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How To Make Your Own Online Clothing Line FREE!

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► Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/QualityDarren PLEASE SMASH A LIKE ON THE VIDEO! So here is How To Make Your Own Online Clothing Store FREE using Spreadshirt. Enjoy! ► QualityApparel: http://shop.spreadshirt.ie/QualityApparel/ ► Spreadshirt: https://www.spreadshirt.com/ ► Buy Cheap PC games (up to 90% off): https://www.g2a.com/r/officialqualitydarren - Use "QUAL" for discount! ► Connect with me! ● Twitter: http://goo.gl/WjN9tS ● 2nd channel: http://goo.gl/SznoNA ● Facebook: https://goo.gl/A33WyR ● Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/qualitydarren ► Music: Outro: Trippy - Mayhem & Antiserum Video Uploaded By QualityDarren
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Text Comments (205)
Gossip Gacha (16 days ago)
Is he using a temporary account ?
Sports Brothers (1 month ago)
Xpert Beazt Vlogs (3 months ago)
Do you get your merch for free tho
Laura Pruett (4 months ago)
Half you guys ask the most stupidest questions. Seriously. Never expect anything for free. To make money you need to spend money. Grow up and do your home work before getting into any sort of business especially online.
R.E.\9/ Match (4 months ago)
I do Tshirt designs, hit me up if you want your designs done proffesionally @ [email protected]
Vinoch Vasan (10 months ago)
Hey guys I have a channel and I am hitting 60subs I need to hit 100 plz subscribe and ever video I do I will be giving a shoutout and a giveaway video if you want to enter subscribe turn on post notifications and your in my channel name is Vinoch Vasan Thanks Vinoch Vasan
i love roblox (11 months ago)
thank you so much for showing me but i have to ask my mom and dad i did and they say yes
Dreamoutloud 103 (1 year ago)
Is this the kind of shop that if someone wants your item that have to share the Item and someone else has get one before you get to order yours?
Rage (1 year ago)
This is just a test shop to see how it goes https://shop.spreadshirt.com/RiotRage/
Jaee Channel (1 year ago)
Does the website make the shirts or I do ?
Planet 360 (1 year ago)
Do you have to pay postage for people
ConnorSkateboards (1 year ago)
Ryl Win (1 year ago)
Cheers for this, I been tryin to find out about "design sell t shirts online" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Diyaaroih Shirtify Explosion - (search on google ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my colleague got cool success with it.
Begginer Exploit (1 year ago)
do you get the money or the website?
Fatima Jimenez (1 year ago)
Does it cost ME TO make them
James CS (1 year ago)
This video was made in my birthday
Oppie The man (1 year ago)
When i make my shop its gonna be smiley clothing
johnny r (1 year ago)
first find your honest and reliable suppliers from matchory
anna lisa schmidt (1 year ago)
you have a point, reliable supplier is the first step and matchory is very helpful to find it
droshky (1 year ago)
haha true - matchory is schneasy
beast-over -flow (1 year ago)
is it free
conman gaming (1 year ago)
Hi hi hi hi hi
Website name? I need to know thanks
dylanharo13 (1 year ago)
Question bro how can i make it where they cant edit my products
bts for life (1 year ago)
Do you have to pay to sell your designs??
Bestic 24 (1 year ago)
If y'all want to y'all can get the app
Poshak Dress for you (1 year ago)
Thanks Quality Drarren for the making a knowledgeable video! and regarding this fact you guys are also check it out this value added gig: https://www.fiverr.com/designbd0101/best-experience-of-t-shirt-design
LibertyCharge (1 year ago)
can i sell for 1 to 2 dollars
Carter Wolski (11 months ago)
LibertyCharge Nah bro, no room for profit for you or the company
ears1o (1 year ago)
Do you make money off of it? Everytime someone buys a shirt, do you get the money that they paid?
Maria Papa (1 year ago)
if you dont have any design and you want to create one how can you do thaaaaaaaaaat
Mckenna (1 year ago)
Does this actually work
Gaming Titon (1 year ago)
Rox ie No
FrenchieFries (1 year ago)
do you know any websites that could make other types of merch (like fidget spinners XD) im really interested in starting merch atm
Statics YT (5 months ago)
. Jg
Bendew (1 year ago)
FrenchieFries ecks dee
ッ Charlie (1 year ago)
Red bubble
TaCTikZ Faith (1 year ago)
wait do you have to pay money to put the tshirt up and sell it
Ameer1804 (9 months ago)
they take a cut. That's why the t shirts are expensive... look at thw cost.. €22?!
