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Online Dating Tips: Avoid These 2 Mistakes Most Men Make Online

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How to avoid making these top 2 mistakes most men make in online dating PLUS How To Flirt Online. Here's how to get a woman's attention and get responses! For more info go to: http://www.winggirlmethod.com/offers/how-to-date-online/
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Danny Roe (2 months ago)
At 7 minutes in, that is as the most well said summary inva long time.
Glenn (3 months ago)
Come on! She is a woman! That's all it takes for women! As long as they look good! Also she has been online dating for 12 years ? And she is successful?
EDGAR SNIPER (3 months ago)
I say do as charity to help one man and put it on you tube ...it's an idea.........to change someone's life to see him happy .........u helped a million men ...why not doing something special with me and coach me ...............?
EDGAR SNIPER (3 months ago)
Marni is so successful ......but would a successful woman like marni want to change someone's life and help and coach like charity. .....because marny if u do something special for someone your you tube chanel would blow up with more views than u think ..........I need help .....
D K (4 months ago)
Hey women! Here's a tip. Shut up about liking the goddamn beach!
Hyenage (4 months ago)
Online dating is for weak people. Shy. Structured, Insecure. Gameplayers. Liars. Shamefulls. Users. Followers. Psychos. Unsures and tech programers and developers and CEOs. Do yourselves a favor... realize anything that involves you signing up for something to meet your fututre mrs or mr, pay to meet someone, means its all for money and marketing to benefit someone else, not your true self identity as a human being. When you meet people and potential lovers in real time and places... it is authentic, and destiny - the true human experience of life.
Cedric Fisher (4 months ago)
Marni, do you care to comment on the discussions in the comments below???
nicki dole (4 months ago)
what rubbish
Réal Samuel (5 months ago)
Avoid going to this dating site: MyDailyFling They have FAKE accounts to make people spend money, I'm a fisherman so I know how to catch fish, that site made a mistake by taking me for a FISH, that site bought pictures of girls and 75% on the girls on that site have boob job, that site was made by people in Europe, this is a WARNING for MEN and GIRLS, if more people will join me in to bring them to court, we might get alot of money from them and make close that dating site!
El Presidente (5 months ago)
White Chicks like white dudes period, deal with it Noene cares about you having CHARACTER. Look at OJ outcome and even brown dudes have bad outcomes chase your type age as well
Maher Ali (5 months ago)
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Seoul_Seeker (5 months ago)
I find it funny, that when you meet a girl out in public, or on-line these "experts" are telling you to get her facebook and not her number. Seriously......lol
J Platter (6 months ago)
A few comments. First- all of the things she tells men NOT to do with their profiles is exactly what 99.9% of the women do! Vague, spineless profiles that tell you nothing. Total fluff. Second- All of this sounds like a game that women make up and then men have to figure it out. Seems kinda... cryptic? Almost as if they don’t want men to figure it out? Third- Online dating is all about marketing. PR. You don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. Trick people into being interested, because real people seem boring. Last- I’m thoroughly convinced almost all people online can’t, won’t, or don’t want to meet anyone. If they did they would do it in real life. Bottom line guys, find some courage, get some social skills, and find someone in real life! Chance is like a lady- she favors the bold.
Prizmatic Z (7 months ago)
This is garbage. Its simple. If your looks are not a 9 or a 10 you dont belong on that line. Girls sift through all the hundreds of thirsty cucks by looks. I dont blame them because there is way to much sausage on the line
Robo Cat (8 months ago)
People who date online have social issues. If you can't date in real life your a loser. If you date online your most likely a loner.
Robert Shredow (9 months ago)
Geee I should be so grateful some chick is giving me a few minutes of her time. Like wtf!?
Alpha Aussie (10 months ago)
Women want two things, good genetics so their baby is strong and healthy and money/status to make sure their baby is looked after. It is biological, stop hating women so much. They are wired this way. If you can't satisfy one of these for her she won't be that keen. Bro tip: Styling matters as much if not more than genetics, style up gents it makes you look sexier and look higher status!
Alpha Aussie (10 months ago)
So many guys complaining. Yes online dating is exponentially harder the lower down the looks and styling ladder you sit, but ultimately you can drastically improve your results by following some good basic rules that help you stand out from the crowd.
SuperQdaddy (10 months ago)
talk on phone..if your not both laughing..move on
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luckeychuckey70 (1 year ago)
Nice Man Chin LOL telling us
Cory Waters (1 year ago)
What? you've been online dating since you were 18? and you met men who were all great. Why so long and why so many great men that your not with now? LOOOSER!!!!
Cory Waters (1 year ago)
When is the right time to ask her if shes down with anal?
laura anderson (1 year ago)
No matter how I set up my profile all I seem to attract is very old men. I’am not old.
