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My Vote Could Kill You | My State Is On Fire | MusicalBaba |

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Telugu Voting Campaign By MusicalBaba www.fb.com/MusicalBaba Lyrics: Baba Vocals: Baba
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Text Comments (11)
Aditya M (4 years ago)
Good thought and good singing Buddy...! Btw... That's my favourite number...
Saisri Dnyanmothe (5 years ago)
A bold attempt ! Worth an applause!! :)
Soumya Jeldi (9 months ago)
+Baba Bharath (MusicalBaba) please say ur Fb id
Baba Bharath (5 years ago)
Thankuzz :) :)
shortfilmindustry (5 years ago)
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Fatz Syd (5 years ago)
venu mallesh 2
lokesh arya (5 years ago)
u always rocks baba..... awesm .... keep rocking 
Prem Chand (5 years ago)
Krishna Sai (5 years ago)
woww!! really nice!! i have all of your [email protected]!! this one is awesome
Yes our state is on fire...
shlok Nalluri (5 years ago)
Woww nice lyrics.. And good voice with facial expressions baba sai.. Again u Rocks dude..

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