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Becoming her Pet - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 of Becoming her Pet This is a giantess and shrinking man story, if that is not your thing please do not flame, just click another video. Intended for viewers 18 and up. To find the comic in high definition check out my gumroad page: https://gumroad.com/aaabbbzzz Check out my galleries and other comics on my deviantart page: https://aaabbbzzz.deviantart.com If you wish to additionally support my work you can subscribe to my patreon page where you can see the comics early: http://patreon.com/aaabbbzzz Subscribe to my youtube channel for more giantess videos in the future.
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MMD Giantess Crush - Out For a Walk
Mega Folder with all my previous videos: https://mega.nz/#F!WrQghCQB!5Xp8kB_QJyNgo77bNxfwbg Back after having the channel rekt by people offended by pixel cruelty, lmao. Sorry if you didn't hear anything by me but I've been very busy lately so I started working again on my videos just recently. Well, this is my first video using tools way more advanced than MikuMikuDance so it's mainly a test to see how it would turn out. Not too bad I'd say but as you can notice, the environment is very plain and basic and the rig i made for the girl is kind of primitive. That said even with beginner knowledge there is a world of difference from mmd. Finally I can make feet move realisticly in walk cycles and turn the characters 90° or more without having ankles and legs twisting in retarded ways. I went super sloppy on the audio but at some point I couldn't bother anymore with lurking for the right sound effects and just went with the one I already had.
Views: 53785 Secondary lul
Giantess girls crush
Views: 73870 wazah yeah
Giantess crush people
I am giantess feet delete a video for a privacy problem but it is already solved
Views: 15558 good usuario
Giantess crush 100 clips
100 clips Giantess Giantess crush
Views: 94565 Random Guy
Giantess Crush Animated
Views: 46792 Kitsune
Giantess MMD cat girl crush and vore
This is an archived video. I did not make this or create the characters. Also if it's low quality, I'm sorry. I might have download it from my iphone 4.
Views: 86177 Giantess Archive
Giantess Loryelle's Cruel Office Crush SFX - Free Preview
Full clip (+ description, screenshots, unrated trailer) available via my website: https://www.loryelle.net/en_US/shop/ Clip is also available via F-Lands: https://tinyurl.com/y8v9dvvx Enjoy!
Views: 6568 Giantess Loryelle
Giantess Fairy tail [crush]
-I am still alive trust me
Views: 20999 MANIAC RAIDER
girl barefoot and dity socks doll face trample and crush fetish 여자발 크러쉬
asian girl giantess bloody crush and trample. barefoot,socks,diry socks,nylon 여자발 패티쉬 팁토, 맨발 양말 인형 밟기
Views: 34204 Bon Yi
Giantess Gameplay - Back to School (PC Preview)
Includes Vore & More | Buy it on Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/backtoschool/404122 A terrifying 3D adventure based on your decisions. Summary: An unaware shrink adventure where a teacher's pet student has to find the batteries for her shrink ray. The female classmates have no clue of what happened to boys in class. The worst thing of all is that they can be in bare feet crushing pests without notice. While the poor insignificant student is feeling overwhelmingly embarrassed, they are now the growth of a mega giantess in comparison. This will be the first ever experience for an tiny innocent to think about a worship of the goddess being the size of an ant. Game Features: - Giantess Vore - Giantess Feet - Giantess Growth (Shrinking to micro) - Giantess MMD (Mixed) - Giantess Crush - Giantess Butt - Giantess Boobs
