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Look BOMB on the first day of school

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Hey guys! Here is my first day back to school makeup tutorial. This look is very natural and easy to recreate, hope y'all love! Love you guys! I N S T A G R A M: ⇢ http://instagram.com/jessicahowel S H O P M Y BOUTIQUE: ⇢ www.rushbyjessica.com T W I T T E R: ⇢ http://twitter.com/jessicahowel Want to shop my closet? Download DEPOP and follow my account: @jessicahowel ⁛ SEND ME SOMETHING Jessica Howell  2255 Memorial BLVD.  P.O #10704 Murfreesboro, TN 37129 Check out more on my blog: http://www.lifewithjes.com/ BUSINESS EMAIL: [email protected] C O U P O N C O D E S ⸰Vanity Planet Skincare: http://vpwow.com/howell70 Use code HOWELL70 for 70% off!!! ⸰Loving Tan: jessicahowel (free deluxe mitt) ⸰Glossier: 20% OFF - https://www.glossier.com/reps/jessicahowell
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Text Comments (309)
Maddy Marie (5 days ago)
you sound like anna farris haha
Maleny Garcia (11 days ago)
Beginning Law school and still watching this lmao thanks for the vid hun
Evan Rose (12 days ago)
Honey, you are STUNNING without makeup! You're blessed. 👌👌❤️❤️😋😋
Madison Parker (16 days ago)
she looks bomb without makeup
Jacy Mae (17 days ago)
LA ROCK (lorac) ANA STASA (Anastasia)
Kayleigh Davis (18 days ago)
this doesn’t help me bc some people are just naturally ugly..
Kat Playz (30 days ago)
I want to do this for back to school to
Nicole M (1 month ago)
What nail polish are you wearing? It’s so cute
Santiago Escudero (2 months ago)
This is a great example of how an average looking girl if she puts efford on her shape, health, hair and makeup can look bomb!
Amy Unanon (4 months ago)
How to do compete with Jessica she looks like the sun and the sun is so hot 😙😙😙😙😙
jamlessmochi chimin (5 months ago)
MY WAY of looking good on the first day of school 1) get a brush end brush your hair into a ponytail 2)get you fnaf shirt 3)gets your jeans 4)get your GOOD PAIR of sneakers 5)make sure your sneakers r clean 6)go to school boda bam boda bop
karolina Herrera (6 months ago)
What shade is the Becca highlighter in ?
Jessica L (6 months ago)
I used the maybelline fit me concealer and I think its breaking out my skin because I used to never have acne near my under eyes/nose area and now I do after using it. So I’m deciding to try the NARS concealer
Abby Williams (7 months ago)
Thanks Jessica, I love this makeup look! I was wondering where you got the unicorn highlighting brush? It’s so cute!
Cristina Castro (8 months ago)
Kendal Jenner vibes? Just me?
Itzyagurlfaye Xx (8 months ago)
You look beautiful ❤️💓xx
Kelvin Ko (9 months ago)
what was the intro song
Emma Caraway (10 months ago)
Omgoodness you're sooooo pretty with and without makeup!!!
Josephine Reynolds (10 months ago)
You don't need makeup!!! Your sooooooooooooooooooooooo buetiful 😊
Chloe Locke (10 months ago)
you're the most beautiful person ive ever seen in my life wtaf
dana m (10 months ago)
Oh my goodness you are gorgeous!!!
itsnotstyless (11 months ago)
Hello ! Can I ask you the name and the shade of your nail polish ?
Cristy Nottingham (11 months ago)
omg yourso prettyyyyy!! your background is so cute too xx
ekim andersom (11 months ago)
You look better without all that crap on your face
Amelie Jürgens (11 months ago)
And for the second day.. you look like shit
Sarah Chalhoub (11 months ago)
You look beautiful amazing
Lio (11 months ago)
Love your hair color!
fatima itsumi (11 months ago)
HI! I'm in loveee 😍💕💕 This is soo good! Congratulations! Subscribbed! 😊
RAYAN (11 months ago)
Lalani (11 months ago)
Eww she looks ugly with amd without make up her face is so short and fat YUCK NIGGER
Krista (11 months ago)
Lil Bry (11 months ago)
Stunning asf
Lidschie (11 months ago)
You are sooooo pretty ^^ where is your necklace from? :)
Rubina (11 months ago)
so gorgeous babe!
lnp (11 months ago)
please do a video on how you style your hair!!
Graciella Suwangsa (11 months ago)
This is out of the topic but whats the title of the song that you're using for the intro? It's so eargasmic.
Graciella Suwangsa (11 months ago)
Johanna Palm thank you so much!! appreciate it!
Johanna Palm (11 months ago)
The Chainsmokers - NYC (mysto & pizzi remix) <333
Army Pcy ! (11 months ago)
Sheen Brillantes (11 months ago)
Girl you lit...... new subscribeeeer here
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Sheen Brillantes heyyyy girl! 😍
Alli (11 months ago)
Step one : Be pretty hahaha
lacy yang (11 months ago)
haha!!! I love your video. Laughing so harddddd
Jessica Clemmer (11 months ago)
Where is the pink romper in the background from?😍
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Jessica Clemmer forever 21!
This is Lola (11 months ago)
I couldn't help thinking you look like Willow Shields.
Sarah Allalout (11 months ago)
Simple, natural? OMG, are you kidding? HAHAHA
Jessica (11 months ago)
Sarah Allalout haha!
La N (11 months ago)
Don't like her attitude..
xpamx (11 months ago)
Immediately subscribe. Love your videos!
Jessica (11 months ago)
+xpamx yayyy welcome!
Lauren Nicole (11 months ago)
i really hope you have a skincare routine video!!
