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What You NEED In Your School Emergency Kit

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♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Luhhsetty ♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty It's back to school season y'all! In todays video I'm showing you all the items I keep in my emergency kit for school. I also am having a GIVEAWAY at the end of this video, so stay tuned till the end! 😊💜 -------------------------------------------------------- P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D: Smiths Tropial Ambrosia Balm  Glossier lip gloss Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder  Elf Powder Brush  Q tips  Tampons  Pantyliners Pill box  Feminine wipes  Hair ties  Bobby pins  Underwear  *******GIVEAWAY RULES!!!******* 1) Like this video 2) Follow @Luhhsetty on Instagram 3) Subscribe to this YouTube channel 4) Leave a comment with your Instagram username US ONLY (Sorry! I'll have an international giveaway in the future) ENDS AUG 27 2017 WILL CONTACT WINNER VIA INSTAGRAM DM AND WILL POST THE WINNER ON MY IG STORY. -------------------------------------------------------- F A Q: Name- Lisette (Luh-set) Race- Black & White Height- 5'3 Location- Florida Age- 21 -------------------------------------------------------- S O N G S : Calvin Harris- Feels (feat. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean) -------------------------------------------------------- Not sponsored. -------------------------------------------------------- -xo
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Luhhsetty (1 year ago)
Micah George (7 days ago)
Luhhsetty what do u use for ur hair?
vlog wolrd (1 month ago)
We're have I been
Kate Party (1 month ago)
Luhhsetty honey please don’t use extra powder!!!! Use oil blotting sheets!! They won’t remove your make up and there better for your skin! Please you will get pimples you if you add extra powder. Please?!
lowkey_yeseniacx (2 months ago)
Ebony Ramirez (2 months ago)
Am 9 years old my birthday is on dember 25 2008 I rill wont the give a way
Tara Middleton (18 hours ago)
Tampon things really cool, but I’m scared to use them..so I use pads...if I have a little zip inside my bad I put them in there, or depending on how much room I have in my bag I put them in a separate makeup bag.
Emily Bailes (2 days ago)
Nevaeh Phillips (4 days ago)
217.nevaeh.p that is my istgram and i love you and never forget you have fans that are thire for you love you and i need that so bad
Christa Boysie (5 days ago)
I love that u are great
Cara Stoffer (7 days ago)
those aren't pencils honey, they're transformers!
Mrs. Williams (8 days ago)
sorry cant bring drugs to school
tracy nail (9 days ago)
I don't care if you're male, female, dog, something in between or anything else but BRING EXTRA SOCKS. No matter where you go, have a pair. Even if you're not wearing shoes that need socks. They make great shoes if you need to walk inside without heels, and if it's raining nobody likes wet socks.
Kimmy Helena (10 days ago)
She’s mad girly 😂💁🏻‍♀️
olivia baker (10 days ago)
A bag Chapstick Lip colour Powder Brush Q- tips Tampons Pads Panni liners medicine Feminine wipe Hair ties Bobby pins Underwere She didn't say this but I would boring a bit of deodorant or purfume
alexwils752 BRO (10 days ago)
I have that back pack
Steph Silva (11 days ago)
I just subscribed because ur vids are just so helpful and you just seem so sweet and genuine!
Lil Ravi (12 days ago)
Sara Evarts (12 days ago)
Luhhsetty Can you do another giveaway like this please? And I don’t have instagram.
travis Benson (13 days ago)
Not to be rude but you said Hawi twice
always_bored 101 (14 days ago)
i love your hair!!!
