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Stress Test Takedown - featuring Dan Murnan (Scientology victim)

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after years in a cult this is what happends such a sad thing /watch?v=Rmkx0yRoU6k
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Shelley Trinh (1 year ago)
Did he say why fight a humanitarian act?the next question I would have to ask is "why charge so much for something that's supposed to help humanity? "
bixntram (2 years ago)
My heart goes out to you, ducksoup2007. But you probably learned from this. I'm afraid you let yourself be handled by this stooge; not that I would have been done any better at the time. Stooge took the initiative with his 'You know what?" I'm sure he was trained and drilled for hours and hours on how to "handle" protesters. When he said "scientology helps people; you know it deep down," I would have conceded the point; it DOES help people, in the beginning. Even exes agree on that point. But you pay a price - literally, and then you become a slave. I would have pressed the points about: disconnection, ruining so many lives, etc. etc. I think when you mentioned Lis McPherson, he said I'm not going to get into that,' which his probably how he would have responded to probing questions - but at least you would have had a whole bunch of "I'm not going to get into that" captured on film. I think what I would have done in the situation is just stand there with the sign so that prospective victims could see it.
musketeer86 (4 years ago)
"scientology helps people and it works" like how it helped lisa mcpherson?
SuperDelta000 (5 years ago)
scientology is good but damn expensive
SuperDelta000 (4 years ago)
+musketeer86 No, that's total truth.
musketeer86 (4 years ago)
+SuperDelta000 thats total bullshit.
SuperDelta000 (4 years ago)
+musketeer86 Psychiatrists drug people against their will and hold them in hospitals against their will. Scientology doesn't do that. Absolutely psychiatrists force drug people, they also harass and abuse people while pretending they're real doctors when they're not. Most people don't go to Scientology anyways. People have their own religions and faiths Scientology is not a concern. Psychiatry is the biggest problem.
musketeer86 (4 years ago)
+SuperDelta000 And they shouldn't go to scientology they are dangerous and bully anyone who disagrees with them mercilessly, also i can sympathize with concern for nerve altering drugs but they dont force their patients to take drugs against their will. i have a friend who has a psychiatrist that has ADHD, his therapist recommended adderall for him and he refused and his doctor was fine with that. you refuse help from the CO$ they harass you unceasingly. I'd rather have a psychiatrist.
SuperDelta000 (4 years ago)
+musketeer86 Yeah so what, most people don't go to Scientology anyways. Psychiatry is the worst though they have the power to drug people against their will.
ThuSkyline (6 years ago)
"The church decl-err...I, uh, don't know what you're talking about..." Oh, Danny boy...
SlappyThePenguin (7 years ago)
There you have it folks. An old man who has been completely mind fucked by the cult of scientology.
bixntram (2 years ago)
Yep. He's mean and angry. It's 2017 and he's probably still mean and angry. What a way to spend your twilight years.

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