Luke Rock (1 year ago)
Online dating tips for men ; ) ; http://findingfreedom-elrok.blogspot.com/2017/05/online-dating-tips.html
salih jimar (1 year ago)
hello ms wing...good morning...iam allready adding you,,,into my facebook...account i hope you...will accept my friend request thanks
C.V. Robison (1 year ago)
so do everything but be yourself.
Steven Bowser (1 year ago)
Can't help but feel like the more "advice" someone gets the more artificial they will behave. I think this skill comes Brest from experience.
John Notmylastname (1 year ago)
This video added nothing. It explained nothing and made nothing easier. This line "instead of writing down what you do put down where you go. Get deeper into your lifestyle. " that isn't exact but it was close. This tells me nothing. Just a bunch of nothing, talking about nothing, which helps no one. Here is good advice and it's old but stays true. Be yourself. Don't take it too seriously regardless of what you're looking for. If a woman doesn't want to look at your profile because all of your pictures are the same then you don't want her. She is probably not a reasonable person. Lastly, be patient and work on it daily. You will eventually succeed.
ElvisnRick (1 year ago)
Just go MGTOW guys , women are a waste of time , they have been so brainwashed by social media that they all think they are self entitled princess's.
LoveMe,com (1 year ago)
how to avoid? how about how to select?
NakedFrijoles (1 year ago)
Such a double standard. Telling guys not to be cliche. Go out right now and click on ANY girl's profile and you will find..."Must love dogs." "Loves red wine...wine tasting"..."looking for my partner in crime." "Loves adventure" ..."loves Netflix." Give me a break with this crap.
sean shoe (1 year ago)
two fuckin retards..
ibuprofenPill (1 year ago)
I tried online dating, and it straight-up destroyed a piece of my soul I'll never get back.
vivek p g (1 year ago)
audio problem
Animalcult .I (1 year ago)
Now look at this profile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wtf !!!!!
Animalcult .I (1 year ago)
Universal Warez (1 year ago)
Make a fake profile as a girl, type in hot Asian girl on Google use it as profile picture. Say stuff like "hmu i don't bite hard" when you see the volume of messages women get, proceed to eat a bullet
Kurline Speaks (1 year ago)
This is helpful, one has to know what he/she wants before signing up. I am still a bit nervous about the idea
Em Ren (1 year ago)
Hmmmm...... Epiphany... Misjudging, no second changes, not getting to "know that particular person", lying, catfishing, mute mouth, negative comments, getting mad over dumb stuff, and ignorance make for a bad online dating experience. SMH... If we learn to distant ourselves from the falseness, we will do fine... Live free...
Em Ren (1 year ago)
I have actually started a conversation someone, and then later after a few days - silence. Not just once but multiple times. Got a response, a number and a convo, set a time to meet, got stood up. The excuse; she had her tooth pulled. WTF...
Em Ren (1 year ago)
With my luck it will be another 1000 yrs before met my significant other...
Doreen Williams (1 year ago)
it was OK
desmond money (1 year ago)
your an attractive woman, why do you want to blow your own trumpet about what's right and what's wrong. Be natural
desmond money (1 year ago)
love is blind marriage is an eye opener
ara mieg (1 year ago)
Inline dating is a hook. it has lots of positive potential. but it's the same things as off line dating. I prefer off line the organic way. it seems like on line is more for the socially awkward. and I don't fit into that mold. I don't have the time to date. I have a busy life. and I've seen the online profiles. it's rather disappointing. I know of a few guys who have met the perfect woman for them. A few of them have gotten married :) one of them is engaged :) very lucky people. I say for men be patient and keep your standards high. We all know how a date is going to go within a split second. Trust your gut feelings and if you feel that it's not going to work out with your date do the right thing and end the date.