Views: 7958 Unaware Horrors
[MMD giantess 巨大娘]巨大娘の蹂躙/giantess Crush the city
※サイズフェチ向けの動画です Videos for size fetish 様々な踏み潰しシチュをテーマに作りました! 設定(歯車マーク)から「字幕」→「日本語」、またはその左にある四角のマークで台詞が表示されます P.S. I added subtitles in English and Spanish 今までの動画はこちら↓ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGmxgLNJp3BvQ03gvpoNvSEkXl5P9SX53 リクエストは受け付けていません Sorry,I don't accept any requests 転載禁止 No reprinting 動画の仕様 [1920×1080] [60fps] この動画でお借りしたもの MODEL 江風:cham様 M諸島:三ッ松様、銀匙P様 唄川町:シロ様 空色町:SkyBlue様 地形15:徒然気まま。様 住宅群:ヤマド様 崖の山道:NuKasa様 バス5種:銀匙P様、Kid様、ヤマド様 東京タワー:シーマ(仮)様 N71-1型電車:千マニN71様 SSJ100-95(飛行機):シナモソ様 モブ車両セット02:森羅エスカルティン様 横浜ランドマークタワー:ととと様 PMD Mob Character Assembler:mato様 モブセダン[A]ノーマル&タクシー:下校様 ワイドな夏雲、青空K3、後付の山並 :怪獣対若大将P様 MME   N3+CShader :ぐるみぃ様 NewBomb:ビームマンP様 ExcellentShadow、Diffusion7、BlackOut、SvSSAO:そぼろ様 HgSAO、PowerDOF:針金P様 空気遠近:化身バレッタ様 hkFog:星風P様 G_Shader:下っ腹P様 o_full-AlphaTest:おたもん様 dPostPointLight:ドゥドゥ様、 ビームマンP様
Views: 55603 gonzres
Giantess feet crush
Views: 15642 feet pov
Have you ever wanted to really get in the head of a Giantess/ Crush Enthusiast? Well, today is your chance! Today's segment is all about my favorite sub-category within Giantess! So sit back, relax, and let your imagination allow magic to unfold with me and my fantastic feet! SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL, LIKE THIS VIDEO & TURN ON YOUR POST NOTIFICATIONS SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT ON MORE FUN! SHARE VIDEOS AND SPREAD OUR LITTLE SHOW AROUND! For EXCLUSIVE NSFW content and MORE about me go to: www.adelinavicious.com Follow our Social Media platforms for exclusive updates! Adelina's Pages: INSTAGRAM: @adelinavicious www.instagram.com/adelinavicious/ TWITTER: @adelinavicious
Views: 12128 Adelina Vicious
Giantess crush date
Views: 11737 James Bickford
giantess crushing man
Views: 35397 Kalavati roy1506
Giantess Worship: Chloe Sleepover
I'm back (GTS Videos new account) After being banned on my GTS Videos Account I'm back on here!
Views: 647292 GTS Videos
giantess crush inside sneaker
giantess takes her shoes and socks off and sticks you inside. World of POV Free Custom Winning Clip Giantess, Shrinking, POV, Crush and Vore - The World of POV Will Derek end up crushed or being Adrianna's tiny boyfriend? Both stories are told in this video. Check out the preview here and of course subscribe to our channel if you want us to keep posting. 説明. giantess crushs you under her shoe. この動画は、特撮のひとつのスタイルへの、個人的な挑戦として制作しました。 不愉快に感じるかたは、見ないようにお願いします。 This clip.
Views: 21974 Cary Vargas
Giantess big ass butt crush
Are you ready to fly with Falling ball? Download: http://durecorderpromote.do-global.com/item?u=2025143697&s=192&a=84d67e491f5db3d2&is_download=true&d_id=59730123 #DURecorder Este es mi video grabado con DU Recorder. Es fácil grabar tu pantalla y transmitir en vivo. Enlace de descarga: Android: https://goo.gl/s9D6Mf iOS: https://goo.gl/nXnxyN
Views: 22046 Mundo Giantess
Giantess girl boobs crush
Views: 34775 kami ryuko
Giantess Crush Rover
Support me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/johncarper2
Views: 3655 Kitsune
Giantess MMD Bowsette Vore 2 (NO SOUND) [Mutsu-125]
https://twitter.com/Mutsu_A125 Original Twitter Creator https://twitter.com/Mutsu_A125/status/1048203385856352257OrOriginal Twitter Video
Views: 19957 Giantess Archive
GIantess MMD Mutsu Anniversary Growth and Vore Rampage [Mutsu-125]
Original Twitter Creator https://twitter.com/Mutsu_A125 Original Twitter Video https://twitter.com/Mutsu_A125/status/1109560065583796225
Views: 30634 Giantess Archive
Giantess crush and kill little man under her boots
Giantess torture, crush, stomp, squish, trample and kill small, little, shrinking clay men under her boots. Flattened man.
