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Online Dating Sucks! It Doesn't Work!

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http://www.inbox2romance.com Does online dating suck!? Does online dating not work!? The frustrations of online dating are widely felt and little understood. Now that internet dating is no longer considered "weird", but instead a logical option for busy individuals, it's more important than ever to get a feel for how to find online dating success. Whether you're a guy or girl, your profile is the first calling card to either attract or scare away potential suitors. Hope this video sheds a little light on the subject, and let me know what questions you have.
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Crypto Ninja (5 months ago)
fuck online dating and this video and audio sucks
Debbie Harriman (1 year ago)
well.im an ugly troll so I never do unline dating . I just live in ireland in a hobbit house. heehee.
SuperLaney81 (2 years ago)
BULLSHIT!!!!! Women do NOT give fuck about your profile -- I've proven it by setting up fake profile (of a model bloke but with nothing written on his profile) -- they just purely go on photo.Don't listen to this man, please
Brian Jones (2 years ago)
Hmm I agree..I've switched my profile up in several ways, didn't help..I tried different messaging tactics, still the same result..you basically have to be good looking, have good job, solid profile and be lucky!
5tonyvvvv (1 year ago)
Modern women=worthless self centered cunts!
skittles bug (2 years ago)
the best way to online date is not to try at all, if you have a house and car upload it, it's funner to go on sites where you can post with other guys and girls, outside pictures helped a lot full body shots help a lot, and it still sucks I had a picture that made me look taller and I all the sudden got lots of visitors Lol anyways none of that matters" if you got the house and cash you can get a girl, I wouldn't worry about that women most of them are fat sweaty b****** anyway Lol don't read profiles don't message, just sit back on post and relax😉👌
Eli Kang (3 years ago)
Step 1: Make profile  Step 2: Make profile "cool" Step 3: Add awesome photos of being "cool" Step 4: Message girls Step 5: Wait for response Step 6: Wait for response Step 7: Wait for response Step 8: Wait for response Step 9: Wait for response Step 10: Delete profile
shockin vybez (1 year ago)
SuperLaney81 (2 years ago)
LMAO --- perfect my friend ;)
ParisAvenue2005 (3 years ago)
+Eli Kang You nailed it 100% !
Zoltán Csengeri (3 years ago)
Online dating is the biggest bullshit ever invented by the human kind! Girls upload photos of their boobies and guys stand in a row and getting blowjobs on them and expressing it online to them. Many of them even show their penises to them and this ruin the whole thing. This ruined online dating for both sex. The other thing is that I read in a blog that says you must not have any illusion about a person you have sent a message but everyone become "illusionists" because as you are looking at his or her photos you are going to get fancies and expectations about that person that he or she "might be an..." or "might have...", and as you start any conversion or view at his or her Facebook, your expectations are going to collapse, you get surprised or even scared and quit the whole conversation. Let's open the pubs again everywhere!
Lex Luthor (2 years ago)
+Zoltán Csengeri gay!!
Zoltán Csengeri (2 years ago)
That blouse is from a random dress store like Háda or something like that, a shop where you can buy used dress. I don't know exactly because I get that for a present for my birthday 4 years ago. Actually that blouse was too loose on me until I started working out last year and as my lats grew, it is just fit on me nowadays. But this means nothing. Here, especially in Hungary all of those girls I am seeking are totally bored and world-weary. You can feel this when you are chatting with one of them. It seems  you are treated like one of the guys being in a line who are looking for her. I tried very different techniques and pictures. Wrote about my job, my hobbies. it doesn't matter. Uploaded different pictures. I had a little overweight. It doesn't matter. Now I have greater shape because I work out. It doesn't matter. I uploaded picture with me flexing my muscles. It doesn't matter. Also uploaded this picture. It doesn't matter. No success because all conversations turn into that world-weary feeling. I am not a loudmouth, not a stand-up comedy man, just a quiet and polite guy. I can talk about the essentials of things but can't speak like bla-bla-bla. I have cool hobbies, I'm a big weather fan, love taking photographs of lightning, like dancing and like cool things. But if I'm at a dance party or something, the topic is given but I have serious problems to start and hold up conversations when I am between the 4 white walls and sitting at a table in front of the girl. This is even more true for online chat because I even can't see her face directly to say something funny and make her smile because I even don't know whether she is real or her picture is a fake, what else she is doing and who else she is talking to. BTW I'm also good in analyzing things but free talking is my weakness.
Lex Luthor (2 years ago)
What?? I would think with your profile picture, the ladies are lining up to get with you lol! Sorry bro, but that picture is hands down effeminate and is doing you no justice LMAO!! P.S. Where did you get that tight blouse from? Coles or TJ Max?

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