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Como instalar un kit HID xenon en 5 minutos, facil y rapido!
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HID Replacement Bulbs by AutoStyle
HID Replacement Bulbs by http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.autostyle.nl Naast de HID conversie kit bieden we u nu ook OE vervangingslampen voor de diverse fittingen die af fabriek in diverse auto's met origineel Xenon gebruikt worden. Onze tip hierbij is om altijd beide lampen te verwisselen om kleurverschil in het lichtbeeld te voorkomen. Verkrijgbaar in 4200K (D2R, D2S en D1S+module) Alle beschikbare Xenon OEM lampen: http://www.autostyle.nl/verlichting/xenon/xenon-oem-lampen.html http://www.autostyle.nl Next to our HID conversion kits we hereby also offer OE replacement bulbs for the several fittings which are used in original Xenon within several cars. Our tip is to always replace both bulbs to be sure of the same light colour and correct light output. Available in 4200K (D2R, D2S and D1S+module) All available Xenon OEM bulbs: http://www.autostyle.nl/verlichting/xenon/xenon-oem-lampen.html Abonneer op onze nieuwsbrief!! Subscribe to our newsletter!! http://www.autostyle.nl/nieuwsbrief Websites: http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.wheelstyle.nl http://www.vanstyle.nl Social media: http://twitter.com/autostyle http://www.facebook.com/autostylenl http://autostyle.hyves.nl/
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How to Install a Dual Beam HID Headlights  / Bi-Xenon HID Conversion Kit Relay Harness
Click Here to See All HID Install Parts including Relay Harnesses: https://headlightrevolution.com/product-types/install-parts/wire-harnesses/ In this video we talk about the history of dual beam HID technology, what's involved in a bi-xenon HID conversion kit, and how the dual beam HID relay harnesses work and why you need them!
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Farol personalizado Fox 2018  drl e projetores Bixenon  kit Xenon Premium by Edu Car
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Alfa Mito con Kit Xenon 6000K www.euro-car.it
Inst. appena ultimata di un kit Xenon 6000K con centraline Ballast digitali slim e sost. delle lampadine di posizione con delle T20 da 6000K x tt le inf. www.euro-car.it
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VW Up! bi-xenon projector installation tutorial
Check out our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EuropeanHeadlightCommunity/ VW Up retrofitted by Mini D2S bi-xenon projectors and Iris shrouds. Nicely black out reflector! The Volkswagen Up! is produced in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. Follow this instructions step by step for a great upgrade of your halogen headlights! 0:01 Heat the headlight in the carton box for about 18 minutes, and separate the glass from the housing. Unfortunately this headlight is permasealed what make it a little harder as butyl headlights. When the sealant is cooled down, heat it up again in the box 1:31 Once the glass is separated you've access to the inlay. Remove it all if you want to paint the reflector 2:11 Remove the bulb holder and sand and clean it before you can use the primer. After the primer is dry you can spray a couple layers of the color you want (matte black is used here) 3:07 Drill a hole in the reflector for the bi-xenon wires (Unfortunately I had missed a step, I didn't check if the projector fits directly.. It won't in the reflector so I had to modify it a little. After that of course I need to paint it again 4:02 Now, let's install the Mini D2S bi-xenon projector. Don't forget the rubber ring on the tail, use the H4 centric ring to align it and fasten the projector on with the included nut on the tail 4:45 This step is now needed in every headlight, please check it before you start grinding. The projector hits the reflector a little, so I decided to cut of some edges of the projector (of course I did this step before I mount it in the reflector) 5:25 Add some new butyl sealant and place all parts back in the housing again 6:15 Glue the Iris shroud on the projector with normal contact glue of with 2 components glue like JB weld 7:22 Install the bulb and close the back with the rubber cap again 7:54 Press the glass back on the housing and heat it up again. After it's heat enough press it further in the housing, you can also secure it with clamps 8:50 Final view! In this video we did use: Mini D2S 3.0 twin kit - Iris shrouds - Aharon Speedstart D2S Canbus ballasts - H4 Stand alone canbus wires - 5500K XB35 D2S bulbs You can order this kit over here: https://www.retrofitlab.com/en/xenon-projector-kit/bi-xenon-mini-d2s-30-twin-kit-1.html Any questions? Contact us directly! http://www.retrofitlab.com [email protected] +31 (0)341-820220 Retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands
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TRS Tips: How To Retrofit Headlights with Morimoto Mini H1 Bixenon Projectors
It's no wonder the Morimoto Mini H1 Bi-xenon from TRS is one of the most frequently retrofitted projectors in the world. With the 6.0's performance that can compete with the best of OEM's combined with ultra ease of installation, our Mini's outsell other projector options 2:1 Projectors: http://www.theretrofitsource.com/components/projectors/bi-xenon-morimoto-mini-h1-6-0-projectors.html Complete Retrofit System: http://www.theretrofitsource.com/complete-retrofit-kits/universal-kits/bi-xenon-morimoto-mini-stage-3-kit-h1.html Step 1: Insert threaded shaft through the front of the reflector bowl (big silicone washer installed) (Mini Gatling Gun users take note of step 6 in advance) Step 2: Install H4 or H7 adapter plate, with the notched side at 12:00 to ensure projector's rotation is level. (Skip this step for non H4, H7 applications, manual rotation adjustment is required) Step 3: Use a 27mm wrench or socket to tighten the hex lock ring. Do not over-tighten, or completely tighten until you are sure this will be the last time the projector will be mounted (the threads will deform and lock on once fully tightened) Step 4: Install the 3 prong bulb holder using a magnetic screw driver (for ease of install) - and ensure that all 3 feet are evenly and completely seated down into their channels. If the 3 feet do not go down into their channels, more space will have to be created forward of the lock ring. (flip adapter plate around, grind housing down more, or remove silicone washers) Step 5: Test fire the bi-xenon solenoid mechanism 30-40 times to be sure that the hinges are still sliding as they should be. Since this mechanism is made of fairly thin metal, it is important not to disturb it during the installation to avoid future sticking issues. Step 6: Install shroud using JB weld and centric rings. (If using Mini Gatling shroud, that must be done before the projector is mounted to the headlight bucket!) Please see our other videos on opening and re-sealing headlights, mounting shrouds, adding halos, aiming, and wiring for more details on those steps.
