toys, and attacking the water
Views: 343391 Gusamor
Woman in Shower Commercial Creepy or Funny?
The environmentally-friendly cleaner brand Method has pulled a controversial viral video that compared toxic household soaps to sexual aggressors. The spot, made in support of the Household Product Labeling Act, shows once-friendly bathtub cleansing suds heckling a woman as she showers. The bubbles become increasingly insistent, finally chanting "loofah!" while the woman nervously covers herself. Many viewers were put off by the video, finding the image of a woman sexually harassed by her household products disturbing and the use of such behavior as a cleaning joke insenstive to assault victims. After receiving numerous complaints, Method took the video offline. "Due to the sensitive nature of [concerned viewers'] concerns we chose to take down the video," a spokeswoman for the company said. Treehugger called the ad "hilarious." Read more at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/12/13/method-ad-shiny-suds-pull_n_390275.html Read Ana's blog here: http://www.examiner.com/x-5445-Politics-in-Education-Examiner http://tinyurl.com/ycwk6cv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/theyoungturks Check Out TYT Interviews http://www.youtube.com/user/TYTInterviews Watch more at http://www.theyoungturks.com
Views: 470140 The Young Turks
funny shower video
mr. clean...aka chan
Views: 161 gunna002
Funny Video Frog in the Shower
This is when we found a frog and decided to start a prank war on our sister! This is the beginning of a long hard war! lol!
Views: 696 purplespandexprod
Funny Shower
Funny Shower scean, could happen to you.
Views: 924 Daily Funny Vids
Criminal Minds-JJ&Garcia-"Shower Time with Kevin"
I just thought this was a pretty funny clip. =) Oh Garcia... So I won't get bombarded with the questions, this is from season 3, episode 14
Views: 137705 imjusthyperr
Nightmare Shower
See more great viral and funny videos at www.angryclam.com
Views: 162 angryclamdotcom
funny shower prank
Don't you just hate it when a wild man attacks you in the shower? lol Funny Video!
Views: 376 lister249
Shower Prank in Atlantic City!
This is too funny. Mikey taking a shower and we bust in on him with the camera....... the funniest thing is his scream LOL
Views: 880 Ricanstyleznyc
afv- scared in the shower
this is a video of a kid being scared in the shower and was premeired on americas funniest home videos
Views: 14248 baseballbro15
Funny Shower Scene
the twins sneaking up on theyre brother in the shower (:
Views: 3118 Mike Thaler
Funny girl in the shower, discussion in the shower
Discussion in the shower, 2 little girls
Views: 2883 cemagete
funny shower scene
my niece getting scared in the shower
Views: 1102 sundyamy
Women Vs Men in the Shower
funny video
Views: 124 halodude5930
women in the shower
Scoop, Gather, Splash. Funny jokes about What women do in the shower, women's secret shower habits, jealous of men in the shower, seeing myself shower in a hotel bathroom. Jen Grant comedian
Views: 72581 Jen Grant
Funny German Man Shower
Funny German Man Shower
Views: 11284 mehrdad123
wistopher christopher-chris singing in the shower
funny video where chris sings in da shower!!!! lol =) lol! please comment
Views: 80 mandiee800
Stupid joke extrem shower too funny
a co-worker joke ...what a shower!!!!
Views: 11996 STG1340
Shurik mistakes bidet for a shower... Funniest Shit Ever!
Shurik mistakes bidet for a shower...
Views: 786 bigmonya
Call Of Duty 4 funny shower scene
Views: 129 PoisonGamersTV
Levi Gets Scared #2: After A Shower / FUNNY!
Fat Boy Almost Pees Himself.
Views: 621 Adam Corriere
Views: 63108 jjj54
Scared The Hell Otta Mi little Sister... LOL Gotta SEE!!!!
Views: 906 nanagurl009
Funny dog after shower
hey this is my dog kipper he is awesome and i made a video of him a whille back and decided hey why not make a video and this description is long and boring but who cares no one reads these things soo umm enjoy!
Views: 851 Timothy Welman
Funny bridal shower
Views: 670 thaimex13
Our Siamese Cats at Shower Time
Our two Siamese cats go beserk whenever Sharron takes a shower.... * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/954642 For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.
Views: 3437406 fstopfitzgerald
Funny baby taking a shower
This baby is singing in the shower, then plays with mama and finds a treasure in his butt LOL
Views: 2139 Elvievideo
Bunny shower
Showering my bunny. For those that are curious, she's a Netherland Dwarf breed. Here's another vid of her doing a barrel roll. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=db1ZOreRT6g
Views: 9013108 Segaton
Trilly cat takes a fun bath and shower
My cat Trilly takes a bath and shower. It is a 13 years old female Siberian cat and lives in Naples, Italy.
Views: 12473 Chieio
morning shower
i love taking showers but not when somebody comes in and starts filming you! this is funny made by same people as other video
Views: 3463 TheMrman48
Police academy 1 funny scenes
Here's the funny scenes from the number 1 of the series police academy. Read full description with more info. Later i will upload the other 6 movies funny - scenes. Director: Hugh Wilson Actors: Steve Guttenberg... Carey Mahoney Kim Cattrall... Karen Thompson G.W. Bailey... Lt. Harris (as G. W. Bailey) Bubba Smith... Moses Hightower Donovan Scott... Leslie Barbara George Gaynes... Commandant Lassard Andrew Rubin... George Martin David Graf... Tackleberry Leslie Easterbrook... Sgt. Callahan Michael Winslow... Larvell Jones Debralee Scott... Mrs. Fackler Bruce Mahler... Doug Fackler Ted Ross... Captain Reed Scott Thomson... Chad Copeland Brant von Hoffman... Kyle Blankes (as Brant Van Hoffman) If you want to download them all (7) you need to have a torrent downloader like utorrent http://www.utorrent.com/downloads/complete?os=win And then go to http://www.gamato.info and register and then browse this torrent and download it. http://www.gamato.info/details.php?id=dd52a547546811691f91afbcd9f63aa579656681 It will open automatically with utorrent or just open manually. It is low on seeders so it will take some time to download. You can seed this torrent, if you want.
