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Female Comedian Tries To Prove Women Are Funny...By Doing Set As A Man!

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Women are funny, get over it. Source video: https://streamable.com/qalam Check out Nerkish: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-NiCrL_gExiACM4c3r1q4A I,Hypocrite is made possible only by the generous support of good people like you. If you enojoy the content I provide please consider a one time donation, a pledge, or check out the merchandise shop. Cheers! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lporiginalg Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/iHypocrite Maker Support: https://www.makersupport.com/lporiginalg Shop: https://allovershirts.com/ihypocrite Crypto: BTC: 3PSaAgdYCYWwH6TrUjZrUWanX41xUhDuZd BCH: qp5z8esna3ke6np9j38zaeamvaa45mu8qu9khe2zhu ETH: 0x1dF73c2C1eB56c9A4A3BE2d384EdDF5619Bf1B69 LTC: MJPwBjMkAeZHUYFd1iRg5JtiTrYsU7JB1X Other Social Media: Blog: http://ihypocrite.net Facebook1: https://facebook.com/ihypocrite Twitter: https://twitter.com/lporiginalg YouTube1: https://youtube.com/lporiginalg YouTube2:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHRbBGHUYHtpcSqpDGuMs-g Minds : https://www.minds.com/lporiginalg Funny Junk: https://funnyjunk.com/user/ihypocrite
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Text Comments (3495)
LOL Cool J (7 months ago)
The Doc is called "Women Aren't Funny" https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3992752/
Martin Olson (2 months ago)
+Uru Sledge Exactly. Out of context.
onpsxmember (4 months ago)
What's the game in the background?
Jesus Christ (4 months ago)
+I,HypocriteThe husband/bf is none other than fucking RICH VOS. Lmao
TheTruthPenguin (4 months ago)
+Bertoxolous The Puzzled You can think all you want. The point is that you knew she was a woman before any thought process went through your mind.
Bertoxolous The Puzzled (4 months ago)
+TheTruthPenguin My first thought was of Dee from always sunny when SHE did mildly funny stand up.
9577frasier (1 day ago)
Damn these bitches are desperate
John 3 (2 days ago)
Funny how someone crys sexiest. Then generalizes the fuck out of half the planet. Classic hypocritical feminist. What a whore.
Michael Woodall (3 days ago)
That was so not funny, I thought it was fake
So feminists are trying to strengthen femininity, By becoming men?
Emanuel Lucaci (7 days ago)
game name?
PornShoulders (9 days ago)
Do you not know who Vos is?
KaneRobot (9 days ago)
Makes me want to install Osmos again
Steven M. (10 days ago)
Norah assumes all men have the same psyche. There’s her first problem.
Adi Anthony (10 days ago)
Hi, I'm the creator of this video, my hobbies include talking out of my ass without knowing the context and smelling my own farts. I'm very smart.
Chris Papamitrou (14 days ago)
She never “did it as a man” stop fucking crying, man up, and try again that’s what men do it’s not just about looks you dumb whiny bitch...I’m so glad she lost her will to do comedy and I hope she killed herself
Chris Papamitrou (14 days ago)
Lmao the funniest part is how rich vos 6:36 is trying to make her feel better about not being funny...I love how you can see her whole world got crushed because she genuinely thought people were being sexist and not the fact that she is so unfunny..:.like that wasn’t even a possibility in her dumb head 😂
Chris Papamitrou (14 days ago)
What a simple minded approach...”I’m not funny and I’m a woman so it must be sexist, let me say the same dumb unfunny shit but dress like a man and suddenly be hilarious...wait, why didn’t it work?”
Heather Murray (16 days ago)
She doesn’t even come across as a male
Maga Male (1 month ago)
Bonnie is actually really funny. But she BOMBED. Also rich Vos is great. I think this clip is hilarious because she’s such a feminist. Idk how you’re talking about comedy and don’t know Bonnie and rich. But still hilarious and good video
Dallan Labrum (1 month ago)
C May (1 month ago)
Bonnie sucks
Nate one (2 months ago)
Zim Zimma (2 months ago)
If you're a student of comedy I'm quite surprised you've never heard of Bonnie McFarlane and Rich Vos. I mean not because you'd learn much other than how to be a middling hack comic for decades, but they have associated and done radio some good comics like Patrice O'Neal, Bill Birr and Colin Quinn over the years. Rich in particular, he's garbage, but he is technically a member of the cellar crowd.....
Gillian Gutierrrez (2 months ago)
Thats Rich Vos and he might be the most anti feminist stand up comedian out there!