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Understanding Halogen to Xenon (HID) Retrofits
In this video we talk about what it takes to swap add xenon lights to your vehicle with halogen headlights. This retrofit can often be confusing and adding xenons to most halogen headlight is not only illegal its inconsiderate to others on the road. Check out our explanation of xenon retrofits. Installed on our car MK7 Golf R Style Helix LED DRL Headlights(with Silver Stripe) https://deutscheautoparts.com/hvwg7hl-s.html MK7 GTI Xenon Style LED DRL Headlights (with Red Stripe) https://deutscheautoparts.com/mk7-gti-helix-led-headlights-with-red-stripe.html This was shot at our location 18525 Statesville Rd Unit D4 Cornelius NC 28031 Shop for VW and Audi Parts Here https://shopdap.com/vw-parts-online-volkswagen/ Add us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/deutscheauto/ Add us on Snapchat https://www.snapchat.com/add/shopdap Add us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DeutscheAutoParts/
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2015 Ford Focus HID Install - 2010+ DIY HID Xenon Conversion Kit
Upgrade to newer LED technology from PrecisionLED via the product link: https://goo.gl/ce7NsF Use coupon code "youtube11" for 10% off your purchase! How To Install HID Headlights (Conversion Kit) for 2015 Ford Focus (Click Show More) Housing Removal: 0:27 Halogen Bulb Removal: 1:14 HID Bulb Installation: 1:44 Ballast Installation: 3:08 Testing HID: 4:24 Improve the look of your Focus with this easy to do, and quick lighting upgrade. Better nighttime visibility, lower power consumption, and a high tech look for your high tech Focus. This installation is compatible with all Focus Models 2010+ Do it Yourself Installation of HID Xenon Headlights on a 2010+ Ford Focus. This installation will work on the following year models: 2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016 Direct Product Link: https://goo.gl/ce7NsF Kit Used: H11 HID Conversion Kit + Slim Premium Ballast Upgrade Bulb Type: H11 Bulb Color: 6000K Brought to you by XenonSupply.com For the quickest response please submit questions to http://www.xenonsupply.com/contact.html
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Fitting a HIDS4U Xenon HID Conversion Kit
A handy guide to show you how easy it is to fit a HIDS4U HID Kit into your vehicle. Kits available here: http://www.hids4u.co.uk/xenon-hid-conversion-kits-by-type/
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StylingSet Wide Body Kit BMW X5 E70 by AutoStyle
http://www.autostyle.nl StylingSet Wide Body Kit BMW X5 E70 by AutoStyle Chargespeed Complete wide-bodykit BMW X5 E70 07-09: http://www.autostyle.nl/cs-8051.html Chargespeed Complete wide-bodykit BMW X5 E70 10-: http://www.autostyle.nl/cs-8052.html Abonneer op onze nieuwsbrief!! Subscribe to our newsletter!! http://www.autostyle.nl/nieuwsbrief Websites: http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.wheelstyle.nl http://www.vanstyle.nl Social media: http://twitter.com/autostyle http://www.facebook.com/autostylenl http://autostyle.hyves.nl/
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Dans cette vidéo je vais te montrer comment avoir le meilleur éclairage avec l’installation du KIT projecteur lenticulaire Bi-xénon ! 😮 ABONNE-TOI et PARTAGE ! 👉 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1-NdU7P2iVUuu0Vc235qyw?sub_confirmation=1 ❗️ BIENVENUE DANS LA COMMUNAUTÉ ❗️ Tes feux n’éclairent pas suffisamment ou tu veux rénover ton éclairage avec quelque chose de plus moderne ? Bienvenue sur le 1er épisode du projet FULL LED ! 🚗 /!\ ATTENTION /!\ Le démontage du verre du bloc optique est nécessaire, les liens plus bas ⬇️ En tout cas n’hésite pas à partager à des potes, ta famille, tes voisins… et à me soutenir avec des pouces bleus si cela t'a plu 😉! A la prochaine ! 😉 *************************************** 🔶🔶 RESEAUX SOCIAUX 🔶🔶 📷 Instagram : @Riz_Tay http://urlz.fr/6gA7 📱 Facebook : @Riz Tay http://urlz.fr/6gAd 👻 Snapchat : Tayrty 🐤 Twitter : @RatsimbazafyT http://urlz.fr/6Qen 🌐 : http://riz-tay.com/ 📧 Mail : [email protected] Découvres la page de Custom Car lights ! C'est un chic type ! 😉 📱 Custom-car-light.fr : https://www.facebook.com/customcarlights/ *************************************** 🔶🔶 OUTILLAGE 🔶🔶 🔷 Démonter le verre🔷 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXvBkHlwDgA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmNXMoDsjCM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je5ndoUMEUs 🔷 KIT lentille Bi-xénon 🔷 PREND CONTACT sur C-C-L.fr : http://www.custom-car-lights.fr Ebay : https://www.ebay.fr/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=lhd%20xenon%20lens&rt=nc&LH_PrefLoc=2&_trksid=p2045573.m1684 *************************************** 🔶🔶 SONS 🔶🔶 Musique : Dyalla - Be With You (Vlog No Copyright Music) Musique distribuée par Vlog No Copyright Music. Lien de la vidéo : https://youtu.be/6Tpt1bZ8XjA
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Ce este un kit xenon?
