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The pharmacy of the future? Personalized pills, 3D printed at home | Daniel Kraft

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We need to change how we prescribe drugs, says physician Daniel Kraft: too often, medications are dosed incorrectly, cause toxic side effects or just don't work. In a talk and concept demo, Kraft shares his vision for a future of personalized medication, unveiling a prototype 3D printer that could design pills that adapt to our individual needs. Check out more TED Talks: http://www.ted.com The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (161)
Lads (21 hours ago)
What a wide stance
Open School (2 days ago)
Simply mind-blowing. Still, we have to wait and see how it evolves.
fernando silva (2 days ago)
vai brasil.
Kalista Renee (2 days ago)
starting w nursing homes incase it doesnt work out .. i see what they did there
Amin Asnaei (3 days ago)
WOW , Wisdom ....... nice job .
phin thayphaly (4 days ago)
thank you
Josh Campbell (5 days ago)
10:40 - Mom these sprinkles taste horrible. NO!
dennis (6 days ago)
no 1 english learning show
Holly Hruska (6 days ago)
I have been tormented over what I know. American medical school is a laughing stock. Fly my butt to Switzerland.
Eliot Mitzéus (6 days ago)
If it was that easy, that you could simply put the moleculestogehter like LEGO bricks, then there would be no problem developing litterally anything in this world, but thats not the matter at the moment right? Get a grip please, this is bullcrap ;)
DeathAngel (7 days ago)
i like what he's saying, but i think giving the public access to print pills in their own home, unsupervised, would be a huge health risk/mistake.
ALFA (7 days ago)
we will be more healthy if we can print our own damn money.
Zahlenteufel1 (7 days ago)
Not really 3D printing this is basically the glorified version of that raspberry pi smart bartender.
Little Jonathorn (7 days ago)
Yes!! All for it. As a person who has to take about 10 pills on a daily basis. Yes.
Animesh Sharma (7 days ago)
Killer App, literally...
Stephanie Taylor (7 days ago)
These is neat but how does this affect cost of pharmaceuticals in the future. The cost of prescription is a huge concerning factor in the United States and other parts of the world.
Jaded Cynic (7 days ago)
You dont have to preach to me about health. I eat one highly nutricious meal every day. 3 meals a day is not needed, except of course to support a bloated food industry.
Leonora Dompor (7 days ago)
I take Biperiden as needed only not main medication
Leonora Dompor (7 days ago)
I have 2 main medications lifetime Haldol and Seroquel and healthy diet eating fruits and vegetables drinking fresh vegefruit juices and i am very healthy and very functional. I am not diabetic and not high blood and not obese
Zoophilia Consultant (7 days ago)
He is actually AI in disguise trying to rule the world!
ki daniels (8 days ago)
The problem with compounded medications is meds are compounded without full knowledge or consent based on any Dr prescribing meds they see fit under the auspices of the advancement of medications and off label usage of medications. Case in point the use off antipsychotics to treat what often amounts to misdiagnosis and or medication trials. Let's speak of genomics you mentioned...there are meds that target genes meaning that you maybe targeted via your genes to your demise. Your theories are great when posed in a pawsitive light how there is a dark side to medications and posing only one side of the sword still creates a lethal combination. Mandated medications are a reality...what protective measures shall be instituted to assure that we in fact are not becoming fodder for a dangerous and potentially lethal situation that in fact shall and does create a lethal dependence across the board regardless of wether it is pain meds or high blood pressure. Safety issues are inherent in the practice of medicine world wide and until we address this with specificity I am less likely to surrender my life 4 someone else's potential misjudgment and human error.
Fernando Zigunov (8 days ago)
1:35 Speaks about his own grandfather's death as if it's nothing?
JessyinCoolbeanie (8 days ago)
Japan already have that machine that makes the right dosage for the right person... but still pharmacists should handle it since they know how a medicine works, people can’t just have medicine maker at home... and one thing, there are some substance or medicines that would react to each other.. the kind of idea has risks, so we can’t just mix different medicines or vitamins to one tablet or capsule.. hope that in the future, professionals are still helpful than a machine alone.
kebakent (8 days ago)
Based on my experience with the automated espresso machine at work giving random dosages of milk powder, and the tendency of my fast food milkshakes to taste like whatever the last person ordered, I'm a bit skeptical of such a device.
