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Mia Kayleigh - Island Magic by Dave Weckl (Official Video)
Follow me! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miakayleighdrums/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miakayleighdrums/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Miakayleighdrum Homepage: http://www.miakayleigh.com iTunes: Mia Kayleigh: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/uptown-funk-drum-playalong-ep/id1171042329? mt=1&app=music My own band: The Yangheart Project: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/us/album/awakening-single/id1174251579?mt=1&app=music _______________________ "Island Magic" - one of my favourite Dave Weckl tunes. Check out his drum book "Contemporary Drummer + One“ and his album "Master Plan". Many thanks to Tim Reischmann and Sin Cinema Productions for making this video possible! http://www.sin-cinema.de Engineered and mixed by Philipp Kraus. https://www.philippkraus.de I also wanna thank Meinl Cymbals, Sonor Drums, Evans Drumheads, Skygel Damper Pads and Drumsome cymbalnecklaces for the great support! http://meinlcymbals.com http://de.sonor.com http://evansdrumheads.com/ http://www.boxoftrix.de/html/skygel.html https://drumsome.ch There will be more videos coming. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the latest news and learn more about my activities as a working drummer. I will also keep you up to date about upcoming video releases. Hope to see you soon :) Mia --------------------------- Gear list: Drums: Sonor ProLite Finish: Ebony White Stripes 22" x 17,5" Bass Drum 10" x 08" Tom Tom 12" x 09" Tom Tom 16" x 16" Floor Tom 14"x 06" Snare Hardware: Sonor 400 Serie Pedals: Sonor DP 472 R Double Pedal Sonor HH 400 Hi-Hat Stand Cymbals: 14" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Medium Hi-Hat 08" Meinl Byzance Splash 12"/14" Meinl Generation X Trash Hat (Benny Greb) 16" Meinl Byzance Medium Crash 18" Meinl Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash 22" Meinl Byzance Spectrum Ride Drumheads: Snare: Top: Evans Genera 1 Coated Bottom: Evans S14H30 Snare Resonant Kick: Evans EMAD Coated Toms: Top: Evans Genera 2 Coated Bottom: Evans Genera 1 Coated Sticks: Vic Firth 5A Recording Equipment: Shure SM57 (Snare) AKG 112D (Bass Drum) Beyerdynamic TG D58c (Rack Toms) Beyerdynamic TG D57C (Floor Tom) Audio Technica AT4040 (Room Mic) Rode NT5 (Overheads)
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Dave Weckl - island magic - drum cover by Andrea Mattia
another song of great weckl....in island magic there is a beautiful 7/8 latin groove.....i hope you like....rate and comment..
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Arthur Rezende - Magic Island [ Dave Weckl - PlayAlong ]
Drummer: Arthur Rezende Song: Magic Island Album: Back to Basics Author: Dave Weckl
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Dave Weckl - Island Magic  |  Jamaal Cody Drum Cover
My interpretation of Dave Weckl's Island Magic. This tune was on Weckl's Master Plan album recorded in 1990. Hope you enjoy! Excuse the mess ups.
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Island Magic (Dave Weckl/Jay Oliver) played by Matthias Knorr
SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | COMMENT This is my Performance of "Island Magic" This tune is from Dave Weckl's first Solo Album "Master Plan". Composition by Dave Weckl & Jay Oliver Drumset: YAMAHA PHX Drums in Burled Natural Ash Textured Finish (first one in Europe): 10x7/12x8/14x13/16x15/22x18/14x5.5 Dave Weckl Brass Black Nickel Signature Snare/13x5 Dave Weckl Maple Signature Snare Anatolian Cymbals: Diamond Series - 8"/10"/11" Splashes 16" Crash 12" Hihat Ultimate Series - 18" Crash/13" Hihat/20" Natural Ride Baris Series - 14"/18" China 18" Crashes (14" China on top of 18" Crash) SkyGel Damper Pads for Muffling Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/matthiasknorrdrummer
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ISLAND MAGIC......My favorite Dave Weckl song.
This was recorded in one take. http://www.drumprofessor.net Many thanks Rattlesnare Media for this production.
