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The 6 Best Android Launchers You Should Try Right Now

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Link to all the Launchers from this Video! - http://theunlockr.com/2016/03/31/best-android-launchers/ *CLICK SHOW MORE FOR MORE RESOURCES! Video Description: One of my favorite things about Android is the sheer level of customization you can do. Just like any modern mobile operating system, Android allows you to download apps from an app store to get extra functionality from your device. But, unlike other operating systems, Android actually allows you to replace your stock apps with downloaded ones. An example of where that can have a profound impact is if you replace the home screen launcher. The home screen on your Android device is an app just like any other on the phone but instead of opening it by tapping an icon you open it by pushing the home button. Besides that difference and the fact that it allows you to launch your other apps from it, that's pretty much it. Also, just like other apps, there are a lot of them in the Play Store so it can be difficult to know which ones to try. In this video, let's see if we can narrow it down and come up with the best android launchers for you to give a chance to. Head here for the latest jailbreaking tutorials and jailbreak tweaks! - http://bit.ly/1PK208c Want to see what I film with and what I recommend you use to make videos on YouTube? Here here! - http://bit.ly/1Pb6AMj Set your phone free! I now sell unlock codes to allow you to use any carrier with your phone, head here! - http://bit.ly/1JtHbNn If this video helped you, please consider donating to help fund more content like this! - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=PTFDNF9ZS8G44 Check out our site for more videos, tips, tricks, and more! http://TheUnlockr.com Check out our YouTube Channel! http://www.YouTube.com/TheUnlockr If you like getting the most out of your tech, you should definitely subscribe to TheUnlockr. Just saying. Subscribe - http://www.youtube.com/user/mobileunlimited?sub_confirmation=1 Connect with us on our social networks to chat, get behind the scenes photos, and shots of tech we're excited about as we travel: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/TheUnlockr Twitter - https://twitter.com/TheUnlockr Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+TheUnlockr1 Instagram - http://instagram.com/theunlockr/
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Text Comments (1212)
Ye Hein (7 days ago)
Uttam Baraiya (13 days ago)
U should try an open source launcher called KISS LAUNCHER after doing come customisations its like doing everything in just 2 clicks I literally want it to upgrade and be better well, you should give it a try and if u know such any fast launcher please tell me And yes i hav already tried some of those i didn't knew about arrow I'm gonna try that i looked preety cool to me . And yes thanks for the video
Helping Mind (1 month ago)
I like nova launcher.
Kyle Redinger (1 month ago)
Smart launcher is a great option
NightGamer (1 month ago)
Smart Launcher :) One of the best too.
dochnicht (1 month ago)
this man is so sexy jesus christ how
meowtrox1234 (2 months ago)
what is the most basic launcher? the fastest one , i mean the one that doesnt have the fancy stuff , the most basic of all like running a 8-bit phone? i'm a speed freak
mr. pokemon master (2 months ago)
Do cm launcher
Augustine Lopez (2 months ago)
Thanks You nice choices. Later
1 1 (3 months ago)
Nova. There, I saved you 6 minutes.
S.S channel (3 months ago)
Aio launcher
Animation Boy (3 months ago)
Girls and sex. Hmm what you reading there buddy
helplessjordy (3 months ago)
NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING comes closer to BUZZ launcher. It takes customization to a whole new level. It is overwhelming. All gesture actions which are chargeable on Nova are free here. Two things are what is keeping it from being popular. First is, it is not as snappy as many others. It is slightly on the heavier side. I believe Nova is the fastest I've ever used. It is my second fav after Buzz. The second thing is there is a huge learning curve. It takes quite a while to get it sorted as per your satisfaction, but once it is done, you just can't stop marveling at what you have done with your phone.