Cindy Prisilia (8 days ago)
This is not as simple as it serves to you. What about drugs interactions? contraindications? Not all drugs can be combined tho. Many things need to consider even to make 1 pill
Shannon Weston (6 days ago)
There are a lot of people in the comments talking about living a healthy lifestyle to prevent needing meds. I wonder how healthy living prevents being born with a heart that is too big for your body or any other congenital heart defect like my mother, with type 1 diabetes like a best friend of mine, with immune system disorders or psychiatric conditions like Bipolar or Schizophrenia. There are things eating kale and running 10 miles can't cure. Medicine and science isn't the enemy. Big phrama is bad, yeah got it, but swinging back to the dark ages where we treat science like witchcraft and pseudo-science like the gospel isn't the way to go either.
Thea Robertson (4 days ago)
Hear hear! I can't think of a better way to put it.
tarns22 (7 days ago)
I agree.  Being born with a congenital birth defect, I need my prescribed medicines to survive.  If I don't take them...I die (a slow, horrible death as the effects of not taking these meds takes over my body), simple as that.  When I was a young adult, I rebelled against my meds and tried not taking them for a little while - this led me into a very dangerous place, health/life-wise - I risked my life. Lesson learnt, the very hard way. Yes, I live as healthy a lifestyle as I can, to help prolong my life, and the quality of it, and this body & mind I live in, as long as I possibly can (of which, my lifespan will be shorter than average) - but, the fact is, these medicines are also prolonging/saving my life.
J. P. (8 days ago)
Glad to see that Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off has succeeded.
Keith Cooper (8 days ago)
Amazing new technology!
Sumana S Kumar (8 days ago)
This was a good one but i feel eating well and exercising regularly will keep everything well.
Ryan B (8 days ago)
Yay so now we can breach the privacy and security of everybody even more. We'll know if you're exercising, using drugs, having a one night stand, eating junk food all for the price of what everybody should have which is a good healthcare system. Nothing will stop these machines from sharing your confidential information. You'll have the Big Brother NSA and CIA, Big Pharma and the Hacker guy down at the park dropping in. You started selling our privacy and security long ago and now you want to start selling our bodies too. Good Job.
ren lin (8 days ago)
Don't let your kids touch that device...
antanoh (8 days ago)
I love when a doctor tries to revolutionize pharmaceuticals, without even consulting a pharmacist
Alpha Strength (8 days ago)
Are printed teachers the future of school
I really hope this is not the pharmacy of the future. This is just a better way to sell drugs: bringing the big pharma straight into your kitchen. Maybe we try not to get sick first? We could easily avoid half of the modern sickness just by having a healthier lifestyle.
william smith (7 hours ago)
Half though. Still some outside stuff is needed
Stephanie Lau (8 days ago)
We're already moving towards personalized medicine through compounding pharmacies, which bill insurance for coverage and have tightly regulated prices per unit of drug. Since the automated compounding machine can only contain so many meds, it's impossible to address personalization of medicine that he suggests to be capable through this machine - it would be too costly to put all the meds you need in the machine (not to mention, not portable nor accessible in a home due to the size it would have to be to accommodate the meds) and dangerous to have these drugs just lying around (imagine just having tubes of narcotics sitting around your house. It's a controlled substance for a reason, to prevent addiction, misuse, and potential overdose. Having the machine means you can just open it up and take it whenever you want, as you want). In addition, the compounding machine could probably make 1 personalized pill or so, but can hardly address even 1 disease state of the many he acknowledges geriatric populations to have - hypertension itself can take up to 5 different medications, and differential treatment is given based on multiple factors, such as race and lifestyle. You would literally need one machine per person, or at least have all the available drug and vehicle options in a communal machine in places like nursing homes. It also doesn't consider drugs other than capsules; what if you can't swallow, nor chew, pills easily, and you require an oral suspension? It would be so expensive and take up so much space to hold enough vehicle for these kinds of drugs. Although this is an interesting idea, it has a lot room for development and requires more resources and funding that are beneficial.
boson96 (9 days ago)
I love this so much!! Feels like science fiction. Singularity 2050 baby!!