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Dave Weckl's Island Magic Drum Cover by Floyd Emmanuel Libera - Jam Music Conservatory
Recorded @ Jam Music Conservatory as part of Floyd's solo project. Audio mixed & mastered by our Engineer Jeet Paul
Dave Weckl - Sland Magic
Zildjians Day Japan
Views: 2813 Fabiano Oliveira
Island Magic - Dave Weckl (Cover) / 佐藤奏 ドラムカバー
2017年8月6日 「六本木クラップス」でのライブ演奏 アイランド・マジック/デイヴ・ウェックル (Cover) 中学生ドラマー 佐藤奏 (演奏当時14歳) http://kanadesato.com ブログ『セカンドライブ「マジデペッコリーノ」』 https://ameblo.jp/kanadesato/entry-12308267036.html
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[Dave Weckl] - Island magic (Drum Cover) (HD)
Hello friends! This was an amazing recording! An exciting and daring tribute to Dave Weckl! I am a hardcore fan of this song from this great master battery that influences me completely! And I admit, it was a huge challenge, "seek", practice, develop my touch of Magic Island! The interpretation of Dave's fantastic! SINGLE! And anyone can play this song better than him! I hear this song since I started studying drums and it was exciting and very difficult to play it! During recording I just thought: "Feel the music, feel the music no mistake, do not miss, do not miss!" (Lol)! CHALLENGE THAT WONDERFUL! To me 21 years, this historical record music from Dave, is a huge responsibility! -Olá amigos! Esta foi uma gravação incrível! Uma homenagem emocionante e ousada á Dave weckl! Sou fan incondicional desta música deste grande mestre da bateria que me influencia totalmente!E admito,foi um desafio gigantesco "buscar" ,praticar, desenvolver o meu toque de Island Magic! A interpretação de Dave é fantástica! ÚNICA! E ninguém pode tocar essa canção melhor que ele! Eu ouço essa música desde que comecei a estudar bateria e foi emocionante e dificílimo tocá-la! Durante a gravação eu só pensava:"Sinta a música,sinta a música! NÃO ERRE NÃO ERRE NÃO ERRE NÃO ERRE"(RSRSRS)! QUE DESAFIO MARAVILHOSO!Pra mim com 21 anos,gravar esta música histórica do Dave,é uma responsabilidade imensa! *Quero agradecer de forma incondicional aos parceiros que tornaram possível essa gravação! Ao JORDAN MARTINS,meu queriiido amigo e incentivador,que cedeu seu estúdio e essa "máquina" maravilhosa chamada DW COLLECTOR'S,de uma maneira gentil e amigável!OBRIGADOO JORDAN! É maravilhoso trabalhar aí! *Ao MARCELO PASSOS! Engenheiro de som SUPER HÍPER MEGA MASTER PROFESSIONAL que cuidou da gravação e do áudio de maneira excepcional! VALEEEEU MARCELÃOO! É UMA HOONRA TRABALHAR CONTIGO MANO! * E a família CACIATOR RAMOS da TICION PRODUÇÕES! Minha amada Sara, TE AMOO! Meus sogros queriiiidos e amados SIMONI E MARCIO,e meu cunhado parceirãooo Anderson!!! E uma HOONRA E SATISFAÇÃO IMENSA trabalhar ao lado de vocês,que fizeram a filmagem,edição e fotografía de forma extremamente profissional! É uma responsabilidade imensaaaa trabalhar com estes parceiros! OBRIGADOO DEMAIS! TAMBÉM AGRADEÇO COM MUUUITO CARINHO A TODOS OS AMIGOS QUE ACOMPANHAM E INCENTIVAM MEU TRABALHO! FOOOORTE ABRAAAX DO SQUILLO!