Best Xenon - Light expert video explicativ - ce este un kit xenon ? Kit Xenon : LED Auto : Senzori parcare : Odorizante auto : Becuri auto www.bestxenon.ro
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Fiat Punto mk2 by Auto Style Lajkovac
Skidanje starih folija i motiranje novih kao i sređivanje farova sa ugradnom bixenon sočiva
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kit cuir Style Auto
Kit nettoyage cuir, pour conserver le plus longtemps son état d’origine. https://www.boutique-styleauto.com/kits/36-kit-cuir.html cordialement http://www.style-auto.fr
BMW 3 E46 Bi-xenon projector headlight retrofit kit explained
http://www.retrofitlab.com/product/41/11/bmw-e46-bi-xenon-mh1.html Check out our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EuropeanHeadlightCommunity/ Instruction video for the BMW 3 serie 1998-2005 E46 Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit. Want a Bi-xenon headlight in your BMW E46? Need more light in the dark? Don't want to blind other road users with your plug & play xenon kit? We sell this complete Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit, with a unique designed adapter which makes installation very easy on the halogen headlights. Advantages of a Bi-xenon projector retrofit kit: * Much better light output * Double high beam (xenon + halogen) * No glare * Lower energy consumption (35 watt instead of 55 watt) * Luxury OEM look Instructions 0:01 Remove headlight lens. It unclips very easy. 0:15 Remove headlight insert. 0:24 This ring needs to be removed. 0:32 Choose the tools of your choice to remove the original H7 adapter. 0:46 Drill a small hole, this will be used for the Bi-xenon solenoid wires. 0:50 Remove the HID plug from the solenoid wires using a paperclip or other tool. 0:53 Place the big rubber washer, guide the solenoid wires through the drilled hole and place the Mini H1 Bi-xenon projector. 1:07 Place the H7 adapter ring. We designed this ring specific for the E46 headlight so it fits perfectly. 1:10 Secure the projector with the supplied nut. 1:23 Tighten the nut with some (needle nose) pliers 1:40 The E46-R shroud is built for this reflector. It fits perfectly in the halogen reflector: See this video for shroud preparing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0nBzGAmFgc 1:58 Ready to go! Very OEM looking retrofit! 2:18 Place back the insert. 2:24 Click the headlight lens back on. 2:40 Original halogen beam compared to the Bi-xenon projector. Perfect cutoff and wide beam! This kit will fit on: E46 wagon 1998-2005 E46 sedan 1998-2005 E46 coupe 1998-2003 E46 compact *The BMW E46 Compact halogen reflector is smaller in diameter. You need to trim the shroud a few millimeter to fit. Already have a plug & play xenon kit and want to upgrade? Then you can still use your current ballasts, and the kit will be cheaper for you. We have this kit in stock and can ship it to Europe and worldwide! Have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us. Retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands e-mail: [email protected] phone: +31 (0) 341-820 220
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Hide a way DFE 244  Blue Xenon strobe kits car flashing lights
*12V *4 pcs 20W "S" style xenon light,total 80W *Lamp Color:Blue/White/Red *Product Size/N.W.:22*24*9cm/1.5kgs *Carton Size/G.W.:18sets/ctn,66*39*50cm/ctn,26.5­kgs/ctn *With two 3 meter cords,two 5 meter cords.
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VW Golf MKV, 5, V, Bi xenon projector retrofit installation video
http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits-1/bi-xenon-mini-h1-twin-kit.html Check out our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EuropeanHeadlightCommunity/ Volkswagen MK5 Golf Mini H1 6.0 Bi-xenon projector retrofit instruction video. Follow every step how to upgrade your headlights from halogen H7 to a Bi-xenon projector!
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How to Install HID Headlights in Your Car (Conversion Kit)
HID headlight conversion kit installation. How to install HID headlights in your car (conversion kit) DIY with Scotty Kilmer. HID vs halogen headlight bulbs. How to upgrade your car's headlights with the new style brighter blue HID headlights. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 45 years. ⬇️Things I used in this video: 1. HID Conversion Kit: http://amzn.to/2jTlb71 2. Ratchet and socket set: http://amzn.to/2inoxOY 3. Mechanic’s Tool Set: http://amzn.to/2Bzmccg 4. Disposable Gloves: http://amzn.to/2zSRuxO 5. Shop Towels: http://amzn.to/2jGDfkA 6. Common Sense 7. Full HD Camera: http://amzn.to/2AvoEk7 8. My computer for editing / uploading: http://amzn.to/2i2sKYz 9. Video editing software: http://amzn.to/2jv5Fhf 10. Thumbnail software: http://amzn.to/2k7tz6C 🛠Check out my Garage to see what I use every day and highly recommend: https://www.amazon.com/shop/scottykilmer ❗️Check out the Scotty store: https://goo.gl/RwhRGU 👉Follow me on Instagram for the latest news, funnies, and exclusive info / pics: https://goo.gl/ohy2cA If you liked this video, consider subscribing and press the bell Icon to get updated on the latest videos every week. And remember, every day (7 days a week), I upload a new video on the Scotty Kilmer Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/scottykilmer Also, if you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show, every Thursday afternoon at 1 CST and Saturday morning at 10 AM CST on YouTube. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just check it out at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQtdBelbqdg Scotty Kilmer is a participant in the Amazon Influencer Program. #morescottystuff
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How to install Bi-Xenon HID Headlights on VW MK6 Jetta GLI
