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Rupert rushes down to Rocky Bay to play with Miranda and Ping Pong but Miranda is not in a playful mood. Although she loves Rocky Bay she’d also love to explore Nutwood, which she’s heard so much about but never seen. She tells Rupert she’d love to see the Treehouse and join in a soccer game with the others. Rupert asks Ping Pong to magic his pedal car into a vehicle fit for a mermaid. Instantly it expands into a flying car with a large, glass encased, water filled backseat in which Miranda can sit. The friends all jump in and the car takes off. Miranda is enchanted with this aerial view of Nutwood and eagerly asks to see the Pagoda, the Fox Twins Den and Rupert’s house. Each time Rupert tries to steer the car towards the treehouse it seems to veer off in another direction. It’s almost as if it has a mind of it’s own. Rupert realises that the car is following Miranda’s bidding so when he asks her if she’d like to see the treehouse and she agrees, the car instantly heads towards Nutwood forest. At the treehouse everyone is enjoying a soccer game. Miranda eagerly joins Rupert’s team as goalkeeper after Ping Pong magics the water filled glass tank into position. Miranda saves the goal and wins the soccer match! She’s thrilled. As the magic begins to wear off on the car, Rupert and his friends take Miranda home. Rupert waves to the camera pointing out that it’s not ever day you play soccer with a mermaid!
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When Ping Pong says she is too busy to join a story reading day Raggety magically brings the books to life and they fly to Ping Pong's Pagoda, where they start to tell her their stories.
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Rupert is very excited. Mother Nature has given him a special elixir to help his sunflower seeds grow but there's a big surprise to come.
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When Mum's cuckoo clock breaks time stops and Ping Pong, Ming, Edward and Bill freeze in time. Rupert and the Fox Twins have to find a way to get time ticking again
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When Ping Pong uses her magic to turn Rupert's pedal car into a spaceship they fly to the moon. There they meet the Man on the Moon who runs a cheese stall.
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Rupert Bear, Follow the Magic
A short video of Rupert Bear Follow the magic.
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Rupert, Edward and Bill go camping. Rupert is excited at the idea of playing ‘explorers’ but Edward is apprehensive. As darkness falls the friends are frightened by strange shadows and noises. Although they don’t realise it, the Fox Twins are playing jokes on them but the joke misfires when they too are frightened by a strange shadow. Soon everyone is bundled inside the tent, with Rupert bravely determined to find out what the strange noise and shadows could be. Ping Pong arrives with Ming and Rupert tells her about the ‘Scary Thing’. Ping Pong laughs and leads them out of the tent towards the illuminated Chinese lantern hanging from the pagoda. Using her magic she reveals that the ‘scary thing’ is just a moth trapped in a lantern. As the others gratefully decide to pile into the Pagoda for hot chocolate drinks Rupert waves goodbye to us all, laughing that even explorers like to be safe indoors now and again.
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Rupert Bear, Follow the Magic... (2)
PlayKids TV (2015)
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Rupert Bear, Follow the Magic...
Milkshake! (2010)
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Rupert Bear
My friend Rupert TV advert
Our first embedded speech recognition toy, Interactive My friend Rupert Bear TV advert
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It's Edward's birthday and Rupert wants to give him the best birthday party ever. Ping Pong tries to speed things up by using her magic but it turns everything topsy-turvy. How can Rupert give Edward his party now?
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Medo Rupert - Intro |HR
Originalni naziv: Rupert Bear: Follow the Magic...
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Rupert Bear - Rupert and The Snowglobe
From Christmas Fun Time
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Jolly Roger Rupert Bear Kiddie Ride
Ride Name: Rupert Bear Bruce The Car. Cost Per Ride: £1 for 1 ride, £2 for 3 rides. Duration Of Ride: 50 Seconds. Manufacturer: Jolly Roger Amusement Rides Ltd. of Skegness, United Kingdom. Date Of Birth: 2006. Licensed To: Entertainment Rights/Express Newspapers. Location Of Ride: Sainsbury's, Meole Brace, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK. Filming Date: Wednesday 4th July 2018. Description Of Ride: "Follow the magic with the new adventures of Rupert Bear. Based on the new highly successful series commissioned for Channel Five. Sitting alongside the lovable bear, children can listen to the fun theme tune and play with exciting sound buttons. Also featuring a video TFT screen option." -Jolly Roger flyer. Length: 56" (1400mm) Width: 33" (840mm) Height: 45" (1130mm) This replaced the Jolly Roger Jollytown School Bus. Where as the Jolly Roger Bob The Builder Scoop replaced the (very faulty) RG Mitchell Postman Pat.
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Rupert Bear, Kemi Majeks and Naomi Wilkinson do the Rupert Milkshake Dance
Rupert Bear, Kemi Majeks and Naomi Wilkinson from Five's Milkshake do the Rupert Dance. Watch Rupert Bear and other favourites on Five (UK) http://www2.five.tv/programmes/milkshake/
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Rupert Bear Coloring page 2017 New HD Video for Kids
Rupert Bear Coloring page 2017 New HD Video for Kids
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Rupert bear and his friends. Adventures
I think the b-side to "you can't catch me" is where I must have got the Stevie wonder/sly and the family stone comparison from...
