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Cutting Out My Locs! (Damage, Hair Loss, Growth?)

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty Hey guys! In today's video I am taking down and cutting out my faux locs! It's been close to 3 weeks and I miss my curls. Watch to see if I have any hair loss, damage or growth! 💜 -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- LA Age- 22 -------------------------------------------------------- S O N G S : NAV- Champion (ft. Travis Scott) -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Text Comments (5771)
Emma Reimers (14 hours ago)
56 locs??
JB Beauty Nation (17 hours ago)
I kept mines in for about 2monrhs
Reyna Prado (1 day ago)
I think you have 50 locs
Raymond Gamez (2 days ago)
lilly gonzalez (2 days ago)
Your smile is so BEAUTIFUL!!
Vridhi Modi (3 days ago)
I think 50% of the shedding was due to the weight of those locs
Kekoa Cook (3 days ago)
I ligit want your hair!!!
Nicholas Winter (4 days ago)
I think she has 50
S W (4 days ago)
53 locks
Ayauna W (4 days ago)
i keep my box braids in for three months so imagine you keeping your locks in for three months you would actually die
Mighty Princessruzi (5 days ago)
I think 55
Mersiha Mehinagic (5 days ago)
You have 38 locs
Lena Moreland (5 days ago)
I think about.....55 locs..
DriiPpY_God 54 (6 days ago)
*SHOOK* The end😍😍😍
Rach J (6 days ago)
I love your hair without the locs
Alyssa Jordan (6 days ago)
I think you had around 50 and 56 dred locks
Koala Queen (6 days ago)
Well I was close I said 42
Sophie Daniels (6 days ago)
OMG so pretty I love your natural hair ❤️💘💋💓
Lil Muffin (6 days ago)
Wow you’re hair is so pretty!!!
Cc Playz_roblox (7 days ago)
I was close! I guessed 52
Lollie Monster (7 days ago)
I think you look beautiful any way with locks or without
Rainley Carter (7 days ago)
56 locs
Ankita ROBLOX (7 days ago)
maynor sanchez (7 days ago)
56 locs
Nichole Ross (7 days ago)
Dang itch your head (lice)
Tahiyah Ahmed (7 days ago)
U should never brush ur hair when it wet it damages it
Callum Derbyshire (7 days ago)
I bet you have 64
alayna westbrooks (7 days ago)
you’re so beautiful bye-
Nakisha Griggs (8 days ago)
Michelle Beauty (8 days ago)
Why u didn’t show us how u took out the damn loop🙄🤦🏽‍♀️
Alfaisaly Mayar (8 days ago)
I though You shouldn't apply conditioner on your skul/Top of your head?? That's what my mom told me?🤨🤨😚
Shelby Lanese (8 days ago)
Yas I got it right
Shelby Lanese (8 days ago)
I think about 56 -57 idk
Bryniah Rucker (8 days ago)
50 to 75
tommy johnson (9 days ago)
Reneisha Smellie (9 days ago)
My cousin guested the write answer I was so mad
Ellie Baxter (9 days ago)
Charlotte Boileau (10 days ago)
This was so satisfying to watch
Aiaiel (10 days ago)
Around how much does getting your hair done into dreads cost?
its Ayuma bailey (11 days ago)
its Ayuma bailey (11 days ago)
Wow it looks like 2 different people in the thumbnail
Dressage Friesian (11 days ago)
You should get cornrows or box braids
Kawia Puppy (11 days ago)
How does your hair get in locks? Also I want that hair color!!!
