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Addicted To Spending Documentary 2018

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Money works like a drug on the human brain – and even just the thought of earning a higher salary gives us a physical buzz, a study has found. Scientists have discovered that thinking about cash stimulates the reward centres involved in pleasure and the higher the salary – even if it is just imagined – the greater the pleasure generated in the brain. *****************************EXTRATAGS************************ money,spending,spending money,how to stop spending money,how to save money,saving money,save more money,how to spend less money,ways to spend less money,how to make money,how to spend your money,spend less money,how to save money fast,ways to save money,save money,no spending money challenge game,spending money on rules of survival,spending money disney vacation,money,how to make money online,make money online,how to make money,make money,making money,money making apps,ways to make money,earn money,how to make money as a teen,ways to make money online,easy ways to make money,best way to make money online,how to earn money,making,money origami horse,make money as a teenager,make money online 2018,make money 2018,money printer,money printer machine,dept,news,dept 45,international relations dept,the radio dept,what is dept 13cnmr of organic compounds,radio dept,dept 135,dept 90,acb raids telangana irrigation dept ce suresh kumar's house - tv1,karnataka transport dept,dept nmr,former hillary clinton state dept employee pleads guilty to child rape,invalid litter dept.,deputy,latest news,sandy shores,police mod,police,sheriff,blaine county,role play,shopping,shopping haul,shopping vlog,haul,dorm decor shopping,back to school shopping,dorm shopping,come shopping with me,shopping challenge,vlog,back to school,family,kids,fun,mall,d mart kitchen shopping,dmart kitchen shopping,back to school at target supply shopping,shopping for school supplies at target,shopping for school supply at target,school supply shopping target,first bra shopping,bra shopping,shopping,addicted to shopping,shopping addiction,addicted,shopping addict,online shopping,addict,addiction,10 signs you're addicted to thrift shopping,lps addicted to shopping,true life addicted to shopping,fashion,shopping spree,back to school,smart shopping,how to shop,how to,shopping haul,beauty,online shopping addicted,how to stop shopping,shopping addicts,shopaholic,haul,vlog,funny,minimalist,comedy,makeup,minimalism
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Text Comments (117)
Indah Wulandari (7 days ago)
I life in Indonesia...I spend around $6 /day and I though I have a problem.... I'm serious not joking at all Because I earn a minimal income Keep asking myself everyday...what can I cut from my budget
greenkitty82 (10 days ago)
I have absolutely no sympathy for these people. No one forces you to spend beyond your means, and if you get greedy you'll suffer for it. It's just completely brainless and not worth it.
Khaleesi Romaerys (10 days ago)
Why would you spend momey you don't own?
W M P (1 day ago)
Because the credit card companies just throw it at you.
Khaleesi Romaerys (10 days ago)
Why are you buying a dog when you can adopt a loving one too? This is a good example of human stupidity. 🙄🙄🙄
Khaleesi Romaerys (10 days ago)
Spending too much from how much you can bring in home is somehow what we call stupidity. That's why there's a saying: “Live within your means" cuz that's the way it is.
Fiah K. (11 days ago)
Hail the Toad Man, Master of Elusive Response!!
wyntre sorrow (26 days ago)
32 pounds( i think 30 is usd) for 8 cupcakes? Wow. It only coats us 12 dollars for 24 at the grocery store. Despite that i make them. In america its called predatory lending when credit companies do that On the other hand, no one is forcing anyone to spend more even when giving higher limits
32 british pounds is 41 us dollars
esden (28 days ago)
Sam is pretty, unfortunately he's also pretty stupid
helenevienna (1 month ago)
I feel really good when I bookmark something and manage to tell myself I shouldn't buy it because I won't use it and don't need it. Money is worth more than stuff, and companies now. I don't need their crap.
Butter Johnson (1 month ago)
Minimalism reduces stress. Stop buying crap you don't need to fill up shelves and collect dust.
Lora Budd (1 month ago)
Fuck being with someone so irresponsible, doomed for life
MIKI-WAWA (1 month ago)
I can't buy everything that's pretty, if I already have what I need at home. There are always tons of pretty stuff at so many stores.
