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Opioids II: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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Following some recent revelations about the role of large companies in America’s ongoing opioid epidemic, John Oliver takes another look at the crisis. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/lastweektonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: www.facebook.com/lastweektonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: www.twitter.com/lastweektonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Fulgrim88 (6 hours ago)
I like how the republicans obsess about the "war on drugs" as long as its about jailing immigrants and potheads, but as soon as multi billion pharmaceutical companies get involved (doing just as much harm, if not more) it's fine
PaddySnuffles (9 hours ago)
The Kermit jokes are priceless.
Travis White (14 hours ago)
Richard Sackler? His name is Dick Sack?
chadgrov (17 hours ago)
His wallet is the one that says bad motherfucker on it.
Who’s the fucking girl who keeps laughing like a horse
Steve Matthews (19 hours ago)
Micheal Keaton is the real Batman
elnumbrotres (19 hours ago)
Steve Matthews (19 hours ago)
H8 apo
Ana Penca (1 day ago)
Plase do one of these on Goop, Gywneth Paltrow's company. A lot more people need to know about the dangers of it.
Pepper (1 day ago)
MizzTab (1 day ago)
John you probably will never read this comment but I will appeal to you once again. Please show what taking away chronic pain patients choice in their own medical treatment is allowing our government agencies and insurance companies to get away with. We have known pain medications abuse potential for years, opium abuse potential for centuries. Before OxyContin we had Percocet, Vicodin and others that were abused. This war on prescription medication for chronic pain patients is ruining lives. It is taking away patients ability to work, access to healthcare and in those with under or untreated pain causing deaths or driving them to suicide to stop the constant suffering. The real issues are power and money the only things our government cares about. Getting elected, keeping their funding and they all want a BIG piece of lawsuit pie but none of them care about the millions of patients who are suffering.
Todd Romain (1 day ago)
Its what the market does. tRump would murder his entire base for the right amount of profit
Wow...its hard to understand this kind of evil
spungar patar (1 day ago)
TRUMP2020!!! Oliver is such a beta boy.. Ive never met a liberal i couldnt take in a fight..
Shiva Srinivasan (1 day ago)
Did not Omar go after drug dealers?
Todd Sheridan (1 day ago)
Unrelated to the story, but Richard Kind is delightful.
David Martin (1 day ago)
you sir are my opioid
trinityproj3ct (1 day ago)
The Behind the Bastards (hilarious and informative) podcast did a two part episode on the Sackler family in April 2019
Michael Gonzalez (1 day ago)
I can only imagine what this guys family life was like growing up
Marshal Dunnik (1 day ago)
I wonder why he doesn't choose to go by Dick Sackler
Grammar Jew (1 day ago)
John Oliver is FOX news if FOX news had 100% more factual basis, 100% less cringe and 98.4% less bullshit! When a corporation wants to hide something from you, its probably worse than anything you can imagine... because hiding shit is pretty bad, and it has to be worse than that. PS: I am not looking up Sacklergallery... again. Last time my mom walked in, it was weird.
Syfer Polski (2 days ago)
You're a treasure John, keep going after crooks!
Murtaza Bijani (2 days ago)
“Kermit is a TOP, I’ll have you know. Not that that is any of your business!” Gets me every time! 😂
sean callahan (2 days ago)
Clinton screwed up majorly by pushing the War on Drugs and stricter sentences on this. Fucking drugs are the enemy of the people, but we need to help, not imprison. Trump for all things wrong with him, is at least trying to change the narrative of bullshit prison sentences for drug crimes.
bob makr (2 days ago)
How did they not cheer for Omar!?
Mircea Pintelie (2 days ago)
Boeing was also required to regulate itself no?
Diane Gehr (2 days ago)
I just read a statistic that stated that for people aged 50 and under in US, the leading cause of death now is opioid overdose!
18skunk18 (2 days ago)
I have to say that this more information and entertainment then info wars.
Daemoncles RatHeir (3 days ago)
It seems that people who do or did drugs try and blame all their subsequent health issues on bad food or media lifestyles. Give me a break, idiots. Decriminalization happens because you tax the police. I just saw a book linking mental health issues with pot. This country is headed for disaster because of these potheads and other users.
Amanda Schweiger (3 days ago)
#DontPunishPain Chronic intractable pain needs opioids. Opioids make their lives worth living. Cutting off chronic intractable pain patients from their medications causes them to die of suicide at an unprecedented rate. #DONTPUNISHPAIN!
Alex Stone (3 days ago)
A. Mohsin (3 days ago)
Sackler family paid 2000 people to dislike this video
963 (4 days ago)
Did they pay for that beat?
Jess Webb (4 days ago)
I take opiods everyday for pain. There are a bunch of assholes making docters figity for people that realy need them.
MK Piatkowski (4 days ago)
Finally I can watch this! Well done.