Today marks the day that I installed my MK7 GTI Style Bi-Xenon HID Headlights on to my 2015 VW MK6 Jetta GLI. I also took the time to record an in depth "how to" video, so you can learn how to install these headlights on your MK6 Jetta. Be sure to thumbs up and comment on this video. Support my channel by leaving a thumbs up and subscribing. "Show support, give thumbs up!" Thanks for watching! :: LOOKING FOR VW PARTS? :: ECS Tuning https://bit.ly/ECSTuningCom :: FIND ME ON :: Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter @FrankieGisMe :: WHAT I BOUGHT :: * Mk7 GTI Style BiXenon Projector Headlights (for Mk6 Jetta) https://goo.gl/KfV4Lc (Found on eBay) * HID Conversion Kit (bulbs and ballast) http://amzn.to/2E2lswN * Warning Canceller & Anti Flicker Kit (Not shown in the video but required) http://amzn.to/2kJTbEV
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Auto Style Lajkovac ugradnja ozvucenja Fiat Stilo
Fiat Stilo ugradnja 2xjbl 1202 plus jbl gran turismo plus kondezator 1.0f
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KIT Xenon HID 6000K on BMW Z4
KIT Xenon HID 6000K on BMW Z4 By http://Hxostyle.com
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VW Scirocco | Wide Body Kit // Çift Mercekli Farlar \\ Devil Eyes - Modifiye
Bu sefer Scirocco'muzu baştan yaratıyoruz... Widebody kit ile araç çok daha agrasif bir görünüme kavuşuyor. (MB Autosport) Ayrıca aracın bütün detayları orijinal karbon fiber... Aracın şişirilmiş çamurluklarını doldurmak için 20 inç Vossen jant kullanıldı... Aracın motor içini her zamanki gibi kendi tarzımızla yeniden ele alacağız daha renkli ve temiz bir görünüm kazandırıp filtre kiti yapacağız. Ayrıca aracın genel tasarımına hiç yakışmayan farları tamamen farklı bir görünüm vereceğiz ve daha önceden denenmemiş birşey yapacağız. Şimdiden iyi seyirler... - Bodykit (MB Autosport) - A Spec PPV430R Wide Body Kit (@mb.auto) - Veysel Usta - Karbon Fiber Ayna - Karbon Fiber Spoiler - Karbon Fiber Lip - Karbon Fiber Difüzör - 20 inç Limited Edition VOSSEN VLE-1 Jant - Motor içi detaylandırma ve renklendirme - Custom Karbon Fiber Filtre Kiti - Soğuk Hava Portu - Çift BiXenon Devil Eyes Mercekli Led Farlar (22000 Lumen) - Led Gündüz Far ve Sinyal vs. Videolarımızı beğenip paylaşmayı kanalımızı takip etmeyi unutmayın! İyi Seyirler...
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Audi A4 B7 Mini H1 Bi xenon projector headlight retrofit full tutorial
http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits/bi-xenon-mini-h1-twin-kit-1.html Check out our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EuropeanHeadlightCommunity/ The Audi A4 B7 is a very classic car with a luxurious appearance. Your car didn't came out of the Audi factory with OEM xenon headlights? No need to worry. With our Bi-xenon mini H1 twin kit it's now possible to transform your headlights to true Bi-xenon projectors! Check out our full instruction video on how to retrofit your headlight with these awesome projectors and compete with OEM setups for a fraction of their cost! 0:01 Remove the caps from the rear 0:05 Bake the headlight to soften the sealing 0:11 We put the headlight in a carton box and heat it 0:15 1600 Watt heatgun for 16 minutes 0:23 Remove the lens clips and rubber 0:44 Seperate the lens from the housing using a flat screw driver 1:14 Remove the H7 halogen bulb cap 1:20 break off the cap channel with a plier 1:28 Place the small rubber washer over the projector shaft 1:33 Insert the Bi-xenon solenoid wires through the cap shaft and insert the projector through the fitting 1:43 Place the H7 adapter ring and secure the projector nut 1:59 Don't tighten it fully yet, you might want to do some final rotational adjustment when the headlights are mounted on the car 2:04 Mount the bulb holder 2:20 Click the shroud centric ring inside the shroud (this shroud has been modified for fitment) 2:23 Apply a few drops of glue to be sure the shroud will stay on 2:50 Remove all finger prints using a fine cloth 3:00 If you want, apply some butyl to make sure the headlight will be free of moisture 3:20 Press the lens on the housing and bake it again 3:48 Now that the sealant is soft, press the lens on the housing using pliers and secure the lens by placing the metal clips 4:17 Place the solenoid plug back on the wires 4:25 Connect the H7 high beam splitter for the solenoid to function together with the H7 halogen high beam 4:49 Drill a 20-22mm hole in the bulb cap to guide the wires through 5:16 The wires will be connected to the ballast and H7 low beam plug. Because the Audi A4 B7 has Canbus, this is the only wiring setup that can be used 5:22 Insert the bulb in the projector and secure it with the clip 5:48 Connect the 12V ballast wires correctly, red to the yellow cable (+ positive) and black to brown (- negative) 6:07 Click the cap back on, you are ready to do mount the headlight to the car and enjoy a luxurious Bi-xenon projector headlight! :-) [email protected] +31 (0)341-820220 Retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-...
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Xenon vs LED Porsche PDLS headlights  - also Halogen
Comparing the brightness of Halogen vs Xenon vs LED headlights Find me on FB here https://www.facebook.com/kiwinicktube Find me on Twitter here https://twitter.com/nick_murray Find me on Instagram here http://instagram.com/droppedbaby1 My email address is [email protected]
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MK7 Golf R Style LED DRL Headlight Install on our MK7 GTI (for Halogen Cars)
This video will show you how to install headlights on a MK7 2015 GTI. We installed these on our GTI as we wanted to get the OEM looking LED DRL headlights. These lights have an optional Xenon kit which can allow you to install xenon headlights in your VW MK7. Installed on our car MK7 Golf R Style Helix LED DRL Headlights(with Silver Stripe) https://deutscheautoparts.com/hvwg7hl-s.html MK7 GTI Xenon Style LED DRL Headlights (with Red Stripe) https://deutscheautoparts.com/mk7-gti-helix-led-headlights-with-red-stripe.html Disclaimer: Please note all DIY are intended for basic information. Deutsche Auto Parts is not liable for any damage incurred during any attempt to follow the information shown in the video above. This video was filmed at our facility Deutsche Auto Parts 18525 Statesville Rd Unit D4 Cornelius NC 28031 We are your number one place for VW and Audi Performance Software (ECU Tuning) as well as Parts and Accessories in the Charlotte area.
