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Vote Yoylecake Animated

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my attempt at animating Vote Yoylecake :D _____________________________ Original video by jacknjellify: https://youtu.be/im6NrwMH2BQ Characters by jacknjellify: https://m.youtube.com/user/jacknjellify?gl=SG&hl=en-GB _____________________________ Thanks for watching subscribe for more!! :3
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Text Comments (177)
PurpleHello98 (7 days ago)
This inspired me to make my own attempt!
Jay Sherard (13 days ago)
lx funky (22 days ago)
Aaron Frenchie (27 days ago)
Nobody asks how bubble feels about about her popping
Rainnn (1 month ago)
blocky x bubble? BLUBBLE
cerbi 234 (1 month ago)
Snuggly 9 (1 month ago)
R.I.P. Blocky ????-2017 He was popped by Bubble
Lil’ Higgy Plays (2 months ago)
Lil’ Higgy Plays (2 months ago)
Team Buble
Aurora the cat (2 months ago)
*p o p*
Cody Cat! (3 months ago)
Jelian Gundie (3 months ago)
Jelian Gundie (3 months ago)
Well bubble poped blocky welp blocky died
Marken Roblox (3 months ago)
GNAnimations (3 months ago)
How da frick did bubble pop blocky?
Rylan Howard (3 months ago)
I vote yoyelcake
Blocks Can't Just Explode! See My Friend http://www.pencilmation.com
Mega charaizard x (4 months ago)
You use FlipaClip two?
Yasmeen Benabdelmalek (4 months ago)
Brunella Olivier (4 months ago)
Hoi im boible
Charlie nelson (4 months ago)
*b o i b b l e*
Diana Reyes Martinez (4 months ago)
KlantKallaren (4 months ago)
How many frames per second do you use?
DinoboyAsh21 (5 months ago)
Can't Blocky just like push the table?
DinoboyAsh21 (5 months ago)
This is hilarious 😂
It’s already animated
Thebabyvoice (1 month ago)
Its not animated
WU T (5 months ago)
Randomtheories theory's await its not
sally doveXD (6 months ago)
That s so good!
Alexandra De Leon (6 months ago)
Everyone slap blocky viewers
pajamapants x (6 months ago)
This video is the reason why I subscribed to you.
WU T (5 months ago)
Are you ok?
poyo pom (7 months ago)
Bubble stop eating yoylecake its bad for you, you turn to metal and get thrown in a inceterator
the 1 and only TT (7 months ago)
0:27 DAB
*clever name* (7 months ago)
I just noticed how can bubble sleep or sit
Darius the Hinote (7 months ago)
Bubbles Revenge at the end of the video, LOL.
dupass 1087 greatness (7 months ago)
Yoylecake yoylecake
Frederico Barreto (7 months ago)
Adadadomus Manimus (7 months ago)
Wow an actual flipaclip
FRIED CHICKEN (7 months ago)
Just you wait just you wait!!!
cut e cute (7 months ago)
Rolly Painaga (7 months ago)
I really like Bubble lol
BFDI Bubble (7 months ago)
Blocky deserves it for popping me
Brown Bear Revell (2 months ago)
Brown Bear Revell (2 months ago)
i agree too you little piece of shit.
potion turtle (5 months ago)
BFDI Bubble I agree
Snuggly 9 (7 months ago)
R.I.P. Blocky
Marie Reyes (7 months ago)
Blocky can't pop.
Funton Channel (7 months ago)
“I am a b-building block and that is solid—WOOD”
Simple Chances Of Luck (8 months ago)
Hey dude. I have a question, How many FPS do you use??
Simple Chances Of Luck (5 months ago)
Thanks ;P
30 fps. I just guessed, but it maybe is 25.
Toaster (8 months ago)
Your most famous video
Ice Cold Lemon (8 months ago)
That was very gruesome.
Beagle.in. blue (8 months ago)
When I watched this There was 666 Likes XD
Orest Smyk (8 months ago)
Supreme gamer (8 months ago)
Im the 666 like.... 😈😈😈😈😈 hehehe
JAM (8 months ago)
that`s good!
Zirkitri (8 months ago)
animate flower eating the rejoin pizza
Martin Wells (8 months ago)
1:02 blockys face XD
Justintheawsomeness J (8 months ago)
Can you send me a link to this app and I do not mean FlipaClip i mean power directer
Ava Hiltner (8 months ago)
John K BFDI Animated
Rylee Name (8 months ago)
I could watch this 1000 times😸😸😸😸
Brenden Franzone (8 months ago)
AHh Pop
I love this it reminds me of my fights I had with my older brother very accurate fight
Ending is "What if i'm under?" Then Bubble Scared Blocky
alexis curry (8 months ago)
doe bfdia6 deleted scenes next
RunsD The Idiot (8 months ago)
Hi! I'm Billy Mays and thank you for voting Oxi Clean!