Colin Thiel (4 days ago)
Ex addict here THANK YOU You’re the only one I’ve really seen to date that gave them real grief and I can assure you it’s driving them up the fucking wall they’re probably going to sue you thanks for speaking for the voiceless this show is fucking gangster
Plucky Bellhop (4 days ago)
Omg you actually got Omar! Awesome
Daanish Ahmad (4 days ago)
Sergio Araiza (4 days ago)
And people get locked up in many States for selling some bud 🙄 lock up the people who actually sell terrible drugs 😤
Stylianos Ansley (5 days ago)
Rap god type beat
Sampling Eminem's "rap god" to market drugs is so disrespectful to him and his history with drugs And recovery.
christian arroyo (5 days ago)
"Bears are gonna bear" I´m 100% sure this is a Daniel Obrien bit. Good to see you still killing it dude.
D H (5 days ago)
Michael is king ping
Robert Ostler (5 days ago)
How about we just make drugs legal. Let people make their own choices.
SuperDeadRooster (5 days ago)
I got no love for drug companies, Fuck those guys, but surely it's the individuals fault as well.
nathanas64 (5 days ago)
Propaganda disguised as comedy. This guy is a tool.
Will Leary (5 days ago)
I'm gonna be the one to say this, so here goes. Opioids work. They work so fucking well, that there's nothing quite like them. The problem is that they make you feel so good that you never want to stop.. so people die. But then the reaction to that is that no doctors want to prescribe them. Now you have people in crippling pain that can't get the only medicine that works because doctors are scared. Now you have people committing suicide in tears because theyve been in pain for years and nobody will give them what helps So what's the answer? Do we give opioids to people and let people who become addicted die? Or do we withhold them and let people in pain suffer? It's not as easy a question as everyone makes it out to be.
Macallan Giunta (5 days ago)
The american pablo escobar
Nehll Kaizen (5 days ago)
Holy $h!t. That is about 20 pills per person per day for that 400 resident “town”
Austin Parks (3 days ago)
At the end of my abuse of prescription painkillers, I was taking 20-25 vicodin a day and mixing in oxycontin and percocets too. 20 seems like a lot, because it is, but hardcore addicts can go beyond that.
phil mckay (6 days ago)
Brian (6 days ago)
So theres actually a family some where in the world that has more money then common sense and they actually use the name Sackler!?
Alec Denholm (6 days ago)
How is it legal to answer "I don't know" to a question you know the answer to, while under oath? How hard can it be to prove someone is lying when it's to the extent of claiming not to have known they were a director of a billion dollar company?
Alec Denholm (6 days ago)
I suppose this is no different to an Attorney General, highest legal authority in the land, lying under oath that they "don't recall" whether or not they colluded with Russians.
Jennifer Gibbs (6 days ago)
To everyone at LastWeek Tonight, thank you for doing what you do!
Maria Pennicott (6 days ago)
Yet illegals are being blamed for bringing drugs to America
Charlotte Fairchild (6 days ago)
Doctors still give prescriptions for opium drugs. A guy recently threw two small children into the swimming pool while he was smoking marijuana. One is critical and both children had to be resuscitated. Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.-- Hippocrates said!
Dbl Dbl Crossed (6 days ago)
why don't we just go ahead and open some opium dens like they had in vietnam . it seemed to calm those guys nerves. also keep many shellshock victims back then.
MrDeekaph (6 days ago)
When one of the greatest forces for justice is an HBO comedian.. what a time to be alive.
kaz kk (6 days ago)
Money and power are the the arbiter of everything . This for all ppl. Who believe in justice and American Dream
lionroo (6 days ago)
Those babies...they look like Wallace Shawn...IN-CON-CEIVABLE!
kaz kk (6 days ago)
They did not set the standards for demands?! Really ? Fuckers
kaz kk (6 days ago)
The pharmaceutical industry is actually selling dangerous elicit drugs as legitimate business?! This came out and did nothing to force the government to shut them down. Pay money to the government as a bribe without admitting wrong doing? Who is running this government ?!
Amanda Zimnoch (6 days ago)
I was actually at the Guggenheim when the protest happened!
zxasuk30 (7 days ago)
the said "put them in jail" "put them in boots" hahahaahaah
Turtle Head (7 days ago)
Opioids help me, and I don't abuse them. Junkies and people who abuse them need to accept more responsibility for themselves.
Joshua Brunetta (7 days ago)
I love John Oliver’s pieces but I must say, as someone familiar with that industry, the part where Sakler is bragging about the time it took to pass FDA approval doesn’t show anything sinister. Pharma and med companies are always trying to speed up the approval process so they can go to market ASAP. That’s called being a publicly traded company. Not sure what the point of including that was. If it makes anyone look bad it’s the FDA
brightstory (7 days ago)
Ur the best John Oliver and the whole crew behind ya! Awesome content that real shines light in corruption in pharmaceutical companies and all the shenenigan!
VegasBabyKat (7 days ago)
It’s not easy being green or staying clean
VegasBabyKat (7 days ago)
Oh herpetological thruple....DANG Kermit...you green freak!!! 🐸🐸🐸🐸😜😎
Sexy Cowboy (7 days ago)
I like OxyContin!
