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Meeting The Real Rain Man - Real Stories

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Taken from the 2005 documentary "The Boy With The Incredible Brain (Brain Man)", Daniel meets the inspiration behind the character Rain Man, Kim Peek who can remember everything he's ever learnt. Watch the full documentary here: https://youtu.be/PPySn3slfXI Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Digital Rights Group (DRG). Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected] Produced by FOCUS PRODUCTIONS LTD
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Text Comments (175)
ropongi100 (8 days ago)
Thats amazing
Matt Plyley (21 days ago)
I've wondered since I was a young boy, first seeing the movie and much later learning it was a real man......what happened in his brain that caused 90% genius and 10% malfunction, well what WE call malfunction. He could do things even Google can't do that fast in 2019 but his ability to care for himself and money, non-existent. We all can do the 10% at 90% but NONE of us can do his 90% at 10%
Eric Walker (1 month ago)
Tube rebel (1 month ago)
Incredible I knew a lad that could tell you the day you were born on Philip double bless him
HardRockMiner (1 month ago)
Most human intelligence fall somewhere between Kim and Nancy Pelosi.
Scott Heffernan (2 months ago)
He'd def beat me in trivial pursuit
johnp8587 (2 months ago)
This is exactly how my son is.
Aditya Modak (2 months ago)
A genius
Sonny Crockett (3 months ago)
I wonder if he ever got laid
TheDeno786 (3 months ago)
I can fly...
Karencillapilla (4 months ago)
Me when I have to read a book the day before a test
Nightlife 9 (4 months ago)
R.I.P Kim Peek
B H (4 months ago)
Both of these guys are savants!!!
Michael Peterson (4 months ago)
My Goodness Rainman is a real person Though I thought it was a well written movie,anyway we all need to know how to appreciate guys like this.
Guy Incognito (4 months ago)
He looks like Roger Ebert
celi nee (5 months ago)
WoW god pllaced rine man bicuos his smart man
celi nee (5 months ago)
WoW god pllaced rine man bicuos his smart man
celi nee (5 months ago)
WoW god pllaced rine man bicuos his smart man
Vrushali Khandave (5 months ago)
smart brain superb 👌👌👌who like the brain as like this 👇👍
Ashviny antonys (5 months ago)
I guess we found google's partner
Bandu Vighne (6 months ago)
he a great man in the world
0121 (6 months ago)
so he is rainman i love that film i watchd it cause we have gifted ones in my family..damn
0121 (6 months ago)
how much of his brain is unlocked does anyone know
Bron (6 months ago)
Dionne the whole humans only using 10% of our brain thing is a myth you know that right
B Charron (6 months ago)
Who would win the Jeopardy challenge between IBM's Watson and Kim Peek?
Larry Fine (7 months ago)
I can't remember what I had for lunch.
Sniper Logic (1 month ago)
Larry Fine Me either, or where I ate it.
Ident man (7 months ago)
The original siri
campbell bailey (8 months ago)
Please don't tell me she's a mormon
Bezza Derbane (8 months ago)
Did he like K Mart clothes though?
yassine tayeb (6 months ago)
k mart sucks
RabuHina (9 months ago)
Seems like people who have some form of autism like Kim Peek, tend to have the most interesting minds :)
TheEyez187 (6 months ago)
@RabuHina Quite often (for me anyway) medication isn't all that helpful. If it's started, then that's the next 24-36hrs set in stone. Eventually the pain will make me sick, but it's actually good. As soon as I'm sick, the pain of the migraine is cut in half to just a severe headache (a pleasant walk in the park at that point! :D ). It's like I threw the toxic/pain up/out. Thanks for caring! :D
RabuHina (6 months ago)
@TheEyez187 must suck taking a lot of advil/tylenol for those headaches and way too much input
TheEyez187 (6 months ago)
We/they are prone to migraines and sensory overload!
bobbg (10 months ago)
Handicap? This is a handicap????? This guy might just be one of the smartest people in the world. And you refer to it as a hadiecap? People view inteegance all wrong, they value material goods over intlegencs and that's the dumbest thing you can do. Why put your faith in man made crap over smarts. I'll bet this guy could be extremely rich if he put his mind to it. Think of the stuff he could solve. IQ test are not based on what kind of car you drive. They are based on how smart you are and if you can solve complex problems within a given time frame. Not how fast your gm is.