zafar iqbal (1 year ago)
I Am Connor (1 year ago)
Alright folks I did a very fun and interesting experiment to the "Women" of POF. I disguised myself as a fake photoshop hunk of a guy with rock hard abs, an expensive car and live in a regular upscale home. Here is what the profile states. (*Hey there, my name is Michael and I live by [City & State]. I am a hardworking, down to earth outdoor-type guy who enjoys working out, swimming, biking and joy riding in my Camaro. I work as a professional bank associate who handles bank accounts for clients and financiers to other banks. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and getting to the gym whenever possible. Sometimes I like to just chill inside and watch Netflix or try to get good at Piano. I still suck at it. lol Anyways I am a country type guy but also lived the city life so had the best of both worlds I guess and right now after finishing my Associates Degree in Business and Accounting I have pushed my Bachelor's Degree into Photography and Film to get into more exciting roles and interests. I am also a certified life guard who works at the boardwalks in the open season. So if I am not here, i'm on the beach. I'm not much of a party guy but I am deeply open-minded for a girl who wants me for who I am and not my body. I enjoy physical things to do and I am always up for new challenges. I want to have kids someday because my house I own is so empty. I plan on traveling a lot to see the world and find great friends and people who want to be around me. I am all about being 100% real on the level in getting together and being a real couple or just great friends. I been out of a bad relation since September of last year and I am just looking now for someone special who would be both my friend and perhaps more if it really sparks off and enjoy the warm season together. Message me if you are in the area or are interested*) Before I continue want to tell you that I am actually Gay, so this makes it even more entertaining for me. I made a duplicate profile with the same profile with my actual looks and name. Now I am a healthy decent looking guy I think, I know i'm not no supermodel or pornstar like these selfies are portrayed to be and from just 24 hrs alone I had only looks no messages. My fake "Michael" alias got over 50 in just one day alone. This proves that many women on POF are shallow, fake, putting their standards too high, and only care about looks and what you can give them. Through my challenge only 3 said No. But they still wanted to be "Friends" - Just in one day alone got over a dozen cell numbers and wanting to kik, instagram and all that crap. When my "Michael" said hey, hi, wow girl you are sexy, let's meetup." it immediately got responses. When I tried with my legit looks and profile they all rarely responded. When I responded to them with my actual, and fake together they immediately turned cheek and said creep, asshole or the infamous "blocked" responses. From learning also from a woman's perspective of watching me do this she concluded that most are on there to "Play a game" sort of speak. Playing a fantasy, the whole white knight, cute boy poster in the room type interests. You will also find women who want to get lucky in bagging a "successful" man who has kids easily, or is a woman who has a lot of baggage. Also It only seems to be a major issue in USA and Canada mostly. When I spoken to women in Africa, Asia, Europe and U.K they were actually and genuinely interested about who I was and not just my looks. Like a guy looking at a sexy girl - it works both ways. So men if you do intend to play on POF, play it like a game, be fake, enjoy the fantasies because that is as close as you are going to get with these woman on such a fake site. And frankly all of them are the same. There is so many great guys and you guys are worth it to find someone special, look elsewhere and not this fantasy dating game site. When I speak to guy on guy the communication is instant of interest or not. Actually talk, be friends and learn our experiences. When I talk to a woman had to go through hoops and actually downright lie to get them interested in their pants and that is just sad. And I can see why so many dislikes because girls hate to get played, but surprise ladies we hate it too. When you are forced not just looks alone to get the girl, but also education, home and career is like enforced with most of these "pretty" girls. Sorry fellas the true open-minded wild and free American Woman is broken.
N1QOV (1 year ago)
All BS .....on line waste of time.
Michael Wargo (2 years ago)
It's all up to the fucking guy. Please let me dote on all these princesses. Why can't I be gay? "Hey bro, how about some dick?" "Sounds good to me man." That simple
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
I don't understand some of the comments on here that infer or state, “men shouldn't take dating advice from women.” Women obviously know other women better, because they are women themselves, so I don't see how a woman's dating advice wouldn't be valid. If anything, a woman's dating advice for men is more valid. Especially a professional's. It's like, you wouldn't take advice about working on a car from a chef who doesn't know a thing about cars, because that wouldn't make any sense. You would probably take the advice of a mechanic instead. So it would seem perfectly wise for men to take dating advice from professionals who are women, and for women to take dating advice from professionals who are men.
Militant KANE (1 year ago)
Alicia Moon men date and fuck women. men aporoach and court women. women dont even approach men. women have zero knowledge in this area. what you see in this comment section is an avalanche of invalidity in regard to womens dating advice. the men that women coach their sons to be are the men that women will never date. the so called gentlemen and goods.
Amanda Kropen (2 years ago)
The age restrictions on POF are ridiculous. Men in their 50's will not date someone their own age. Most are looking for someone 15+ years younger. The only younger women you will attract a single moms with kids to support. Anyone with a career will not NEED to date older men with money. Have fun being alone!
Christopher Cory (2 years ago)
best tips is just be yourself!
Demon Returns (2 years ago)
why does it have to be men avoiding all these mistakes...... shouldn't these apply to the females as well. But then reality is that a lot of us guys out there are the ones that bombard the girls with messages so of course since we are the ones doing the chasing the women have the upper hand of creating the rules and doing the rejecting... I mean a lot of women don't even bother writing things in their profiles anymore because they know all they have to do is put up pics and they'll instantly get hundreds of messages. And then when you do contact them they expect you to carry the conversation and ask the questions etc And all they have to do is give you 1-2 words response, but if you copy them in giving back the same 1-2 words response they consider you to be the boring one. And you look at a lot of the women's profile and they use words you MUST like this or that in order for them to even consider giving you a chance, and often times it's trivial things like a tv show, food, etc. And then not only that but they give commands to guys like you MUST be able to make them laugh suggesting that they view men as objects to entertain them first and foremost.
Guys dating sites are death. stop putting any efforts. there is no valid solutions other than abandoning them and stop complimenting women on instagram or any other social media.