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Dave Weckl - 'Island Magic' 1995 Drum Comp Entry by Alex Deegan
In 1995 I entered 'Australia's Best Up & Coming Drummer Competition' and came 2nd place, missing out on 1st place by 2 points, so I was told, the winner that year was an amazing drummer from Perth by the name of Chris Tarr, go and check him out! To be honest I was just grateful to get into the final 6, looking back it was a career changing moment for me and if it wasn't for my brother Ray insisting that I send in my submission I would have probably given it a miss, thanks brother! Recently while cleaning out my music room I found this old VHS tape that had an out take of 'Island Magic' that didn't make the final cut for my competition submission. It's the only recorded version of me playing this tune from that era that I could find, so I thought before I completely lose a record of this time in my life I should up load it for posterity, so here it is warts and all!... Excuse the bad hair style, I was in a 'Guns N' Roses' tribute band at the time Lol! Thanks for watching, if you like this then hit the subscribe button, I'll have more coming soon, Thanks for watching, Alex https://www.facebook.com/alexdeegan https://twitter.com/alexdeegan If you live in Melbourne, Vic and would like drum lessons, I teach at Drumtek [03] 9482 5550 http://www.drumtek.com.au/drum-school/teachers/item/37-alex-deegan.html My original band SHADOWQUEEN https://www.facebook.com/shadowqueenmusic
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Beatbox Island! (Dave Weckl's Island Magic)
This is from Dave Weckl's Island Magic backing track but played from the mouth instead! My name is Andy Frost and I am a beatboxer from a group called The Magnets. I like to demonstrate how to take slightly more complex drum set parts and convert them into beatbox style instead but to maintain the feel of actually playing a drum set. I am also a professional drummer and drum teacher so I understand the rhythms I am singing or playing. Beatbox is often known from the world of hip hop but my approach is completely different. I treat it as an instrument in itself as you will see and hear from this video! Enjoy and please check out my other beatbox and drum kit videos and visit www.themagnets.com for more info on our group. All the best! Andy Frost
Views: 2643 Andy Frost
Island Magic | Dave Weckl
What can I say, Dave Weckl is the master and this MASTERFUL composition was definitely a tough one for me to feel comfortable playing. I believe I have grown a lot as a percussionist and a musician while learning this Tune. I would like to thank my drum instructor John Medieros Jr. for all his help with this song and for supplying with sheet music! Enjoy!
Views: 1081 Tim Murphy Jr.
Vimal Nikonov - Island Magic (by Dave Weckl)
Editing - Вячеслав Ёжиков http://m.vk.com/yozhikov_music Mastering - Prem Ahuty
Menios Pasialis - Playalong - Island Magic (Dave Weckl)
Please visit my website by clicking the link below http://meniospasialis.wixsite.com/menios-pasialis https://www.facebook.com/meniospasialispage/ Video Editing , Sound engineering by Menios Pasialis The drum track on this video is not intended to replicate the original recording and FULL ownership of the original song/work belongs to the artist/s that created it. The focus here is on creativity and improvisation.
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Magic Island - Dave Weckl por Dany Xavier
Gravado no TDStudio em Campinas - SP. Música - Magic Island Artista - Dave Weckl Intérprete - Dany Xavier Filme por Gusttavo Prado. Canon 60D Canon Lens 18-55 Canon Lens 50mm 1.8
Views: 654 Dany Xavier Batera
Dave Weckl - Island Magic by Kalonica Nicx
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"Island Magic" from Dave Weckl Master Plan
Tim Baker drumming to Dave Weckl's "Island Magic". Drums and video produced by Samuel Day. YouTube.com/drumkat6500 Facebook.com/TimBakerDrums SamuelDayOfficial.com Facebook.com/S.D.Reclaim
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Dave Weckl – Magic Island в исполнении Олега Мотылева на Universum Guitars
Олег Мотылев студент Государственного музыкального училища эстрадного и джазового искусства, ученица легендарного Михаила Суджяна исполняет пьесу знаменитого Dave Weckl – Magic Island на электрогитаре Universum Guitars Maria и делится своими впечатлениями об инструменте. Check out Universum and our awesome designed guitars https://universumguitars.com/ Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Universum Guitars channel for more. Leave a comment and a like if you enjoyed this video. 💻 Follow on: https://www.facebook.com/universumguitars https://www.instagram.com/universumguitars https://twitter.com/universumguitar https://soundcloud.com/universumguitars https://pinterest.com/universumguitar https://vk.com/universumguitars Buy Universum Gutars in the official store at Reverb.com https://reverb.com/shop/universumguitars for all inquiries: [email protected] Universum Guitars™© All rights reserved 2018
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Jorge Raffo   Island Magic by Dave Weckl
grabado en Estudio Los Poetas Chorrillos lima Peru
Views: 499 Jhoan Herrera Varda
Robson Pontes no Batuka Brasil - Island Magic (Dave Weckl cover)
Robson Pontes no Batuka Brasil - Island Magic (Dave Weckl cover)
Views: 2252 Robson Pontes Oficial
Island Magic - Dave Weckl
My cover of the Dave Weckl song "Island Magic" from the Contemporary Drummer +1 play along package. Contemporary Drummer +1 can be bought here: http://www.daveweckl.com/instructional.htm I do not own the rights to the music.
Views: 191 Samuel Round
Island Magic - Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver - Drum Cover - Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev 11 Year
Island Magic - Drum Cover - Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver - Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev 11 Year
Enrique Bretón - Magic Island - Dave Weckl- Bass Cover
Enrique Bretón play along Island Magic - Bass Cover Recorded with a 1990 Fender Jazz Bass
Views: 366 Enrique Breton
Dave Weckl Island Magic - Cover on Roland TD 25 KV
My cover of this great Dave Weckl funk/fusion song with my Roland TD 25 KV Set with Drumtek Diabolo snare.
