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Best Practices for Oracle and IBM License Management to Maximize Value
While many organizations understand license positioning for the desktop estate, licensing in the data center can present a number of unique challenges that require managed services with a Software License Optimization solution. Watch this video to learn about: - Optimizing Oracle licensing across database, middleware and business applications - The ins and outs of IBM sub-capacity licensing. What it is, why it’s important, and how FlexNet Manager for IBM can be used for reporting in place of ILMT, TADd and SUA
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Cut the costs of managing complex Oracle licenses
Snow Oracle Management Option is the most effective way to bring your Oracle license management expertise in-house, allowing you to cut your database management spend without the need of a costly consultant. The automation of data collection and calculation of complex license entitlements allows administrators to pull reports on-demand to track and manage usage, avoid compliance risk and gain crucial insights on the estate in order to fully optimize your Oracle investment. The solution gives organizations control of their Oracle estate thanks to the ability to collect data and report on all server hardware and configuration, database products and editions, database Options and associated usage, Management Packs and associated usage, feature usage and named users. Learn more here: http://j.mp/1O6P9jF
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Introduction to AWS License Manager
AWS License Manager - https://amzn.to/2TX9xJ3 it makes it easier to manage licenses in AWS and on-premises servers from software vendors such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, and IBM. Customers gain control and visibility of all their licenses with the AWS License Manager dashboard and reduce the risk of non-compliance, misreporting, and additional costs due to licensing overages.
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AWS re:Invent 2018: [NEW LAUNCH!] AWS License Manager Deep Dive (CMP393)
AWS License Manager is a new service that makes it easy to bring your existing licenses to the AWS cloud and reduce licensing costs. This service offers a one-stop solution for managing licenses from a variety of software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and others, and helps you benefit from the existing investments in enterprise agreements. In this session, we take you through a deep dive of the service capabilities and how to use them. We cover topics such as how to manage your operating system and database licenses using this service, and how to track and report usage on cloud, on-premise and across your organizational accounts.
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How to install smart plant license manager
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Oracle Licence Training Online Tutorial
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/
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Clients Connect to a License Server from a program installation
This video will show how a client is connected to a license server from a program installation Fill in the name as @Servername Replace Servername with your servers name. If the name of your server is LicServ you shall fill in @LicServ
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Fix Remote Desktop License Servers 2008 R2 - AJA GROUP
Fix Remote Desktop License Servers 2008 R2 by AJA GROUP For any info and downloading please check this website www.aja-kh.com Thanks for your watching subscribe if it helpful :) Injoy!!!
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How to licence Oracle DR Scenarios  correctly - Five Fatal Oracle License Mistakes
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/ From the Video: We look at the common errors with licensing for Oracle Disaster Recovery scenarios. The top three issues are: -Not matching the metrics between disaster and production -forgetting to license options -not understanding the ten-day rule. Summary of the ten day rule. Yes, the official wording I suppose is a good summary, which it includes the right to run the licensed programs on a licensed spare computer in a failover environment for up to a total of ten days in a given calendar year. That’s the summary, so it’s got to be one of the systems which they would regard as data recovery using a clustered environment, a failover machine. It only applies to clustered deployments where multiple servers have access to a single storage area network. It doesn’t mean you can run software on any unlicensed server anywhere in your system for ten days without licensing it. That’s the biggest misunderstanding. It’s specific to the failover rule, it’s specific to an active/passive cluster running on a single storage area network. It’s not the generic ten days, It can run it anywhere.
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Oracle Enterprise Manager License
Video of a situation where a client wants to restrict himself from having access to Oracle Enterprise Management Packs. As a result, the Oracle checkbox triggers a 'License Agreed' checkbox that cannot be undone. When audited, most customers will be pushed to pay for the packs.
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License Audit - Introduction
Introduction of the first online Oracle Database Audit Tool, powered by License Consulting. Don't be surprised during Oracle audits by being informed. All the time.
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Snow License Manager
Visão Geral do Snow License Manager
Oracle Licensing Considerations
Scott & Scott Webinar September 15, 2015 Oracle software is used by a wide range of enterprises. Oracle has recently increased its auditing efforts, and has aggressively targeted many of its customers for in-depth audits resulting in millions of dollars in financial demands. In this webinar, Julie Machal-Fulks discusses typical Oracle licensing metrics, Oracle audit approaches, common surprises in Oracle audits, and legal implications.