Shane Borg (11 months ago)
Sad but true
karrie cansino (2 years ago)
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Brian Jones (2 years ago)
Nicely put! From what I've seen women can make plenty of mistakes but it doesn't matter, guys will allow it because they want to get laid..that's the problem ..women do a terrible job at selling themselves in their profiles..like you mention, little to no profile, only neck and up pics..they reply with 1-2 word responses..yet it doesn't matter to most men
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
I agree. These could be directed at both genders. I agree with what she said about the cliche vs specific thing, because I agree with that, but women could benefit from that advice too.
Lorraine A (2 years ago)
Gross and stupid tips. Why not just meet someone the normal way...in person. Hooking up online a lot = STD's.
Michael Groesbeck (2 years ago)
Do not listen to these women. Newsflash. Men are suppose to define Women with their nobility & Women want to be defined with dignity. It's Desperate Black on Shit Gold. If they want money as a priority, they are to be avoided COMPLETELY. The current batch of women FOR ALL GENERATIONS AFFECTED BY FEMINIST BULLSHIT are a bunch of sexual & financial predators that will ruin your mind & wallet...& possibly your body. They are lying bloodthirsty shithead whores with a matriarchal agenda. /MGTOW
Michael Groesbeck (2 years ago)
+Alicia Moon I appreciate your honesty & respectfulness. Intimacy is the means whereby you are first defined. You especially do not like it when someone writes it down for all to see. Women need men to define them through intimacy. It's not domination. It's an exchange of meaning. Men & Women are different sides of the equation. Men are like 1 + 1 Women are like = 2 I like that about women, but I don't expect them to bear all the burden of unification of my rationalisms. If you will not take what I have to offer, then another man told you not to or you expect by instinct to gain consent from a father figure. Government is a replacement for God. It's why women love getting married through The State. It defines them with security. Because we are conversing through mechanical means, I come across as hateful. This is not the truth. I am simply telling men to stop giving women power they didn't create through an entity that oppresses men who don't even know how to be victims because they think they are to operate as machines that serve The Patriarchy...even if it is a false one. Men are robots They are black spears that pierce through The Universe wandering for a place to lodge themselves. They only feel emotion when others give them a positive response. They are inherently DARK NARCISSISTS. MGTOW is full of guys that gather in dark caves that are their rooms filled with sharp broken rocks that are their idea's & ice-cold pools of forgetfulness. They feel like a bunch of cosmic sperm that could only end up smashing themselves against sharp objects where someone picks up the pieces & puts them in a chalice to drink into a shallow oblivion.
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
Your comment completely scrambled my head.. I have no idea what the point you're trying to make is here, but what I got out of it that you think women want a man to shape them and define who they are...and that's bullshit. My identity has been formed from my parents who raised me to be a strong woman, my teachers and professors who push me to aspire in my career, and my friends who support me and push me to aspire with my passions.. Where on earth did the idea come from that women are these moldable things that can be shaped and defined by a man's desires? I'm certainly not, and I have no trouble finding people (men included) who thing the same way. No gender is superior over the other. Please correct me if I misunderstood your comment, because my interpretation of what you said is disgusting and sickening.
Tameem Thk (2 years ago)
Аll hоt girls аrе herе => https://twitter.com/fbfb686487d0d54c7/status/801992405775826944 OОООnlinе Dаting ТТTips Аvоid Тhеsееее 2 Мistаkеs Most Меn Маke Оnlinее
bamian lumley (2 years ago)
OK bro we can be friends if you like I want a girl
Gordon Ryan (2 years ago)
Marni this is a really great video and you have an awesome smile. The thing I love to look for is a real genuine profile that really matches my own tastes. Odds are if they match my tastes (not just physically) I will match theirs too. So I just start talking about our interests that we share and it feels real cuz we both get exited about what were talking about. That moment in time where you keep telling each other you have to go, but you keep talking for that extra 5 minutes cuz you're both having such a good time having to kinda force yourselves to cut the connection for the time being. That's real and doesn't it feel great. :D One thing to do is if you're going to talk about her interest make sure you are interested in it also, otherwise it's just a waste when she finds out that you don't care about what you were talking about and you come off as fake.
bamian lumley (2 years ago)
hi my name is damien I am from jamaica I'm looking a wife someone that's nice and humble if anyone interested are no of anyone who do you can whatsapp me at (876)377-1227 or text me
thematic (2 years ago)
bamian lumley I'm a man but can I text you
Fawzi AbuDavid (2 years ago)
people use whatsup not facebook
Roland Russey (2 years ago)
Fawzi AbuDavid
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
It depends on where in the world. I know in certain countries, WhatsApp is really popular, but in the United States of America, barely anybody knows what that app is.
big gun (2 years ago)
dumb fucking women fuck n whores
Love You (2 years ago)
the site is just full of bullshit Just witch i could meet the perfect man of my life I am a pretty outgoing person who loves the outdoors and playing sports.I am still looking to find someone to share my time with and enjoy life and laugh alot through it. my cell (234) 201-0878
Indifferent Centrist (2 years ago)
Men: NEVER take dating advice from women. They are not trying to help you. The ones who do are only trying to ensure that the sisterhood has yet another enabling yes-man to take advantage of.