CR67 (1 year ago)
PuLsE Tank MLG2 no
GameApocalypse (1 year ago)
do you have to pay for the shirts you put on your website
CR67 (1 year ago)
Moonmonkeys no
Delencia Penilton (1 year ago)
Does it only have to be t-shirt
Wītčhëy64 : o (1 year ago)
Delencia Penilton any Theres hoodie too
Gaming Titon (1 year ago)
Delencia Penilton Totally
Alexander The GameGodz (2 years ago)
Is it with money
Fat Steve (1 year ago)
Alexander The awesomeness no
FILTH (2 years ago)
Yo do they send you a copy of your own teeshirt?
MurrayNewlandsShow (2 years ago)
Nope. You have to buy iy
Shaff (2 years ago)
will this cost any money to make your own tshirts?
Gaming Titon (1 year ago)
Wītčhëy64 : o a Ye I was just trolling :P
Wītčhëy64 : o (1 year ago)
Gaming Titon no dude I tied it already
Gaming Titon (1 year ago)
Wītčhëy64 : o ya boi
Wītčhëy64 : o (1 year ago)
Gaming Titon no
Gaming Titon (1 year ago)
Shaff2k It will cost a lot yes
Zertex (2 years ago)
I made a tshirt but then it asks me to put more products in like women's clothing some mugs backpacks etc it says to remove them and i do but when i go to my shop only the women clothing are there and i want to remove it how do i do that ?? Please help
Chloe Walker (2 years ago)
would i get my own apparel or do i have to buy it
Ahmed Hattali (2 years ago)
You have to pay it they are not doing this for free 😑
FILTH (2 years ago)
Chloe Walker what I've been wondering
AnthonyTorres (2 years ago)
when you put your own branding/design on a shirt, do you have to pay for that shirt you made or is it free? plus, who ships the shirts, the website?
z saltsman (7 months ago)
Ok I know it's like a year later but When u start your shop do you need to give them money? Let's say you started your shop and didn't want to buy anything out of it. Would you still have to pay for it?
AnthonyTorres (2 years ago)
dslim79 alright sounds good, thank you a lot for helping!! ✌👍
dslim79 (2 years ago)
It depends on the product you choose really, you can upload your designs for free and they print them for free, so basically all you will be paying for is the exact price of the tee, hoodie, etc that spreadshirt is selling it for. If the product is 10 bucks that's all you pay but they have never charged me to print one of the designs I put on it.
AnthonyTorres (2 years ago)
dslim79 how much do I pay? btw thanks for replying to my message
dslim79 (2 years ago)
AnthonyTorres you still have to pay for it, all it is, they just print your logo on the desired product. ive made pretty good profit from spreadshirt shop.spreadshirt.com/SMTDesigns?noCache=true worth while if ur good with p.s. or illustrator.
Paresh Ramji (2 years ago)
need new video!! its has been updated!! plz
LetsGet Ultimate (1 year ago)
Paresh Ramji thnx
Smjokster (1 year ago)
Its only the GUI Interface that had been changed its fairly easy to follow along
Coinly (2 years ago)
Do You Have To Pay For Your Own Apparel
ASTRO CLIPS (1 year ago)
Coinly yes
Revzz (2 years ago)
How do you get your own designs and how do you get the money,and can you get your own shirt for free
GameTron (2 years ago)
Someone Reply.. When you sell the products do you get your own products for free??
TaCTikZ Faith (1 year ago)
GameTron no you have to buy it
ItsYoBoyAye (2 years ago)
thx sooooooo much I was looking for something like this for a loooooooonnnngg time
Raxslaxs (1 year ago)
AymanWhatsUp hey i was wondering how did it go for you on the spreadshirt site?
VortexGamingHD (2 years ago)
do I have to pay every time someone buys a shirt or is it all free %100 FREE
VortexGamingHD (2 years ago)
Alex Deleon I asked spreadshirt and it's completely free
Andrej Schabata (2 years ago)
Kyne Reckless (2 years ago)
Andrej Schabata please respond!!! what website do you use?