Death By High 5ing (2 months ago)
sweet video dude
stewart (3 months ago)
It was a movie stupid!!!
stewart (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/PsOKd_VF3s8 I’m with you on feminist they suck! fucking cunts. But you my man have no clue what you’re talking about fucking idiot
stewart (3 months ago)
It’s Rich Vos and Bonnie McFarlane You fucking idiots you so slow you don’t understand comedy look it up fucking dummies
stewart (3 months ago)
Dummy lol Listen to Opie and Anthony
stewart (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/bAV827P_XEE. Fucking idiots
stewart (3 months ago)
Holy shit!! You and all your followers are fucking retarded this is a spoof this is Rich vos and his wife Bonnie McFarland yeah she’s a feminist and I fucking hate feminist, but she’s fantastic this is a fucking joke you idiots! Look them up!! Holy shit you are all such fucking nerds!!
AN N (3 months ago)
When you pull back and look at women from a disassociated distance you have to almost feel sorry for them. I am starting to realize that most women could probably be placed somewhere on the autism spectrum.
Izzy Izzerton (3 months ago)
Even though she's dressed as a dude her humor is still "female" and that's why it sucks. Female comics have a distinct kind of humor that's extremely unfunny. I can't really describe it but it's so bland. However, content matter is also a problem. Their content never really drives a point home (like the jokes here) so you're just sitting there with this open ended statement about??? And then it's so often sex-related but in a way that only certain females would laugh at. Females would be funny if they fixed these things.
Ramon Sanchez (3 months ago)
That man was Rich Vos.
Kadoda JF (3 months ago)
What was that game though in the beginning it looks cool
Darcy Cummins (3 months ago)
You can almost see the moment her entire world view and ego is absolutely SHREDDED. *clicks through the scene frame by frame* And even though Im gonna sound like "that guy", it's telling that this guy is ... well I think we can all see what his ancestry is *nudge nudge*
Zero Wing (3 months ago)
I think most of the audience didn't laugh at her jokes because most of them were really women wearing fake beards.
x x (4 months ago)
damaged control mode hahahahahahaha
x x (4 months ago)
no punchlines,dont know formulate a joke, that sounds like joe rogan, he is not funny at all. 6:00
Joseph Decorrevont (4 months ago)
News flash....women still not funny
DreXor akaRobert (4 months ago)
after all that, I'm just left wondering what game was used for the background animation lol
redrobotmonkey (4 months ago)
The woman in the video is Bonnie mcfarlane. She is a professional comedian now and has done the late show amongst other things. She just didn't have much practice at the time the documentary was made.
BETTER THAN YOU (4 months ago)
There's exactly 27 funny women on this planet, and they're all trans
Ps4 Trophy Guide (4 months ago)
Wats the game in the backround
Esme Nixon (4 months ago)
If you're actually funny, it doesn't matter what you are, people will laugh. Similarly, if you are not funny, it doesn't matter what you are, people will not laugh.
chickenassasintk (4 months ago)
11:20 hes not doing it because he dosent want to put up with her being miserable, hes doing it because if she is miserable then hes not gonna get any sex, thats the entire reason for even being with her in the first place
Ching Yang (4 months ago)
No body was laughing. It was just her friends.
RedSky1335 (4 months ago)
That's Rich Vos (the male jew) who is a quite successful comedian, probably most notable for his appearances on The Opie and Anthony show. The woman is Bonnie MacFarland, who Vos is married to. As far as I know, Bonnie has had some success as a female comic.
Lee Shelton (4 months ago)
Amen brother...she wanted an honest 9008 ion....she got it!
Matt O (4 months ago)
The "guy" is her husband you dummy. You didn't really do your research on this video. She had been a comic for 12 years. (And she sucks as a woman too!) Her realization that its not her vagina that makes her "not funny" is amazing. But the guy, Rich Vos, you're supposed to do what he did in that position. She is 46, he's 55 in that clip. He's not about to tell her "time to quit". You make your stupid wife feel good in that moment. You buffoon. Research these things before you put content out on them.