Brian Jones (2 years ago)
Agree, another woman blogger told men to go out there and treat women like the queens that they are! That is terrible advice for those of us in the real world..any guy that takes that advice and applied it, how far will he get with online dating or in real life dating? Women will walk all over him
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
+Indifferent Centrist I'm sorry that happened to you - I'm not sure why a mechanic would give false advice - I have, however, heard of dishonest mechanics who claim there is more wrong with a car than there actually is so that they can get paid more for doing more service. But I've never heard of a mechanic giving false instruction to someone on how to fix their own car. If a mechanic did provide wrong instruction purposefully, I doubt the person would take any further advice from them, let alone allow them to work on their car for them when they were wrong the first time. I thought my example made sense, but maybe it doesn't work for some people. I just meant that it makes more sense to take advice from someone who knows more about a topic as opposed to someone who might know less about a topic. Maybe a better example would be something like this; both of my friends play guitar, one of them has been playing for about a year, but the other has his own guitar shop where he not only plays them, but he refurbishes them too. If I had a problem with my guitar, surely my friend playing for a year could help me, but it would make more sense if I went to my friend who fixes guitars for a living (and neither of them would charge me, because they're both my close friends, so money isn't a factor) I didn't mean that dating advice from men about women can't be useful, because it can, I just think woman's advice about dating women might be better because women know women well, because we are women. I'm sorry the advice you took from women in the past didn't work, and maybe it left you feeling that now you can't trust any women at all. It definitely isn't wise to take advice from certain types of women; the ones who might in fact want you to date them instead might be very poor advice givers, and women who enjoy watching and causing drama are ones to avoid taking advice from as well. Both of those cases would be best to avoid advice from because they would want to purposefully sabotage you for their own personal gain, but of course not all women are like that, certainly not most, so if a man is having trouble with their girlfriend, or having trouble with dating women in general, I don't see why it wouldn't be beneficial to seek out another woman's advice about handling other women, as long as these women aren't vindictive or wish to be a part of your dating life. Of course, it isn't right to group “all men” and “all women” into the same groups, because everyone is different. But I think a lot of things are worth hearing from a woman's perspective if it's about women. Your guy friends might not be able to tell you why a women went ghost on you, or why your girlfriend reacted so strongly to something you said or did, but another woman might. Your guy friends might not be able to tell you why women might go on 3 or 4 dates with you and lose interest, but another woman might know. And I'm not entirely sure I understood what you said about the war on women, but I think there's only a war because there are still men out there who believe their thoughts, values, opinions, work ethics, feelings, and existence in general is more valid than that a woman's is. At the same token, it really bothers me when I see crazy men-hating women get attention online and on television when they preach ridiculousness about men being evil, and women being entitled, because it tarnishes the name of what feminism is supposed to be about. Feminism is supposed to be about equality and valuing both genders positively and equally, it isn't supposed to be dividing the genders even further. That's why I wish a new equalitarian movement would come about because the name feminism at this point is becoming feared and mocked instead of supported because of the crazy men-haters out there who claim to stand for it. The world is weird, but back to my original point; it's very true that a lot of dating advice can be used for both genders, but at the same time, the right women can probably give great advice about what goes on in a woman's mind that men might not know, because we are women, and can empathize with other women. We're not evil, lol.
Indifferent Centrist (2 years ago)
+Alicia Moon That's not a very good example. A lot of mechanics are going to give you "advice" that steers your business their way. The same is true with any group of people, including women. A lot of women see men as disposable utilities and they'll do whatever it takes to keep it that way. The relationship between men and women has become more and more adversarial as feminism has proliferated. They've convinced you that there is a 'War on Women' and most women have either and most women have supported this fallacious idea or have done nothing to speak out against it. Besides, I took dating advice from women and it got me nowhere. Whereas, doing the exact opposite made me successful.
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
You wouldn't take advice about working on a car from a chef, who doesn't know much about cars, would you? Because that wouldn't make any sense, you would be better off taking the advice of a mechanic instead. So in essence, it makes more sense for men to take dating advice from women, because women know other women better. It's the same in reverse; the best dating advice I've ever had personally was from men, because men know other men better. As long as you aren't taking advice from a woman who is vindictive, or somehow has a hand at play in your dating life, I think it's especially beneficial to take dating advice from women, especially professionals.