0121 (6 months ago)
bobbg wtf did you say..learn to spell
Rich j (10 months ago)
Limitless pill
uriel vasquez (10 months ago)
See we are smarter then computers
Matt Plyley (11 months ago)
This guy is not autistic, or was(rip) he is simply not from Earth. He, like myself, got stuck here by our people. He is FAR more than I but I relate more so than avg. person.
korrect method (11 months ago)
Part of the story is that Daniel has autism but you can see him smirk with happiness when Kim's dad is explaining some of what Kim can remember. That shows he's listening and can empathize and appreciate Kim's abilities. It's like he's conquered autism.
Maia Jones (11 months ago)
Wow he is truly an amazing man
lovdusk (1 year ago)
I learned about him in my school and in the book there is a picture of him trying to wink but fail and become like a child predator
bartolongsleeve (1 year ago)
Lol longsleeve
He’s not handicapped he is special
Dori Queen (1 year ago)
wow! i never seen the movie but i hear its really great and i didn't know it was base on him!
Joe Dirt (1 year ago)
WoW impressive this guy is the real life rain man.
Jonathon Lastname (1 year ago)
3:25 was he just coming on to him?
Embrace The Purpose (6 months ago)
Jonathon Lastname no he was not. You should learn a bit more about autism before making a comment like this. Individuals with Autism have trouble with social interaction and they way they show affection sometimes might seem a bit off. I should know, I am an autism mom
TheEyez187 (6 months ago)
They/we of the Autistic spectrum are/can be caring, but our social and interaction skills aren't always up to par. Contact in all its forms can be an issue. I for the most part know when and where and in what forms physical contact is acceptable, though I don't really like human contact, given or recieved, love my kittenkats though, 10 of them!! :D. Others with AS are ok with the contact side, but not always with the context side, which can lead to inappropriate, but accidental, occurrences!
0121 (6 months ago)
no you nasty subhuman they are caring ppl.only your dirty fkd up mind would think that..subhuman
Kentavian Lemons (1 year ago)
Jonathon Lastname he was autistic
unclepoopoof25 (1 year ago)
what a NERD
0121 (6 months ago)
bet you cant ever read right..
Kentavian Lemons (1 year ago)
unclepoopoof25 hes dead
Trailer _Trash_15 ! (1 year ago)
What an amazing person
Razzi Sadali (1 year ago)
Moga dia diberi hidayah ALLAH Subahanallahuta'ala..AAMIIN..
Justin Brown (1 year ago)
Reminds me of Mr. Bean.
Vermont Hippie (1 year ago)
he could be winning who wants to be a Millioner or other shows asking questions on history he could be rich
Josh Stakey (1 year ago)
frxnkie (1 year ago)
MrKajithecat (1 year ago)
Jesus, what a man. A true exceptional showing of the human mind.
Sniper Logic (1 month ago)
MrKajithecat What if we could learn how to unlock the potential in all people. We’d advance 10,000 years overnight.
nico mal (1 year ago)
I have tourette syndrome and at times my ticks do my head in. But at 46yrs old I've learned to control it at times. Also when I need to tick out in public i pretend to sneeze, cough or find somewhere to really let it all out for a minute. (Find a bathroom)
Seth Williams (7 months ago)
Does it build up eventually when you stop ticking?
nico mal (1 year ago)
My step son has autism and it took a while to get used to it. I thought he was a weirdo. He's not, he's just different and he's become an amazing guitar player.
gas gews (1 year ago)
what i want to know? is it illegal for him to go to a casino? sober? where he has never been before?
san D (1 year ago)
He is extraordinary..
Donovan G. Bickers (1 year ago)
You don't need to be handicap to be different, everybody's different
Gabriel Andrus (4 months ago)
Donovan G. Bickers I love Kim a lot, but then no one would be special, because if everyone’s unique, no ones unique.
Joe Dirt (1 year ago)
Can he memorize a whole deck of playing cards and know which card is going to be dealt next before that card is actually dealt?
Bezza Derbane (8 months ago)
That would be nothing to this guy if he can memorise entire books and histories of countries, counting cards would be as easy as reading a book to him.
Elizabeth Meilijson (1 year ago)
"One day you'll be as great as i am" haha Kim was hilarious
Dirty Blond (1 year ago)
I'd rather be able to lead a normal life and be able to tie my own shoes...
William Mcintyre (1 year ago)
Dirty Blond We all have special gifts. Maybe you have not tapped into your yet. Start your spiritual journey i guarentee you will discover
prajawal technical (1 year ago)
How intelligent he is
Martin Steffensen (1 year ago)
Y (1 year ago)
ANCIENT ONE, they call you a SAVANT, unaware they were in the presence of a GOD. I salute you , RAINMAN.