Kaydence Walker (18 days ago)
My instagram is Kaydenceivana
Jasmine Hernandez (19 days ago)
OMG I have a basketball game tomorrow and my piroad came
kason foster (19 days ago)
I love your hair 😍😍
Olivia Connolly (23 days ago)
im not this organised lol
intithar Chihaoui (24 days ago)
Katelyn Long (26 days ago)
I’ll watch this when I actually have puberty🙃
The color Purple (29 days ago)
Why is there a mirror in the pill case I mean I don't need a mirror to take in a pill
Gerbil Mom (1 month ago)
2:34 My school gives us 4 minutes to get to class and apparently it’s totally enuf time use the restroom 🙄 I hate school
USMC DevilDoc (4 days ago)
Gerbil Mom lol I get two minutes
avylxn (1 month ago)
Why is everyone so insecure about tampons? They are natural, you need them so you don’t start bleeding in class.
o c (1 month ago)
Favour Eriba (1 month ago)
nice 🌈✅
muntaha b (1 month ago)
I loved this❤
sophia young (1 month ago)
Do not have 😳😟😟😟
Its Reena (1 month ago)
Dont forget hand sanitizer! THERE ARE GERMS EVERYWHERE AT SCHOOL
Elma Maletzky (1 month ago)
i dont have instagram
kate (1 month ago)
DONT USE TAMPONS GIRLL!! Pads or the diva cup is always better👌👏
J is the Best (1 month ago)
Btw I just got my period
J is the Best (1 month ago)
Literally last week I had a period accident and this video gave me ideas.
girl dawg (1 month ago)
i got the last of thhe peanut butter yay
girl dawg (1 month ago)
BRING SAFTY PINS THEY WILL SAVE YOU probalbly i have not needed them but if u need to fix a rip or brin a needle and thraed
girl dawg (1 month ago)
me: *scraping the bottom of the peanut butter jar* thinking is she in school?
The Original !!! (1 month ago)
Who else is mixed but does not have curly hair?
Tara Adhipurna (1 month ago)
i honestly love the way she says and its like aynnnd
Kurt Urban (1 month ago)
Bro, me love your yids!
Marita Zekry (1 month ago)
The sad thing is that where i live we start at the beginning of February
Arhbenarh Fancy (1 month ago)
@Lizzy_Oppong on Instagram
PRINCESS GOMEZ (1 month ago)
gomez .estrella .10
Deja Judd (1 month ago)
also a great hack is to bring shorts or pants that are identical to the ones you are wearing that way if you change no one will notice
Emma Smith (1 month ago)
@dancingdiva443 go check me out follow me ayy always pluggg
Mizu _03 (1 month ago)
3:41 well now everybody knows Jk😂😂
Kayah Simmons (1 month ago)
Omg i wish i was as organzied as you😭😂
UNI_VIBES YT (1 month ago)
this is Mia she’s 0 years old 🙍🏻‍♀️ 👚 👖 one like = she grows up :) 👡
Dominique Dupre (1 month ago)
DevilPuppy 08 (1 month ago)
You’re so pretty
Khaymoni Dearman (1 month ago)
I @gotg._.moni
;_,^*Moonlight;_,^* (1 month ago)
my middle name is Lizzette 😂💀
Oh no (1 month ago)
Thank you I'll really need this
ONE DANCING QUEEN Evans (2 months ago)
Inspire. anaxsaff (2 months ago)
So helpful :))) xxx
sara _12314 (2 months ago)
mars merrygoround (2 months ago)
TIP FOR LADIES GOING INTO MIDDLE SCHOOL/HIGH SCHOOL: DON'T be embarrassed about pads/tampons!! Just pull that shit out like its a pencil and go to the bathroom when you need to!!! Nobody is gonna remember that one time you went to the bathroom with a lady product, honestly if they think of it they'll just feel bad that you have to deal with that painful shit lmao
Mia Pineiro (2 months ago)
I legit started school the day she posted this
Mia Pineiro (2 months ago)
Kaitlyn Bohorquez (2 months ago)
Elle Burres (2 months ago)
It is September 10 and we haven’t started school cause the teachers are on strike
clare lines (2 months ago)
I don't have a insta
clare lines (2 months ago)
Sumzz oxo (2 months ago)
4:56 I thought it was a mirror that sure is discrete
Bhrennys Flores (2 months ago)
All her videos really helping me to know more about puberty and to be prepare ❤️
Beauty by Teens (2 months ago)
Lissette’s tips for life: GET A KIT FOR EVERYTHING 😂😂😂😂
Sanika Patil (2 months ago)
Somethings guys and girls should always have: 1. Deodorant 2. Tissues 3. Face wash(if you dont wear makeup) 4. A small comb(if you don't have curly hair) 5.chapstick 6. Emergency money...not the one that you like keep in your wallet...but like extra that you only use in like emergencies 7. Anything else that you use personally Edit: the 7th point
Roshna Bismillah (2 months ago)
I love your hair so much ❤️❤️
Adalia Sultana Lotter (2 months ago)
Why will you want to take birth control? Only 1 thing that I can think of......... Wow girl you have a lotta money. Some girls out there in the world can't even get a small pack of tampons. But I like it that you are helping girls with some hygienal tips.