LANDRIE ROBINSON (11 days ago)
I swear I guessed 55 and I was one away and even before You said you guessed the same thing 😂
Adrienne Gomez (11 days ago)
My sis had the same style hers was 55-60
Adrienne Gomez (11 days ago)
#pets petloverrgirl (11 days ago)
I was so close
#pets petloverrgirl (11 days ago)
I think 55
Aurora Sjoblom (11 days ago)
56 deadlocks
Leah Ginsburg (11 days ago)
Your intro is exactly like James Charles
Amanda Caban (12 days ago)
Her natural hair is gorgeous 😍
Peppa Queen (12 days ago)
how do yuo shower in those things?
bellasgc23 (12 days ago)
42 of those
Tiny - Tia (12 days ago)
I like ur hair better with out the locks
Tamia Somers (12 days ago)
I guess 76 also your hairs beautiful
Cameron Ackley (12 days ago)
I guess 56 loca
Cameron Ackley (12 days ago)
Locks I ment
Tara Martin (12 days ago)
I think u have 56
Suad Mariko (12 days ago)
Makaylah Perry (12 days ago)
Emily Moore (13 days ago)
omg I totally remember back in 4th grade someone put 69 locs on my seat aaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg how digusting it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patrisha Sarah (13 days ago)
Only three weeks I keep my extensions in for two months is that bad?
Nevaeh Reyes (13 days ago)
But love your hair so beautiful 😍
Nevaeh Reyes (13 days ago)
My friend has had dread locks for more than a year, just thinking of it sounds itchy ew .
Mylitttlepiggy Reese (14 days ago)
60 locks 🧖🏻‍♀️💇🏼‍♀️
Ashleigh Shoemake (14 days ago)
I guess you have 57 goddess locks lol sorry idk 😂😭
Cecilia Suarez (15 days ago)
Makayla Williams (16 days ago)
So are the dreads just braids not brushed
Makayla Williams (16 days ago)
But why they are so cute now I miss them I'm gnna cry
Lily Radaj (17 days ago)
Im guessing 57 locks ...
KrystalKstar (17 days ago)
Beautiful hair!
Noah 0 (18 days ago)
56 locs
Lorena Schäfer (18 days ago)
You look so much better
Lizzie Lol (18 days ago)
"I'm pulling my hair and theres hair coming out" hun thats the story of my life and ive never gotten dreads lmao
Trvp.Girl.Reyes (18 days ago)
I have a Geometry test tomorrow It's 3 am I don't even have dreadlocks What am I doing with my life
dienastar12 MSP (18 days ago)
you look so beautiful
Alexis Broxton (19 days ago)
56 locs
Christina Kante (19 days ago)
Chris (19 days ago)
Where is that red brush from??
Mia’s Word (21 days ago)
Angelooo Myself (21 days ago)
God I'm obsessed.
Xx _AZURAE XD_Xx (21 days ago)
Lily Pole (22 days ago)
You look beautiful with your natural hair but if you want to have braids you do you💗❤️💕
Gris Garcia (23 days ago)
67 ?
Anisahs Outlet (23 days ago)
Ive had mine in for like, 1 month, im taking dem out in december
Zaida Perry (25 days ago)
2:50 would have been a great thumbnail
Sarieyah Branch (26 days ago)
Callen The Cat (26 days ago)
You look like a different person without the locs
Callen The Cat (26 days ago)
That has to be so relieving
Edna Palomo (26 days ago)
Ur natural hair is beautiful 💚💚
Just Kim (26 days ago)
Yo I feel like her hair has been at the same length for 25 years now and it just kills me lmao Omga nonetheless your hair is pretty tho
Valerie Rodriguez (27 days ago)
I think there are 56 goddess locs
Jolee Yager (27 days ago)
I am obsessed with your hair and makeup
Jolee Yager (27 days ago)
I am obsessed with your hair and makeup
Sydney Strogal (27 days ago)
Your gorgeous with natural hair😻
Jazelle Ashley (27 days ago)
I WAS RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 YESSSSS!!!
May Page15 (28 days ago)
I guessed 57!!!!
Adanna Simon (28 days ago)
Is that her natural hair color or did she dye it answer down below
Unknown user !?!?!?! (28 days ago)
Mabye you have like 55-56 locks
Unknown user !?!?!?! (28 days ago)
How do i say this???? YOU ARE SO GOURGOUS!!!!!!

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