Views: 16847 Ciarla Tani
Giantess crush
Views: 42265 Giantess Creator
Intruder alert! - Teaser 2 (Giantess crush)
A follow up teaser from the first one. The little guy didn't fare well after his second encounter! More to come soon!
Views: 12730 Chrissy K.
Giantess Crush Compilation 2
Views: 23646 ojo abis
Giantess crush car
Views: 14285 Kalavati roy1506
Giantess Velvet City Crush
Views: 69069 k s
Daring Do's Revenge- Equestria Girl Boob Crush
Another path in the Daring Do Revenge Commission. This path had a super secret Easter Egg for clicking on the button 10 times in a row.
Views: 83377 Jackurai
giantess crush part 2
Following from part 1... my sis said she would give me some mercy and let me watch her squash the others. I shot her and see what happens haha!
Views: 38624 jimiaoji
[MMD Crush] Girl in perfect flats crushing plastic car
That walking animation. meh... I hope i will do it better next time Music and animation made by me My vk: vk.com/shegamamai My da: shegamamai.deviantart.com Беседа любителей краша в вк (Hard crush = ban): https://vk.me/join/AJQ1d_ZgVA4iqRWiSoxpjoUg Crush-Lovers Discord Server (Hard crush = ban): https://discord.gg/b7bsMw6 Used models: TDA SeeU: https://www.deviantart.com/art/TDA-SeeU-DL-577844304 Car: https://arisumatio.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Ford-Mondeo-Super-Tourisme-602797405 Stage: https://mmd-stages.deviantart.com/art/Cause-MMD-needs-even-more-fucking-hotel-stages-481203417 Boombox: https://mrwhitefolks.deviantart.com/art/MMD-Props-and-Monsters-DL-606547487 Software i used: MikuMikuDance - Animation PMD Editor - Editing models to made them crushable Ableton Live - Music Production and sound processing Adobe Premier - Video Editing and finalizing project.
Views: 17078 Shegamamai
ebony giantess
Views: 59386 Crush Girl
#podolatria #pezinhos #feet #podolatry
Views: 5875 Tamara Crush
Giantess Holly
This here is a video I put together with two clips I had from past years. Enjoy.
Views: 64696 Booty/giantess Heaven
Shrink on Science Class!
Cruh, unaware vore, body exploration, buttcrush and more in the Unaware Horrors new Game.
Views: 16652 A big Girl1223
Giantess crush 3
my big feet destroy everything To buy my complete videos click on the link https://iwantclips.com/store/289776/Elise-Big-Feet
Views: 9344 Elise Big Feet
Flip flops accidental stomp
Views: 694 Brazil Havaianazzz
Butt Crush July Diamond * check description *
Fresh butt crush pack 2016: http://adf.ly/1dLJkU (Huge 16GB pack of butt crush / spitting / vore / giantess!) FREE DOWNLOAD (via torrent, uploaded on zippyshare)
Views: 109956 Anthony Russ
Giantess Crush Compilation 1
Views: 22795 ojo abis
Bubble gum, giantess crush
Views: 15830 wazah yeah
[MMD giantess 巨大娘]3000倍巨大娘の街遊び/giantess crush the city
※サイズフェチ向けの動画です Videos for size fetish 設定(歯車マーク)から「字幕」→「日本語」、またはその左にある四角のマークで字幕が表示されます P.S. I added subtitles in English and Spanish リクエストは受け付けていません Sorry,I don't accept any requests 転載禁止 No reprinting 動画の仕様 [1920×1080] [60fps] この動画でお借りしたもの MODEL 速吸             ゴリマ様 もっとリアルな感じのローファー にゃんたろう様 M諸島            三ッ松様、銀匙P様 唄川町            シロ様 地形15            徒然気まま。様 崩壊ビル           ハロ様 モブセダン[A]ノーマル&タクシー 下校様 バス5種            銀匙P様、Kid様、ヤマド様 自転車            ちびでこ様 PMD Mob Character Assembler    mato様 ワイドな夏雲          怪獣対若大将P様 MME N3+CShader           ぐるみぃ様 NewBomb             ビームマンP様 ExcellentShadow、Diffusion7 BlackOut             そぼろ様 HgSAO、PowerDOF         針金P様 空気遠近              化身バレッタ様 G_Shader             下っ腹P様
Views: 79194 gonzres

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