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Runes Of Magic Zanka Solo Mage/Warrior
Zanka Solo als Mage/Krieger gelegt, nichts besonderes bei den Werten, am Ende warens 26 Flammenstöße mit ~630k bei 93% Crit Buffs: Hausmädchen Buff (+Matk) Salatsandwitch (+Magieschaden) Grasland-Allerlei (+LP) Helden-Trank (+alle Attribute) Berührung des Einhorns (+LP) Pet (+Attribute, +Matk, +Kritschaden, -Castzeit) Energiebrunnen (-Manaverbrauch) USELESS Energiezufuhr (+Critrate) Mana Aktivieren (+Zorn) Elementare Explosion (+Critrate) Wütend (+Zorn) Statische Aufladung (-Dmg) eig. Notfallskill hier zwecks Durchbursten Motis Gemischte Wurst (+Critrate, +Critschaden) Unverletzt (-Aggro) USELESS aber Gewohnheit xD Burst; Gitarre (-Castzeit) [Tamburin] vergessen (+Dmg) Berserker (+Matk) Alptraum Umhang (+Magieschaden) Verstärkung (+Critschaden) Wasser der alten Geister (-Castzeit) [Trank des dämonischen Ruins] vergessen (+Critate) oder Arkaner Trank(-Castzeit) bei nicht Krieger Sekundärklasse) Elementarkatalyse (+Schaden, -Castzeit)
Views: 7970 SuperRiic
Runes of Magic Raksha Temple Mage/Rogue (Normal Full) [1080p]
Raksha Temple Normal run with my guild Swords of Valor. Server: Osha Class: Mage/Rogue/Priest Version: NA (crappy version i know, go russia!) Also! Read below Feel free to join my steam group for all the latest news and when i upload video and stream live!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/dxproductions
Views: 1614 Rundas342
Runes of Magic Warrior/Mage DPS
runes of magic warrior/mage dps
Views: 4214 Swaggg2012oa
Runes Of Magic - Zurhidon Stronghold - Mage/rogue 72/60
ZS run as mage/rogue 72/60. Server Smacht. unbuffed stats: 9,2k mdmg, 45,6k matt, 60,6k hp and 72% crit rate. I don't own rights for music. Plz like, subscribe, comment thx
Views: 2406 Wabbit Rom
Runes of Magic Tempel Platin Full Run Mage/Scout Solo
Mal wieder was neues von mir :)
Views: 4501 [email protected]
Runes of Magic - Mage/Druid PvP Movie
Kamelot - Karma Have fun :D
Views: 13333 Alakhazam84
Runes of Magic - Goblin Mini Games level 55 Mage Rogue Duo
Goblin Games Speed Duo Credits: Acet 55/55 Mage/Rogue Rockett 56/56 Priest/Scout
Views: 1212 Xtragate
Runes of Magic HoS Solo: 6th & Last Boss: [Mage/Priest][1080P]
Before anyone asks, I'm not going to post how I did last boss. Any comment posted giving out the secret will be deleted.
Views: 2090 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic: Grafu Castle Full Solo (Easy) +Treat [Mage/Priest][1080HD]
I've waiting too long to do this one and I'm completely overpowered for Grafu easy, but I'm not quite there for GC norm. If I had a Shackles of the Cursed Face, I'd be able to solo 1st boss normal. I wasn't able to include credits that specified the music so here it is. ---Music Used--- Opening Theme - U.N. Owen was her Techno Rock Remix Main Theme - Night Bird by 彩音 ~xi-on~
Views: 2206 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic Anubis mage solo KT Normal
runes of magic KT
Views: 151 rederick johnson
Runes of Magic Basic Mage skills 1-5
Basic Mage Skills 1-5 ROM Via http://www.Overwolf.com
Views: 85 wv1ps
Runes of Magic - Tomb of the Seven Heroes Hard mode done by 6 man - Cath Unique
Baldr - Knight/Scout - Warrior/Knight Furmanto - Rogue/Scout Tisza - Druid/Scout Tralek - Scout/Rogue Nahii - Scout/Rogue Alakhazam - Mage/Warrior Guild: Unique Server: Cath :D BGM: Immediate Music - Catch the falling sky "Dorian Gray" 2009 The Immediate - Serenata Immortale Skillet - Awake and alive Naruto Shippuuden ost - Amaterasu theme Nightwish - Kingslayer
Views: 24690 Alakhazam84
Runes of Magic: One Million Flame [Mage/Warrior] [1080HD]
Decided to take my M/W out for a spin after a few gear upgrades and I had no idea that I would hit this hard lol. I'm still gonna play primarily as a Mage/Priest, but damn if feels good to break 1mill damage.
