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Super Mario World -World 3 Secret Route(2/2)

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SNES footage of Super Mario World Playthrough. Super Mario World takes place when Mario(Luigi) and Princess Toadstool(Peach)go to Dinosaur Land for a vacation, but the princess was kidnapped again by Bowser.Now our hero,Mario,sets of in his most exciting adventure yet. The main objective of this game is to save once again princess toadstool(peach)from the clutches of Bowser by clearing your way through levels, obstacles and Bowser's troops. Levels and exits on this video: *Vanilla Secret 3 *Vanilla Fortress *Donut Bridge 1 *Donut Bridge 2 Recommended:Watch in High Quality.
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Text Comments (11)
Trains1000AJ (7 months ago)
Butter Bridge 1! Ugh That One Gives Me Trouble! Edit: I finally beat it!
Patrick Martin (1 year ago)
Dude you're terrible
Jamie lopez (1 year ago)
This dumb ass die what did he think when he was going to do that i bet he raged
Jamie lopez (1 year ago)
You suck if you die in these levels
Raptor Prouductions (1 year ago)
who always dies when you win th reznars
Jamie lopez (1 year ago)
#Raptor Prouductions not me
luis estrada (1 year ago)
Epic Fail after battle, lol!
Hemley1 (5 years ago)
Those dolphins are SO cute!
wildcatxmgr (7 years ago)
Epic fail in battle!
CountRavenbeak (7 years ago)
hahaha loser @vanilla fortress lol

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