Ingenium (9 days ago)
Finally a really interesting talk on talk again 👍
Gamma Light (9 days ago)
Morticia147 (9 days ago)
Basically a good idea, but in real life it's just another way for Big Pharma to sell their crap. So sad that all that brainforce goes into the pharma industry and not into unterstanding the body chemistry and make it heal it self. There are situations where modern drugs are good and helpfull and that's in emergency situations. Their would be a good use for this technology but then, their is no time for this.
Why outsource to a 3D printer, when our body can naturally produce the hormones as when required. n
This is really a PILL Industry ( Permanent Investment to Loose Life). My father died of these pills! Got liver transplant, got heart bypass, and finally died of multi organ failure, just at the age of 66! These people are so eager to get the bodies dissected, as that builds up their business! It's better to build technologies to stay safe from these pills! These are just an add on to our unaware journey of suppression (which is not life), as we have got ourselves so much furnished with the trait of instant cure!
Amanda Anderson (9 days ago)
William Stanley (9 days ago)
JESUS told his disciples with man this is impossible but with God all things are possible.
William Stanley (9 days ago)
It's only the things we do for JESUS that will survive the way of eternal life.
boson96 (9 days ago)
Tyler Smith (9 days ago)
TED - If everyone’s with a smart phone these days. People without them should be widely valued in a sense. Transmitting the germs from the smart phone revolution. Used to have to change the clocks, clean key boards at school or library. Now I’m just depressed
C L (9 days ago)
I was just thinking today that I wish I wasn’t the one telling my doctor what antidepressants to give me. I want my doctor to be able to test my brain to figure out what exactly my body needs to be happy.
Anon archist (9 days ago)
Where would I get the filament/substrate to print my meds, perscribed by a doctor through a pharmacy? Great, I save the pharmaceutical company the money of having to turn their raw chemicals into pills which they will pass the savings on to themselves, AND I get the expense and hassle of buying and operating my own pill printer! I could buy a pill press and use a compounding pharmacy right now if I were dumb enough to want this.
Catandthefunk (9 days ago)
I don’t think we should let folks produce their own drugs
Adnan A (9 days ago)
I wonder how long practical, widespread use will take to be implemented.
Jaded Cynic (9 days ago)
In the future medical problems will be fixed using the bodies own systems without any drugs. Assuming we break big Pharmas fraudulent hold on civilization.
Andrew Polk (7 days ago)
Jaded Cynic It is certainly true that diet and exercise cannot cure everything (I never claimed such a thing). However, it is a very effective method of non-pharmacologic management for many diseases like hypertension, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, depression, and the list goes on...
Jaded Cynic (8 days ago)
+Andrew Polk diet and excercise do not fix injuries...genetic problems or disease. Your view is much to simple.
Andrew Polk (8 days ago)
Jaded Cynic believe it or not this kind of technology is available today! In the medical community we refer to it as diet and exercise 😉
David A (9 days ago)
Coming Soon to a Drug Dealer near you!!!! The Perfect Cocktail!!! Lol
Becca (9 days ago)
I cant believe im watching this. I was thinking of the same idea but in a vitamin form. Spooky
lateblossom (9 days ago)
This is a neat idea, but I see a lot of issues to be worked out, and a black market as well.
JY Lin (9 days ago)
The title 3D printing is probably inappropriate since that machine is simply a more advanced dispenser.
Josh Campbell (5 days ago)
Through a synergistic disruptor approach, this Pharmaceutica game changer has laid out a roadmap to capture the low-hanging fruit in today's medical market. Doing good like a boss with more 3D printing and augmented virtual reality than ever. You've got this! 🙄 But really, cool tech, lots on the horizon in the medical field. Let's hope we get to see a lot of it in our lifetime.
