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Good Charlotte - Girls & Boys

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Good Charlotte&aposs official music video for &aposGirls &amp Boys&apos. Click to listen to Good Charlotte on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/GoodCharlotteSpot?IQid=GoodCgab As featured on The Young and The Hopeless. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: http://smarturl.it/GoodCYaH?IQid=GoodCgab Google Play: http://smarturl.it/GaBGPlay?IQid=GoodCgab Amazon: http://smarturl.it/YaHAmazon?IQid=GoodCgab More from Good Charlotte I Just Wanna Live: https://youtu.be/rISYCquFeI8 The Anthem: https://youtu.be/desJKYvdq9A The River: https://youtu.be/yVm8PjWCvLg More great Alternative videos here: http://smarturl.it/Alternative00?IQid=GoodCgab Follow Good Charlotte Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goodcharlotte Twitter: https://twitter.com/goodcharlotte Subscribe to Good Charlotte on YouTube: http://smarturl.it/GoodCharlotteSub?IQid=GoodCgab --------- Lyrics: Educated, with money He&aposs well dressed, not funny And not much to say in most conversations But he&aposll foot the bill in all situations &aposCause he pays for everything Girls don&apost like boys, Girls like cars and money Boys will laugh at girls when they&aposre not funny Paper or plastic Don&apost matter She&aposll have it Vacations and shopping sprees These are a few of her favorite things She&aposll get what she wants if she&aposs willing to please . This type of girl always comes with a fee, Hey now, there&aposs nothing for free
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Text Comments (4318)
Elif kaya (1 hour ago)
2018 waaaoowwew 😂😂😂
QQminusS (1 day ago)
Stupid whitey. That's only most of the time.
eggsalad (1 day ago)
Anybody see the video of scump singing this
spooky skeleton (3 days ago)
I need to thank my father for growing me up with this band
Physical Domination (4 days ago)
The MGTOW anthem...
Ilikecheese15456 (5 days ago)
coolest retirement home
Rosesmarie (7 days ago)
I have this song in my student's book!
Fhahim Rahmat (7 days ago)
3 line?
Caitlyn Cherro (8 days ago)
Smallville. But more importantly, childhood :). I was a little young still when this came out, but I remember that my mom took me to a McDonald's and they gave me a Kidz Bop CD with this song on it. I played the hell out of that thing. Funny the little things you remember as the years go by...
Jakeline Odicino (8 days ago)
424Star (8 days ago)
Wasn't there an other version of this musicvideo?
A Tr (9 days ago)
2:44 is about how I feel about this video
sariff olvera (9 days ago)
Aún no puedo creer que repostearon en Instagram mi video de su concierto en Puebla este 13/10/18. Los amo!!!
Eriey3 (10 days ago)
Just saw them in Detroit and they’re still fricken amazing! I’ll always love Good Charlotte 🤘🏻❤️
E Sedman (10 days ago)
Even my daughter at 2 would head bang this out in the back seat
Armi Kautzky (12 days ago)
I know this song from my gay English teacher....... But it's okay
ChaseInSpace (15 days ago)
1:18 i didnt know that Bill Murray was in Good Charlotte
Callie Crooks (17 days ago)
love this sliusch
Kezia Williams (19 days ago)
I don't act like those girls...I'm that guy that ran into the car.
Saphir Blue (20 days ago)
2018 🤗
Mario Morales (20 days ago)
fla la (21 days ago)
This came out when I was in year 8
fla la (21 days ago)
Irish ☘️ flag 🇮🇪 at the end. Are they Irish descent?
Alexandra Campos (22 days ago)
2018 anyone?
Kaisen Bracker (22 days ago)
At least Cameron Diaz seems to like Boys 🤔
Daniel Toledo (23 days ago)
Arthur (30 days ago)
They look alike the most rock/hardcore band ever but they dont...
Flex Luthor (1 month ago)
I totally forgot all about the ridiculous little choreographed Addidas dance scene and now that I have seen it again after what has had to be at least 10 years I now have a will to live again.
NocriZle (1 month ago)
is this the red pill theme song lol
someone 41 (1 month ago)
Ben Brockman (1 month ago)
Throwback to 2008 when you had that emo stage in like year 8 or 9
Just a guy Bob (20 days ago)
I can’t imagine why all the girls in my class don’t like this song when me and my friends sing it...
Alex Play (1 month ago)
Best song!!!
It’s Eijiroll (1 month ago)
Girls don’t like boys, girls like girls and dank memes
Luc Honan (1 month ago)
who the hell sets their alarm to 10:52 am?
xblashley (1 month ago)
2 0 1 8
StayEarthly (1 month ago)
Early 2000s lol my childhood was great
David David (1 month ago)
I hate that nostalgic feeling... time and tide waits for no man. It's worse when I listen to 90s music - I feel even older. These days I listen to Dylan because his stuff is timeless
Bỉ Ngạn (1 month ago)
Đại học đưa mình tới đây
GM H (1 month ago)
And nothing has changed hahahaha
YouSucKid (1 month ago)
A playful gesture in 2009,staple fact in 2018.