Y (1 year ago)
Y (1 year ago)
Y (1 year ago)
I am SORRY for the PAIN they caused YOU. Calling the smartest of them all retarded. FOOLS:((((((( Treated you like a FREAK-SHOW, THE ARROGANCE ON THEM. THEY ARE NOT WORTHY OF YOUR PRESENCE.
Deerie Lou (1 year ago)
What a wonderful man, an absolute Genius and a Sweetheart, his manners are impeccable!!!
Jörn Stratmann (1 year ago)
#talktalktalktalktalktalk showshow
Savanah Kaylee (1 year ago)
I studied him in school!! He is amazing
Anne Milligan (1 year ago)
Great story. I love the movie "Rain Man".
Muhyun Kim (1 year ago)
Why does he look like Mr bean
Muhyun Kim (1 year ago)
Benji Winger (2 years ago)
we need to make a t.v. duo with this guy as the brains and the rock as the muscle! the real A team
negativeletter (2 years ago)
Holy shit he looks like a pudgy bill gates... or a skinnier gabe newell
LewisOHH (1 year ago)
OR... GABEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dishchicken (2 years ago)
Kim: you're still a fine man" Guy: thank you, so are you" Kim: "yes"
Sniper Logic (1 month ago)
calamorta on Kim’s side anyway. If he talked with me the conversation IQ would not even touch 200 and be lucky to break 100, I would need every point he could contribute lol.
calamorta (5 months ago)
200 IQ conversation
lolwut nobanplz (11 months ago)
theperfectionist (1 year ago)
Correction: He said "Yes, sir".
James Taggert (2 years ago)
smart not smart, who gives a shit. a legend is dead...
Rab carn (2 years ago)
remarkable people like these are under threat from assassination due to their miraclous skills
CAM (2 years ago)
Could you imagine if everyone in the world had 100% memory retention as well? We could conquer the universe.
Sniper Logic (1 month ago)
Mark Ford but humans will never do it. That’s the depressing thing. They’re “locked in”.
Mark Ford (1 month ago)
@Tom Ace For one what manner and for two we have a lot of intelligent people on planet earth so why is it not working the way your talking, sir? I wonder could you please tell me? We have had thousands of years to fix the world and so much more why has it not happen sir, please tell me?
Tom Ace (1 month ago)
@Mark Ford that's not true. If that's the case why isn't Kim behaving in his manner. ? I think with intelligence comes a understanding of Co habitation.
Mark Ford (4 months ago)
No we would never conquer the universe because we would be fighting on how to do it! We could never humble ourselves and put our pride aside instead we would keep fighting on who Knows more! That is why humans cause more problems than bring solutions to the problems! If we loved one another instead we hate, call each other nasty disgusting words like children so nothing ever really gets resolved for example look at our media and many in our own US government they care more about themselves then the American people! We all are more about talk and running around on some moral high ground about what everyone should do but we never back up what we say so why should anyone take us seriously! We should take our moral mirror and look in to it and do some self examining to fix ourselves first before trying to fix others. Less talk more action! We are to superficial and fake to achieve conquering the universe! I'm sure some will read this and it will go right over their head that is why we will never conquer the universe! Some would look at the rain man and say I don't know if I could talk with him because look at him he looks weird, sure we would not come out and say it but that is what many would be thinking so how could we really understand his brilliance!
0121 (6 months ago)
andres Montemayor (2 years ago)
I read a book that was similar to this I cried at the ending cause he died
KandaPanda (2 years ago)
my uncle was a bit like this....he was mentally disabled as well but could tell you what day you were born on. the calendar was his thing. i also went to school with a kid that was mentally handicapped and he could remember things with impressive accuracy as well. he went to Safeco Field once and from then on, he would draw the entire stadium (seat layout and everything) whenever he would get the chance....on a white board, on paper with a pen, in the sand with a stick...didnt matter, he loved it.
Robert Almario (2 years ago)
that's amazing
Michael Hartman (2 years ago)
He has an incredible broad memory analogous to IBM's Watson, but has difficulty with new things. When I heard he graduated from high school it made me realize how dependent our educational system is on memorization. At one time it was necessary because that was all we had, but with Google and computers in general it is no longer (as) necessary. Let's face it, who does multiplication in their head anymore. We grab a calculator. We do the same thing faster. Soon computer AI will routinely make connections between various facts that might occur to only a few humans. Do our schools help us become more creative and utilize our other abilities, or continue to make us memorize? Presently, no human can match the memory capacity and speed of a computer, and if Moores Law holds never will. It seems our schools lag 15 to 20 years in the past instead of preparing someone for 15 to 20 years into the future.