Robert Neve (8 days ago)
but buzz words. You need hip buzz words
JoHnWhErEsMy Lasaga? (9 days ago)
I think it's pretty accurate
Hajdone (9 days ago)
This guy talks for 3 minutes and feels like 30
Elmeromero (9 days ago)
Great concept, idea, prototype but when can we start dumping money into getting away from big pharma man wtf.
FSK1138 (9 days ago)
9:00 one giant pill.. .. .. or suppository . ..(o_0)
emi (9 days ago)
Oooh this is a no no. Overdose, mixing drugs that have bad reactions with one another..
Eric Nguyen (7 days ago)
Software would restrict that I doubt that anyone would let that lawsuit occur.
Isabelle Elliot (9 days ago)
Abilify that high on the list? Wow
Mihir Patel (9 days ago)
question ade (9 days ago)
Is this an advert? It sure sounds like one
Isabelle Ngo (9 days ago)
What about drug interactions though? There are many drugs you can’t take together.
ismael horan (8 days ago)
Isabelle Ngo that is right
Robert Neve (8 days ago)
As said you'd make sure the printer wouldn't create such combinations but I would also hope those drugs wouldn't be in the printer together. You could only have basic drugs in there at home anyway.
Javin (9 days ago)
Software already does this in healthcare today. It prevents them from giving out medications based on allergies and medication conflicts based on prompts in the software. The same thing could be applied here.
Genhen (9 days ago)
the software would stop you from taking anything that is bad together. Just enter it once, and nobody will ever make that mistake again
69LiamO (9 days ago)
I can't imagine selling large quantities of APIs to the public is going to be smiled upon by the FDA and other global regulatory bodies. It's a nice idea but implementation and approval will be difficult.
Fizzy (9 days ago)
As a pharmacy student, I don't even know where to begin with the problems this thing could cause and all the exceptions we would have to make.
David Gault (9 days ago)
Scarlet Matt (9 days ago)
Disruptive technology. But with this, security should be a priority. We don't want someone tampering with the printer and making an overdose capsule of blood thinners or similar.
John Claiborne II (9 days ago)
dispense more drugs instead addressing the problem. THE AMERICAN DIET WITH A SIDE ORDER OF LAZINESS.
Eric Nguyen (7 days ago)
Um antiviral meds? Antibiotics? You should me more worried about the dangers of having the chemical compounds in the filament accessible to the public.
rb93077039 (9 days ago)
The potential for expediting suicide is my first concern, because those desperate enough will bypass any safeguards.
erdiaz13 (9 days ago)
Your picture is hilarious!
Virtual IT Boy (9 days ago)
This is really the future ! :) This will be so much better.
J3m51mct (9 days ago)
Placebo effect 🤔🤔🤔 “t b nk cells”????
Wake Up (9 days ago)
3D printed coca! The end of doubt😎
rylar717 (9 days ago)
Toxic Drugs, such as Pills, have never cured anything. Lets make it easier for people to overdose and abuse pills even more from their own home. Does this service/device come with a free meth lab?
Diego González (9 days ago)
I mean this thing probably has dozens of security measures to prevent involuntary overdose , sinse its literally the first problem anyone would see it in it. And voluntary ones, well... , if you're gonna kill yourself, its kind of nonesensical to do it using high tech printer and expensive chemicals.
w3Develops (9 days ago)
lol tell that to anyone whos ever had a std
11cylynt11 (9 days ago)
Awesome, so how would one print an LSD pill at home?
Domenic Paga (4 days ago)
In your bathtub,bro.
Holistic Skepticism (6 days ago)
try shrooms dude :) the beauty of trip is in its novelity once we customize it, it becomes another random drug
austin porter (7 days ago)
not niga, not at all
austin porter (7 days ago)
wow, very funny
fiona fiona (8 days ago)
If you stick with hydro-carbons you can get schrooms and opium spliced, LSD requires other chemicals 😉
Tony Ray (9 days ago)
"What if",... doctors stop taking bribes and putting their Financial Status above the quality of Health Care they provide? What if doctors decided to start actually using real medicine instead of trying to make their yearly bonus? It seems as though they'll try anything and everything except going back to natural medicine. It was natural medicine that cured my autoimmune deficiency disorder, and proved every diagnosis absolutely wrong that they've ever put on me. Take money out of the equation and you'll start seeing people get healed.
