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Runes of Magic Mage/Warden PVP Video

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-R9Mi-8Nhw for a newer, much better video =) A few clips from my past few Siege Wars Songs used: Sum 41 - Jessica Kill SR-71 - Goodbye You can get the game at www.runesofmagic.com
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Teodor Ionita (3 years ago)
I think it's time for a graphics update, the game looks really outdated now but still good
Сергей Чеба (3 years ago)
музыка и манера пвп напомнил старенькый хороший мувик WOW , пожалуй начну резаться в нее) лайк для тебя друг за настольгию
Phill BillShow (5 years ago)
what class is he
Trevor Jones (5 years ago)
It's also funny to see that those fireballs coming at you did no damage ( or very very little ) lmao
Trevor Jones (5 years ago)
Aeria Games is another site like GameForge, where they put games in English version onto there site for us to play, and btw, nice video.
FlashoflightROM (5 years ago)
Thanks man, and this video is pretty old so ive even gotten a lot better. But well the time has come for me to give up the game so I wont be playing it anymore. Kind of been wanting to quit for a long time but my friends on it kept me on, but now they are all quitting so no real point.
Jessy Wallace (5 years ago)
Only problem I've ever had with RoM is PvP. Always that first-to-shoot-wins kind of game. But the PvE content pretty good. :) Only real reason I stopped was because my pc needed and upgrade when I could never give that... But I do intend to some back when I get that upgrade pretty soon. :) Nice vid by the way, you're one of the better pvpers in a long time on this game. :)
Kyler (5 years ago)
You kill anyone in siege and its hacking
Jacob Sabine (5 years ago)
haha English? you fucking idiot
FlashoflightROM (5 years ago)
lol you must be the guy who complained about that when you were hitting me from the same distance, almost every time I hit you you hit me at the same time, yet the few times i manage to one shot you before you get a shot off, you say its hacked range. people like you just look for reasons to think people are cheating. I see you guys almost every siege and all it makes you do is look stupid. This game is horribly made and not at all perfect, every little thing that is unfair to you is not hacks.
Flipvideos (5 years ago)
o and dont forget ur guild member the rogue can see someone using invis pot or in invis tower when you dont have any rogue treach eye of the knowledge hmmm ya good one you guys have good skills on pvp siege wars try not to cheat to know how strong your guild is he is not beast he can see invis peeps without eye of true knowledge and his range is 300-350 magma blade and earth growing wind blade has the same range 250 no way he can kill that far while other magma blade is red in action bar
Flipvideos (5 years ago)
Flashoflight good siege but really ur groawing wind blade beats the magma blades range when they are the same range? lol you complain and making video of someone using hacks but u have over 350 range on ur m/wd earth growing wind blade my magma blade was red on my action bars and u can kill me with that skills that far you know i kill u no np beside me having out of range on my magma blade n u killing me that far hmm next time make a clean fight?? Thnx
Shiney Thao (5 years ago)
You are a beast mate.
FlashoflightROM (5 years ago)
never heard of Aeria Games, There are servers for a lot of different languages in the european version. in the american one Im pretty sure its just english and a brazilian server. anyway the link to the main website will be in the description.
xINerDsGames (5 years ago)
Is Aeria Games > Runes of Magic ??? Inglish or Spanish?? plisss site for me :P i like you o/
FlashoflightROM (5 years ago)
lol i even upgraded since this video, so i got another 1400 magical damage
FlashoflightROM (5 years ago)
always getting better, still have 4 pieces to fully stat =P
Rukifellth2792 (5 years ago)
I see a younger version of my playstyle in you. You remind me alot of how I was/played a long time ago. Keep it up dude and you'll be a great mage someday. *Subbed*
Jose Gonzalez (5 years ago)
Holy crap u hit hard as hell xD

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