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Lupita Nyong’o Makes Ugali on Her Family Farm in Kenya | Vogue

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While in Kisumu for her Vogue Octorber 2016 cover shoot, Lupita Nyong’o stopped by her parents’ home for a walk through their farm with her father, to climb guava trees, tell stories, and to learn to cook ugali with her mother—just a year prior to the visit the Oscar-winning actress made national Kenyan news when she revealed that she did not know how to make the local staple. Director Lotfy Nathan helps her set the record straight. Still haven’t subscribed to Vogue on YouTube? ►► http://bit.ly/vogueyoutubesub ABOUT VOGUE Vogue is the authority on fashion news, culture trends, beauty coverage, videos, celebrity style, and fashion week updates. Lupita Nyong’o Makes Ugali on Her Family Farm in Kenya | Vogue
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Text Comments (2701)
Siza Mthembu (10 hours ago)
Her accent changes when she's in Africa 🤣
Mudenge Mukundwa (15 hours ago)
Such a natural african woman <3
Beauty Beauty (2 days ago)
PROUD African Woman Love you
Just Us (3 days ago)
in my country (congo) we call it fufu
Angel Mhalditah (3 days ago)
She so beautiful and so simple one
betty achieng (4 days ago)
She is sooo homely
Balozi Wa Kendu-bay (4 days ago)
We're proud of you Lupita.. 👏👏
Pompeii Pamaran (4 days ago)
im a filipino..i want to be an african..
That's we eat.
Charles Davis (6 days ago)
Simply gorgeous the entire family your skin is amazingly beautiful flawless nothing on this Earth this better than melanated skin you are truly blessed by the MOST HIGH himself. I enjoy everything that Lapita does she's amazing actress in a beautiful beautiful model all praises to the MOST HIGH making bless your family and keep you all safe
Shaun W. (6 days ago)
Gayle Coicou (7 days ago)
Give some money to your family tho..
beverly francis (7 days ago)
Lupita, get married very soon.
Arsema Bamkaku (7 days ago)
Been ur self proud of you
Hipha Robinson (7 days ago)
I love, love you Lupita Nyong'o. You're so humble, sweet & beautiful
veronica powell (7 days ago)
Lupita, you are a blessed girl enjoy your trip and kiss your parents for me. Veronica Powell Jamaican, living in Canada.
Ruramai Chikaura (8 days ago)
We call that Sadza in Zim
kamilaedits (8 days ago)
i love her even more, and her favourite is ugali omg!
vonix (8 days ago)
woooo proud Kenyan right here
McDonogh Rahloh (9 days ago)
Vaccine free!!!
Darlean Thompson (9 days ago)
she's beautiful
funny nyacarro (12 days ago)
Wow can't stop repeating watching it
Charlene Kibe (15 days ago)
We proud to be Kenyan
Jeffrey Richardson (18 days ago)
colossal shrimp sauce scott and lauries games are lost mike and jodys cost
Valarie Griffin (18 days ago)
I love how she shows great love and respect for her father. Her love for her parents is noteworthy
Grace Daniel (21 days ago)
2018 December 27th
Jeffrey Richardson (22 days ago)
doug first then michael jodys scared cold icicle scotts built vestibule
Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao (29 days ago)
First thing I do when I visit Kenya, I will ear Ugali. 😍
mozey Moze's (30 days ago)
Lupita, you can't allow your parents to continue using charcoal with your kind of status. Charcoal is the main reason for the depletion of Forests in Africa.
zakus suc ur mom (30 days ago)
OMG she never changed 😍
Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao (1 month ago)
Guavas. 😍🤤
Gail Jackson-Chapman (1 month ago)
She looks like her mom. Beautiful family❤️
Hey 👋🏾 Lupita 😍😍
Karanu Gathogo (1 month ago)
God bless this Family.
adel kenya (1 month ago)
Humble rich family
Kennedyomondi Otieno (1 month ago)
Lupita aache mchezo. Apike ugali kubwa next time.
Brian Samuel (1 month ago)
Wow...She is so down to earth....And Highly adaptable to any environment...Rich & Humble
Alakanani Jaha (1 month ago)
She's gorgeous... Pure African women....
Daniel Ong'or (1 month ago)
That's nice, I do prepare ugali even where I am in Bonn City Deutschland
sri sri (1 month ago)
I love her...she is soo beautiful and talented... Her skin 💖💖💖💕💗💓💝
Arbida Young (1 month ago)
Ugali reminds of Fufu common in West Africa.
Faith (1 month ago)
Her mom has one of the most lovely voices I've ever heard.
Quentin Johnson (1 month ago)
My grandmother told me to atleast go to Ghana if i cant go anywhere else because that's my heritage and i need to learn what i can about it. She once told me "You don't need to a person to teach you, the beauty itself (of Africa) is a teacher.... She's 91 and still alive and kickin.