Adrian gonçalves (8 days ago)
I like this program
ColeYote (8 days ago)
Jesus fuck, fentanyl is so toxic police don't even want to TOUCH the stuff without gloves on, and they're putting that in painkillers?!
Matthew Walton (8 days ago)
This is why I don't trust big companies. They will screw over anyone and everyone and do any obscene thing they can get away with no matter who gets hurt in order to make obscene amounts of money. Screw them. Also I'm disappointed one of the actors you got to portray Richard Sackler wasn't Jack Nichelson.
Prashant J (8 days ago)
John Oliver: "He right. Put em in jail" <squeaky voice> Me: fell off the chair laughing
Otis De Marie (8 days ago)
American companies are all about profit and they are very willing to undermine people to get it. It's a sad thing, really.
MizzTab (8 days ago)
Condemning all opioids will bring back the days of biting a wooden stick during surgery and then dying of shock. Right now patients are being given inadequate pain relief after surgery while in the hospital. People dying of cancer being denied adequate pain relief because they might get addicted. Our government agencies are lying every bit as much about opioids. They are also making health care decisions for millions of chronic pain patients and getting away with it. When do chronic pain patients and the few doctors left treating us get our side seen in the media? Everyone is an accident, illness, aging or surgery away from becoming a chronic pain sufferer. By then, the real culprit heroin will be all that is left.
Dev Singh (8 days ago)
Love ur show
Royal Wins (8 days ago)
Watch Harrison from "Harrison's Pharmacopeia" interview with Reason. He has an enlightened view of the Sacklers.
Nik Murphy (8 days ago)
To put the opioid crisis into perspective: that lady with the annoying laugh from the first last week tonight opioid video died of an overdose.
kroq93er (9 days ago)
He's a great janitor!
Contra (9 days ago)
These are the same people that keep weed from being illegal.
Trent Robertson (9 days ago)
The Bear Deputy analogy also applies to the Catholic Church....
Willaby Zarkute (9 days ago)
I wasn't expecting the "I don't know" parts to have me on the floor busting a gut
Kaitlyn Meloche (9 days ago)
This man is trying his level best to be sued by every major corporation on Earth and I am HERE FOR IT
Kevin O'Connell (9 days ago)
Well played Zazu, well played
sennadasilva11 (9 days ago)
Dick Sackler deserves the guillotine
jamie .willis (9 days ago)
Tati (9 days ago)
Hey it's Larry David's annoying cousin.
Heikki Remes (9 days ago)
Sometimes I envy China. In China these fuckers would have been lined up and shot in the back of the head and thrown into a furnace. In America they just pay a fine.
AlphaGulch (9 days ago)
I liked John Oliver's show more when he relied less on displays of gratuitious violence and toilet humor to get laughs.
Nick Thomas (9 days ago)
I come to Comedy Central to listen to stooges say anything for a reaction. John Oliver is an entertainer, not a journalist. he makes some very decent points, but his rhetoric is always wrapped in social justice bullshit.
Alyssa Brown (9 days ago)
In all fairness, they put the cocaine on the tooth... It also used to be in Coca-Cola which was originally a tonic Heroin used to be given to children as cough medicine
Sobel Gar (9 days ago)
Justice is only for the wealthy. Lawyers never lose.
Elainel Blais (10 days ago)
Why is it in all this hoopla about the fatal dangers of opioids no one ever talks about why people are breaking every law known to our society to get their hands on the drugs that are going to kill them? Are there no other drugs they could take? Are they really the only people in society who don't know these particular drugs will kill them? What about meth? Heoin?Do you mean to tell me they can't snort, inject or smoke something else ? Why not?
earthbind83 (10 days ago)
"Deep, dense and white" sounds like Frozen porn.
Kryonyde (10 days ago)
Can we get an actual HBO series on the Opioid Crisis with Cranston and Keaton? I think it would be fantastic. Thanks to John and the crew for a fantastic reprisal. I've lost two family members to opioid addiction.
Patricia Broderick (10 days ago)
I have thought about this a lot. I lost my son to opioid/fentanal overdose last year, I've watched your video about the death penalty and this and others about this subject, Talking about how hard and horrible it is to subject someone to the death penalty, not to mention the cost and how hard it is to find the correct drugs needed, which don't even work. Since we know how the opioid problem has killed so many and so easily, why not suggest that as a way to let them go? I don't believe in killing someone. I would love to see my sons death mean something. I'm disabled and depressed and miss my son so much, so I would love to see them use that evil drug to do what the states are going to do anyway which is put someone to death without the pain and easy to find and cheap enough for so many to buy. Just a thought Mr Oliver.
walker haw (10 days ago)
fuck those drug addicts.they need to die because ugenics is illegal
** (10 days ago)
John knows bears are "Godless killing machines"
TheHoustonSkeptic (10 days ago)
Guys like the sackler family are the reason we need to start building guillotines again
Shay LB (11 days ago)
Get Avon Barksdale and Stringer Bell!

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