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Free blender Lightroom

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Download: https://mega.nz/#!1F130YLA!2P38AIIEZ6kuIWFLVl-Zwir77_D_OMTGzvvPNWPyno0 Song: Gutter Brothers ft. Jogelle - Kill (VIP)
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Text Comments (31)
SkyGuard1 Gamez (5 months ago)
Blender render or cycles render?
SkyGuard1 Gamez (5 months ago)
+Torulus thanks! You want to dual? I got 3d done i'll upload the video when I get home. Subscribed btw
Torulus (5 months ago)
Default (5 months ago)
CreeperBoyLP (7 months ago)
da kriegt man wieder richtig bock auf intros
CreeperBoyLP (7 months ago)
der blender boss haut nen lightroom raus
32DREW (7 months ago)
how do you get the subsurface scattering / glow around the text? it looks so good
Torulus (7 months ago)
Erm. I inverted the alpha channel, blured it and used it as a mask for a RGB Curves node c:
GLXY (8 months ago)
Echt nicer lightroom kanns kaum erwarten ihn mal aus zu probiern
ppbdzn (8 months ago)
OrangeArts - desɨgɴs (8 months ago)
Sick af.
Engsat (8 months ago)
Well...This is The Best lightroom presentation EVER!!
Torulus (8 months ago)
HaydonArtz (8 months ago)
niceee dual?
Blender Noob (8 months ago)
promo ist lit
Fibly (8 months ago)
bxxfdzn. (8 months ago)
hriizn (8 months ago)
I mean it’s good, and when I say that, I mean GOOD, but I don’t use cycles :) but maybe I’ll use it for an AE Intro
Brinny (8 months ago)
Damn boi!
UnicornGFX (8 months ago)
Cloud Designs (8 months ago)
Wieso kannst du das so gut ._.
[QUIT] NiceDZN - AmineFX (8 months ago)
i love this music
BrΩken Ed1†S (8 months ago)
ist diese Mischkompostierung?
BrΩken Ed1†S (8 months ago)
Torulus omg you good
Torulus (8 months ago)
BrΩken Ed1†S (8 months ago)
Torulus was that bleeder composting?
Torulus (8 months ago)
Apoko Arts [QUIT] (8 months ago)
Very nice
Future MFX (8 months ago)
kubader (8 months ago)
Jesus dude xf
Zxtrone (8 months ago)
So gut

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