Tanja Cavalli (2 months ago)
Get a loan at normal rate from your bank, pay off your CC debt, shred the freakin' CC, and slowly pay off the bank debt, which has a much better interest rate, than loanshark's rates of CC.
unboxing theboxx (2 months ago)
Ana Montana (2 months ago)
No, 500 pounds is not ok on a dog !
GV MB (2 months ago)
You can get a free dog on the shelter
Jen K (3 months ago)
Become a minimalist. It was the best thing I did.
My mom LOVES spending money on clothes, ect. But my dad is able to hold her back from buying everything she sees. So we ain't broke.
TheHurt Fan (3 months ago)
All in AUD for Australian Dollar conversion Dog - $902.20 TV - $1804.40 Mattress - $992.42 Bed - $1263.08 Cupcakes and Takeaway - $77.59 Was searching anyway so thought I might share it...
Latifa Barka (3 months ago)
i feel like punching the banker in the face
uKnow (3 months ago)
His pounds debt in the end increased unbelievable! Wow blame it on your trauma that's no excuse we all have trauma sam and honey boo boo child
uKnow (3 months ago)
I'll NOT marry anyone with debt! I won't marry one without any savings either! I won't marry anyone who has a house - you really don't need a house in the end. wow a 24 year old in 30 grand debt over his toys not school toys! wow!!!
jewel and friends (3 months ago)
I'm a single mom and my only wish now is that someone can help me or lend me money for my sick child but unfortunately since I'm a poor single mom nobody trust. I feel sad for this people that they are so fortunate to live life buying their wants and now ending in debts
Kinaibhlan (3 months ago)
I live a minimalist lifestyle thanks to growing up poor. I'm 24, no debt, stable good paying job, and never eat out. I never buy what I can't comfortably afford.
Thornback (2 months ago)
Good for you! Odds are that you also eat healthy when you make your meals from scratch. I can also thank my frugal dad for knowing how to save.
13grneyez (2 months ago)
Kinaibhlan I wish I was 24 again I would have done things different money wise I’m 40 now. I’m working on my $ and myself big changes coming. Good luck to you!
greenkitty82 (3 months ago)
Kinaibhlan that's a great outlook because living to impress others and getting into debt for it only leads to misery. I have money but have no interest in buying expensive things - I use my technology till it breaks, I buy retro second hand clothes as it's better for the planet and I'm not seeking approval from anyone. If people don't like you for who you are tough. It's interesting as people buy and buy and buy but they are never happy as you are filling a void that can't be filled. Live within your means, connect and help others and people will be happier.
Nerderer (4 months ago)
Why is everyone pissed off at card companies? Just don't use more than you earn. Live within your means.
greenkitty82 (10 days ago)
Khaleesi Romaerys well thank you Khaleesi! Yes you have it spot on. We buy one thing and then we are told that 'now what you have is not good enough, buy this one now' and this just continues on and on and on and people fall for it! What the crux of all this behaviour I think is fear. We are so worried about what others think of us that people will just keep buying stuff thinking it will make them happy but it won't, it will NEVER be good enough. It will give you a short term boost but material things won't make you happy in the long run. It just leads to unfulfillment and debt.
Khaleesi Romaerys (10 days ago)
+greenkitty82 I super agree with your last statement. The consumer industry is forcing us to dissatisfaction so we csn buy another of their gimmicks and if the old version is ugly enough there's a new version to lure us spending our money. Them companies know the devil work and makes fun of us shouting like we are a fool and gullible.
swordandgunandsteel (18 days ago)
Nerderer Because we need someone to blame for our weaknesses!
Bryson Cherry (1 month ago)
+Doubleshot There have been studied which conclude that with a card you spend more on average because you get the card back, with cash you only get change.
Doubleshot (2 months ago)
Because they want to keep being a victim. The card doesn't exploit them. You can be a responsible adult with them. It's simple.
lsusanna3 s (4 months ago)
Does Sam's girlfriend have a job??? Why is this all on him??
lsusanna3 s (2 months ago)
It is if she isn't contributing to the cost of living and just adding to the debt. She sure devours the takeout with no problem.