Jim Sharkey (2 years ago)
on-line dating messed everything up. Before online dating there were the personal ads in the papers. I would answer one ad, and about 90% of the time I got a date out of it and met great women. Went out with one for over 3 years-almost got married, but like all women do, she wanted to find someone better, chased another one around for almost 7 years and she was absolutely beautiful-still to this day one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I had over 14 dates out of about 20 attempts in about 1 1/2 years back when genuine men could actually meet someone like this and through this method. Tried an online dating site for over a year and went 0fer on it. Absolutely ridiculous.
Doug Weatherup (2 years ago)
Trolls. Trolls everywhere.
Sara Connor (2 years ago)
oh my God I wish I could help a lot of men. Some profiles are so sad.
Dot 2375 (2 years ago)
Sara Connor your pic is
HYPE WARRIOR!! (2 years ago)
recorded with a potato
sandinyourshoes (2 years ago)
Online dating is a scam. Get offline and talk face to face. If the other person should refuse, then send that person to hell.
Downhill D Miller (2 years ago)
My online dating tips mainly for us loners deemed as losers because of our social status! If you are questionable on your looks by others, have any form of mental illness, over age 40, have no close friends, and have had minimal to no success with women in real life, save your bucks because you will be spending money to be ignored and rejected! Online dating can be further harmful to your mental health and can destroy even the strongest of willpower in a man. I give myself a better shot of winning a medal in the 2022 and or 2026 Winter Olympic Games in alpine downhill ski racing then ever finding a girl who sees me worthy enough for dating. Yes, I am training to compete in giant slalom and downhill to one day hopefully lose my loner status!
Alpha Aussie (10 months ago)
But seriously women have one egg they gotta make sure it's fertilized by the highest value male they can find. We are wired to spread our seeds as far and as wide as possible. What's making you stand out? Gotta bring something to the tabel...
Jim Sharkey (2 years ago)
Amen brother, I have relegated myself to bachelor status for the rest of my life...and read my response above as well. I used to get dates left and right and it wasnt that hard. Had long term relationships with great looking women, 5 women have told me they "love me", but they eventually move on to find "something better", but my problem is I'm not the top 10% in looks, status and wealth that women only care about.
christopher selleck (2 years ago)
Do these sites have value? Sound a little shifty can this be reliable? A place l tried no one talks though you can indicate whom you like to chat with.If they don't respond why request to chat what ells would a lady want? Perhaps l mis understood this particular site.
GameIsLooks (2 years ago)
The 2 mistakes men make with women online. 1) they think women actually care about personality 2) they don't use the fake photo of a male model to see women's true nature.
GameIsLooks (2 years ago)
i know plenty of good looking guys with horrible personalities who have no problem attracting women. when i changed my profile picture all my hobbies became interesting and we had "so much in common" looks are everything for men. the difference is that men don't lie and sugar coat anything. women are more shallow then men.
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
+GameIsLooks Hm, I'm not sure I agree with that. I can't speak for all woman, but many women are attracted to men with confidence. Unfortunately, confidence can also be coupled with undesirable personality traits that women are often blind to at the start of a relationship, (it happened to me twice) or some simply chose confidence over kindness. And as far as the topic of physical attractiveness goes, as bad as it sounds, most women won't give a man a chance if she isn't physically attracted to him, regardless of his personality. I think most men are that way too. Unfortunately, physical attractiveness is the first step when deciding on a potential mate, for both genders. Then behavior comes second, and personality comes third.
GameIsLooks (2 years ago)
women compromise personality for looks.  lots of attractive men have horrible personalities but have no problem attracting women.  also any lame hobby a good looking guy has will be deemed as interesting.  women will claim a "connection" with a man just because he is good looking. 
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
As a woman, I think women care about personality. It's just that physical attraction comes first - if you're not attracted to the person initially at least a little bit, then no dating interest exists there. I think most men think the same way.
DAVID MORTON (2 years ago)
best advice = DONT HAVE AN UGLY FACE. lol
spudnic88 (2 years ago)
I changed my face and it's works like a charm. Thanks for the advice.
Dave Wineman (2 years ago)
Solves most dating problems.
D3lsinRow3 (2 years ago)
I met a girl online. We exchanged decent messages and upon me offering to take it offline and move to a coffee date, she immediately came back and stated that we should meet for dinner and a movie. Isn't that a red flag? I prefer to take it slow so it was awkward.
creforce (2 years ago)
hahaha.. while your trying to write to women you need to have 3 things 1: a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGG wallet 2: a picture where you look like a moviestar 3: a press that explain how much you earn, what your working whit and how many times you go to training, and there you have the best recipe to get a succsessful internet dajting site. If not? try outside internet you will not have any chance whatsoever online.
adisa gemma (2 years ago)
worst email message advice ever. send that to a girl if u dont want her to reply
sterlihalla (2 years ago)
lol wow i have no clue wtf she is talking about, just look at the dislikes. Most women/men who do online dating have issues of some sorts and there is the odd few that actually use it because they are too busy with their life.
