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Popping Wallet In Las Vegas!!!

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Popping Wallet In Las Vegas! In the famous Las Vegas strip, testing people's honesty while pranking them. The best Las Vegas Pranks! ► Social Media ◄ 2nd Channel: http://youtube.com/RubenSole Instagram: http://instagram.com/Ruben_Sole Facebook: http://facebook.com/EpicFiveTV Twitter: http://twitter.com/EpicFiveTV Snapchat: @Epic702 ► Book of Ken: http://youtube.com/BookofKen ► Outro Song: http://goo.gl/NX81FV
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Text Comments (774)
Tyler Tallant (4 months ago)
The black guy at the end😂😂😂
lexash 24/7 rello (4 months ago)
hey ruben i miss this kind of prank..can you do this again thanks
C Prez (5 months ago)
How do you do this lol
Dean Jones (7 months ago)
Guy with glasses ain't funny
HERIC210 Rodriguez (8 months ago)
I love your videos
MacAttik 3435 (8 months ago)
i knew bernie was a greedy old bastard.
Mario Francois (10 months ago)
Ha ha I love Ruben “” JUST LEAVE JUST LEAVE”
andy rox (1 year ago)
+Book of Ken
Maya Daniels (1 year ago)
The first guy was sooooo over dramatic LMAO
Arvin9724 (1 year ago)
Lazy Ali (1 year ago)
Reuben's twin at 2:46 😂
krueger ひ ひ (1 year ago)
0:43 that guy look from back like donald trump
Salvador Mendez (1 year ago)
u trying to be to funny bro just saying . but like some pranks
乙ɛstʏ Nebulous (1 year ago)
epic turned into a terrorist lmao
F A (1 year ago)
when I first saw I though that was OpTic scump
Jozy McZency (1 year ago)
wow !! #TeamKen !!!!
Rico Black (1 year ago)
be carefull w the old folks u mite catch a body
crosix (1 year ago)
4:20 crackheads
Chrystal (1 year ago)
2:16 through 2:22 is to funny 💯💯😂😂😂😂
linus nilsson (2 years ago)
i think he has autism no joke.
Dibyendu Mukherjee (2 years ago)
Awesome as always..
Cassius Kush (2 years ago)
Michael Corrigan (2 years ago)
Omg the lady in the background holding the free hugs sign on the first one her reaction was priceless
TJJohnson (2 years ago)
Douglas Quaid (2 years ago)
BllueJeeper (2 years ago)
best part 4:50
BronxBoy (2 years ago)
BllueJeeper HAHAHAHAHA- Ruben Maniac laugh
d2m84 (2 years ago)
really bad acting not a natural prank
Kida L (2 years ago)
1:50 howw lovelyy ♥♥♥
Nene Rawrs (2 years ago)
Kida L Hellouuu
Stone Rivert (2 years ago)
Cranky hobo lol
Stone Rivert (2 years ago)
I wud b mad n keep the wallet lol
wwbenee (2 years ago)
Reptilian @ 1:35
randomdude9133 (2 years ago)
blacks seem to be more inclined to stealing it, just like everything else in life
Strongersevillian (2 years ago)
+randomdude9133 Yeah it seems to have figured out everything in this world. What do you want a medal ?
PoloBoyPrince (2 years ago)
randomdude9133 no black person in this video tried to steal it tho
Justin Sparrow (2 years ago)
Jon DGAF (2 years ago)
Book of ken up in this bitch.
Jon DGAF (7 months ago)
Sebastian Figueroa (2 years ago)
Yo that shit was funny😂
Francisco Raygoza (2 years ago)
Lmao this dude 😂
KSteel18 (2 years ago)
The best part of the video was the red GTR at the beginning
janus lie (2 years ago)
"gotcha you sir, you liar" *speak it with his smug face* LMAO
Kade Farmer (2 years ago)
OMFG he stole Trump's Hairstyle 0:40 Lmao
rice gum (2 years ago)
Talisman (2 years ago)
Second guy is Donald Trump??
Royal The God (2 years ago)
anyone thinks his partner looks like optic scumpi ????
Ornithology (2 years ago)
Did anyone else see the free hugs sign ?
Boyd (3 years ago)
omg that girl that wants free hugs omg her face
shades2 (3 years ago)
The bit where you get angry, that's the best...