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Cartoon Randomness...
Some Different Clips. Videos Used: My Little Pony - Twinkle Wish Adventure Hotel Mario - Toasters Scene SuperMarioLogan - Toad's Mistake Rupert Bear: Follow The Magic... - Rupert And The Giant Sunflower Kia-Ora 80's Ad Um Bongo Ad Viva Pinata - The Old Pinata's Home Happy Tree Friends - Mime To Five Viva Pinata - Shirley Sells Out Golden Shred 80's Ad Smith's Crisps 80's Ad Smash 70's Ad The Twisted Whiskers Show Happy Tree Friends - Change Of Heart Pond Life - Good Looking Boyfriend Monster Munch - Haunted Wood 80's Ad SuperMarioLogan - Jeffy Loses His Pencil
rupert bear bruce the car kiddie ride
made by jolly roger in the 2000s
Rupert Bear Ending Theme
rupert bear ending theme
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Rupert Friend - Rupert Bear
A silly 'tribute' to Rupert Friend to the Rupert Bear Follow the Magic theme. Also featured is his girlfriend at the time I made this video. They were so very cute together.
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The Lost Rides of Alton Towers Part 8 Rupert Bear Magic Show
This Throwback Thursday we look at one of the first shows from Alton Towers. Follow me on Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/PTP_HENDO Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ptp_hendo/ -------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.
Nutwood: A Brief History of Rupert Bear
Nutwood: A Brief History of Rupert Bear from Astro Ignition Gaming. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Astro Ignition Gaming on Blip! http://blip.tv/astro-ignition/watch Nutwood: A Brief History of Rupert Bear In this video I talk about one of my all-time favourite cartoon characters from my childhood: being Rupert Bear I talk about the origins of the character as a comic strip character, all the way to present day with the various animated adaptations on television. I hope you find it interesting and informative :) Our Podcasts: (Currently Needs updating) http://astroignition.jellycast.com/jellycast For Exclusive videos go to: http://astroignition.blip.tv/ My Twitter: @jamespetford For Gaming Updates @Astroignition Follow the Astro Ignition Team: T3KRyder: www.youtube.com/user/T3kryder Ben Thomas: http://youtube.com/user/BDT87 Twitter: @BDT87 Tashfin Shahid: http://youtube.com/user/TheSlyDragon93 Twitter: @Tashfins See all episodes of Astro Ignition Gaming http://blip.tv/astro-ignition#EpisodeArchive Visit Astro Ignition Gaming's series page http://blip.tv/astro-ignition
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Rupert The Bear Theme Song by Jackie Lee ( Sing a long ) With Lyrics
Rupert The Bear Theme Song by Jackie Lee ( Sing a long ) With Lyrics Please check out my wildlife channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GoldfinchGarden
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Rupert The Bear Theme Song
2 Rather smexii girls ((if i do say so myself)) Doin the rupert the bear theme song... (Y)
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Rupert Bear.
Anya and Jenine
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Rupert and the Crystal Kingdom part 1
Support the creators, buy this episode! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00DSJD8FE Rupert Bear learns that he can never be certain of anything when his refusal to take a shortcut throws him into the center of a war between Prince Lazuli and the Gemlins. If this is the first time you have watched this episode, I will tell you that this one has a much more demanding plot than you would have with the other episodes of the show and you may have to watch it two or three times to understand it completely. One clue I'll give, each character in the valley is a reflection.
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Rupert The Bear on KetchupTV
The magic and fun takes place in wonderful woodland world of Nutwood where the loveable and exuberant young Rupert Bear invites his friends including the audience to follow him on an adventure - where anything can happen!
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rupert   intro
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Rupert Bear
This is the intro to the American Rupert Bear cartoon
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Champ & Rupert Bear
Toy car
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laura singing rupert
rupet the bear
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Rupert's Rules - Episode 1
The rule for those who have expensive dinners.
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rupert bear
my ponie rupert
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Rupert - 26 - Rupert and the Lamp
Subscribe to Treehouse Direct UK for new clips, episodes, and more! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFLf4NpCTw4K0u-4X4_vzlg?sub_confirmation=1 A flying carpet whisks Rupert and Bill far from home, where they free the people of Shandalar from the tyrannical rule of an evil Genie.
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Erin Dancing to Milkshake!!
Rupert Bear I Think
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Freya Giles on Whitegates Rupert Bear, First Show On Him.
Freya Giles on Whitegates Rupert Bear, Ferry Farm, first round of show jumping on him. (New pony)
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Rupert the Bear
It snowed at Easter and we built a 'snow-Rupert'. It's traditional. Four days later when the snow had gone, Rupert was still there. As if by magic.
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