Ross (2 years ago)
What a load of crap; the tips, and the "interview." Trying to make us believe this girl is some kind of expert, yeah right! Too many so called "experts" out there, they are not experts they are just marketers trying to make money pretending they are something they are not!
NSVP Haaglanden (2 years ago)
Pfffffffffff online dating no thanks a million 99% of the online profiles are fake and most datings site's are only after your money and you end up with nothing and a helle of less money
MrTroy2003 (2 years ago)
I. Going online to meet someone. Women lie on those sites.
holdem5180 (2 years ago)
true , but so do men , they should be called , on line lying sites......
DefiantBoris (2 years ago)
Can someone give me a TL;DR version of this?
Jay M (2 years ago)
One thing I've noticed is that dating sites don't seem to be catered towards people who have never dated before. They have SO many questions that you have to answer which are based on past dating experience and preferences. I myself have NEVER been on a date (or ever had a girlfriend), so I feel lost and frustrated on these sites. I know absolutely NOTHING about women, how to act around them, or where to go on dates?  And dating is expensive. I can't even afford to go to freakin' Burger King for god sake!
Jay M (2 years ago)
No. They still don't have a "Never Dated" option on POF (or anything similar). Also, POF now charges before you can use certain features and do certain thing, which they never did before (yet they're still listed under FREE DATING SITES). I'm sick of never being able to find a 100% free dating site. But if none of the dating sites are catered for men who never dated before, then they're all useless anyway.
I know right? Back when I was on POF, even on your profile where you fill out basic info like your height/physical features: in that same section, it asks about your longest relationship and "never dated" was not a choice. At least it wasn't back in the day, I don't know if it has improved now. It's been over 5 years since I was on there and never looked back. But if it asks materialistic questions like if you own a car and you don't know how to drive, then you have to check "no" and to some eyes it would imply that you're broke or secretly an underage kid. Now that I think about it, I guess there's a reason it was a total joke and a clown show to me. **sigh**
Guayoyo Azucarado (2 years ago)
I have tried for a year two dating sites and tinder. Lots and lots of fake profiles. Tons. Tons. When we met in person they were not quite what they were in their profile. The truth would come out. Maybe I am just one case but I found that many were there just for the dinner or whatever. Tinder was a joke too. It was fun a bit but Tinder is not for finding your husband and many women think this is a app for this. Lots of NOT so petty women as they are trying to sell it. I don't need these advices. If she doesn't like me the way I am I just keep going to someone else. Because these ladies do whatever they want and act as they feel. Say whatever they want. So, I think I can do the same too.
Dean (2 years ago)
all the big web dating sites have 5 or 6 times as many guys as women members. they don't tell you that. they say the member ratio is around 50/50. but it's not true. they want to attract both men and women to join, so they're not going let you know how stacked the numbers are. if you do web dating and you're a guy, only do the free sites. then you're not out anything except, possibly, damage to your ego.
Randy Maylowski (2 years ago)
well ". ..lol that is something new. .lol cause I didn't though you can go on online dating like that. .lol
313g00nz (2 years ago)
Guys women only fuck the most in demand guys and the guys who have the most social status/sexual status with women soo...if you are part of the 95% unfortunately these bitches will not give you the time of day. I'd suggest really working on yourself really posting good sociable pictures, with you and other girls. Definitely do not make it seem like you are looking for a wife, go more casual and say looking for a chill girl to get to know no rush. If you are going to message women, definitely throw something at them that stands out even invalidating will work pretty well.
Steven Hall (2 years ago)
your pretty, i would date you
Jim Sharkey (2 years ago)
would she date you, though? Because that is what matters...And trust me, unless you are top 5% in looks, wealth, and social status, she aint dating you.
Vyas Sathya (2 years ago)
Online Dating Tips: Avoid These 2 Mistakes Most Women Make Online: 1 Making Videos Called: Online Dating Tips: Avoid These 2 Mistakes Most Men Make Online 2. Posting them on YouTube
nelda jean collier (2 years ago)
i am a woman 75 years old and i am looking for a man near my age . i have yet to see any on eharmony they keep telling me i have nthe wrong email or password. i think i should know it by now.
Josef Venable (2 years ago)
Thanks for the tips
BoopsyCreations (2 years ago)
online dating sites are mainly a place for women to go when they want the attention without the stage of actually meeting anyone. they get a ridiculous amount of messages everyday from dumb men who copy and paste the same message to tons of women everyday, and these messages boost the woman's ego which raises their standards to impossible levels. so basically, women go on free dating sites. tons of desperate men, too chickenshit to approach women in real life tell them how beautiful they are everyday. as a result of all of this disingenuine love and because most women are too superficial and dumb to realize it's all bullshit, they let it get to their heads and suddenly they think they are good enough for the brad pitt's and george clooney's of the world. dating sites are for attention whores and dumb men who give it to them.