Cybersquirrell (6 days ago)
+Andrew Polk Just wanted to say that was probably one of the best responses I've ever seen. Also, I'd like to add that purely anecdotal accounts doesn't constitute as evidence when talking about anything. Just because it worked for you doesn't mean it is the perfect solution.
Andrew Polk (7 days ago)
Tony Ray First of all, they may sound similar, but autoimmune disorders and immune deficiency disorders are very different concepts. Second, I don’t think it is fair to say that all doctors are inherently opposed to ‘natural’ medicine. Actually, many modern medications are derived from sources in nature. Some common meds like insulin and levothyroxine are even produced by our own bodies. Most good doctors would at least consider prescribing a ‘natural’ medication that was proven both effective and safe. The truth is that many prototypical ‘natural’ remedies have either been proven to be ineffective, or there is simply not enough scientific evidence available for doctors to recommend for or against them. In fact, clinical recommendations and practices change every day based on the emergence of new evidence regarding the safety and efficacy (or lack thereof) of new and existing treatment options, including natural ones.
Rafi (9 days ago)
So much psuedoscientists in the comments here..
Xeno Phon (9 days ago)
Why do doctors and medical researchers always ignore a very important factor to all they propose? Trust. Many, for good reason, do not trust what you say or ask us to do anymore because too often the motivations of the various medical fields have found to be financial, not any real drive to help anything. It may not be the average doctor that is this way, but top beats bottom. /watch?v=WFnspLpRA3Y&t=0s&list=WL&index=37
Mustafa Can Güngör (9 days ago)
jackie chan knows his medicine
Mustafa Can Güngör (9 days ago)
John Vatic (9 days ago)
Come Oooon!
Pawan Gupta (9 days ago)
Maite Valero (9 days ago)
My grandparents ate a normal Mediterranean/Spanish diet, the only thing they did was clove of garlic in the morning with hot water and empty stomach, small glass of red wine during lunch time, coffee, a tiny piece of pure black chocolate daily, pure real honey, herbs, extra virgin oil, stews and broths with spanish cured ham bones, and everything bought in REAL markets (with stands and so on) from the land, farms, sea to the table. They died of old age, never took pills, only when they were very old... Same with my friends' grandparents...
Fizzy (9 days ago)
Your grandparents had great genes then, good for them!
Hi ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rr Ii (9 days ago)
Yeah, but can it roll me a fatty.?
blue_tetris (9 days ago)
The pharma industry is one of the biggest lobbies in the US, paying out to sitting Congress members along with the oil, defense, gun, and telecomm industries. They'll do anything to prevent insurance and health care reform, including lifting regs that allow consumers to self-diagnose. The Executive has completed regulatory control, by appointing foxes to guard every separate hen house we've tried to construct, removing even more agency from the consumer and the people whom the government is meant to represent and protect. This pipe dream is a long way off. Americans claim to want money out of politics, but their votes consistently speak otherwise; they will get sicker and sicker as a result. Cool tech, though. As usual, our technology far exceeds the political will of those whose lives it could save.