Views: 2604666 TheGuyIsBack23
Lady in next shower - Funny
http://saving4living.blogspot.com Lady in next shower - Funny -- Funny Man Woman Girl Boy Husband Wife Semi Ads Commercial Pub Publisity Product New Old Love Sexy Dance Music Creative Crazy Humor Humour Comedy Hillarious Dumb Stupid Bad Poor Banned Ban Fun Advertisement Cool Wow Nice Mating make Out Lovely Beautiful Television TV Fatty Fat Fire Hot Item Highest Bid Fight Wrong Cute
Views: 29149 saving4life
little boy scared in shower.... hilarious must see!!! (watch facial expression at end of video!!)
i'm soooo mean, but it was too funny..... i couldn't help myself!!! my 9 yr. old son was singin some songs from his upcoming 3rd grade program while in the shower.... so i decided to sneak in and scare him!! it's a family thing we do... tryin to scare each other! think i did a pretty good job!!! LOOK AT HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION AT THE END OF THE VIDEO!!!! sooooooo funny!
Views: 21290 shaylondon08
FUNNIEST KITTIES Cat Shower 2  Woody Style  very funny ...
http www.kitties.co.tv FUNNIEST KITTIES Woody style drinking and shower. Cute
Views: 454 huwqwza
Very cold shower
Very cold shower You want to see more funny videos? : *** The Lion King Jungle Police: http://youtu.be/0cZ54r3dGSw 1. Man arrested at the police station and go crazy: http://youtu.be/G-LZ68EiyvY 2. Camels walking in the street: http://youtu.be/SlT5GUYysnE 3. Did you just touch there? : http://youtu.be/F2zsbliV0-k 4. Man vs Bull Who will win? : http://youtu.be/ZttwNig5s-c 5. Monkey steals money : http://youtu.be/SxJpi2CYGY0 6. Fail News Correspondent shot by water cannon: http://youtu.be/C3hieRVxvF4 7. Harry Styles Hit In The Balls 2: http://youtu.be/1uIubOWq-kc 8. Very cold shower: http://youtu.be/svNy37jJNJs 9. Beating in classroom: http://youtu.be/aaqFD4Fz_sw 10. World's cutest cat!!! : http://youtu.be/EJDKOiAulBE 11. Steven Tyler falls off stage[calculation]: http://youtu.be/rSfwlwnEKyk 12. Seinfeld the end: http://youtu.be/n_OS1q6f5Rc (over 260k Views) 13. They think they're getting their photo taken: http://youtu.be/GSss6Yu4aEE 14. Zidane Destroying a Goalkeeper Full: http://youtu.be/z8-y1mOTIic (over 150k Views) 15. Rare:Cat Uses Sign Language: http://youtu.be/m6FAfbjB6FQ 16. Stubborn bottle: http://youtu.be/waJp6nbywSU (This video opens after about 7 years to everyone) 17. Jewish eating cleaners: http://youtu.be/wyu27PHjWF0 18. Arab penalty: http://youtu.be/Tm6wBRupIDg 19. Crazy Lake Wife: The REMIX!! : http://youtu.be/d4Ee9G-o62U 20. Funny penalty kick ever : http://youtu.be/XtY0LYOtPGM ___________ _____________ Do you need Sound Effects for-Mobiles,Films&More? : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3906A73DA669D8A6
Views: 446 bmbxox
Funny cat is having a shower time
My little cat is having a shower. Usually he never misses the time when somebody goes to the bathroom to have a shower or simply to brush teeth.
Views: 93 Inga Setlere
Funny Dog after shower
Views: 66 Chris F
lauren and jamie in the shower
Lauren was sick on jamie after playing ring of fire so jamie made her get in the shower with him so we thought it wood be funny to video it :)
Views: 4408 kvowles0709
The Proposal Interactive - Shower Scene
In UK cinemas Wednesday July 22. A high-powered book editor (Sandra Bullock) facing deportation forces her young assistant (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her in this wickedly funny comedy. Check out the hilarious Shower Scene clip here on The Proposal Interactive YouTube Experience!
Views: 182492 UKFilmFactory
Porche 911 - Funny Videos - banned commercial
Porche 911 - Funny Videos - banned commercial
Views: 41482 EpicAdVault
The baby shower
Funny video
Views: 36 Neil Niyogi
Talking Quaker Parrot-Phoenix laughing hysterically in the shower!
Phoenix loves taking showers, but he thought the shower was especially funny this time!
Views: 35684 2LittleGreenChickens
Shower Mix Up Very Funny
A very Funny Clip where the Boyfriend gets mixed uo with the Wrong Woman in the shower. Subscribe
Views: 2931 tomakefriends
Funniest Shower Scare
I heard my little brother singing a halloween song so I decided to show him what halloween was really about. I went and grabbed a scary mask, put it on and started filming. The door was open a little bit, so I slid my hand through there and turned off the light. He didn't make a peep. I then opened the door as fast as I could and this happened.......
Views: 37355 Josh Redd
Kramer's shower problem
Kramer has a small problem with the shower head Season 7 episode 16, or 126th episode of the show.
Views: 892868 ratza05
Tim & Sadye Wedding Shower
Funny and sweet video for Tim and Sadye's wedding shower.
Views: 349 Theodore Villa

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