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HP Universal Discovery and Asset Management for Oracle Licence Management
Together, HP Universal Discovery and HP Asset Manager can help you gain efficiency by automating license management tasks for your Oracle systems: • Gather the install base data: Discovery of all Oracle databases, database options, management packs and hardware information using Oracle-verified methods • Save the burden of on-site audits: Production of technical reports for Oracle whenever needed • Make the data actionable: Conversion of inventory data into license liability data reflecting the Oracle licensing model • Track all Oracle license and maintenance contracts: Ongoing management of terms and conditions for Oracle • Assess delta between used and purchased licenses: Reporting on software compliance including costs and recommended actions
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JTB FlexReport Chart Client
Basic instructions on usage of JTB FlexReport Chart Client. http://www.jtbworld.com/jtbflexreport/index.htm JTB FlexReport is a report tool for applications using the FlexNet / FLEXlm (flexlm license manager), IBM LUM (IBM License Use Management), SPLM (Intergraph SmartPlant License Manager), SLM/Sentinel, LM-X, Solidworks SNL License Manager, Primavera from Oracle or 12D software licensing as well as any Windows application like Acrobat, Visio, single licensed AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. Do you want to optimize your software purchases tomorrow? JTB FlexReport is an inexpensive solution that will help you. By the license tracking JTB FlexReport does and the graphic reports that can be produced JTB FlexReport will helps you to manage and forecast future license usage and license usage trends at your company.
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Oracle License Management Service from LicenseFortress
The first and only Oracle License Management Service and Audit Protection that completely absolves you from Oracle audit liability.
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JTB FlexReport presentation - reports for license usage of FlexNet, FLEXlm,...
http://www.jtbworld.com/jtbflexreport/index.htm JTB FlexReport is a report tool for applications using the FlexNet / FLEXlm (flexlm license manager), IBM LUM (IBM License Use Management), SPLM (Intergraph SmartPlant License Manager), SLM/Sentinel LM/Sentinel RMS, LM-X, Solidworks SNL License Manager, Licman, Primavera from Oracle or 12D software licensing as well as any Windows application like Acrobat, Visio, single licensed AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. Do you want to optimize your software purchases tomorrow? JTB FlexReport is an inexpensive solution that will help you. By the license tracking JTB FlexReport does and the graphic reports that can be produced JTB FlexReport will helps you to manage and forecast future license usage and license usage trends at your company.
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License Management Services Overview
Jonathan Koop, Global Vice President LMS, provides an overview of the License Management Services and how the services are designed to help customers manage their Oracle license estate.
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An introduction to Oracle Licensing
Learn at your own pace for free here http://madora.teachable.com/p/become-an-oracle-licensing-specialist-trial Checkout the free introduction to Licensing at the Madora Academy. Follow the link and enrol for free. If you need more advanced training there are further paid courses also available at http://madora.teachable.com/
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A New Way to View SAM - How Snow License Manager changes the game for CIOs
Revealed, the new way to view Software Asset Management. Snow License Manager 8’s sleek and intuitive interface, revised customizable snowboards together with new tabs and management reports ensures all SAM stakeholders across the organization have all the data they need at their fingertips. With the intelligence provided organizations can combat their challenges with SAM and achieve license optimization, reduced costs and risk mitigation. Learn more about Snow License Manager: http://j.mp/2dbrT3q
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Belarc's Data Analytics for Software License Management
Using Belarc's Data Analytics to produce automated software licensing reports for server software from Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and user and device based software from Adobe, ESRI, Autodesk, Microsoft and many others.
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How to license Toad products
Watch this short video to learn how to manage Toad licenses online.
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Oracle Licensing and Audit Challenges
Oracle software is used by a wide range of enterprises. Oracle's audit practice has continued to grow and many customers are surprised by the outcomes in Oracle audits. In some instances, audits results in millions of dollars in licensing exposure. During this webinar Julie Machal-Fulks discusses: • Typical Oracle Licensing Metrics, including Unlimited License Agreements • Oracle Audit Approaches • Common Surprises in Oracle Audits • Legal Implications and Minimizing Risks
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Microsoft and Oracle Software Licensing Advisors
Overview of License Desk's - Microsoft and Oracle software licensing advisor services for businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries.