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Interior XENON Bulbs from bimmian.com
Give that xenon look to your vehicle interior with: "The Original" Xenon Interior Bulbs SHOP NOW: https://bimmian.com/IXB Buyers Beware: These bulbs are NOT the cheap "knock-off" kits sold by other vendors. This is the original BIMMIAN Interior Xenon light kit. Other vendors' bulbs don't fit, are too dim or too yellow in color to give you the true cool xenon white sensation you demand for your bimmer. Be careful, they have named their bulbs similarly, made their packaging look the same, and even copied the look of our photography. Get the best for your bimmer... get THE ORIGINAL INTERIOR XENON BULBS from BIMMIAN.com. We now offer 3 styles of Interior Xenon kit to satisfy the needs of all our customers: The Original Interior XENON (Filament) Bulbs -Easy to install -Inexpensive -Soft White Glow 5000K -NO YELLOW like OEM -ERROR FREE -LIFETIME WARRANTY Interior XENON LED ver 2.0 -Each bulb contains from 1 to 11 LEDs -Easy to install -Competitively priced -Pure White Glow 6000K -High Power Light -ERROR FREE -New CHIP LED Technology -LIFETIME WARRANTY Interior XENON ULTIMATE LED *NEW!* -Each bulb contains from one to twenty four LEDs! -Easy to install -Pure White Glow 6000K -Most advanced Technology to date -New CHIP LED Technology -FULL Lens replacements, not just a bulb (where available) -ERROR FREE -Intense Bright Lighting -Directional LEDs for Max effect - TEN TIMES as bright as OEM -LIFETIME WARRANTY
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How to install HID Xenon projector kit with led stripes on VW Golf
1. 2.5 Inches Square CCFL Double Angel Eyes HID B-xenon Projector Lens Kit with 35W HID Lamp Universal Link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-5-Inches-Square-CCFL-Double-Angel-Eyes-HID-B-xenon-Projector-Lens-Kit-with-35W/32456799321.html 2. Slim HID 35W Xenon Digital Conversion Ballast Kit Link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Slim-HID-35W-Xenon-Digital-Conversion-Ballast-Kit-for-H1-H3-H3C-H4-1-H4-2/32368296935.html 3. 2 X 30cm DIY White+Amber Flexible Strip Turn Signal Tube Angel Eye DRL LED Daytime Running Head Headlight Link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-X-30cm-DIY-White-Amber-Flexible-Strip-Turn-Signal-Tube-Angel-Eye-DRL-LED-Daytime/32364574743.html 4. COB 90mm 2Pieces(1pair) Auto Halo Rings Angel Eye COB Chip Headlight 66 SMD Car Angel Eyes Motorcycle With Lampshades Brightness Link: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/COB-90mm-2Pieces-1pair-Auto-Halo-Rings-Angel-Eye-COB-Chip-Headlight-66-SMD-Car-Angel/32478813075.html 5. H1 base 25 LED leds 3528 chip SMD DC 12V Car Auto Light Headlight Fog Xenon Cold White Bright 120Lm 6000K Link http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2x-H1-base-25-LED-leds-3528-chip-SMD-DC-12V-Car-Auto-Light-Headlight-Fog/32348395438.html 6. White parking light
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G8 Projector Kit Mini Cooper Style CCFL WWW.CARNER.GR
G8 Projector Kit Mini Cooper Style CCFL Οι προτζέκτορες φαναριών Mini Cooper Style είναι ιδανικοί για τοποθέτηση σε φανάρια όλων των τύπων! Έχουν αντάπτορα για να ταιριάζουν σε αυτοκίνητα με Η4 και Η7 λάμπες! Στους προτζέκτορες μπορούμε να τοποθετήσουμε λάμπες H1 απλή η Xenon ( δεν περιλαμβάνονται) Έχουν λειτουργία Bi-xenon hi/low με ειδικό κλαπέ και περιλαμβάνουν ειδική καλωδίωση με ρελέ! Περιλαμβάνει 2 Ballast ccfl για να φωτίζει γύρω γύρω ο προτζέκτορας! Διαστάσεις: 2,5 "x 5,0" Τοποθέτηση: Η τοποθέτηση απαιτεί εξειδίκευση από αυτόν που θα τοποθετήσει τους προτζέκτορες! 1. Ανοίγουμε το φανάρι χρησιμοποιώντας θερμοπίστολο αέρος , ζεσταίνουμε διαδοχικά για 15 λεπτά στο σημείο της ένωσης. 2. Ειδικά εργαλεία για το άνοιγμα των φαναριών υπάρχουν διαθέσιμα στο κατάστημά μας . 3. Αν δεν έχετε αυτά τα εργαλεία μπορείτε να ξεκινήσετε να ανοίξετε το φανάρι από την άκρη βάζοντας ένα φαρδύ ίσιο κατσαβίδι και ανοίγοντας σιγά σιγά(να είναι ήδη καλά ζεσταμένο το φανάρι). 4. Μόλις ανοίξει το φανάρι αφαιρούμε ότι έχει στην θέση του παλιού λαμπτήρα και προβάρουμε τον προτζέκτορα, σε περίπτωση που δεν χωράει να περάσει από την τρύπα μπορούμε να ανοίξουμε με ένα μεγάλο τρυπάνι η με ειδική λίμα. 5. Αφού στερεώσουμε ίσια τον προτζέκτορα βλέποντας πάνω το σηματάκι TOP που μας δείχνει το πάνω κάτω βάζουμε από πίσω την ροδέλα σε σχήμα Η4 ή Η7 αναλόγως την λάμπα που φορούσε πριν το φανάρι. Αν δεν φορούσε Η4 η Η7 μπορεί να μπει χωρίς την ροδέλα και να σφίξει με το μεγάλο παξιμάδι που έχει από πίσω! 6. Περνάμε όλα τα καλώδια έξω από το φανάρι και κάνουμε τσεκ αν όλα λειτουργούν καλά και αν το φως είναι ίσια η θέλει ρύθμιση πριν κλείσει το φανάρι! 7. καθαρίζουμε καλά με ένα στεγνό πανάκι όλο το φανάρι εσωτερικά και ξεκινάμε και ξαναζεσταίνουμε το σημείο που ήταν η κόλλα ώστε να μαλακώσει και να κλείσουμε καλά το φανάρι. Σε περίπτωση που χρειάζεται επιπλέον κόλλα μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε ειδική κόλλα μαντζούνι που μπορείτε να προμηθευτείτε από το κατάστημά μας. 8. όταν ζεσταθεί καλά το φανάρι και ξανακλείσει μπορείτε να το κρατήσετε σφραγισμένο για 1 ώρα με ειδικές τανάλιες τύπου σκύλες , υπάρχουν στο κατάστημα ειδικές τανάλιες κλεισίματος φαναριών! 9. Τέλος τοποθετούμε τα φανάρια και απολαμβάνουμε κορυφαίο φωτισμό και μοναδικό look που δημιουργήσαμε μόνοι μας! Tips: Μπορείτε να βάψετε το εσωτερικό του φαναριού μαύρο Mat ή γυαλιστερό ή στο χρώμα του αυτοκινήτου για ποιο ωραίο Look! www.carner.gr/G8-Projector-Kit-Mini-Cooper-Style-CCFL-35134