Mits (2 months ago)
They have only lived together 11 months . The debt is in his name and accumulated before they moved in together , so it’s not really her responsibility is it
lsusanna3 s (3 months ago)
+NorthernLights She is eating the food he buys, living in the house, watching the tele.
NorthernLights (3 months ago)
He has a shopping addiction so she has to help pay it off with her hard-earned wages? Erm, no. His fault, his responsibility.
Nerderer (4 months ago)
I sure hope so!
Sandy King (4 months ago)
Fuck you for buying a 500 pound dog when you could have adopted a shelter dog in desperate need of a home. People are so greedy and shameless.
xjellybeans x (4 months ago)
This is no different than America.
Krystian Krakowiak (4 months ago)
Fucking English idiots
Dan Bruno (4 months ago)
I have 6 account all with small amounts in e.g £300 average on each and I have 1 main debit card my wages go into When my £300 mortgage payment is taken from my debit card I pay myself £300 by transferring £50 from each savers card to my debit card so psychologically it feels like I've had a refund. Every year when my bonus from work goes in I top up all the saving account cards again(used to refund myself lol)
Ammy Kamontip (4 months ago)
Expensive taste with low income .That isn't end well.
greenkitty82 (3 months ago)
Ammy Kamontip it's because people want to show off but who are they really seeking validation from? If you always care what people think you'll always be their prisoner. I mean 7 and a half years to pay off his debt? Life is short so is it really worth spending years of your life having to use your money to pay off debt because of greed? All the great things he will miss out on because he will have to use his money to repay it - it's not worth it people!
Denise Sheehan (4 months ago)
Its a worry when one does not adjust their lifestyle according to their means.
Rodem Nayir (4 months ago)
stop blaming these companies. He obviously has a spending problem.
Angela (4 months ago)
why's the quality shit if this is 2018 documentary?
Mits (2 months ago)
Angela Because it was copied by this channel (with low grade equipment)
Offred El Hizmetçisi (5 months ago)
Hey, are there any RECOVERED COMPULSIVE BUYERS reading this? What are some books or psych meds that helped you? I need help but I can't afford therapy
Mits (2 months ago)
You don’t need books and you definitely DONT need meds . Like someone else said it’s self control . Write everything down you owe, face up to it , make a budget and stick to it . Cut up credit cards . Draw out your budget in cash then you can see your money , don’t spend online . It’s just like giving up smoking/alcohol/overeating. You have to take control only you can do it
NYC State of Mind (3 months ago)
No please don’t seek medication to solve your problem, it’s a matter of self control, it’s not craziness, don’t fall for pharma industry wanting to make you believe it’s a physical sickness in your brain and the only remedy is psych drugs!! It’s only to keep billions flowing into their dirty drugs scam. If you can’t afford therapy you can create your own, I couldn’t afford therapy for few more issues that actually led to impulsive shopping, the latter was only the result of deeper issues but I solved many on my own because I didn’t have any other options. If you’re not using your stuff, go through them, it’ll give you the feeling to have just acquired them especially if they still have tags or been unworn. Count the things you have, shoes bags expensive jewelry and set a # for them, for instance can’t have more than 10. If you’re dying for one more bag you have to sell one or two or whatever bags you’re not using then buy 1 with what you earned. Also, clean clean and clean your house/apart and try to keep as neat as you possibly can, you wouldn’t want to bring in more items and junk to create a mess. Put away the average money that you would spend in a shopping spree or buying anything you don’t need and invest it towards a benefiting hobby as an expensive bike or join a cycling club or towards a course that can help you in your work or a trip so you’ll still be spending but in more meaningful things.
leonie moedt (4 months ago)
What i did whas therapie at a clinic
Cristinita Maldita (4 months ago)
Offred El Hizmetçisi i used to be an impulsive buyer thinking i need tons of stuff to survive. I was thankful to learn that i have an anxiety problem and it took me years to recover and still am. Practicing a minimalist lifestyle helps
Pedro Siqueira (5 months ago)
Lol, dude, £31k (P O U N D S !!) in debt!! This makes my spending problems seem so smaller. I'm glad I watched this....
warnpassion (5 months ago)
Was this video recorded on a Nokia 3310?