Stanz PSU (1 month ago)
Anick Ouellette (1 month ago)
Chantel H (1 month ago)
My friend and I used to blast this on her boom box when we were like 10 😂
Michael McCurdy (1 month ago)
I still rock those Adidas shoes...
music is life (1 month ago)
2018 :)
Fallyn Van Hook (1 month ago)
New version: boys don't like girls unless their super preeeetttttyyyy!!
mr. halloween (2 months ago)
I remember this was shit only girls listened to yet now I would gladly welcome it back on the radio as to have the shit now lol.
Eric Avissar (2 months ago)
Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and (Sadio) Mane.
Metalhead. issues6661 (2 months ago)
I still listen to this :3 Ah,memories
Vimhakhol Toso (2 months ago)
TheCillbot (2 months ago)
anyone else find the old girls hot in this???....no? ...ok just me then!!
Malcolm Andrews (2 months ago)
As an 80's kid I'm thankful that I grew up listening to this in my teenage, rather than Justin Bieber.
KroniK 4 (2 months ago)
God damn, remembering being a child and watching this music video play on the big ol’ block tv’s. I miss the music back then.
JamieBella02 (2 months ago)
Lol I get this song and the video stuck in my head a lot
Haniff Mohd (2 months ago)
1:32 thats cringey af dude but, .....
BIG CHACHI (2 months ago)
Hits me in the feels!!!! Good ole days!!!!
Matin Fm (2 months ago)
That was bullshit😑
They removed the part where they parodied Avril Lavigne
Quency Walker (2 months ago)
It’s 2018 and i still can’t get over this song
Madeline Hauser (2 months ago)
2018 ❤❤❤ who is with me ? Good Charlotte forever - i love their Music sooo much 🖤
Laura Ruales (2 months ago)
😭😭😭 me encanta!!!
Angel Messtanoffski (2 months ago)
In short, girls are gold diggers!
Evowill (2 months ago)
Been looking all over for this song lol
DaModernDaVinci (2 months ago)
August 15th 2018 anyone?
Vicen 10 (2 months ago)
Bookie Rémi (3 months ago)
Trop drôle! Je viens de découvrir je crois que je suis un peu en retard! 😅
Derek A (3 months ago)
Rowan Savidant (3 months ago)
This is culture, folks.
Master Knife (3 months ago)
That's what I'll be like when I reach my 70s
Adam Miller (3 months ago)
timothy hill (3 months ago)
My fav band when i learned they were local i went crazy i dint see them in concert sooner
Met Man (3 months ago)
Ultimate red pill song!
jamie butcher (3 months ago)
Brendan Brady fan (3 months ago)
Love this 👌🏻👍🏻
- Decongested (3 months ago)
Take me back 15 years, please..
Erwin Djarot (3 months ago)
Spesu (3 months ago)
fuckn love it
Yawa Liz (3 months ago)
This song bring me lots of memories,I used to dance it all the time lol
a b (3 months ago)
Why does no one care that the alarm goes off at 10:52 am?!?!?
TAWNYnBRIAN (3 months ago)
The irony that he married someone all about material items
Mary Etzkorn (3 months ago)
im 46 and they will be my all time favorite band till I die...ive had to buy some of the CDs twice cause i wore the first one out lol LOVE LOVE LOVE them
S Paea (3 months ago)
Filmed in New Zealand.
Ioffer boy (3 months ago)
Girls don’t like boys girls like simon murray
AAAjMMMiRRR (3 months ago)
sounds like college days
Gaming Tre (3 months ago)
I wonder how many feminist watched this
Celina Obando (3 months ago)
i love this song
Emma Benson (4 months ago)
Gorgeous n great
Mea lyn (4 months ago)
2018 😍😏
Go Cha (4 months ago)
Benji wore slipknot and nofx shirt.. Chris wore the used shirt.. back when the band shirt is so simple design and soo classy
Go Cha (4 months ago)
Me and my band called Minus 14 covered this song on my high school music festival on 2003 😀
dam work (4 months ago)
Right away I heard "Cars" by Gary Newman
mutalix (4 months ago)
lol.. This song prolly won't fly in America's PC world.
Blues Clues (4 months ago)
Please stand up for the mgtow national anthem.
Marc Addow (4 months ago)
RED K Clark Kent Smallville season 2 LOL
michael knecht (4 months ago)
Just remembered this song. Damn I'm old.
Abi W (4 months ago)
I love this video 😂😂
Jason Martinez (4 months ago)
Guitar Hero Live brought me here
Jonathan Kerr (4 months ago)
Is this not a Blur ripoff??

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