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Magic Island(Dave Weckl) performed at Nepal Music Center(Drums cover)
Hello everyone Do subscribe my channel for more videos..and here is my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anmol-Mohara/229722767108346?ref=hl Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/moharaanmol
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Fusion Drumming: Dave Weckl - Island Magic (Drum Cover)
Here's my take on this legendary Dave Weckl tune from the Contemporary Drummer + One play-along package. Trying to keep it simple, however funny that may sound considering the complex nature of the composition. I guess I'm primarily a pop/rock drummer, so it was definitely a nice challenge to practice something like this for a change. The audio was recorded using only a Zoom Q3 handy video recorder so the mixing possibilities were somewhat limited. However, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. The gear's nothing fancy but here's a list anyway in case someone's interested: PDP CX Series shell set 12", 14" & 22" (Evans G2s on the toms and Remo Powerstroke on the BD) Ludwig Supralite 14" x 5.5" snare drum (Remo Ambassador X batter head) Sabian XS 20 cymbals
Views: 1655 Jay K Drums
Dave Weckl/Chick Corea - Island Magic (Drums by Georg Voros) Licentiate (Level 6) piece choice
For educational purposes: Welcome to ALTERNATE DRUM TRACKS by Sabian, Mapex and Vater artist GEORG VOROS. The drum track on this video is not intended to replicate the original recording and FULL ownership of the original song/work belongs to the artist/s that created it. The focus here is on creativity and improvisation. The backing track can be purchased as part of Dave Weckl's 'Contemporary Drummer Plus One' drums playalong package. Suggested level piece choice for exam purposes is Rockschool or Trinity College Level 6 - BA (Mus) or similar. Study with Georg in-studio in Johannesburg, South Africa or via 'Online Skype Drum Lessons' anywhere in the world. Go to www.georgvoros.com for more info.
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Dave Weckl-Island Magic:George Mourtos
A great performance of Dave Weckl's Island Magic. I am an Instructor ,Clinician,Session drummer playing in Athens Greece and performing with numerous people and styles. This was shot at the Music school Pithagorio Odio where i teach. Evans drumheads were used exclusively for this video. For Drum Lessons you can go here: http://goo.gl/ctACLH Recorded and produced by Pithagorio Centre of Modern Music: http://www.pithagorio.gr/?page_id=5286 You can check more of my material on my Youtube channel: https://goo.gl/sOE1CR Website: http://georgemourtos.com/ facebook:https://www.facebook.com/george.mourtos.12 Don't forget to subscribe
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Prassanna Sukumar - Island Magic(Dave Weckl Drum Cover)
This recording is part of my research exercise where I record Prassanna's performance on Island Magic and conduct an interview around his musical approach and experience while performing. Transcript of the interview and my analysis is given below: Question No.1: Walk me through your approach to playing the primary groove which appears in the beginning of the song. Prassannaa: The song is from the latin fusion genre and the groove follows an odd time signature of ⅞. The groove itself is divided into two halves - the first half consists of 2 measures of 4 counts each and the second half consists of 2 measures of 3 counts each. Each of the notes are thus, played as 16th notes. Analysis: Prasanna’s playing makes the performance more groovy and ‘danceable’. This is important especially in groove based genres. Even though the groove has an odd time signature, he has used necessary accenting on the cymbals and the hi hat to produce this effect. The approach and style is reminiscent of drummers like Clyde Stubblefield(James Brown). Question No.2: At 0:30, I heard a cymbal splash without a kick note. It’s quite unlike what we usually hear in popular music. Can you explain the odd placement and significance of that? Prassannaa: If you listen closely to the song at that point, you will notice that it is in a sort of high-frequency sound with double tempo feel. It’s also placed right in between two halves of a keyboard solo. The cymbal hit is the highest frequency note playable in that kit and that is why I used it there. I’ve tried playing the kick note there before but it doesn’t really sound good. This was the most suitable, even though a bit unconventional. Analysis: Unconventional playing can work really well as long the feel and integrity of the song isn’t compromised. Watching and recording this performance drove home a very basic rule - that as a drummer, I cannot take the liberty of being unaware of the melody of a song, irrespective of the genre. Question No.3: Between 1:10 and 1:20, you played a combination