Matt O (4 months ago)
I,Hypocrite - i'd really appreciate a response here, if u could. Ty. ✔She was not an amateur. That was Bonnie MacFarlane & her husband, Rich Vos (Vos is a fucking legend in NY/NJ. For +30yrs). What ur missing about Bonnie....she had been a working comic for 12 FUCKING YEARS at this point! ✔This was supposed to be her coup de' taet, against the "male bias in comedy"....she revealed this would validate her lack of success in the business...And those hundreds of sets where she bombed...this would prove it was her vagina! Not her lack of talent, as a comic. You really missed a big part of this story by not doing a little research. And that really shows when you spoke on "the infuriating part of the consoling boyfriend".... ⭕ I find your "aggravation" to "the boyfriend" fucking foolish. Rich Vos been married to her for like 19 fucking years. When ur wife realizes "oh shit, my entire 12-year career as a struggling comic has been due to my lack of talent, not my tits"....you support the fuck out of her in that moment. You dope. How would u handle that situation? Since u were so disgusted with him enabling her, while she breaks down on camera. You would cut her down in that moment? Wake up call time for her...further embarrass the fuck out of her? On camera, for the doc being shown on cable? (Well, yea, this should be a learning lesson for you honey...time to think about a new path...now that you've humiliated yourself). You really came off like a guy who has never so much as had a relationship with a woman...never mind a girlfriend or wife. Instead of sounding like the intellectual you fancy yourself as...to the ppl who actually "know comedy" (which u claimed to be)...and to any guy who has actually been in an intimate relationship with a woman....to us, u ended up looking like a fool.
Sir Isaac Brock (4 months ago)
That boyfriend is an asshole leading her on and being overly supportive
savagemaestro (4 months ago)
Nice Groucho Marx outfit LMAO! You suuuuck!
Sayer (4 months ago)
She just isn’t funny. I don’t think it was an issue of men are funnier than women, she honestly wasn’t funny. She honestly might of done better as a woman on stage. Not every is funny, she tried it out, move on to the next.
jjkhawaiian (4 months ago)
If you can't be a funny comedian as a women or a man, then maybe you should learn how to be, I don't know, something else that doesn't involve comedy. So, of course, after her first show as a man (a poor disguise, by the way), she sits and cries because she has a shattering realization. Her soy husband continues to defend her hilarity and wants her to continue being funny. He almost slips too far by saying, he loves her comedy as a woman.
David Wells (4 months ago)
She has such fragile masculinity.
Jojo Hehe (4 months ago)
Funny comics kill on stage. Unfunny ones bomb. Nobody laughs because a comic has a dick, and nobody holds back because she has a vag. When a shit female comic with an entitlement mentality performs in drag and bombs, this is what happens. I know a lot of really bad comics and a few good ones, and the correlation between performance and laughs is 100%.
Yusuf Iğnak (4 months ago)
Game name please
hamnose (4 months ago)
Ann Coulter is funny as hell, sublime, and yet she is a woman. Even Phylis Diller made me laugh. I don't think it's true that women can't be funny. It's assholes can't be funny. At least not intentionally. This was hysterically funny.
cmmndrblu (4 months ago)
...this is really dumb, you can tell its a lady.
cmmndrblu (4 months ago)
Also that guy supporting her was really sweet!!! Also sometimes you don't win. Pick yourself back up.
Johnathan K Woodard (4 months ago)
The crying about being rejected scene is poignant for two reasons: 1. You see the moment when her "going out with a beard will automatically confer me the benefit of the doubt from the audience" thing is shattered. 2. It reveals the actual reason that men are funnier - they take more risks, whereas women are terrified of being criticized and rejected (by each other even more than by men). All of gender relations throughout human history makes sense when you realize this. From the huge successes and failures that men have compared to women to really mundane stuff - like how women search so hard for consensus and get really uncomfortable when their friends disagree with them on any topic, and why men bond by teasing each other - it all revolves around this.
Cool Cat (4 months ago)
Did the guy egging her on with “good job” and lying to her about being funny manage to get his end away or no? He put a lot of work into bullshitting her so I hope he managed to get some.
Cool Cat (4 months ago)
Did the guy egging her on with “good job” and lying to her about being funny manage to get his end away or no? He put a lot of work into bullshitting her so I hope he managed to get some.
Cool Cat (4 months ago)
Did the guy egging her on with “good job” and lying to her about being funny manage to get his end away or no? He put a lot of work into bullshitting her so I hope he managed to get some.
Cool Cat (4 months ago)
Did the guy egging her on with “good job” and lying to her about being funny manage to get his end away or no? He put a lot of work into bullshitting her so I hope he managed to get some.
Cool Cat (4 months ago)
Did the guy egging her on with “good job” and lying to her about being funny manage to get his end away or no? He put a lot of work into bullshitting her so I hope he managed to get some.
Jason camenzind (4 months ago)
I think people were probably just freaked out because it was obviously a woman pretending to be a man. Plus the delivery and jokes sucked.
Kevin Lashlee (4 months ago)
Or... stay with me here... the disguise was horrible, everyone knew she was a woman, they probably thought it was some stupid part of the bit, and she's just not funny, with the few laughs and claps she got being friendly gestures and nothing more... Nah, gotta be misogyny or something. Damn patriarchy
Still funnier than silverMAN.