Views: 4398 Rukifellth2792
Runes of magic Tomb of seven heroes Full Hard mode 5 man run
20.03.2012. Full tomb of 7 heroes Hard mode by Blackhand 5 ppl run. No st.Phoenix used in video, no attack or defense sigil used. Team : Druffbaum wd/warr, Booobs s/wd, Syndirail d/s, Trynda w/r and Fördärvlig r/s Server : Macantacht Guild : Blackhand Songs used in this video : Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson Transformers: The Score - Scorponok Two steps from hell - Invincible Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists Sick puppies - Pitful Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get Darkseed - Speak Silence RAINTIME - Rolling Chances Blue Stahli - Everything You've Got
Views: 127193 MocniTROL
Runes of Magic: RT Full Solo - Normal [Mage/Priest][1080P]
I've been waiting to record this for quite some time now. Only thing that held me back was my crap laptop, but now I'm able to record RT smoothly. So here ya go. ENJOY!
Views: 1352 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic: Warrior/Mage 102kk hit!
The skill "Multiplication" made it possible :) http://www.runesdatabase.com/skill/494729/multiplication
Views: 14392 Cyberoox
Runes of Magic: Sardo Castle Full Solo (Easy) [Mage/Priest][1080HD]
1st to ever solo Horatio Tia legitimately.
Views: 4469 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic DoD Solo (Revisit) [Mage/Priest - Faster Burns] [1080 HD]
Not only has the video quality greatly improved from the first DoD video, but the dps has as well. Each boss goes down in 5 seconds or less or your pizza is free upon delivery. Timer starts when boss takes first hit and ends upon death.
Views: 1571 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic - Sacredmagic Mage TP farming in ToSH Easy Mode
This is a video I made for Fireblast to show other mages a good solo method to farming tp. Enjoy!
Views: 7261 Sacredmagicc
Runes of Magic - Mage job on Annelia
BGM: Stay _ Play - Benny Rock Star (Bootleg Mix)
Views: 6908 Alakhazam84
Runes of Magic - Mage/Druid PvP movie II
Hello, my next movie... XD Some info: Char: Alakhazam Class: Mage/Druid/Warrior Server: Cath Guild: Unique BGM: Dope - I'm Back.
Views: 14823 Alakhazam84
Runes of Magic: Griffth Blackstar & Zanka Solo [Mage/Priest][1080HD]
As promised, here's the killing of two somewhat difficult world bosses.
Views: 931 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic - 55 Rogue Mage Solo
Follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/PvpGamersTv
Views: 249 Nero Max
Runes of magic warlock lvl 50+ Killing in Necro
Runes of magic warlock lvl 50+ Killing mobs in necro Server - Macantacht Most of my runes of magic videos are with Battlemonk P/W and Mage/warrior
Views: 10183 Torumees0
Runes of Magic - Sacredmagic Mage/Warden in Siege War Battlefield
I decided to finally start posting videos of some of my game play after three years of playing RoM. This is a series of clips from our recent siege against Xareinguardians. It should give you a look into the capabilities of a Mage/Warden in large scale PvP combat. Keep in mind I have two pro healers supporting me in the video. Enjoy!