Bryson Cherry (1 month ago)
No, but likely recorded before people were entitled to their preconceived notion of quality. I think you failed to gain anything from this docuvid.
Khatuna KT (1 month ago)
Tomi Janet (2 months ago)
Hila Glam (3 months ago)
+vid bizzz he's the woods
vid bizzz (4 months ago)
+WESTPRINGLE are u the bear?
Zoë Ebbett (5 months ago)
Why can’t people just get debit cards ?
Metta in a can (2 months ago)
+spiralgoddess Debit cards do have a limit, at least in my country. You set the limit of how much money can be used a day
Geo LC (3 months ago)
If you can get full control over your spending credit cards are GREAT financial tools. I used my credit card with cashback to buy just the essentials and I got $285 ready to be redeem. Paid in full every month. Not a single penny in interest paid.
spiralgoddess (3 months ago)
+NYC State of Mind It's only an issue if there is a security breach. Your credit card has a limit. Your debit card does not. You've been lucky.
NYC State of Mind (3 months ago)
spiralgoddess NOT TRUE, I use one since 10 years never had any issue
Buffy smith (5 months ago)
Yep I love to shop.
princess Jasmine (5 months ago)
This is me a shopaholic but i never get in debt just people keep asking are you going shopping again lol
NorthernLights (3 months ago)
Money doesn't last forever though. There will be debt in your future if you don't curb the spending.
Ga190fbrj Hekvjd (4 months ago)
princess Jasmine watch the documentary "the true cost"... you will want to stop shopping, at least for clothes. Those clothes you buy? They come at the cost of abused sweatshop workers. One of the reasons why I try to be minimalist in everything I do.
princess Jasmine (5 months ago)
+Darlene Paul thank you for your comment yes i will try this hope it works
Darlene Paul (5 months ago)
You are doing good to not go into debt.You can take other steps to improve.One keep all receits leave tags on to return regretted purchases.Wait 24 hours for more expensive purchases.Limit yourself to one or 2 items a day.Lets say you see 5 items you love.Get one or 2.Get the other 3 over the next 3 days.You will spend way less just by spreading it out .7 unplanned purchases a week is WAY less than 7 a day which is 49 in 1 week.Watch videos on minimalism and explore the option of streamlining and decluttering your life.This has really helped me to decrease my shopping addiction.I also have no debt.I paid off ALL store cards and I have no credit cards.Good luck Jasmine.You can grow stronger everyday.
heavymechanic2 (6 months ago)
I am across the pond in USA and we have similar debt problems. I am working on paying off my credit with a strict budget.. The big problem is using your phone for wireless transactions just like it is a bus pass. The big credit companies pressure consumers to carry a debt and its a never ending cycle.. My opinion, if I have a large purchase, I need to pay it off in 3-4 months otherwise I cannot afford to spend the money.. Good Luck to anyone who is a slave to the bank.
NorthernLights (3 months ago)
If you need 3-4 months to pay off something, you couldn't afford it in the first place. And nobody is forcing you to accumulate credit card debt. They make is easy, but they're not forcing you to buy all the stuff you're buying. You don't seem to know how being financially repsonsible actually works.
Israel Peralta (3 months ago)
heavymechanic2 you can carry a $5 balance.. i have 3 credit cards and each only pay one specific thing like the cellular or the power bill... it’s so dumb to blame the banks because of our own stupidity.
Celeste Grace Faith (6 months ago)
I only have 1 card with a low limit that’s secured by payments in my account n can be paid off at anytime—— be a debtor to no man n don’t lease a car!!!
Sian's Bookcases (1 month ago)
+Hila Glam Don't need medical insurance in the UK.
