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Gibcloser Brand Door, Screen and Gate Closers
Very easy to install, Maintenance free, Adjustable. Installation only requires 5 screws, watch the video and see for yourself. See our full line of Gibclosers here: http://www.primeline.net/product-categories/gib-closer
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Tell brand commercial hydraulic door closer in action
Brief video of a Tell brand commercial hydraulic door closer in action.
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How to Install Automatic Door Closer
The CNC room in my workshop was getting too much dust because of the wood working. So I installed this door closer to keep the dust off. Hope this helps in setting up yours. ------------------//------------------ Door Closer: https://goo.gl/dDuJ4o ------------------//------------------ MUSIC: http://bensound.com/ ------------------//------------------ FOLLOW ME ON: http://instagram.com/mrjcrp http://facebook.com/mediamilan http://twitter.com/mr_jcrp ------------------//------------------ MORE PROJECTS TUTORIALS and POSTS http://www.mediamilan.com
How to install an automatic safety door closer
In this video we show you how to install the Swisco 40-189 Automatic Safety Door Closer. http://www.swisco.com/Automatic-Safety-Closer/pd/Other-Replacement-Storm-Door-Hardware/40-189
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International Door Closer 512 Overhead Concealed Door Closer
This video shows the international door closer 512. International door closer brand products as well as many other door hardware brands can be purchased at www.autodoorandhardware.com
A door closer with issues.
What is wrong with this thing? Enjoy!
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norton door closer
just testing the door closures
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How to Install a Screen Door Closer
If your screen door does not shut on it's own, it may be time for a new door closer. This video will show you how to install a new door closer.
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Safety Door Closer Spring Gibcloser
Safety door closer Gibcloser
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Overhead door closer's work in progress
this is without doubt one of the factories at the heart of overhead door closer production. on my visit I found various well known branded boxes that are being produced here with or without the brand knowing about it....this factory produces over 3.5M unit per year
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How to Install Door Closer - Standard Installation / Tell Manufacturing, Inc.
How to Install Door Closer - Standard Installation video by Tell Manufacturing, Inc.
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concealed door closer.mpg
This is concealed door closer.
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Brand New Sargent Door Closers First Test
Testing out these unopened Sargent 1431 door closers that I got from my church. These are 10 years old but still brand knew. One of them has never been cycled until now. One of these closers will be going up where my mamaw and papaw go to lodge.
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How to Install a Door Closer - Top Jamb Installation Video / Tell Manufacturing, Inc.
How to install a door closer, top jamb installation video by Tell Manufacturing, Inc.
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Astra 1000 series concealed hydraulic Door Closer   LocksOnline Product Reviews
https://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/Reilor-Gibcloser-Concealed-Hydraulic-Door-Closer.html This concealed door closer has been made by ASTRA, a popular go-to brand for mortice door closers. It is hydraulic rather than spring-tensioned, giving a much cleaner, smoother closing action and also benefiting from longer life than a spring! These are suited to fire doors and are of course fire rated to compliment that suitability.
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Commercial Door Closer and Frame Repair
Caldera Brewing Company's awesome restaurant in Ashland, Oregon, has a brand new LCN 4111XP door closer that was just installed today by Peregrine Security Solutions. And this closer actually closes the door too! We had to repair the top of the door jam because it was swiss cheesed by other installations leaving it almost impossible to mount anything to. But once the repairs were complete, everything else fell right into place. Check out the heavy duty LCN closers we carry. They're perfect for your business, warehouse, school or hospital. Also, always feel free to ask us about our other locksmith, security and door services. Thanks again @calderabrewing for your continued business! We love your restaurant, your Taphouse, and of course, your beer!
How to Select a Commercial Door Closer / Tell Manufacturing, Inc.
How to Select a Commercial Door Closer by Tell Manufacturing.
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Brand new Sargent door closer
Don't know what the model number is
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How to Install a Door Closer [1080p]
A quick tutorial on how to install a door closer with hook-in attachment. Standard Door Closer, Hook-in Attachment Product Code: 40-016 http://www.swisco.com/Black-Storm-Door-Closer/pd/Other-Replacement-Storm-Door-Hardware/40-016
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Jess the door closer doctor
after soo many questions in i recieve in my inbox about how to fix old and new closers i figured i would try something new, in the style of the cartalk guys and the TV show Call For Help
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Soft Close Door Damper
Shh… Quiet Close; stop the noise of slamming cabinet doors and bring some tranquility back to your everyday kitchen experience. The Brainerd Soft-Close Cabinet Door Damper features a sleek Nickel Plated design to achieve an attactive and minimized profile. With easy one screw installation, any level DIYer can turn their kitchen into a haven of soft-close.