Seigmeyer of Catarina (5 months ago)
@Papzi I mean obviously you need to know how to do math but I think it's more about what is happening in the math. Such as I remember as a child I would just memorize the times table in order to multiply and not the fact that it's repeated addition.
Bezza Derbane (8 months ago)
Um hold up there Michael, computers are all very well and good but who built them? Oh yeh humans did and humans are imperfect therefore computers are imperfect, a computer is only as smart as the information put into it and if humans get progressively dumber as the years wear on with too much reliance on technology then inevitably the technology will stop progressing too so that calculation doesn't work apart from which what happens when the calculator isn't available or doesn't work? People need to use calculators less not more, that's idiotic way to view humans cos when the computer breaks down the human is right back where he started, using his brain.
mrmeatface (1 year ago)
Michael Hartman hgth
Just a fan (1 year ago)
Michael Hartman the stuff we learn in school gives us a basic understanding of the world around us. History of how we became the civilization we are now, science to understand the composition of everything around us to let us know that nothing is without reason as in there are set rules that govern our world, math so we don't have to be dependent on computers and english so we can at least try to master our reading and writing skills. We can't ask questions on topics we don't even know exist so that would make Google useless. School, at least for me has helped me grow and realize who I can really become if I stay focused, it benefits those who try/ make something out of whay they have. I can only imagine that you're either a middle schooler or a junior with no work ethics and purposefully easy classes
Naila H. (1 year ago)
Papzi the most useful math is taught in elementary school and junior high. Everything after that is kind of useless unless you want to make a career out of it.
Emile Ibrahim (2 years ago)
i want to be autism XD
GlassAngel (2 years ago)
my doctor told me i have aspergers which at first that night made me very sad and even more depressed than i already was but after seeing some amazing ppl with autism i was like fk yeah. but tbh i dont really think i have it even though some ppl have said i have it. trust me, i knowwhat its like to be rejected by EVERYONE. i know, i really do know what its like
Shaddy Raddy (2 years ago)
It's not terrible if you reap your benefit and plant them into an outlet. I have Aspegers/Autism as well, but I use the hypersensitive of senses for learning instruments, physiology of my body, story-telling and much more. What symptoms do you have?
Posterior Crevice (2 years ago)
Emile Ibrahim be thankful you are normal
jared.vicaro (2 years ago)
@sean carroll oh, im 1/3 autistic and sometimes i just cant take it anymore. I didnt know there was different kinds.
jared.vicaro (2 years ago)
no u dont. its terrible. im trapped inside myself.
Max Metodiev (2 years ago)
so that's how rain man was created
jay_615 (2 years ago)
I still don't know why the chicken cross the road
Naiuhz (2 years ago)
@2:11 I don't think he can read each page of a book with a separate eye as his right brain won't be able to convey vocally what he read.
YellowSpaceMarine (1 year ago)
Please don't equate this with autism. His understanding of the world must e totally different even from people with autism.
YellowSpaceMarine (1 year ago)
That would be true for a normal person with separate hemispheres, but he developed language skills in both of his disconnected hemispheres allowing him to effectively read as if he were 2 people at once.
Apollo (1 year ago)
It's impossible for someone without autism to understand someone with autism and vise versa.
Brittany Osborn (2 years ago)
The two sides of his brain were connected. If you watch other videos about him or read the book about him you find this out. He didn't have two sides to his brain, just one whole brain. I met him back in 2001 and it was an amazing experience.
Charmaine Sayson (2 years ago)
Lil Mixx (2 years ago)
TooManyHungryCats! (2 years ago)
thats the magic of autism i have autism. :3
TheEyez187 (6 months ago)
@Samruddhi Deshmukh True. I'm classed as a Higher Functioning AS, which just means I've got slightly better social skills than say Kim or other Savants. I'm still highly intelligent, but interaction/people/emotions are strange to me. Sometimes think I've got a bit of a boring case. I know a couple of guys like Kim > 7th April 1981 > Oh that was Tuesday, Shakin' Stevens was at number 1 with my ole house. Any date > day and charts! Amazing. I think I'd sacrifice some of my still limited social skills for some kind of eidetic memory, even if it was just 50% recall/retention. I know his recall was tested, I wonder if they tested his artisitc side, see if he could draw. If he remembers the facts, did he also remember say the faces of the Queens, Churchill, the architecture of buildings, whether he could recreate it from memory I know of one talented savante that's like that. He was taken on a helicopter fly-over of London, then taken back home, where he drew the london landscape, all the spokes on the london eye, exact number of windows and doors on each building etc etc and it wasn't just technically (numbers-wise) correct, it was artistically brilliantly drawn. Again I did art at A-level and got a C. So I have a number of these autistic savante traits, but only to the smallest degree!! :( :D As for reading a book 10 seconds for two pages, left eye left page, right eye, right page Goddamn!!! Normal (again slightly quicker) reading gives me eye strain/migraines I read above he's passed away now, that's a shame, he was an interesting guy, would have been awesome to meet him! Kim what was the 8th word on the 12th page of Darwins origin of speci - *adaptation* . >XD
Samruddhi Deshmukh (7 months ago)
Not all autistic people have the savant syndrome.