DaBook (9 months ago)
I just noticed how racist BFDI can get. "I guess people judged you by your cover" "Just cause im a bubble...you wanna threaten voilence against me" "I'm sorry barf bag, but just based off your appearance, i gotta say no."
book you well read
DaBook (9 months ago)
This is great!
the trash heap (9 months ago)
I adore that lip syncing.
Crystali (9 months ago)
Uhm the watermark kinda annoys me..
Ross Bantom (9 months ago)
Blocky is mean
Jay Sherard (13 days ago)
Ross Bantom blocky is amazing
jasicat (8 months ago)
But he’s cool and funny
Paper Boat (9 months ago)
Rip Blocky, you will be never missed.
Pokémon BrickBronzeFan (9 months ago)
So smooth
Troy Animates (10 months ago)
Perfect, MUA!
Krasen Makes Content (10 months ago)
the jumperkay1 (10 months ago)
wat the fuck are bubble years
Adam B (7 months ago)
the jumperkay1 like dog years but its bubble
Sans and Vanessa (8 months ago)
the jumperkay1 idk years for bubbles 😐
djthecoolman1121 (10 months ago)
Blocky:"I am a building block and you are Bubble and much EASIER to pop" wait so blocky can be popped?
Oddens The lll (28 days ago)
*thats the joke*
Aaron Frenchie (29 days ago)
Bubble.......don’t try anything dumb
BroadcastGrid (1 month ago)
Đức Nhân Đinh (2 months ago)
This is a joke. Read the wikia.
Daniel Ornopia (2 months ago)
Well if a balloon or a bubble pops, there pieced scatter when popped, so blocky could pop if he explodes and his pieces scatter, or get crushed by flowers announcer crusher and the pieces scatter after he gets crushed
Abdillahi504 (10 months ago)
Flip a clip is very hard to make all the animations..
Thebabyvoice (1 month ago)
Its easy to do copy paste frames
Why do people have to use everything i hear of
Victorino28 (10 months ago)
666th subscriber
juliangames (10 months ago)
juliangames (10 months ago)
Kyrevoir (10 months ago)
Rylee Name (8 months ago)
+Rat In The Hat I get it from your profile picture
Kyrevoir (10 months ago)
Koops N' Troops ??? D: stop what?I just said I loved this video?Whats wrong with that?
Teletubbies Are My Slave (10 months ago)
Joseph Lovitt (10 months ago)
Still the same as ASDF Movie.
Blue Boi (10 months ago)
This is an unbelievable animation for flip a clip omg
SuffiXuNknowN (11 months ago)
Jolly Foxs (11 months ago)
How do I use layers in FlipaClip?
I guess press onion idk I'm a beginner too
george theodoridis (11 months ago)
Who character are you voicing?
Dab Man (11 months ago)
R.I.P Blocky
Aurora Tayloe (11 months ago)
Lol I love bfdi
Danger Catkid6573 (1 year ago)
1:02 XD
marcus starnes (1 year ago)
I love your animation
Number (1 year ago)
*after blocky gets recovered* One of his pals: So did u pop her? Blocky: ...no Coiny: then how did it happen? Blocky: she somehow popped me.. Coiny: You? Popped?! -bursts laughing- I can't believe you! I will tell everyone!
Tattletail ash (3 months ago)
Rachel Wolfe that didn’t help at all
Blanca Garcia (9 months ago)
*Earth recovers* Earth:Where is everyone?
Rachel Wolfe (10 months ago)
More Beckett Dunn Fun! Patrick: Everyone died. The end!
More Beckett Dunn Fun! (10 months ago)
*bubble comes out randomly* Bubble: Hoi guiys! Coiny: *about to pop bubble* Eraser: Wait, no! Pop Blocky! Coiny: *pops blocky* *whole world pops*
eanthesasoriman 500 (11 months ago)
FiveGuy TV Blocky: (Puts coiny with nickel)
Joa Switch (1 year ago)
How is call the aplication you use
Choceos (1 year ago)
Joa Ledezma FlipaClip, you can see in the corner
lindamiller0257 (1 year ago)
Animation looks perfect
Pretty Dime (1 year ago)
Gamer Onni (1 year ago)
Scottie Matthews (2 months ago)
you’re not original or funny.
i played saints row (8 months ago)
CN Asia Promo (9 months ago)
Lame jokes.
i played saints row (1 year ago)
yolo is dead
Dumb Weaboo (1 year ago)
PK Laheat (1 year ago)
It took me a while to notice the thumbnail for this video is exactly the same as the original.
MikaRaeesBFDI (1 year ago)
PK Laheat XD ikr
Jaylen Xiong Huechee (1 year ago)
Make some colors other Than black...
Hb Anims (11 months ago)
mmah (1 year ago)
Jaylen Xiong Huechee its his animation and opinion so nah.

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