J H (4 months ago)
I'm just watching this video game.
Zigrifid (4 months ago)
"spends 15min as a man" realise more about herself than when she was a woman! WELCOME TO OUR WORLD
Kraigen Rivas (4 months ago)
she isnt comic that wasnt funny she is just plain retard. way to go feminazi! keep your mindless agenta going...
Miguel Suarez-solis (4 months ago)
I just wanna know what game that is in the background
dilbertgeg (4 months ago)
weak on "timing" and I'm not a comedian but I have a tiny gist of timing creating tension and release
Bubble Bass (4 months ago)
Does anybody actually make the argument that women arent funny?
onpsxmember (4 months ago)
Naaah, let's go to the stoning! Beards? Here, feel the quality. Was that Bonnie McFarlane? Cause the guy on the left is Rich Vos. EDIT: Jep, it's her. Muhahaha
Joel Palmer (4 months ago)
Joel Palmer (4 months ago)
Joel Palmer (4 months ago)
Danilo Ortega (4 months ago)
She want to be. A man and she cries 😂😂
myster. E Jones (4 months ago)
Woman 'does set 'as a man, whilst sounding exactly like a woman who's not at all funny! 😑 Lame!
Rob Fowler (4 months ago)
With all her consuming, why does she not recognise she still sounds very feminine? Hell, she could do better playing a gay guy than a straight guy. At least then, I might have bought in to her illusion.
Robert Craighead (4 months ago)
Thank you for the upload.
jay dean (4 months ago)
You're into comedy and perform stand-up and don't know who Rich Vos is?
Karen21242 (4 months ago)
Lol I'm sorry, this is just too funny... ironically enough... Lol
Buildings1772 (4 months ago)
What is that game in the back ground?
Puny Gods (4 months ago)
She had no confidence, and that makes a difference.
Cosmin Dragos (4 months ago)
She would be funnier if she was making fun of her conflict with the kitchen Self-irony is waaayyy more funnier than some made-up "feminist" SJW we're-better-than-you shit, actually it's funnier when it's anti-feminist and a woman simply expresses her husband as a form of authority and the kitchen as hell, and then develops something from that
Nico the OG Niner (4 months ago)
anyone know what game this is
Gregory Wonderwheel (4 months ago)
The script writing in this video is terrible. All straw man argument. (Pun intended.)
Lone Knight (4 months ago)
They are just fooled into thinking that they are funny cause Men laugh at their bad jokes... cause they wanna fuck them.
Gabriel Baird (4 months ago)
This experiment would be really interesting to be done with like a more well put together
Awkward History (4 months ago)
>says hes a fan of standup >thinks Rich Vos is this random chicks boyfriend ouch
leigh perks (4 months ago)
ummmm booobs :) lol
Daniel Yerke (4 months ago)
Lucille Ball is the funniest person ever to me. I don't know how to say it without sounding like a jerk, but some women comedians seem to think if they are dirty and nasty. They will be funnier because they think that's why men are "funnier".
Daniel Yerke (4 months ago)
But you know what's really on far is Rich Vos in a dress would be hilarious without him even saying anything.
Kangwa Master (4 months ago)
God that was bad
Neurotic Jester (4 months ago)
She breaks down when her delusional narrative, of people not liking her comedy because she is female, falls apart. She tries it "as a man" and gets the same, if not worse reaction from the audience. Sorry she isn't a great comic, but glad her delusion has been shattered so she can either get good or move on.
JB P (4 months ago)
Women CAN be funny. They just aren’t ever good stand ups. I don’t know why. They’re funny comedic actresses. They’re funny writers for TV shows. They wrote funny memoirs. But when they get on stage, it’s almost always painful.
Jordan K (4 months ago)
The only funny part of the video is the comment section. 😂😂😂
Biohazard EXTREME (4 months ago)
As many people pointed out, the disguise didn't work at all. The problem is that even if there was any validity in her "patriarchy" hypothesis, the experiment was dead on arrival. If I was to see that set, I would see that it's clearly a woman, and I would think that this woman was doing some kind of cross-dressing shtick, and that it's a part of her gimmick, and judge the jokes relating to that gimmick. And they probably work even worse in that context.
Kolby K (4 months ago)
The husband is Rich Vos, a fellow comedian.
Moonshield23 (4 months ago)
Women aren't funny.
Christine Marie (4 months ago)
C'mon on, Brian, let's go to the stoning.  xD

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