Installing an Automatic Door Closer
I installed an automatic door closer for a basement washroom because I was tired of seeing the toilet from my desk! The installation was easy and works great.
Gibcloser tube door closer   Product Reviews from LocksOnline
http://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/Concealed-Door-Closers.html http://www.locksonline.co.uk/acatalog/Reilor-Gibcloser-Concealed-Door-Closer.html This great little concealed door closer is ideal for light duty applications when it comes to wanting the door to close automatically behind you after you have opened it. The video will show its principal uses, operation and basic measurements that will allow you to make a more informed decision as to whether or not this lock will be suitable for your application.
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Sliding Door Closer
This video came from Eyal Bedrik of Entry Systems Ltd. in Israel. It's a closer for a swinging door, mounted on a sliding door.
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How to Install LCN 1460 Door Closer
This video demonstrates how to install the LCN 1460 Series (model 1461) door closer, and perform adjustments for proper opening and closing control. 0:41 - Mounting options 1:48 - Door & Frame Prep 4:49 - Spring Power Adjustment 5:22 - Installation 6:59 - Adjustments (Backcheck, Main Speed, Latch Speed) For more information, please visit our web site at http://www.allegion.com/us
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Automatic Door Closer
* In Memory of Rambo 4th July, 1994 to June 13th 2007. Rest in Peace my dear Friend -- See you on the other side * Do you have a sliding patio door? Does your dog or kids leave it open all the time? Here's the solution... It's non-toxic and wont't hurt the environment
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Mechanical Door Closer
open close
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LCN Door Closers - Robert Brooke & Associates
LCN Door Closers? Call Robert Brooke & Associates at 1-800-642-2403 and visit http://www.robertbrooke.com/. At Robert Brooke & Associates we've been selling LCN Door Closers for the past 30 years. Our wide variety of LCN Door Closers includes the following models: • LCN Door Closer 1260 • LCN Door Closer 1460 • LCN Door Closer 2030 • LCN Door Closer 3030 • LCN Door Closer 4010 • LCN Door Closer 4020 • LCN Door Closer 4030 • LCN Door Closer 4040 • LCN Door Closer 4040SE • LCN Door Closer 4040XP • LCN Door Closer 4110 • LCN Door Closer 3130SE • LCN Door Closer 4310ME • LCN Door Closer 4410ME We also carry a large stock of LCN Door Closer arms and replacement parts! LCN Door Closers have been around since the late 19th century, and are still one of the most popular door-closing devices on the market today. LCN Door Closers are available in a variety of modern styles. Whether you need an LCN Door Closer for your heavy duty door or you'd like your door closer concealed in-door or in-frame, you'll be sure to find what you need at Robert Brooke & Associates. To view some of our extensive list of LCN Door Closers, visit our LCN Door Closer product page directly at: http://www.robertbrooke.com/door-closers/lcn-sentronic-door-closers.html At Robert Brooke & Associates, LCN Door Closers are just one of the many different kinds of commercial hardware we offer. Aside from other top name brand door closers, we are also your premier source for locker and bleacher parts, bathroom and window hardware, classroom accessories, and so much more! At Robert Brooke & Associates we are your guaranteed ONE STOP shop for all of your commercial hardware needs! When you're looking for LCN Door Closers, or any other hardware for your home, school, church, or business, you can count on Robert Brooke & Associates! We'll make sure you find what you need, at the right price, the first time. Call us today at 1-800-642-2403 and let one of our friendly and qualified sales representatives help you today! Don't want to re-drill mounting holes? Not to worry! Just visit Robert Brooke & Associates' Door Closer Guide online at http://www.robertbrooke.com/door-closers/door-closer-guide.html. Once there, all you have to do is look for the hole spacing that matches what you have and you'll be able to see all the LCN Door Closer models that will work. To browse through our inventory of LCN Door Closers or any of our other commercial hardware parts, visit Robert Brooke & Associates online at http://www.robertbrooke.com/. Once again, we've got a huge selection of LCN Door Closers, including: • LCN Door Closer 1260 • LCN Door Closer 1460 • LCN Door Closer 2030 • LCN Door Closer 3030 • LCN Door Closer 4010 • LCN Door Closer 4020 • LCN Door Closer 4030 • LCN Door Closer 4040 • LCN Door Closer 4040SE • LCN Door Closer 4040XP • LCN Door Closer 4110 • LCN Door Closer 3130SE • LCN Door Closer 4310ME • LCN Door Closer 4410ME Does your LCN Door Closer need repairs? We've also got a huge selection of LCN Door Closer arms and replacement parts! Make sure to "like" Robert Brooke & Associates on Facebook to receive special discount coupons and join in on the conversation! Our Contact Information Phone : 1-800-642-2403 Website : http://www.robertbrooke.com/ Email : [email protected] Address : 839 Kennesaw Street, Birmingham, AL 48009 Get Social with Robert Brooke & Associates Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/RobertBrookeAssociates Youtube : http://youtu.be/8tvVG6RqWzI