I never thought about it that far, as far as the brad pitt's and george clooney's of the world part; however,... It's real simple. Uglies/fatties, blacks and single moms are the likeliest to reply. Why? They're deprived of receiving as many messages as single hotties, especially white. The reasons why hot chicks don't reply are simple as well. Ready for it? They're overwhelmed with life more. They're busier with friends, school, work and TONS of messages on dating sites. Fuck hope for your heart and stay happy with your crotch. p.s. I've actually met a few and began a relationship with a couple cuties. Oddly older than myself, but great times together.
jab7168 (2 years ago)
here is some on line dating tips for men......realize you are the prize, women by an large are depreciating assets.
ThePeacemaker848 (2 years ago)
Online Dating Tips: 1) Be a woman
louyht7 (2 months ago)
Hahaha so true.
c m (5 months ago)
ThePeacemaker848 grow up
Subbura 1988 (2 years ago)
Fuck Facebook
not your average joe (2 years ago)
This shit reminds me of what to know before you go on a fuckin job interview. Talkin in "code", this is the reason why relationships are such a waste of time nowadays, this kinda bullshit thinking
RealityCheck6T9 (2 years ago)
Online interaction removes the one way guys can actually distinguish themselves: having balls. Anything else you get approved is only bullshit
Coy Hampton (3 years ago)
Women who are hot enough to date don't have to be on dating sites.
crooked truth83 (5 months ago)
I'm sure you don't get many women. You sound like a real piece of shit.
Oh, it's not personal. Ask just about anyone on a dating site.
HYPE WARRIOR!! (2 years ago)
as funny as that sounds ita also ignorant/racist seems like to me like a personal issue expierence you had
It's real simple. Uglies/fatties, blacks and single moms are the likeliest to reply. Why? They're deprived of receiving as many messages as single hotties, especially white. The reasons why hot chicks don't reply are simple as well. Ready for it? They're overwhelmed with life more. They're busier with friends, school, work and TONS of messages on dating sites. Fuck hope for your heart and stay happy with your crotch.
I never did understand the whole "bar," thing. To me that's a freaking pig farm cause it's where all the freaks and pervs hang out. I am a little past mid 20s and have never stepped foot into that kind of establishment. For some reason I get the impression that it's the worst kind of place to find a "date/lover" because everyone is wasted and you can't take anything they say seriously. Also, being a woman who is always single, alone without any kind of buddy system or support of any kind... I am extremely paranoid about getting drugged/raped/abducted in these kinds of environments. To me, bars and clubs are the ONLY danger to women in first world countries...
GameIsLooks (3 years ago)
I know several men who changed their profile to male models and had no shortage of women in line ready to meet them. Its all about looks/race/height. The number 1 mistake men make on online dating, is not being 6' tall and looking like a male model!
GameIsLooks (2 years ago)
yeah but MEN SETTLE and women don't!  the main difference is average to below average women still get bombarded by messages but the same can't be said for their male equivalents. average looking women will reject average looking guys all the time in hopes of getting into a friends with benefits arrangment with a man more handsome than themselves. an unattractive to below average man doesn't have that option.  last but not least WOMEN DENY THE ISSUE OF LOOKS ALL THE TIME.  THEY WILL NEVER ADMIT THEY VALUE LOOKS OVER PERSONALITY.  that is why i made that comment!
Susan Nunes (2 years ago)
Goes triple and quadruple for women, except the height maybe.
richard klegin (3 years ago)
what a waste of money . these dating sites
whatchitnow (3 years ago)
Waste of time
Muhammad Butt (3 years ago)
hello beauty i want your facebook
Palle Terran (3 years ago)
Or be someone people like so you dont have to waste your life online??
WIZARD Z (3 years ago)
You ladies know nothing at all
adam shaw (2 months ago)
Alicia Moon shutup whore
WIZARD Z (2 years ago)
ummm you must be average looking
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
I don't know, as a women I thought this was good advice. I personally look for specifics on men's profiles about what they want in a partner and what they believe to offer as a partner. And like the Facebook advice she gave, I agree, the guys who seem moderately interested - not too much and not too little - get my attention the most, so I agree with that too. I don't see anything wrong with taking dating advice from the opposite gender. Women know other women better, so what better advice could you get from experts that are women themselves?
Alicia Moon (2 years ago)
I don't know, as a women I thought this was good advice. I personally look for specifics on men's profiles about what they want in a partner and what they believe to offer as a partner. And like the Facebook advice she gave, I agree, the guys who seem moderately interested - not too much and not too little - get my attention the most, so I agree with that too. I don't see anything wrong with taking dating advice from the opposite gender. Women know other women better, so what better advice could you get from experts that are women themselves?

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