Views: 5788 Sacredmagicc
Runes of Magic WA Full Solo: Normal [Mage/Priest - Fast Burns] [1080HD]
I finally got around to doing WA on Normal... All it took was one new statted belt. Average stats (Not exact but close enough) HP - 52k buffed to 90k Intelligence - 10k buffed to 13.3k Magicall Attack - 38k Buffed to 50k Magical Damage 8k buffed to 10k Physical Defense - 45k buffed to 84k
Views: 1091 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic pvp mage/scout 23/1
i was playing runes of magic and failed im lvl 23 and he was lvl 29 lol it was a PVP Via http://www.Overwolf.com
Views: 828 muffinbear11
Runes of Magic: How to Tier your Items, for FREE!
This is a first in a series of guides on how to improve your equipment in Runes of Magic, for FREE!
Views: 23838 Bart Boucher
Runes of Magic - Raksha Temple Mage Solo (Part 1)
Carbonneau, Mage/Warrior Solos RT Normal.
Views: 1849 soliss
Runes of Magic: Warlock/Sorcerer/Harpsyn skill preview!
Some skills from Warlock aka Sorcerer aka Harpsyn, not sure what final name will be. Also some skills may be changed before release.
Views: 18179 Cyberoox
Runes of Magic: Aeternal Circle Solo (Easy) [Mage/Priest][1080HD]
Made this video and actually forgot about it. It's funny what you'll find while digging around and reorganizing files on a computer.
Views: 2480 Rukifellth2792
Let's play Runes of Magic Episode 38: Best classes
If you enjoyed this episode don't forget to give it a like and subscribe for more episodes. Thank you:D
Views: 5921 Oprişan Alexandru
Runes Of Magic Dps Explorador (Comparativa).mp4
Video usado para comparar el Dps de un Explorador/Picaro vs Explorador/Guerrero
Views: 3598 19Chelos
How to farm for Gold in Runes of magic
Gameplay commentary of how to farm for gold legitly. The items have expired. Also if your looking for a site that sells PC Games for more or LESS than Steam try here: https://www.g2a.com/r/pc_games
Views: 18851 Rundas342
Runes of Magic: Kulech Bone Nest Solo (Easy) [Mage/Priest][1080HD]
Farming for stats has never been so.... easy.
Views: 6152 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic - Krolin Hard Mode
Runes of Magic - Krolin Hard Mode nickname: Regnarus (Warrior/Mage) guild: Midwinter (TheTravelers) server: Saoraid
Views: 2368 TheTravelersRoM
Runes of Magic - Kalin Shrine - Mage duo Last boss - Regin, 2 M/P Vladadominos & Emaka
2 Mage/Priest KS party: Vladadominos M/P 60/60; Emaka M/P 60/47; Last boss - Regin; Emaka's first full KS run; Recorded with Fraps, but on half size, test video, next time in Full HD. Recording date: March 14, 2012. BKG music: Kerber - Ratne igre (Kerber - War Games)
Views: 169 Zikica Zivkovic
Runes of Magic - Sardo Castle Farm - Cath
Hi there, just another short movie from mage live in Runes of Magic - Free to play mmorpg ^^. Fast SC farm with friends from guild :)
Views: 1717 Alakhazam84
Elmurial Runes of Magic mage/priest PVP 2
2nd part of my pvp videos, still killing twinks
Views: 2707 BudrikEntertainment
Runes of Magic KT Full Solo: Easy [Mage/Priest][1080P]
I'm back and I have a new computer. More vids are gonna roll out and I'm sure they'll be of much higher quality.
Views: 742 Rukifellth2792
Runes of Magic - Runes Transmutation
A quick guide to help out a buddy of mine who asked about creating Runes for the rune slots on weapons.
Views: 675 soliss
Runes of Magic weapons HD upgrade tier 11
Królowa Marionetek 16/11 (Puppet Queen)
Views: 3841 domanq
Runes of Magic - Raksha Temple Platinum Solo
RT Plat Solo, Only Self Buffs Used Gold Class RT Plat Solo Video.
Views: 4607 Callum Moore
Runes of Magic - Power Leveling! (New!)
Newer Power Leveling Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0C4fdu0wZz8 Soliss' livestream - twitch.tv/solissfoon 12-10-2012, a new way to power level i found out! very fast exp!
Views: 83656 soliss

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