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Mercedes CLK 209. Xenon Ignitor defective - Install REPAIL KIT.
Ignitor is installed in the headlight. Therefore, there are repair kit (part no. A20382011205 price approx 169 euros) from Mercedes. Installation is easy. There are isolated and soldered gets new 3 cable (green, red, black). The video is already made.
Hyundai Getz 2006-2009 D2S 3.0 projector bi-xenon HID retrofit installation
http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits-1/bi-xenon-mini-d2s-30-twin-kit-1.html Check out our new Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/EuropeanHeadlightCommunity/ Hyundai Getz, year 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 D2S 3.0 projector bi-xenon HID retrofit installation 0:01 mount the XB LED angel eye on an Iris shroud 0:05 cut some of the shroud for the wires of the angel eye 0:21 stick it with contact glue 0:34 heat the headlight in a box for about 10 minutes with a heatgun 0:45 open the headlight 1:02 don't forget the screw on the backside 1:29 remove the plastic cover inside for painting it black (if you want) 2:19 remove the original bulb holder and spring 2:34 place the rubber ring on the projector 2:39 place the H4 adapterplate in the housing 3:00 mount the projector with the screw nut 3:07 place the Iris shroud back on the projector and connect it on the positionlights 3:19 don't forget to clean the inside before closing the headlight 3:49 replace the plastic cover and heat the headlight for about 10 minutes again 4:57 check the looks Link for the D2S twin kit: http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-kits-1/bi-xenon-mini-d2s-30-twin-kit-1.html Link for the Iris shroud: http://www.retrofitlab.com/projector-shrouds/iris.html Link for the XB LED Angel Eye: http://www.retrofitlab.com/accessoires/xb-led-angel-eyes.html Any questions? Contact us directly! http://www.retrofitlab.com [email protected] +31 (0)341-820220 Retrofitlab.com Tolweg 2W 3851SK Ermelo Netherlands
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tuto d'installation kit hid xénon 10 000k sur une astra j gtc
voici un petit tuto d'installation kit HID xénon 10 000k sur une astra j gtc
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Audi A6 Style 9 LED Daytime Running Lights DRL Kit on 2010 BMW X5
Brought to you by http://www.iJDMTOY.com one set (2 pieces) brand new Audi-Style Xenon White LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps. Each piece contains 9 pieces LED lights. These LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) lamps will directly fit 2005-2008 Audi C6 A6 or S6 before FACELIFT and will also fit many other vehicles that have enough space under the bumper such as Acura TL/MDX; Audi Q5/Q7; BMW E90/E92 328i/335i/M3; Infiniti G35/G37, M35/M45; Lexus GS350, etc. Therefore, before purchasing, please make sure the space in between the bumper is long and wide enough for this LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) lamp to fit. Besides the safety improvement, this add-on LED Daytime Running Light (DRL) Lamps are commonly adopted by the newest European luxury vehicles such Audi A5, Q7; Porsche Cayenne, Carrera; 2010 and up Mercedes E Class, etc, so these lights will give your car an awesome and eye-catching Euro Luxury Look. For more pictures and information about 9-LED DRL Kit, check out the product page @ http://store.ijdmtoy.com/Audi-Style-LED-Daytime-Running-DRL-Lights-p/60-077.htm
HID 2in1 CAN-bus by AutoStyle
HID 2in1 CAN-bus by http://www.autostyle.nl Beschikbare HID 2in1 CAN-bus / Available HID 2in1 Can-bus: http://www.autostyle.nl/catalogsearch/result/?q=HID+2IN1+CAN-BUS Abonneer op onze nieuwsbrief!! Subscribe to our newsletter!! http://www.autostyle.nl/nieuwsbrief Websites: http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.wheelstyle.nl http://www.vanstyle.nl Social media: http://twitter.com/autostyle http://www.facebook.com/autostylenl http://autostyle.hyves.nl/
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D-I-Y HeadLight Washer Set by AutoStyle