Hila Glam (3 months ago)
What about the medical insurance? I can't have it without a monthly payment (around 22£)...
Sairy Demesa (6 months ago)
Sairy Demesa (6 months ago)
I dislike spending my money. I enjoy looking at my balance in my savings account because I know I have reserves for emergencies.
Khaleesi Romaerys (10 days ago)
+Tiffany C me too I so so love being frugal and not so much extravagant. I even don't buy new apparels or shoes or any luxury nonsense because what for? As long as I'm comfortable with what I wear even if it's a potato sack who cares? I live for myself and love for myself. I don't care if anybody wears expensive and high end or branded clothing. As I check my savings, I know I have money still left when adversity strikes.
Khaleesi Romaerys (10 days ago)
I don't trust banks to hold my money. Aint nobody in hell can force me to have a savings account in banks cuz if you do it means your money is their money too. They can lend it to someone else and if the bank goes bankruptcy then say farewell to your hard earned money. I rather save it to vaults or some sort where I can touch it physically and not thru computers.
Dee Loc (27 days ago)
That's lame. I mean spend some, it doesn't go to the grave. Enjoy your one life
Tiffany C (1 month ago)
lol same. makes me very happy with myself
greenkitty82 (3 months ago)
vid bizzz it's because you are looking for a happiness high from the purchases and the advertisers job is to keep you dissatisfied so you'll spend your money. But you'll never be satisfied as you'll just want more and more and nothing will be good enough. Go do stuff like volunteering or just generally helping others and you'll be happier.
Mckinsey Tutors (6 months ago)
It's hard
gnomes mcgee (6 months ago)
Im lost for words, does england lace theire tap watter whit high levels of lead for the sweet taste? What the hell, why are adults having the same issue as children at a buffet? Mainly, They want everything! NOW!!! And they wont stop before an actual adult sets a stop to it. Bunch of babies.
Darlene Paul (5 months ago)
Its beyond that.You don't understand.Its driven by the same inner drives that are involved in drugs alcohol and gambling.People shop because they have pain and the euphoria they experience blocks it out temporarily.The shopping is way out if hand compared to their income.They still shop even when they know they're destroying their finances.
Mj jacks (7 months ago)
The matrix owns you
greenkitty82 (3 months ago)
Yes and like the movie we've all been programmed!
S P (4 months ago)
Wake up and free your mind!
Motasem Idris (7 months ago)
such a spoiled brick
australian fines (7 months ago)
credit card is a scam
Exantius E (1 month ago)
+David Reynolds The very concept of the credit card relies on people using it irresponsibly. If everyone used it "like you're supposed to" i.e. paying the entire debt every month, the companies would maje barely any money. If you ask me any business that depends on people making the wrong decisions is morally very questionable to say the least What would you say if someone tried to use your own argument to justify drug dealing? It's the mentality of the addicts that causes all the troubles, not the dealer, he's just selling funny chemicals that make you feel good. Does that sound like a sensible argument to you?
David Reynolds (3 months ago)
How? It’s all about your mentality. It’s just a card that lets you take money out of your bank account... Nothing to do with the credit card, everything to do with your juvenile mentality with it 😒
Emily Schueller (5 months ago)
australian fines Nope.
BigBlackBootyDaddy (9 months ago)
All bitches lined up outside of course
処音やぶ (10 months ago)
21:16 I hate his disgusting face
Deeqa. A (5 months ago)
Lol 😂😂🤣🤣
Tom Noddle (7 months ago)
Deez 🥜
処音やぶ (8 months ago)
Peter Morris (8 months ago)
He speaks very highly of you, o judgemental one.
richard wills (10 months ago)
Everyone gets excited about spending money ,as far as I could see he was just buying basic food ,Harrods is NOT expensive and will deliver free ,what as hit us most is we now bigot superstores selling Halal food + products and paying Islamic tax ,the cheaper stores no longer cater for us !
Ryan B (4 months ago)
You don't have to buy halal, if halal products are more expensive than non-halal alternatives, buy the cheaper alternatives. Iv'e never noticed that halal comes with a higher price tag.

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