Marcos Isaac (1 year ago)
Fullmetal Gnostic lol
This must be some special kind of hell. For a really really really bright person. Remembering every dirty look when you said something that you just observerd as a truthful observation about the world... and people get mad at you for having said it. This is why I love Music so much. It says things in a way that is truthful and loving usually.
Shanghai (5 months ago)
you'll never understand my pain!
Science and Music (11 months ago)
Shaddy Raddy922 You watch rick and morty, don’t you?
Eden At War (1 year ago)
Shaddy Raddy922 Music is such an escape.. and a motivator..or expression, be it spiritual or rebellious...lol... I really believe that you can really read anyone, if you know some of their favorite songs..
Eden At War (1 year ago)
I wonder if he even recognizes that kind of thing. I thought that “ socially” he didn’t really understand...🤔 the foolishness of it.. lol. And I’m not referring to the movie.actually he’s a LOT more engaged than I thought he’d be.. good for him 🙂
Wanda Gail (3 years ago)
He's Amazing he's not dumb at all he's smarter thn u an I! ♡♡♡
Seth Williams (7 months ago)
he had below average iq lol
crazy foo (8 months ago)
He’s mentally retarded go look it up
I agree but, (1 year ago)
As the commenter above touched on, first you must define what intellect is (being smart) He can memorize things, but he isnt very smart when it comes to identifying other peoples emotions, making social interactions awkward. This is just an example. Im sure he lacks a lot of brain functions and connections an average man possesses. Thats my point.
VonnyMiller (1 year ago)
If you define smart as being able to memorize things. Can he be creative? Can he invent things? Is he smart like Einstein was smart? No.
Ellis Rowan (1 year ago)
Wanda Coffield Wow.... I don't think the amount of stupidity on so many layers of lacking in understanding can be put into words, You're assuming 1. that people thought Kim was dumb in the first place, 2. you're not taking into account the part of his genius that is "dumb" which is his obvious mental handicap, 3.Nobody claimed they were "smarter" than him as he is recorded as being one of the most capable Autistic savants when it comes to memorisation. Your comment gave me a headache.
Danyelle Priv (3 years ago)
My boyfriend said he met the Rain Man & it was very very creepy. He also said he remember getting out of the car & the rain man stared at him weird & it creeped him out. It almost looked like he knew that my boyfriend was coming smh
YellowSpaceMarine (1 year ago)
You and your boyfriend also need your heads examined for a lack of empathy I think.
Daniel Kendall (3 years ago)
the guy with him is called Dan tammet he's insane aswell u should check him out
TheEyez187 (6 months ago)
What can't you recite Pi to 20,000 digits as well!?!? >XD Erm 3.1415926 damn that's it for me, only 19,993 to learn!?!
Ah Boy (3 years ago)
He looks like gabe
Rez dwan (11 months ago)
more like mr bean
Bigred Jack (1 year ago)
So maybe he’ll remember Half-Life 3?
jwardbass (2 years ago)
Drizzle Panda (3 years ago)
That's amazing
GLOCKED N LOADED (3 years ago)
I was born in the same town he was guyandotte wv USA
Charles Z (3 years ago)
Dude he needs to be on who wants to be a millionaire 😂
Sniper Logic (1 month ago)
They should have taken him on the show for a publicity stunt just to see how bad he could put them in the shade.
Josh Stakey (1 year ago)
Charles Z if he was alive they wouldn’t take him on the show.
Snuggle Soft (1 year ago)
Maaaan! He would clean up!!
VSR Gash (2 years ago)
You ask him, he will answer. The issue is.. he wouldn't care for any money.
Ruben Scott (3 years ago)
Amazing man
Theshiznitman (3 years ago)
i remember watching this documentary when it was on tv back in the day!

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