Neal Frost (4 months ago)
This is why Android is #1
EØz EØz (5 months ago)
0:12 play store! You idiot
Tejas Borade (5 months ago)
please new unique launchers
Reniz world (5 months ago)
what about APUS launcher?????? @TheUnlockr
Sameer Patel (5 months ago)
Atom, bubble & Microsoft r best lounchers..
riyan shanu (6 months ago)
I think so Buzz Launcher is very good that has a lot of containing teams and its free to it has a lot of customisation if you like customisation you should stored in your next video when you show the best launchers
Galatee Min (6 months ago)
Apus luncher is best
Srikanth G (6 months ago)
Sapphyx Launcher 2 Premium v2.00.02 Apk please check it and Lucid launcher pro & also CM Launcher
Srikanth G (6 months ago)
Apex pro is more stable than nova so i disagree , Rest Video is good
Bsbsb Jshshshs (6 months ago)
Do you do know you baby what you do YouTube
Khael Villafuerte Chua (6 months ago)
Are you irish?
#1 in your hearts (7 months ago)
I realize this is two years at the time of my comment The Flick Launcher is great, so is lawn chair launcher My go to is the Z LAUNCHER BETA developed by Nokia.
Jamal Ktk (7 months ago)
Very nice Nova is best thank you
Fat Tony (7 months ago)
Can you recommend a launcher that does NOT have a Google search bar?
Fat Tony (6 months ago)
OK, thanks.
TheUnlockr (7 months ago)
You can always turn it off in Nova
Jack Albert Reid (7 months ago)
Gordon Hayward is here😂😂
Baby A (7 months ago)
I downloaded Google now launcher for my Galaxy Tab A
MEGA NZ (8 months ago)
thanks for the review.. i like apex launcher and Yahoo aviate Google now is also good
Spdy - Norsk CSGO (8 months ago)
I really like the Evie launcher!
Nayan Nimishakavi (8 months ago)
Cm launcher and apex launcher
Garry M (9 months ago)
Nice pic of Edinburgh!
Baby A (9 months ago)
I downloaded Google Now Launcher.
Darren Spohn (9 months ago)
I got cm by chance when i downloaded a wallpaper.The thing I like best is the vertical apps page. My stock had three swipe pages which my ocd did not like.
Bradford Mog (9 months ago)
Buzz launcher
Alex Walker (10 months ago)
talking about Android with a mac in the background...
Bhavesh Joshi (10 months ago)
English kaam fake
elrevelde04 (11 months ago)
I'm actually using the TSF Launcher on a Hyundai Ultra Touch, Android 5.1 and it gives you a lot of options, like different gestures (swipe or tapping to launch different apps), dock animations, menu and desktop transition effects, changing the desktop scale and also a side menu.
العراقي ا (11 months ago)
Whats new ??? All launcher is old and not technology
Khajun Vaiphei (11 months ago)
Will there be ads in these launchers?
Novaluck (11 months ago)
Isn't launchers going to take up ram and slowing your phone down?
Julie Bittner (11 months ago)
I have been exploring different launchers and themes for quite some time now and a few of my favz are the Hola launcher, Apus, CM launcher and the TSF 3D launcher is chock full of features and animation.
BINIX Sinematografi (1 year ago)
What camera you use for this video?
Abhay Verma (1 year ago)
ASAP launcher is the best
panatha tube (1 year ago)
I personally use Action Launcher, Microsoft Launcher and last but certainly not least the magnificent Launcher 10 for the closest be possible Windows Phone experience as I used to be a Windows Mobile user.
Ishaal Ramroop (1 year ago)
Hi I'm from 2018 and the best launcher is Evie Launcher
howard trommer (1 year ago)
I don't have a launcher. Is it that important to have one??
Saket Temani (1 year ago)
hey i wanna download that artitech wallpaper
Techno Tips by MK (1 year ago)
I like nova launcher and se hi launcher
Informkilioo (1 year ago)
ROMs are better!!! xd
Vijay Chaulagain (1 year ago)
I used Next Launcher for more than 5 years and now my J7 Pro doesn't seem to allow it. I haven't found best alternative to it yet.
Mando Gordon (1 year ago)
is your wallpaper Cockburn Street in edinburgh? 😂😂
Ana Torres (1 year ago)
Cm launcher is the best
Saad Nizami (1 year ago)
Nova luncher is my choise 😎😎😎
NovaDragonXZ (1 year ago)
Neal Frost (1 year ago)
i think apex launcher is a little bit faster bcuz it don't have a lot of features like nova
Kirin-san (1 year ago)
Smart launcher bruhhhhhhhh
what launcher he using
aneesh dhas (1 year ago)
please use and give review about THING LAUNCHER .