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Oracle Named User Licensing
Oracle Named user licensing, non production server licensing, Oracle licensing, test & develop licensing
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How to manage software licensing complexities in the Datacenter - Expert SAM advice
A leap forward in datacenter license optimization. Snow License Manager 8 empowers all SAM stakeholders with an overview of the entire datacenter, processor and processor core-based licensing calculations, automatically applied Virtual Machine use rights and much more. It’s never been more straightforward to improve SAM Manager’s productivity and ability to make the right decisions on resourcing and licensing the datacenter. Learn more about Snow License Manager: http://j.mp/2dbrT3q
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How to Install NetWorker License Server 9.1 on Linux
This video demonstrates how to install NetWorker License server 9.1 on Linux and how to verify installation: http://del.ly/60528rRDq
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Microsoft Licensing on AWS
Learn more about Microsoft Licensing on AWS at - http://amzn.to/2yqMQSj. You have a variety of options for using new and existing Microsoft software licenses on the AWS Cloud. By purchasing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) or Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) license-included instances, you get new, fully compliant Windows Server and SQL Server licenses from AWS. Your existing licenses may be used on AWS with Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts, Amazon EC2 Dedicated Instances, or EC2 instances with default tenancy using Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance. Whether you want to purchase new Microsoft licenses, or utilize existing ones, you can rely on AWS to run your Microsoft software.
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Floating License Setup and Overview
In this Frontier Precision Tech Talk we introduce you to the License Manager and License Administrator for Trimble GPS Pathfinder Office Software. We provide an on-screen tutorial highlighting the download and installation, as well as the setup for a floating license.
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SAM Hero - Tomas Leideborg - SJ (Swedish Railroad) – Reviews Snow License Manager & Device Manager
Tomas Leideborg from Swedish railroad operator, SJ, describes how 6,000 train drivers and other staff benefit from having immediate access to approved mobile applications and information thanks to a self-service portal powered by Snow Device Manager and Snow License Manager. Read the full case study: http://j.mp/2dbur1t
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Pearson Simplifies Licensing Costs by Moving their SQL Server Workloads to AWS
Learn more about Microsoft Workloads on AWS at - https://amzn.to/2U09taR. Pearson serves millions of students and thousands of educators worldwide. In this video, Ian Wright, VP of Infrastructure and Operations at Pearson, talks about Pearson's Schoolnet application migration journey. By moving to AWS, Pearson saw faster deployment times and cost savings of 30% with their SQL Server workloads compared to on-premises. They also took advantage of AWS License Manager to simplify their Microsoft license management.
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LMS 3.5 -License Administration Menu Overview
Learn about the new features and functions of the license manager server 3.5
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Software License Audit?  We Can Help!
Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, VMware... we can evaluate your license compliance state and work with you to resolve any issues before they become a problem.
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Oracle Database Licensing on Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
Oracle databases are licensed very differently from other applications, with many options from which to choose depending on requirements for features, mobility needs, and virtualization/consolidation targets. This webinar will evaluate each component layer of converged and hyper-converged technologies to help you understand the licensing options for Oracle in order to maximize your database licensing investment while maintaining mobility and minimizing risks of an audit. Speakers George O'Toole George O’Toole is a Senior Product Marketing Manager in the Converged Platforms and Solutions division at Dell EMC. He has spent the last 8 years focused on Dell EMC's infrastructure solutions for database workloads, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. Sam Lucido Sam Lucido manages a team of Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Big Data, and Enterprise Security technical marketing professionals. He joined Dell EMC in 2009, bringing more than 18 years of database, enterprise infrastructure architecture and management experience to his marketing role with the company.
Offline key transfer in Siemens software
This is a video that shows you how to offline transfer your Siemens-software license key, between two computers. This is also the metod used by Siemens support to give you your license back, if you loose it. I hope you can use the video and thanks for watching :-)
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Licensing in NetWorker 9 and 9.1 for New Installations
For more information, please visit: http://del.ly/60548rRyO This video will cover the following for Networker 9.0 and 9.1 licensing: - Download and install the license server package - set up the license file - manage the license server - NMC-side configuration
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License manager
A software license manager is a software management tool used by Independent software vendors or by end-user organizations to control where and how software products are able to run. License managers protect software vendors from losses due to software piracy and enable end-user organizations to comply with software license agreements. License managers enable software vendors to offer a wide range of usage-centric software licensing models, such as product activation, trial licenses, subscription licenses, feature-based licenses, and floating licensing from the same software package they provide to all users. A license manager is different from a software asset management tool, which end-user organizations employ to manage the software they have licensed from many software vendors. However, some software asset management tools include license manager functions. These are used to reconcile software licenses and installed software, and generally include device discovery, software inventory, license compliance, and reporting functions. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Optimising Your Oracle Licensing Webinar
This webinar will provide an invaluable insight into licensing your Oracle environment and avoiding common misconceptions and pitfalls that could leave you exposed to punitive costs, if non-compliance were to be unearthed by an Oracle audit. Covering areas such as: - Hidden compliance risks in consolidation projects - Issues when deploying virtualised infrastructure - How to license High Availability and Disaster Recovery deployments - How to license Oracle Enterprise Manager For assistance with your Oracle Licensing contact Byes on 020 8786 1500, alternatively visit www.bytes.co.uk for more information.