D-I-Y HeadLight Washer Set by http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.autostyle.nl De ideale oplossing voor auto's zonder koplampsproeiers is deze universeel in te bouwen set. Houdt jouw koplampen schoon en voorkomt dus strooilicht. De set bestaat uit: - 1 x ruitensproeierpomp (aan te sluiten aan originele pomp) - 1 x watertank - 2 x dubbele sproeierkop - Ø10mm slang - 1 x nylon Y-adapter voor splitsen van slang - kabelset + schakelaar - 2 x slangenklem + montagebeugels - diverse installatiebenodigdheden Bekijk: http://www.autostyle.nl/xk-ks02.html http://www.autostyle.nl The ideal solution for cars without original head light washers is this universal installation kit. Keeps your head lights clean and prevents against strayed light. The set consists of: - 1 x window washer pump (to connect to original pump) - 1x water tank - 2 x double washer head - Ø10mm hose - 1 x nylon Y-adapter for the original hose tap - cable set + switch - 2 x hose clamps + mounting brackets - several installation parts See: http://www.autostyle.nl/xk-ks02.html Abonneer op onze nieuwsbrief!! Subscribe to our newsletter!! http://www.autostyle.nl/nieuwsbrief Websites: http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.wheelstyle.nl http://www.vanstyle.nl Social media: http://twitter.com/autostyle http://www.facebook.com/autostylenl http://autostyle.hyves.nl/
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55w 6000k HID Kit - BMW E39 5 series  | DDM Tuning
This is our 6000k DDM Tuning HID kit sold at http://www.ddmtuning.com installed on a customers 1999 BMW 540i. It is a 6000k kit and the video was taken in total darkness. This E39 also has our E39 DJ-Auto Hella Style headlights installed: http://ddmtuning.com/x/1
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StylingSet VW Polo 6R 6/09- by AutoStyle
StylingSet VW Polo 6R 6/09- by http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.autostyle.nl De nieuwe Polo 6R is nu ruim een jaar op de markt en blijkt direct al mateloos populair te zijn. Des te meer reden om natuurlijk dit type weer van een stijlvolle bodykit te voorzien. De bekende Tuner Ingo Noak is hier als één van de eersten op in gesprongen en presenteert nu deze schitterende variant. Deze kit bestaat uit een voorspoiler,grill, sideskirts, en een achterbumper: http://www.autostyle.nl/in-vwbk02.html http://www.autostyle.nl The latest Polo 6R is now already for sales for more then a year now and from the start it became very popular. So reason enough to foresee this type with a stylish body kit. The well known Tuner Ingo Noak is one of the first who went to the drawing board and now presents this beautiful version. The kit consists of a front spoiler,grill, side skirts and a rear bumper: http://www.autostyle.nl/in-vwbk02.html Abonneer op onze nieuwsbrief!! Subscribe to our newsletter!! http://www.autostyle.nl/nieuwsbrief Websites: http://www.autostyle.nl http://www.wheelstyle.nl http://www.vanstyle.nl Social media: http://twitter.com/autostyle http://www.facebook.com/autostylenl http://autostyle.hyves.nl/
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15 Brands LED Headlight Bulb Shoot-Out! Which one's the best?
Buy LED Headlight Bulbs Here: https://headlightrevolution.com/headlights/headlight-bulb-upgrades/led-headlight-bulbs/ Do you think all LED headlight bulbs are junk? Do you think they're all the same? SOME ARE! But you'd be surprised at the output of others. Our comprehensive LED headlight bulb shootout pits the best of the best available today in a controlled environment measuring lux, comparing color and lumen, and examining beam patterns to help YOU understand what you're really buying! Let us know what kind of questions you have about the different styles of bulbs in the comments or email us at www.HeadlightRevolution.com Guns in order of appearance: 1. Ruger SR22 .22 Handgun 2. Kimber Ultra Master Carry .45 Handgun 3. Taurus PT92 9mm Handgun 4. Keltec KSG 12 Gauge Shotgun 5. IWI Tavor .223/5.56 Rifle 6. Ruger 556 .223/5.56 Rifle Bulbs In Order of Appearance: 1. Philips H11 LL 55w Halogen (#14 Brightest: 720 Max Lux) 2. Philips X-treme Vision LED (#12 Brightest: 950 Max Lux) 3. CHTOOLIGHT LED (Similar Construction to VLEDs SMZ) (#9 Brightest: 1,030 Max Lux) 4. Street Glow XHP50 / NINEO / Xtreme Vision / Glowteck LED (#2 Brightest:1,680 Max Lux) 5. Auxbeam F-16 LED (#6 Brightest: 1,250 Max Lux) 6. P6 / LED Concepts Axiom 45w LED (#4 Brightest: 1,580 Max Lux) 7. Supernova V.3 LED (#3 Brightest: 1,660 Max Lux) 8. Opt7 Flux Beam LED (#13 Brightest: 790 Max Lux) 9. Morimoto 2Stroke LED (#5 Brightest: 1,410 Max Lux) 10. Putco SilverLux LED (#7 Brightest: 1,150 Max Lux) 11. Kensun 60w CREE LED (#15 Brightest: 590 Max Lux) 12. GTR Lighting GEN 3 Ultra Series LED (#1 Brightest: 1,730 Max Lux) 13. Alibaba Ribbed Fin Heat Sink LED (#8 Brightest: 1,130 Max Lux) 14. Vehicode Gold Pro 100 LED (#10 Brightest: 1,010 Max Lux) 15. Auto Feel / Oracle / Super Bright LEDs Fanless LED (**Disqualified, estimated 1,100 Max Lux) 16. Supernova V.2 / Putco NiteLux LED (#11 Brightest: 1,005 Max Lux) Buy Oracle LED Headlight Bulbs: https://headlightrevolution.com/headlights/headlight-bulb-upgrades/led-headlight-bulbs/oracle-4-000-lumen-led-headlight-bulbs/ Buy Morimoto LED Headlight Bulbs: https://headlightrevolution.com/headlights/headlight-bulb-upgrades/morimoto-2stroke-led-headlight-bulbs/ Buy Supernova LED Headlight Bulbs: https://headlightrevolution.com/headlights/headlight-bulb-upgrades/supernova-v-3-led-headlight-bulbs/ Buy GTR Lighting LED Headlight Bulbs: https://headlightrevolution.com/headlights/headlight-bulb-upgrades/gtr-lighting-gen-3-led-headlight-bulbs/ Buy Putco Silver Lux LED Headlight Bulbs: https://headlightrevolution.com/headlights/headlight-bulb-upgrades/putco-silverlux-led-headlight-bulbs/