amy winehouse (2 months ago)
How old are you?
Ebony Ramirez (2 months ago)
Am 9 years old birthday is on December 25 2008 I rill wont the give a way I like your video
Celiann Romero (2 months ago)
where did you get the bag?
Ayla Noguera (2 months ago)
Instagram @aylaanime1004 I would so love this . I am one of those kids that are struggling I have to use the same book bag from 6th grade and I’m in sophomore year and there are rips on my book bag.
Anisa. 089 (2 months ago)
My instagram name is anisa.089
Tarianna Stanford (2 months ago)
My ig is tariannastanford4
bubblegum (2 months ago)
I remember I wanted to get something out of my bag and I accidentally dragged a pad out and it fell on the floor. There were guys watching💀💀
Adriana Tanner (2 months ago)
My Instagram is:@odd_kid2006
Gatchaverse Potato (2 months ago)
I start TOMORROW 😫
Olivia Oakes (2 months ago)
Ac lucky we don't have ac at all
Cat Queens Makeup (2 months ago)
2017-2008 lol 8:50
Studium v USA (2 months ago)
@baru_rihackova <3
Olamide Bakare (2 months ago)
sometimes you can get chapped lips because you lick them
Drishty Bhandari (2 months ago)
I love how some guys will complain about her saying they only need “three prices of paper, etc” but like why are you in this part of YouTube? 🤨
Drishty Bhandari (2 months ago)
I love how some guys will complain about her saying they only need “three prices of paper, etc” but like why are you in this part of YouTube? 🤨
Sydney Corrigan (2 months ago)
Wait I just realized that you have no flaws wtf
Caitlin ariana (2 months ago)
I love this vid and your honestly such a real girl and your so beautiful I’m now subscribed ❤️
Ingrid Smith Green (2 months ago)
You are so gorgeous
Elizabeth E (2 months ago)
Anybody else feel like she repeated herself about three times in different ways when she was trying to make excuses why she has the Q-tips when she was talking about make up being messed up.
Gabby Everleth (2 months ago)
passion fruit by drake in the background?
Enderwolf MC (2 months ago)
I came here expecting a fire escape kit lmao
yasmine darehmane (2 months ago)
you look like trippie redds ex gf
Weronika Schuyler (2 months ago)
you're so cutee
Tallulah Renton (2 months ago)
i LIVE for your natural hair 🤩😍❤️
Tillyyyxx X (2 months ago)
Loved this it helped so much just went shopping and got everything!!!❤️❤️❤️
Cupcakemandy1 (2 months ago)
Gurrrlll your makeup is amazing
Priscilla Ibarra (2 months ago)
I found your channel and I love your vids
Morgan x (2 months ago)
I love your hair 😍
Sandy Slays (2 months ago)
Yay 😁 love you so much next make a school routine morning ☀️ and night 🌕
Kids Email (2 months ago)
Maria Alejandra G (2 months ago)
my instagram name is @marigarciap05

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