Elite Gamer (2 years ago)
Do you get them for free
Callum Yates (2 years ago)
Elite Gamer (2 years ago)
If you Own them
Karrma (2 years ago)
I tried putting a banner on my store but it's not working :/
blue lazer ! (2 years ago)
Karrma BC its not the right length and he never told us the length 😟
skysadboi (2 years ago)
Subscribed instantly
skysadboi (2 years ago)
I'm making a phone case brand
Eharris gamez (2 years ago)
I'm irish too
Neptune (2 years ago)
Hey guys I need your help to choose my brand name. Do prefer? RGapparel RGattire RGwearhouse (all other names were taken ;P)
Ricardo Gonzalez (2 years ago)
+Neptune sup, I was actually gonna do RGapparel lol ( we can work together ) 😂
Neptune (2 years ago)
+PopCola thanks
PopCola (2 years ago)
Essa Arsalan (2 years ago)
do we make it for free and when people buy it we get the comission we set. ?
Clasher Mike (2 years ago)
you have to pay now man :(
WILD_FIRE (2 years ago)
do you pay buy to buy yourself the clothing
RetroRem (2 years ago)
nice your irish two which part north NI or south
Obviously south the prices are in euros
unused (2 years ago)
Do I Need To Ship it myself?
IzY Quality (2 years ago)
Hey Guys...IzY Here... Subscribe to my channel for Free Music for your videos or to just listen to... Thanks in advance 👌👍
Kevin Babiuk (2 years ago)
How do you make your logo. Also what do you use to make your logo. I really like it but I want to put my name on it.
Mark Rogers (2 years ago)
How do I make my logo??
Mally Mah (2 years ago)
There are programs like adobe photoshop that cost but there are free ones just like it.. Hmu and i can tell you the ones you can use.
hruiz6633 (2 years ago)
can you add tags on the shirts?
ftrsm,ftug,fg,judr,ug, (8 months ago)
hruiz6633 yes
Mr Money (2 years ago)
This cost money duhhhhhh
Forzi o (2 years ago)
Wait is it completely free to use and make but you get money for ppl buying ur products?
Eve A (2 years ago)
That's not starting your own company. Your partnering up..... You forgot to add how much money they take away from sellers.
Eve A (2 years ago)
+dejah willis I forgot...look it up. (30% i'm guessing?)
dejah willis (2 years ago)
how much money do they take away from the seller
Mandy Hollan (2 years ago)
You may have said this but is there like a copyright or something?
Beñito (2 years ago)
Why can't you design on the whole t-hirty
Icy JaK (2 years ago)
Jakz Gaming
Icy JaK (2 years ago)
Low key shoutout
DanielDuh (2 years ago)
So does it cost money to make these?
Leonardoc (2 years ago)
what is this thing about taxation, did you do that?
Jay D'Cruz DOF (2 years ago)
Does anyone know how to make a transparent logo so I can upload it onto my shirt
Jay D'Cruz DOF (2 years ago)
+AwesomeAfrin thank you
Afrin (2 years ago)
check transparent in photoshop or any other software. make your design. And save it as a Png
Jay D'Cruz DOF (2 years ago)
The only thing I don't like about spread shirt, is how they have their tag on the shirts. For someone that wants to start a clothing line I don't want someone else's tag on the shirt but anyways
Charles Gossett (3 years ago)
What's the name of the site?
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Charles Gossett Spreadshirt
Lazer Fox (3 years ago)
can you do a follow up for this plz?
DigiCorner (3 years ago)
So uh..... totally forgot this channel existed thanks to the YouTube sub boxes but I finally remembered you existed! So I guess take that as a compliment. Anyway great video and tutorial. Already knew about spread shirt but hadn't a clue how to use it and this helped.
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+DigiCorner haha I will! Thanks for checking back!
KingHellHound (3 years ago)
that was so help full but before I do this I think I need a bigger audience
MarkGamez (3 years ago)
Good Stuff Buddy :)
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+MarkGamez Thanks!
Frosty Nation (3 years ago)
Post more tutorial on YouTube your the best at these tutorial 👍💯
PracticalPat (3 years ago)
<3 this site I made a couple tshirts myself on it.