Victor Herrera (1 year ago)
i hate the randoms ads they come with
Adi Kapoor (1 year ago)
when i swape the screen i need ferrari exaust sound when i open my Android phone
A bored gamer (1 year ago)
I love keyboard they're so cool
ghnimi ahmed (1 year ago)
i have Android 6.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus
Ar nav (1 year ago)
Kamal Gosai (1 year ago)
NellyBoy27 Lorenzo (1 year ago)
Am i the only one here thought this guy is CM Punk? Haha
Scott Nevins (1 year ago)
Computer Launcher!
Alin Rajbhandari (1 year ago)
Hey why do you always do vid with 6
pics guy (1 year ago)
For you which launcher is best
med amine amg (1 year ago)
Asap launcher ( as soon as possible launcher)
papercotton (1 year ago)
When I had a froyo I loved go launcher to death. Now I have an asus zc553kl with zenUI as default and I still think go launcher is the best in customization, unless i include a korean kawaii one i used to have too. But wouldn't me adding another launcher on top of the system default be rather fake and more battery and ram consuming?
papercotton (1 year ago)
In all honesty, i never use google now, so having a stock google launcher feels less humanlike to me compared to the zenUI i got.
ShredZ (1 year ago)
Try Mini Launcher :D
Atharva aAtharva (1 year ago)
Which is the best launcher amoung them
Atharva aAtharva (1 year ago)
Best launcher
Chemy Torres (1 year ago)
I now I've watched your launchers video, I think the Z launcher is similar to the Microsoft, but so far I like the way of _handwriting_ to get the app you want.
TheUnlockr (1 year ago)
+Chemy Torres thanks for checking this one out too! And yeah me too. I'll check it Z though for sure. Thanks!
wild moments (1 year ago)
Tsf shell
edgar blast (1 year ago)
So in the description, don't see the themes to download, so trash
Lord GeyBoi (1 year ago)
Ive been using go launcher for nearly 2 and a half years and i love it. I paid for the full version and it is totally worth it
Amir Zakwan (1 year ago)
I use a lot of s8 launcher but all of them always pop up many ads....
Bhavesh Sheth (1 year ago)
Blackberry launcher
Toma Marian (1 year ago)
Smart launcher is very easy. I have'it for years..
Lauree Marek (1 year ago)
tweet bird
simran02animal (1 year ago)
wat kind of samsung phone hes got?
Erik Lundstedt (1 year ago)
you missed lightning launcher
Bjord (1 year ago)
Can't seem to find Zen UI in the Play Store
Rajveer Singh (1 year ago)
hi please send your device wallpaper link..
Ugamer Z EXtraflip T (1 year ago)
I can't get the zen ui launcher it was my favourite
Prashant Sonkar (1 year ago)
give me ur wallpaper
Jordan Manuelpillai (1 year ago)
Whats up whit 01:41 ?? Explain
Daniel Gilbert (1 year ago)
Can you change the background of a launcher?
James Micheal (1 year ago)
CM Launcher I think its the best launcher out there .lots of cool 3d theme.
BLuë EyĒs (1 year ago)
hey guys, i need some help. i am little confused. can anyone tell me that which app launcher is the best .
λucas (1 year ago)
Where's Evie!?
Younus Khan (1 year ago)
hey my tab just gives message that this app stopped working.hop me out
netcalibur (1 year ago)
I wouldn't include in this list Google Now, it's too rigid, no themes, can't hide apps or put them in a folder within app drawer​, can't rename an app or change its icon, no gestures, no notification badge. Instead I would include SquareHome2, my favour
Ali Bhatti (1 year ago)
why you not included Evie launcher
Jay Vee Buniel (1 year ago)
i like clean launcher like google pixel
Brandon O'tinger (1 year ago)
Nova and Apex are the best launchers imo.
RainOrSunshine (1 year ago)
Nova is really the best

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