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adjusting glass door closer
She might be slamming a bit ;)
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5000   hidden type door closer .avi
We developed new innovative hidden type door closer. This new door closer is installing inside of door, so from out side nothing is mounted and looking is very simple and beautiful. Also no need to install extra hinge at the door so it save the hinge and hinge installing cost. We think this new innovative and our patented hidden type door closer will be very popular in the market in near future. e-mail : [email protected]
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The newly fantastic door closer - Installation
1. It can hold the door at any position just via a button, it's no need to block door with your hands/ foot/ ass. 2. with bravo fantastic hold-open & auto-release function 3. with gentle, smooth and uniform closing speed, avoid door hit back For more information, you're welcome to contact us. D&D BUILDERS HARDWARE CO. No.1332-1, Sec. 2, Huanzhong Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 40764, Taiwan Email: [email protected] Web: www.dnd.com.tw Tel: +886 4 2452 8885 Fax: +886 4 2256 9390
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ClipClose - the brilliant door closer
Are open doors your problem ? If your answer is yes - welcome at ClipClose ! You have heated or cooled your rooms and the doors are permanently not closed ? That´s over now because of Clip Close. Clip Close will close your doors, - you reduce heating- and airconditioning costs, which means you save money. Clip Close is very easy to handle and can be used for both, left and right affixed doors. Clip close has 3 options to close the door: strong middle low Placing Clip Close is very simple In less than a minute - with out any tools you close the door you have to pretension the Clip Close and put it very easy on your door You do not have to drill or screw doors or door frames getting not damaged Clip Close costs € 25,00 (Euro) incl. mailing expenses. You order your Clip Close here: [email protected]
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Freedor Wireless Overhead Door Closer
The Freedor Wireless Overhead Door Closer is available here: https://www.cooksonhardware.com/product.php/sn/FREEDOR/kw/Freedor-Wireless-Overhead-Door-Closer You can find all our Fireco products here: https://www.cooksonhardware.com/tools.php/brand/6736/kw/Fireco-Fire-Door-Retainers
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Easy In Easy Out electronic storm door closer
Nor more catching bags or clothing or your foot in a closing storm door. No more holding the storm door with your back while you open or close the main door. Nothing to do-just open the door and pass on through!
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Perko Powermatic concealed door closer Manual Installation
Instructional video showing manual installation of the Perko Powermatic controlled concealed door closer. Totally concealed when the door is closed, Perko Powermatic complies with BS EN 1154, is CE marked and is certified for use on half hour and one hour fire doors through BS EN 1634-1 and BS 476. Its total concealment delivers enhanced aesthetics as well as many other benefits, including reduced vandalism, anti-ligature and improved hygiene. The Perko Powermatic controlled, concealed door closer is particularly suited to hotel, education, healthcare and commercial applications. More information at www.perko-powermatic.com.
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EZ Door closer - For Wheelchair Users
AffordableMedicalusa.com We are excited that this innovation would eliminate a daily common challenge for people in wheelchairs, walkers, crutches or even kids with wet boots to close a door with ease. http://affordablemedicalusa.com/t-pull-door-closer.html
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swing door closer
How amazing!!! The closer can hold a door at any position. So convenience and easy using!!
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Door closer
commercial grade door closer
How to Adjust Door Closers
Charles Benedict from Hardy & Jensen shows you how to adjust the closers on your door to allow the door to close slower or faster. Learn more at www.Hardy-Jensen.org or call 800-870-4900.
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NEW DOOR CLOSER- for Momgumery and JLD902
I am finally unboxing my brand new door closer
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Unboxing A Tell Door Closer!
*Update: I ended up getting a different closer, check out my channel to see my videos about it.* "Drywall anchors"... Bleach? And something I didn't mention in the video is there are two screws on the side of the body for adjusting. I wouldn't recommend filming at 11:00 PM... The Fire Alarm Enthusiasts Discord: https://discord.gg/S4A3VMc
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Completely concealed hydraulic range of door closers. The 3000 series door controls from Astra are manufactured in the UK and CE marked. Best priced concealed door closer on the market.
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