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+JustLife Yeah its good!
Jellideel (3 years ago)
Is it free to put a thirst for sale
Jellideel (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren cool! thanks!
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+NoZe Jelli Yeah!
MoneyMaar (3 years ago)
I can make you images for your shirts hit me up everyone! :)
Andrew Czahor (1 year ago)
Dude, I got Skype do you still do it?
Myer Loeb (2 years ago)
Mark Rogers (2 years ago)
KafooBoi (2 years ago)
+LxzyTV [Lazy] ADD me kafooboi on skype? i am up to something.
MoneyMaar (2 years ago)
+NXPP Skype?
Yaistoo (3 years ago)
Nice video bro ! :) i hope i get as good as youtuber you are :)
Ryazl (3 years ago)
When we are making the product and publish, do we have to pay for the cost of making the product
Ryazl (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren okay np
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Ryazl I only have a skype for personal use. Sorry man
Ryazl (3 years ago)
+BreezeAgentHD I am not looking for a shout out buddy, just wanted to be friends
Ryazl (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren ohh thats nice!! Can you give me your skype if possible?
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Ryazl yeah
dotMPV (3 years ago)
This is sick! Definitely gonna check this out! Might just make one and buy it myself lol
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+TheGamingMatt Its good! Have fun man!
GingerBeats (3 years ago)
I got a T-Shirt shop and damn UK has a way better website setup then the USA or Canada lol
GingerBeats (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren yes spreadshirt
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+GingerBeats on spreadshirt is it?
Mysty (3 years ago)
Look behind you darren...
Mysty (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren Thats me pot of gold laddy
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+HzE *Looks behind* pot of gold is sitting there XD
Ali Ahmer (3 years ago)
Nice video Darren.. I'll definitely try it out for my own apparel! :)
Ali Ahmer (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren ;)
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Ali Ahmer Thanks man! have fun!
oisin cooney (3 years ago)
Very handy
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Septic Lizard Yeah!
Nevo (3 years ago)
This was the best timing ever but how do i add my paypal so i can actually get the money from the t shirts
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+NevoHD Yeah its in payment options or something. Just so you know you need a minimum of €50 before a payout.
Super (3 years ago)
I don't know about this site, but the 3 other sites I've been to just let you do that in the account settings.
Floppy Penguin (3 years ago)
Thanks Darren for this also 30th like
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Floppy Penguin No problem! Thanks a lot bro!
Lambeezy (3 years ago)
great video bro ! keep it up
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+LamboGaming Thanks you bro <3
Dunston (3 years ago)
I'm loving the designs of your shirts! Maybe in the future I will get round to buying one!
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Dunston Thank you man! That would be awesome. Its 15% off with the code: ALLNEW15 until January 12th if you are interested :D
Danetography (3 years ago)
Great video
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Powerailgaming Thanks man!
GloomyX (3 years ago)
Can I add text??
GloomyX (3 years ago)
ok thanks any way
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+GloomyX You could on the old version of the site. Not sure how you do it now though!
Rised Creativity (3 years ago)
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Rised Creativity Yeah!
MrCrackles (3 years ago)
When I start uploading again maybe... Thanks Darren!
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+MrCrackles No problem mate!
ROYALREFLUX (3 years ago)
Paid for this Darren?
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+The Linking what was the question. I didnt get paid to make this video if that was the question
ROYALREFLUX (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren thanks amn
The Linking (3 years ago)
I don't think that was the question....
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+Royal Reflux Yeah its fully free.
ROYALREFLUX (3 years ago)
As in is it fully free..
Dizzo Gaming (3 years ago)
first comment
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+dizzo gaming Nearly XD Thanks for watching man!
BRINO (3 years ago)
second like an first comment
DANIELLE BRANDT (1 year ago)
QualityDarren u set up ur bank account info right?so whoever buys it the money will b on ur account? what about confirmation numbers does the website do it by itself?
BRINO (3 years ago)
+QualityDarren thanks dude
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+BRINO Legend <3
blazingman mc (3 years ago)
hmm I might try this.intresting..............
MurrayNewlandsShow (3 years ago)
+blazingman mc Have fun with it!

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