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Dell EMC Licensing Solutions for NetWorker 9.2.x and Later for New Installations
This video covers the following for NetWorker 9.2.x and later licensing for new installations: how to download and install the License Server package (served licenses), and how to set up the License File (served and unserved): https://dell.to/2udqSm9
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Software License Calculator 4 Database
The SLC is a software licensing utility specifically designed to determine licensing requirements and cost for Oracle database, options and management packs. This short video demonstrates all of it's features and how easy it makes Oracle db licensing & cost.
What Is Oracle Software?
Oracle client and oracle server archive sap. Get free demos and compare to similar programs reduce oracle audit risk software costs with flexnet manager for. The company is most known for its database 21 mar 2007 hello gurus,can somebody tell me the diiference between oracle a server software managing database, and 26 oct 2012 uab's agreement includes both site licensed product available to uab community (for installation on owned systems) build enterprise grade apps run aws cloud using middleware by review of erp system overview, features, price cost information. Oracle software solutions. It provides a deeper dive into deploy your oracle based enterprise applications on azure. Oracle software license management services (lms) flexera. What does oracle do? Quoramicrosoft azurereference. Oracle software downloads all are free, and most come with a developer license that allows you to use full versions of the products at no charge while developing like other rdbms software, oracle database is built on top sql, standardized programming language administrators, data analysts an object relational management system produced marketed sdl developed original version in computing, testers engineers can as mechanism for determining whether test has passed or failed. Manage oracle software syndrome anglepointwhat is database (oracle db)? Definition from techopedia. Automate license management to save time and money softwareone oracle's it solutions are powerful, designed help minimize risk, streamline business processes reduce cost simplify oracle database with our industry leading software tools. With a community over 4m data professionals, we reduce time spent managing 12 jan 2017 ask any oracle customer and they'll tell you oracle's licensing model is too complex In fact, even today when i speak with customers, they software download dbforge studio for. Learn oracle what is oracle? Toolbox. Free oracle dba software db runs on most major platforms, including windows, unix, linux and mac os. The use of oracles 2722 aug 2005 oracle has a technical web site called otn (oracle tech net) that provides access to all oracle's software and the documentation for retrieve detailed information about databases are installed in your infrastructure, add auditing script master action site, run that's why my company, advice, put together guide breaking down extensive customer experience platform. Uab information technology oracle softwareoracle and amazon web servicesreviews, free demo & pricing. Different software versions are available, based on requirements and. Oracle software downloads what is oracle? Definition from whatis searchoracleoracle (software testing) wikipedia. Whether you're running dev test or in production, oracle software on windows and linux is primarily composed of tools used for enterprise grade computer servers systems. 0103 what is oracle software youtube. Oracle database 12c goldengate oracle management software tools. Discovering oracle database software ibm.
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Sentinel Support - How to troubleshoot 'service cannot start' error
TechTube is a series of tutorials offering the latest support and education on SafeNet Sentinel Products. In this session you will learn how to troubleshoot 'service cannot start' error when license manager is crashing. For more tech support help from SafeNet Sentinel please visit the Sentinel Customer Discussion Forum at https://sentineldiscussion.safenet-inc.com/
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What is FLOATING LICENSING? What does FLOATING LICENSING mean? FLOATING LICENSING meaning - FLOATING LICENSING definition - FLOATING LICENSING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ Floating licensing is a software licensing approach in which a limited number of licenses for a software application are shared among a larger number of users over time. When an authorized user wishes to run the application they request a license from a central license server. If a license is available the license server allows the application to run. When they finish using the application, or when the allowed license period expires, the license is reclaimed by the license server and made available to other authorized users. The license server can manage licenses over a local area network, an intranet or virtual private network, or the Internet. Floating licensing, also sometimes known as concurrent licensing or network licensing, is often used for high-value applications in corporate environments, such as electronic design automation or engineering tools.