Krystal jimenez (3 years ago)
Imad Hadjersey (3 years ago)
Pranksters Exposed (3 years ago)
Better then fouseytube
Robert Lillyblad (3 years ago)
Fucking ruben always joins up with people when they're pissed. God damn so funny
Celtic Kid67 (3 years ago)
Justin Ashman (3 years ago)
U will never find people like this in NYC
danny vazquez (3 years ago)
how do you make it pop when they open the wallet?
Jose Herrera (3 years ago)
before i kill you lol
Yam Xhan (3 years ago)
leave bro just leave ha ha ha ... i love it
Sean Moore (3 years ago)
the black dude at the end xD
Freddy De La Torre (3 years ago)
'The fuck is Matt Murdock doing there?
Danielle Good (3 years ago)
hahah the fuckin end tho. Ruben, hit me up 7606888331 :)
Bruce Wayne (3 years ago)
0:27 the eiffel tower
Sultan Shah (3 years ago)
very good by far the best prank video i have ever seen
Rocket Lights (3 years ago)
Errow (3 years ago)
this video gave me 9 forms of cancer...
silverstone waveheart (3 years ago)
this video was awesome thanks
Victor Velarde (3 years ago)
Rubens the Best pranker in all of vegas!
awesomeferret (3 years ago)
T Pain is having way too much fun at the end.
awesomeferret (3 years ago)
T Pain is having way too much fun at the end.
DeathWish (3 years ago)
book of ken guy doesn't know how to keep his cool like ruben
Durantula (3 years ago)
Somehow Ruben is the best at this kinda stuff...
Phantom Stories (3 years ago)
i love the ending LMFAO
rollout dmg (3 years ago)
Zeustra (3 years ago)
Homeless dudes sign said need food, place to stay + weed
Aaron Alonso (3 years ago)
Bro your videos are fucking hilarious!
StlOutdoors (3 years ago)
Willpower1213 (3 years ago)
Oh look the white old guy was a liar but the group of black men were saying it's not theirs
Sir Sebastian (3 years ago)
This is seriously my favorite prank of yours. Love the creativity! Awesome job, bro. You never fail to make me smile. :3
The last guy....
Coby Kerr (3 years ago)
Got me
Mario (3 years ago)
2:40 he sings drake song wallet wallet lol
Jordan Ingram (3 years ago)
EGAH (3 years ago)
That was pretty awesome... love to see more...
foom5 (3 years ago)
2:09  Skippy??
Joe Blixky (3 years ago)
Guy at 1:30 looks like asap ferg lmfao
lukehemmo (3 years ago)
2:28 when your actually not tough at all, and you try to play it off "cool" with your homies..
Ddouble86 (3 years ago)
Anyone see that freehug mufacka just like wtf
Troll Munchies (3 years ago)
That sounds like my voice in the background at 1:18
Pain au fromage (11 months ago)
Troll Munchies was that you?
Ghostas (3 years ago)
2:04 gambling addict xD
Mike Dimmagico (3 years ago)
its bookoffag!
Anya (3 years ago)
I cant believe ppl think this funny
Luis Munoz (3 years ago)
Ken looks like OpTic Scumpii
Chikens AreGood (3 years ago)
can someone tell me what shoes the guy in the middle at 2:30 is wearing? they look like his shirt & i want them
vintage angel (3 years ago)
This was hilarious omg 😂
math2844 (3 years ago)
last nigga is high as fk..i hope he is
Joe Mauro (3 years ago)
That was the fucking funniest!
k0kos (3 years ago)
hahaha listen to the nigga 1:17
Cameron Bruce (3 years ago)
more of this!!
Jane The Killer (3 years ago)
lol ken They be like look at ur shady muthafucking glasses U KNO WHAT JUST LEAVE! Just leave! Lmfao hahaha
Popular Girls. (3 years ago)
Couldn't stop laughing but mean doe!
obiwanfisher537 (3 years ago)
Nice that you make vids with your friends, but this guy? Little anxious boy! Not good. The prank was also for 12years old
Chippy (3 years ago)
Just as much as i think it is funny, you really shouldn't do it on elderly folks, they could have severe heart conditions, and you could (if you were extremely unlucky) provoke a heart attack with the prank. Could you even imagine the guilt if your prank killed someone? Be careful, take care
Chippy (3 years ago)
I know usually you wouldn't be on the street either with a severe heart condition, but it could happen.
ivan monroy (3 years ago)
Where can I get this wallet lol
AudemarsontheWrist (3 years ago)
HAHA that last scene though

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