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Kit BiXenon Ford Ranger XENOVISION
Kit Xenon specifico per Ford Ranger, anabbagliante più anabbagliante BiXenon, Luci Diurne DRL Led. 100% Plug&Play Zero Spie. In vendita su www.xenovision.it cercando "Ford Ranger" nel campo ricerca. *** ENG *** Specific Plug&Play HID Conversion Kit for Ford Ranger, including dual beam (low and high) BiXenon headlights, High Brightness Led DRL Daytime Running Lights, 100% Plug&Play. No soldering, No cutting, No headache: simple and straightforward, hassle free installation. International orders are welcome! Quick WorldWide delivery available for all of our products, starting from as low as 19€ for European destinations. Please inquiry now on www.xenovision.it to get in touch in English with our friendly and prepared staff. Please make sure to purchase only original XENOVISION HID systems and Led lights, available online exclusively on our website www.xenovision.it. *** Non abbiamo rivenditori online: trovi i prodotti originali xenovision unicamente sul sito www.xenovision.it Per info e ordini telefonici chiama ora lo 06-21116245 (Lun Ven 11-19) o acquista online su www.xenovision.it XENOVISION è Qualità Massima Garantita di l'illuminazione Xenon e Led per automotive.
Views: 4017 Xenovision
Blue color Xenon strobe kits/car flashing lights RFE-244-4/E
*12V *4 pcs 20W "S" style xenon light,total 80W *Lamp Color:Blue/White/Red *Product Size/N.W.:22*24*9cm/1.5kgs *Carton Size/G.W.:18sets/ctn,66*39*50cm/ctn,26.5kgs/ctn *With two 3 meter cords,two 5 meter cords.
Views: 1035 项茹茹
Toyota Corolla E15 2010 Headlight Auto leveling system E Mark - Tepper Efka - AutoStyle NL
Headlight auto leveling system working flawlessly on my '10 Rolla E15 retrofitted with bi-xenon projectors 6000K Link to product: http://www.autostyle.nl/english/headlight-auto-leveling-system-e-mark.html
Views: 131 Rares Enache
OSRAM LEDriving XENARC headlights for Golf VI: Installation tutorial
With its outstanding design, the LEDriving XENARC headlights combine modern LED daytime running light functionality with a powerful xenon lamp. With these headlights, OSRAM offers a solution for all Golf VI models not equipped with xenon headlights. Upgrading to the ECE-approved LEDriving XENARC headlights complies with all legal requirements – no need to fit automatic leveling or a headlight-cleaning system. Available as GTI, BLACK and CHROME edition. Stay up-to-date with OSRAM Automotive and become a follower! News on automotive lighting, events and latest innovations can be found on our social media channels: Facebook (International): https://www.facebook.com/osramautomotive Blog (International): https://www.carlightblog.com
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BMW 328i Depo Angel Eyes Install from USR! (F30)
Today I bring to you my highest requested video! I FINALLY GOT RID OF THE HALOGENS! SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON IF YOU ENJOYED THIS! HUGE Shout out and thanks to Unique Style Racing for helping me out with the headlights! Click the link below to buy these exact headlights!: https://www.uniquestyleracings.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1023&search= If you clink the link from here, do me a small favor and let them know Shumile Swift sent you! Mike's Instagram: @BSA_Coding Hit him up if you live in the Tri-state area and want a trusted installer for these headlights! FOLLOW ME TO HAVE AN EARLY SPOILER ON WHAT MY NEXT MODS ARE GONNA BE: @Shumile.Swift I HOPE YOU GUYS ENJOYED! As always feel free to ask any questions down below and I'll be sure to get back to them! Music by: MANKIIND - Stranger! CHECK OUT HIS SOUNDCLOUD! https://soundcloud.com/mankiind
Views: 77972 Shumile Swift
Faruri Dayline LED Audi A4 B7 05 -www.accesoriiautotuning.ro by KIT XENON TUNING
Faruri Dayline LED Audi A4 B7 05 . Model unicat in Romania. www.accesoriiautotuning.ro by KIT XENON TUNING
Views: 44115 KITT TUNING
RFB Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit Installation Guide by USP Motorsports
RFB Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit - http://bit.ly/2jsGMER RFB Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit (MK6) - http://bit.ly/2jsz6CA Composite General Wedge Tool - http://bit.ly/2jvBGHU Gregg at USP Motorsports shows you how to install the RFB Lighting automatic headlight conversion kit.
Views: 421507 USP Motorsports
Tutoriel : Kit Xenon HID spécial Volkswagen Polo 6R
Installation d'un Xenon HID RStyle Lights sur Volkswagen Polo 6R Produits disponible sur notre site web : www.rstyle-lights.fr
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Tutoriel : Kit Xénon H7 Golf 6, Golf 7, Scirocco, Touran 3
Montage d'un kit xénon HID sur phares avec portes ampoules VW. www.rstyle-lights.fr
Views: 63137 RStyle-LED