ANDREA NICOLE (11 months ago)
She sounds like Shailene Woodley omg
Dora Tom (11 months ago)
what is the bronzer you're using??
Dora Tom (11 months ago)
Jessica ahhh thank you!!
Jessica (11 months ago)
Dora Tomantz becca capari coast!
Anna Vignieri (11 months ago)
I'm just looking at this cause I don't want to look stupid on the first day of school
Erica Shea (11 months ago)
Serious Hair Envy!!
Elizabeth Arnold (11 months ago)
Where are you earrings from?! They're so cute!!!!❤️😍
Sarah Kwak (11 months ago)
Gorgeous look for school!
Georgie Butler (11 months ago)
so helpful
katie glynn (11 months ago)
That tarte foundation is full coverage
Doublethizzle (11 months ago)
At 0:30 I'm thinking this chic is already hot, what is makeup really going to do? Then I skip to the end around 9:40 and . . . well, um . . . holy shit. this is one seriously beautiful women
Kat (11 months ago)
what lashes do you use? <3
Jessica (11 months ago)
Kat Christina WSP
Ava Sheehan (11 months ago)
Fuck your annoying
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Ava Sheehan so sweet thank you!
Gloria Cardenas (11 months ago)
Your necklace is so cute 😍😍 where did you get it??
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Gloria Cardenas thanks girl! Alex and ani
Amanda Budd (11 months ago)
i just found your channel and you're gorgeous! holy fuck
Onafee1849 (11 months ago)
you just showed up in my recommendations and wow, I love your style! I'm definitely checking out more of your videos :)
Jessica (11 months ago)
Onafee1849 so sweet! Thank you XX
A B (11 months ago)
I love this so much! I think I might try it for my first year as a senior x
Jessica (11 months ago)
Amani Belhimer SENIOR YEAR!! Yayaya
basma el (11 months ago)
you have a beautiful skin can you please do a tutorial about skin care
Gabriella Harbin (11 months ago)
gezana rai (11 months ago)
omg wtf why is she so pretty
LPS102 (11 months ago)
lmao i looked like a homeless person the first day back to college but i'm glad other people take more initiative than i do
Gabby Brown (11 months ago)
Love this look I'm now subscribed
ItsLauren (11 months ago)
Literally slaying!! Btw guys i just uploaded a new vid 4 the back to school spirit but it is 5 Days to prevent u from being late to school! Hope u guys check it out and subscribe XOXO
Kaylynn Marie (11 months ago)
omg u r honestly sososo pretty ike what ur gorgeous gf!!! goals
Audrey Glavas (11 months ago)
reminds me of kendall jenner!
Rebecca Ly (11 months ago)
holy crap you look STUNNING! <3
Dodg e (11 months ago)
It's Zoey 101!!!
Summer Cirlante (11 months ago)
im rlly jealous how could someone be so pretty
ricardaria (11 months ago)
So pretty without Makeup!! <3
irving alvarado (11 months ago)
aint no body got time fo all that !
olivia parsons (11 months ago)
at school do you watch if theres a fight? so pretty btw x
Santi Tan (11 months ago)
she kindia looks like jenna marbles
Rana Bel rey (11 months ago)
you look like Maya Stepper!
Melissa Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Where is the circle shaped necklace from? it is so pretty
Samantha Spivey (11 months ago)
I honestly am in love with this look OMGGG !!!
Rachel Elizabeth (11 months ago)
Where did you get your clothing rack to the right!? btw loved this video<3
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Rachel Elizabeth IKEA thank you!!
Sam Lew (11 months ago)
How tall r u
sehar (11 months ago)
ur so fucking pretty w/o makeup
Jennifer Nguyen (11 months ago)
You look like Jamie Lynn Spears.
Rachel Sandford (11 months ago)
Your hair is so gorgeous omg
Estée (11 months ago)
You are gorgeous with and without makeup! And i'm so in love with your hair! Loved the video!
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Estée thank you!!
Kelsey (11 months ago)
where are your necklaces from?? i'm in love
Tess Florio (11 months ago)
cuuute!! :)💕
Jessica (11 months ago)
+Tess Florio thanks babe! X
Mel (11 months ago)
well first step is you gotta be hot
Janna Rudolf (11 months ago)
I love the song at the beginning of the video!! whats the title and the artist??
bisou de vie (11 months ago)
I need that necklace, where did you get your pendant necklace? XOXO!!
Margarida Freitas (11 months ago)
You look so good without makeup on!! Damnnnn girl!
Emily Wilson (11 months ago)
YOUR SO Beautiful!!!
Kira Sazuna (11 months ago)
What falsies are you using???
Jessica (11 months ago)
Kira Sazuna Christina WSP!
Claudia Marshall (11 months ago)
what brown liner do you use? obsessseddd with everything in this vid!!
Jessica (11 months ago)
Claudia Marshall thank you! Lay von d tattoo liner
CII SALMA (11 months ago)
Abnti db nti so fucking hot ila jiti lmaghrib haka L lycee wllh 7ta y7ewiwk , lmgharba hwaw l7mir I zgluk nti ze3ma. Akhty maghatfhmi walu wlkn ra ILY 💗
Harris Green (11 months ago)
you should do a hair routine!!
Ruby Collins (11 months ago)
Oml you are so gorgeous
Jamila Kay (11 months ago)
I love this look! I especially can't get over your hair omg, it's so nice!
Em Thrives (11 months ago)
I wanna look like this omg
Jessica (11 months ago)
Emily Charlotte no way you're beautiful!
Caroline K (11 months ago)
You look like a VS Angel! <3
Em Thrives (11 months ago)
Yes she does!

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