Robert Neve (6 days ago)
+annoloki then don't buy their drugs. Oh wait you don't have a choice because they developed them. You don't seem to understand basic economics. New companies run up debt to make a product. They then have to pay off that debt when they sell that product. They also need to keep up r&d or they stop being number 1. Drug patents are short and generic makers are always willing to decimate the big companies cash cows. If they don't keep up r&d they will eventually get over taken and die
annoloki (6 days ago)
"Without the extra revenues they won't be able to spend so much on R&D" -- this is only true in the imaginary world that badly educated economists without real-world knowledge like to guess about... the reality is that drug company revenue is NOT a predictor of their R&D spend, and more often you actually see the exact opposite result than what you think... that as they make more money, the amount they spend on R&D goes down, as a proportion of the total, and often even in absolute amounts. For example, among the top 4 largest drug companies in the US, the largest by revenue is the lowest R&D spender, with each of the next three spending more than it's larger competitors... presumably because the #2 company wants to be #1, whereas #1 will spend as little as possible to try maintain its position. Spending less on R&D increases short term profits, and near-term profits are more valuable than distant-future profits. Secondly, you'd be surprised how much R&D is publicly funded, either directly as research (eg, in universities and research institutions) or indirectly through tax-inversion schemes (when IP is moved to an over-seas subsidiary which then licenses it back at a large fee, allowing the drug or technology to make a fake loss to get a tax rebate). Simple economic models based on how things "should" work are not things you should use to understand how things actually operate when the cheapest way to make the most profit is to run attack ads against anyone running for office who isn't sufficiently "friendly" to you. Buying politicians is too profitable an investment for any large industry to ignore.
UnrealQW (8 days ago)
Pharma companies are researching new types of drugs. Without the extra revenues they won't be able to spend so much on R&D -- less healthy people. As long as people are able to pay the high price in money, they'll become less ill every year.
Robert Neve (8 days ago)
And how would this be bad for pharma companies? You could argue this would get more people taking drugs and if you have ever owned a normal printer you'd know how easily the printer companies make insane profits off the cartridges. You tell people that you personally scanned them and they're better with x medicines they'll not only be more likely to take it but most likely more willing to pay more per mg of drug than over the counter
Stacy Stroker (9 days ago)
Screw the IoT though
boson96 (9 days ago)
pincarto donn (9 days ago)
nutrition again has been ignored, jusy another vid based on keeping us all slaves to big pharma companies, the ignorance is stunning,
Avenger (9 days ago)
@ pincarto donn Most Americans are Vitamin D deficient and supplementing it is a good thing? I can get behind big pharma being bad, but it doesn't make all supplements or medication bad. Pharma just has a greedy/money problem. Then again you didn't say supplements are bad, so we might not disagree on anything.
pincarto donn (9 days ago)
+Ray Foss ...so... what
Ray Foss (9 days ago)
One of the cartridges had Vitamin D... so...
Rr Ii (9 days ago)
Printer dealers
13Anton22 (8 days ago)
Igor Gabrielan (9 days ago)
pharm.ai med.ai
Hopi Ng (9 days ago)
Profit over patient, pushing big AI and pharm with a smile. Takes skill. 😐
Seraph X2 (9 days ago)
+blue_tetris They didn't say you would get them for free...lol
domsau2 (9 days ago)
+blue_tetris Yes: more to sell!
blue_tetris (9 days ago)
Do you really think Big Pharma wants the American consumer to be able to self-produce generic drugs?
Rr Ii (9 days ago)
3d print food.
Robert Neve (8 days ago)
existed for years. A lot of cake stores use them
Casey Moran (9 days ago)
You Get Out What You Put In...eat smart and exercise to live a long, healthy life!
Sweet Tater Pie (4 hours ago)
Yes. I have them all and same for my kids. +william smith
william smith (4 hours ago)
+Sweet Tater Pie thank god
Sweet Tater Pie (6 hours ago)
No not at all. +william smith
Sweet Tater Pie (6 hours ago)
No not at all. +william smith
william smith (7 hours ago)
+Sweet Tater Pie please don't tell me you are antivax
Holly Hruska (9 days ago)
US medical system has been obsolete since the 1800s.
Holly Hruska (6 days ago)
Are you kidding me???? How??? Does anyone know medicine from the 1800s anymore??? It is obvious to the casual observer.
Michael Korostensky (6 days ago)
Yeah, how??
Andrew Polk (8 days ago)
Holly Hruska that is a very bold statement. Would you mind substantiating your claim?
DeOnn Norton (9 days ago)
Finally someone says it!
Grey (9 days ago)
First! Print me up some Quaaludes! They have not been made since the early 90s
Ryan Yudelmo (9 days ago)
Anonyme User (9 days ago)
*first..* *..thing you have to do, is giving me a like.*
FBI Guy (9 days ago)

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