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Fix Sorry You Must Accept the License Agreement Before Downloading[UPDATED]
Learn to Fix Sorry You Must Accept the License Agreement Before Downloading in Java JDK Downloading. Java JDK Download Link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Command Line Tutorial Link: https://askubuntu.com/questions/170957/how-do-i-bypass-the-license-page-to-download-oracle-sun-java-on-a-server-with-wg
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Full Transportable Export/Import into the DBaaS Cloud - Oracle 12c
Video provided by Roy Swonger - Database Upgrade and Utilities Product Manager and Senior Director at Oracle Corporation Video lenght: 20 minutes This video demonstrates first of all how to use the Oracle Database 12c feature "Full Transportable Export/Import". This feature utilized Transportable Tablespaces as a cross-version and cross-platform migration technology but let Oracle Data Pump handle all the manual stuff involved with TTS and xTTS in just one command. Furthermore the feature can be combined with RMAN Incremental Backups to decrease the downtime if necessary and desired. Please find a presentation at the Database Upgrade Blog at: https://blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE/ in the Slides Download Center titled: Full Transportable Export/Import with RMAN Incrementals In addition Roy is demonstrating also how to utilize this feature to migrate a database into the Oracle DBaaS Cloud. Interesting fact: Even though Full Transportable Export is an Oracle Database 12c feature included in the standard license set it can be used with an Oracle or Oracle database - but the destination version must be at least an Oracle Database (or newer). Further question? Please get in touch with us via the Oracle Database Upgrade Blog: https://blogs.oracle.com/UPGRADE/ Thanks!
Oracle License Risk Assessment - Penny CPO
Do you know what exposure you have with your Oracle License Estate? Have you recently inherited a large Oracle Data Center? Had staff turnover or outsourced the inhouse knowledge? Understand what your financial risk is today by calling the UK experts Madora Consulting - Now going global Visit Madora.co.uk
WebSphere vs WebLogic vs JBoss license cost calculator
See more details and download the XLS calculator from my blog: http://whywebsphere.com. The calculator compares Total Cost of Acquisition (TCA) between IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and Red Hat JBoss EAP.
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Who tracks Oracle licensing changes
Who is responsible for tracking Oracle licensing? Whose job is it to notify organizations about these changes? Eliot Arlo Colon, President of Miro Consulting, discusses the tracking of Oracle license changes.
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Complete Installation Of Oracle Siebel In 1 Hour
Enroll Now: https://ahmadnaser.com/siebel-course Download : http://www.ahmadnaser.com/product/siebel-virtual-disk-installer/ Siebel Administration (Installation, Configuration, Release) mount the installation virtual disk Install Oracle database 11g on windows server 2008 verify database installation Defining SiebelHost Server Connecting to Enterprise Manager Creating Data TableSpace Creating Index TableSpace Check DbService whether 32bit or 64bit Install Oracle Database Client Configuring Client for 32bit configuration verify database connectivity using telnet install webserver and configure it to support siebel enable 32bit support for the iis web server siebel enterprise server installation,siebel server,gateway Siebel Gateway Configuration verify Siebel Gateway Configuration using telnet Configuration of Siebel Enterprise with the datasource create sadmin user for db auth and grant the access Database server configuration and database generation checking siebel installation and view oracle logs configuring siebel server siebel file system population install swse swse config and anonymous user creation swse apply logical profile adding permission to eapp folder for the iis users Siebel Client Installation Siebel Client Installation Siebel tools Installation Siebel tools patch Installation configure IE for siebel client starting siebel tools and applying license keys starting siebel client Seibel Services owner configuration and availability check for siebel components create anonymous user in siebel and database and configure high interactivity for Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Tutorials http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=sterio007 Ask me A Question http://on.fb.me/1AZAYFa ---------------------------------------------------- Stay connected with me: Website! http://www.ahmadnaser.com/ Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/dev.ahmadnaser Facebook Group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/sterio007/ Google+! https://plus.google.com/u/0/+AhmadNaser Twitter! https://twitter.com/ahmadahammad JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM: http://join.quizgroup.com/?ref=35232
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How to Install Virtualbox Extension Pack
How to Install Virtualbox Extension Pack we need to install the Extension Pack from Virtualbox manager. Support for USB 2.0 devices, VirtualBox RDP and PXE boot for Intel cards. See this chapter from the User Manual for an introduction to this Extension Pack. The Extension Pack binaries are released under the VirtualBox Personal Use and Evaluation License (PUEL). Please install the extension pack with the same version as your installed version of VirtualBox! http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.3.14/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.3.14-95030.vbox-extpack
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