Ronald James (1 month ago)
I can see where she gets that personality and intelligence. Love her parents! I will always have a special place in my heart for her
Mariam Mohamed (1 month ago)
😂😂😂😂 yani wewe lupita hujui kupika ugali 🤣🤣haki
blak white (1 month ago)
This girl is a rare species I've confirmed today.
MissSunflower242 (1 month ago)
Back when Vogue appreciated diversity. Bring on the hate comments and dislikes
Why is it so short wish it was longer
Beautiful parents she got
Love this beautiful queen! Humblest person...
Hellen James (1 month ago)
SHI (1 month ago)
Lupita you beautiful talented woman
Bunga Rin (1 month ago)
Woah she's the real Wakandan !!!
Bunga Rin (1 month ago)
"Dont show my underwear" 😂😂
Mark Njombo (2 months ago)
In Zimbabwe we call it Sudza
yolo269 (2 months ago)
Why is everyone talking about the Kardashians? I don't really like them either but it's kinda random to bring them up considering they weren't even mentioned in the video
Sheila Ochola (2 months ago)
Real natural African queen.. personally lv u..My SHE..RO verse my hero
argie mauricio (2 months ago)
Lupita!! Will you marry me???
kpop life (2 months ago)
*I love to eat ugali it's like Italian pasta* fufu is what made me growing up 1:27 I miss my Tanzanian life so much 😭😭
Florence Zubeda Borowsky (2 months ago)
I love lupita character she’s a role model to Kenya girls
two sister (2 months ago)
it is like in Haïti
angelina gordon (2 months ago)
290 haters i 👀
Joshua Odongo (2 months ago)
Hope the slayqueens are watching
Salome Njeri Wangoi (2 months ago)
What's funny about this... I started cooking ugali when I was 7...can I b famous for this? Hmmmmm wild world
Patson Kiplangat (2 months ago)
ongea kiswahili
akshay kr (2 months ago)
She's so breathtakingly beautiful it hurts.
John (2 months ago)
She's better than Viagra.
Nathaniel Famisan (2 months ago)
Lupita Nyong'o sure is one true treasure of Africa, I must say. She must be protected at all cost.
OhemmaBri (2 months ago)
shes so beautiful like omg 😻😻
Thanda Klaas (3 months ago)
Aint that pap ???
Vooka media (3 months ago)
Remember his Dad is an internationally accredited economist
Vooka media (3 months ago)
Fellow Kenyan you are doing great.Acting it's a talent.I tried drama I failed terribly
Josephine Wairimu (3 months ago)
Josephine Wairimu (3 months ago)
I love Kenya my country
Joshua Odongo (3 months ago)
Hope the slay queens are watching
avokadopasta ! (3 months ago)
i love her. ❤️
Abuya Abuya (3 months ago)
whos going to risk eating it
atinis (3 months ago)
And that's why I always say I LOVE my country KENYA!!! 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Pauline 2015 (3 months ago)
Oooh Lupita u r Beautiful .(Black panther -actress with beauty
Bella Gold (3 months ago)
nice one because I know how to make my traditional food as were,love you😍😍😍
twistr (3 months ago)
Big bowl of stiff grits
Sarah Karimi (3 months ago)
She looks humbled
Robin Robertson (3 months ago)
She is very beautiful and her parents are too :-)
Crystal Grose (3 months ago)
One of my favorite actresses ♡
Laura Carter (3 months ago)
intro song please??
Ann-Marie's Joyful World (3 months ago)
Beautiful Black Girl
Anylyne Akinyi (3 months ago)
Wakanda girls forever...💪💪💪🙅🙅🙅🙅
Ladyk (3 months ago)
Very nice💜❤️💜
Lily Johnson (3 months ago)
She looks so much like her Mum
Rabbab Lamba (3 months ago)
What a beautiful family. Never felt so warm❤
Team Play (3 months ago)
Very nice! I liked that. Makes me want to be there amongst that peaceful group . Peaceful and relaxing.
will Diaz (3 months ago)
Rugeye Awadh (3 months ago)
Kenyan yea woow
cosy mwas (3 months ago)
qween of melanin..big love nyongo
She's absolutely [email protected]
martin oduor (3 months ago)
Looks like a movie to me
Sandy Stanley Ncube (3 months ago)
I speak ndeble and in harare it's could sadza
Georgia Richards (4 months ago)
So real! Love that about Lupita. P.S. Please marry Chadwick. Lol! No....ok..please do!
MUKUNDI FELISTER (4 months ago)
100 subs? with 1 video (4 months ago)
Can you cook me some chapati Lupita please mmm asanti sana wewe no mpowa

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