of cymbal hits and hi-hat fills. You attempted other variations and grooves while practicing. What made you choose this over everything else? Prassannaa: I had various options at my disposal in this section - buzz rolls, playing halftime, playing straight grooves, etc. Basically, I had a choice to either fill the spaces up or leave the song in a suspended sort of feel here. I chose to go with a suspended feel because I felt the song needed some space to breathe at this point. Analysis: The cymbal and hi-hat fills created a sort of gentle, whispering sound in the interlude of a song. A song which sounds like several people having complex conversations with each other. The succeeding section of the song is in a 4/4 time signature and has a lot of fills. The role played by this section of the performance is similar to that played by a bridge in a pop song. Question No.4: Starting from 1:29, you begin playing a slightly displaced hi-hat groove. In a song already filled with an odd time signature and lots of complex phrases, why did you choose such an approach? Prassannaa: Here the keyboard player in the song is continuously switching between a solo and the main melody of the song. I have tried to reflect this in the hi-hat groove that I am playing in between the breaks. It’s not actually a displaced groove, rather it is a straight groove where I displace some of the snare hits. This fills up the spaces where the keyboard player leaves room for other musicians to improvise. Analysis: Prasanna’s approach to the hi-hat groove is not surprising at all as it is what instrumentalists do when performing on songs such as these. They allow each other to take the reins of the song in different parts and it’s a continuous process, almost like a conversation.` Conclusion: After this research exercise, I arrived at the following three musical conclusions: 1) Despite the structure of a particular song, it is important to feel the vibe of the genre and play along with it. Prasanna’s accenting on the 7/8 time signature groove shows this. 2) A more granular approach to the parts one plays reveals interesting insights about the frequencies that match and don’t match. This could play an important role in making the parts sound more musical. 3) Musicians must never be afraid to traverse the spectrum of sound(between sound and no sound) in an attempt to make a song more listenable and interesting.
Views: 175 Pravir Ramasundaram
Island Magic - Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver - Drum Cover - Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev 11 Year
Island Magic - Drum Cover - Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver - Drummer Daniel Varfolomeyev 11 Year
M. Rashad Island magic Dave weckl drum cover
Il mio video Quik
Views: 22 Mohamed Rashad
Magic Island (Dave WECKL) eseguita dal mitico Nik
Saggio 2009 di batteria di nikportnoy,avendo avuto luogo a Sun Bay San Vito Taranto. Magic Island di Dave Weckl il nostro batterista Nik,molto bravo nell'esecuzione data la difficoltà del brano,è riuscito ad illuminare la splendida serata con la sua magnifica dote artistica.
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Dave Weckl Throwback Thursday from the MI Library
Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, California, offers a comprehensive, hands-on education in contemporary music performance, recording, guitar making and music business. If you're serious about your music, your education, and your career, take a look around the site to see what MI has to offer, then contact us for more information about how we can help you reach your goals. (800) 255-7529 (US/Canada) (323) 462-1384 (International/Direct) [email protected] http://www.mi.edu Dave Weckl Drummer
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Island Magic (Dave Weckl drum cover) by Rodolfo Ferreira
Pequena homenagem ao mestre Dave Weckl
Views: 4987 Rodolfo Ferreira
Dave Weckl - Magic Island - drum cover by Bima (11th years old)
Dave Weckl - Magic Island - drum cover by Bima (11th years old)
Views: 765 Benjamin Suradji
DANIEL MAZINI   -  Island Magic (Dave Weckl)
Interpretação de ISLAND MAGIC - Dave Weckl , por Daniel Mazini. Daniel é professor do Instituto de Bateria Northon Vanalli, em Presidente Prudente - SP. Daniel Mazini usa baterias Gretsch, pratos Soultone, pedais Axis, baquetas Premium, peles Luen e Kickport. Vídeo e áudio gravado, editado e mixado por Éder Muchiutti. Drum interpretation of ISLAND MAGIC - Dave Weckl by Daniel Mazini. Daniel exclusively uses and endorsees Gretsch Drums, Soultone Cymbals, Axis Pedals, Premium Drumsticks, Luen Drumheads and Kickport Video and audio recorded, edited and mixed by Éder Muchiutti
Views: 13275 Daniel Mazini
Keyne Wu - Magic Island [Dave Weckl Play Along]
Keyne Wu tocando Magic Island de Dave Weckl. Gravado em Dracena na loja Vintage. Keyne Wu playing Dave Weckl's "Magic Island". Recorded in Dracena, Brazil.